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workin' my way back down
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'morning chickies........ it's a gloomy, rainy day here- oh well, it COULD be snow!! and thank heavens it isn't! I didn't manage to get in here yesterday - got home too late and too tired, so I'm making up for it by being here early today I HAVE A DAY OFF!!! well, sorta - this morning is tax returns for clients, then go in to dd's to see the grandkids. I'll stay over there tonight 'cause I have to work in NYC at 9am on Thursday.......

I'm sorry so many of you chickies are feeling crummy - I'm sending healthy vibes out in all directions, this way I've got you all covered

I guess I better go start the coffee and do a real quick "pick up" since Ingrid (my Gail) will be here in an hour.........
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Default Hiya chickee's !!

Bet ya'll thought I'd abandoned the coop - Nope - just find another bed in the hen refirmary for another "under the weather" chick. Seems everyone around here is suffering from the similar symptoms - it's still winter and some winter like weather but also many spring like days and things are starting to bud. ugh, thought all the vit C I take was helping ward it off so ol' stubborn butt me only took two days of meds and thought I could kick it! Felt so crappy this morning I actually went back to bed after getting boys off to work/school. Put poor dh into shock-he kept coming in to check on me! lol Probably should've taken advantage of it and stayed in there all day!

Passing chicken soup, vitamin C and a good antihistamine to all!

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I've decided my symptoms are allergies, not a cold. It seems to happen to me at this time every year. I don't know if it's the spring flowers or all the kittywillows going to seed or what but my eyes itch something awful, I wake up in the middle of the night with my sinuses plugged and I'm just wiped. No energy for anything. This morning I had my women's club meeting and I dug out a Claritin capsule and that really helped the itchy eye problem. Of course, I still have a red blotch on one eye which makes me look cross-eyed and that didn't help my overall mood. It sure didn't help that several of the old dears told me I must be working too hard because I look tired. Sheeesh! I rarely work too hard. I'm the original couch potato. Now I'm thinking I should have a face lift.
Anyhow, don't even ask how the diet's going. I'll let you know when I've managed to put together one entire OP day.
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Come on Spring!
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Bummer, LindaBC. Nothing can drag you down faster than someone telling you that you look tired or sick! I am sure it must be allergies if the Claratin cleared it up that fast.

It's rainy but above freezing here today - so far. We will get colder on Sunday but it still feels like spring - AND my snowdrops are in bloom!

Vanisle, where will you be buying a house? My daughter is in Nanaimo and keeps telling me I need to move out there. I would love to rent for the winter just to check it out but it's hard to find a rental when you have two dogs!

MamaJ, I hope you get better fast. We miss you in here.

Sono, I hope you enjoyed your day "off". Sometimes being productive is as good as a rest.

Kel, I hope you get better fast. By the way, thanks for the strawberries - I bought more yesterday!

Hey! Where is RobinH. We missed her birthday, alas! I'll post a belated one and hope she spots it.

Gotta get cracking and get the mail and paper - it'll be driving not walking because of the rain. I'm a wuss!
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Hi gang. What a night! My sinuses kept plugging up, even with nasal decongestant spray. I don't have a cold though so it probably is allergies. Peter was snoring like an old cement mixer so I ended up moving into my big recliner chair in the family room from 3 until 6 a.m.
I girded my loins (does that mean sucked in my gut??) and stepped bravely onto the scale this morning. Not too shocking considering how badly I went off track this past week. Up to 275 so I'm encouraged. Now that I have a fridge full of groceries, I have no excuse not to eat OP. So far I've had 6 slices of bacon and 1 oz of cheddar cheese.
I hope more of you decide to check in. Ruth, our voices are starting to echo in here.
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Lovin' Life
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Im here...been lurking and keeping a very low profile

Im fighting the fat lady that lives in my head, and she's winning. I never ever thought I could gain so much weight in such a short amount of time. 20 lbs...yes 20 lbs in less than 2 weeks! You know it wouldnt be so bad if I could loose that in the same amount of time.

My pcos is wreaking havoc on my system, which Im attributing to my fast weight gain. Im having the same sugar cravings I had right after I gave birth to my daughter. These arent sugar cravings like we fight every day....these are serious feed me sugar because my body is demanding it. So, Im back up to 220lbs and just sick about it. Had a good cry with hubby this afternoon.....he means well, he suggested I switch my goals from "loosing" to maintaining. You know, thats what Ive been doing for the last yr and a half while I was trying to loose.

Is 39 too young to have hot flashes?? I was up til 4 this morning sweating out either a hot flash, or all the crap I ate last night!! Well, anyway, I think its time to go see my Dr about all this.

Im thinking again about Atkins, because that and Protein Power are the only 2 that really work for me. Besides, when I fall off it, I dont gain 20lbs, usually no more than 8!!! Thats reason enough to get back to it.

Im sorry I havent been around much, but I just get so tired of fighting the fat lady and all the other head games we play with ourselves.....On the bright got up to 22 C here today!! Absolutely wonderful!!!

Ok ladies, I need to whip myself back into shape, because I dont want to be a 220lb bride come July (or august)

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Well here I sit on my break trying to decide what to eat.
I need to be more prepared.
I dont cheat when Im this hungry but dont exactly have a tasty meal.
Ruth ... We are in Campbell River.
The housing market is booming hereas it is all over.
I lived in Nanaimo for a few years in the 80's. My parents sometimes come out to the island and house sit for various people in the winter.
Gets them out of the cold.
You would like a winter on the Island.
Hope everyone is feeling a bit better today.
Brenda T
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Owned by Dixie
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Hi ladies,
Hang in there Robin, we love you no matter what and happy birthday. i am 35 and have been having hot flashes at night for 2 years.

Linda and all the other sick chicks, feel better soon!

Ok vent alert!
We were supose to go to Bil and Sils's house for dinner tonight, my inlawas are in and it was my Dh's Aunt's birthday yesterday. They just came back from visiting their son in Africa and I was looking forward to hearing all about it. I bought much of dinner including a $50 tenderloin (no pork on the sabith) So i brought the kids over after school to visit with the cousins and grandparents and my Bil came home early. (I hate this man but put up with him because of my inlaws) well for the past 3 hours it was one complaint after another. This smells bad...., how could you buy that. Who brought all this crap into my house... why is there carbs around my is anyone supose to say on a diet....who bought this shitty meat with all the fat!...well i had enough and i left! I couldn't take any more complaining. this is a man that is miserable all the time and is only more miserable and sadisticly happy about it if everyone else is miserable Mil is pissed that I didn't stay yelling me to be the bigger person. Well I WAS the bigger person. Why should i stay and justify that this kind of behavior is acceptable from anyone, let alone a grown man....I knew having just bought a house it is expensive to have dinner for 12....anyway, my blood is still boiling and I am pissed that my mil expected me to stay and listen to how awful the stuff I brought for dinner was.....
I need to go clear my mind of all this bad energy.....
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Oh my! I hate to hear about my chickie friends having a bad time!

Robin - *big hug*, sweetie! It may not be my place to say this but I have found it so helpful at various times in my life: have you considering seeking counseling? There might be some unresolved stuff there that you could use some help uncovering. I'm only suggesting this in the most loving way - and want you to be able to feel better about yourself and also start out your marriage on the best foot.

L - WHAT a big jerk! And I think you did the best thing for the situation by leaving! If I have learned ANYTHING in my 44 years on earth, it is that I will just NOT tolerate being treated badly by ANYONE ever again. And like you, I won't make a scene, I will just leave, walk away, quit, move, terminate the relationship, etc. Life is too short and I care about myself too much to put up with it again. I'm sorry he treated you this way and that you MIL was upset by your actions.

Hi to everyone else. I'm feeling a bit better ('bout time!) but my house sure is a mess since I've not been taking care of business at home while being sick - I've been working, feeding the kiddos and just doing was absolutely HAD to be done and that's it. This week end will be a busy one with all the catch up!

Gotta run and get big Bry from practice.

Chat at ya tomorrow
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