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Just a 1/2 lb this week, Chicks, but I'll take it. I also measured and no change in any vitals except for ankles and thighs, a total of 2". On the positive side, I'm feeling much stronger, thanks to the Body Flex program (Jen, that's the one you should try. You can do it sitting down. LOL) I've also lost the very squooshy puff of water on the knee that I've had since June when I fell on it.
I can also see that my neck and face are a bit leaner and I can feel bones in my shoulders.
I think the yogurt is helping me from snacking on inappropriate foods, although yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner I allowed myself some roasted potatoes and a small dinner roll. I won't even mention the teeny-weeny slice of sinfully rich and sweet cheesecake I enjoyed. Possibly, I would have been down more than 1/2 lb if I hadn't enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner so much but I am back on track today. I still have 7 lb to lose to meet my challenge goal.
Welcome no-way-but-up. We still have 3 weeks to go on this challenge so you can do a lot in that time. Good luck.
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Linda! WTG! 1/2 pound and 2" is a lot! Good for you!
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Bad couple of days. Was away from home and ate carbs. The pounds came pouring back on. Was down to 202.5 on Saturday am, this am was 205. Up one from last week. Not real happy, but I guess I can cope. Not only did I gain, but I felt like crap yesterday. Bloated, gassy, naseaus, all that good stuff. Made it realy easy to get back at it diligently.

SW 219
CW 205
only 6 to go for Pumpkin Challenge.
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How times flies when you're trying to lose weight! My loss for this week is even teenier than last week...maybe .6 lbs due to TOM arrival today.

Hope to have better news next week! Wish me luck.

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Do not despair. We're starting a brand new week so I'll see you all at the new thread for the Great Pumpkin Challenge Week 7.

Congrats to all who have stuck with their plan.
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sorry, i've been mia lately. will continue for a bit longer though. thought i'd just check in for weigh-in. i'm only down 1 lb this week. TOM threw in the weighted wrench, showing up on sunday. so, i 'm with you froufy. maybe we'll both show a bigger loss by weigh-in next week. congrats to all who are losing. sorry, i've not been on to see who all is progressing. good luck to all of us!
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I keep noticing that everyone keeps saying just because they ate carbs that their weight shot back up. It's not fat. You cannot gain 3-5 lbs of fat in a few days. Just to let you girls know that each gram of carbohydrate holds 4 molecules of water in your system. And, when you ingest a carb, whether it be simple or complex it goes to your muscle fibers. The weight gain that you see is simply glycogen and water that's all! It come right back off when you restrict your carbs again. Here is a tip, (not that you should always cheat on your diet), but when you DO cheat, do moderate intensity cardio to help kick yourself back into ketosis quicker, and high intensity cardio gets rid of the gylcogen in your muscles.
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