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Can't remember where I was last Monday. Was 209 this am. Yeah! A whole new decade. Down 10 since Sept 2.

Still a long haul, but a great way to start.

SW 219
CW 209 as of today
GW 160 I think, subject to change

Keep Plugging! We'll get there!
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I'm trying not to lose heart but it's very discouraging when so many are losing quickly and I'm stuck in this same spot for weeks and weeks. I could understand it if I'd been cheating but I'm not. I've even increased my exercise and water.

Oh well, it looks as if I'm in good company with a couple of other slow losers so let's all hang in and hope this coming week is better.


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Default The Great Pumpkin Challenge - Week 3

Okay, my friends. Some of you have done very well in the first two weeks of this challenge. Certainly you've all done better than I have. I don't know why my fat is so stubborn.

Anyhow, it's the third week and we still have a long way to go so let's not give up now.

All of you who have been losing well, to what do you attribute your success? Do you have any tips for those of us who are having problems?

To those of us who are at a standstill, what can we do to jumpstart our weight loss? I have to admit that I've been into the Atkins bars lately and not only do they knock me out of ketosis, but I think they're causing my lengthy stall, so I'm not going to buy any more of them. Back to basics for me with the only treat s.f. jello. BLAH! I'm going to increase the # of reps I do in the Body Flex Workout and I'm going to increase the amount of water I drink. I'm also going to add 10 minutes of vigorous exercise to my pool workouts.
What are YOU going to do?
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I went through a three week stall. I don't know why. I stayed OP the whole time. It was when I stopped being so strict about never allowing myself treats (SF jello, SF Hershey's candy, Carbolite bars) that I finally started losing. It could just be coincidence, but when I started having SF jello for dessert at lunch and one Carbolite bar for an evening snack, I lost 2 lbs.

My biggest fear is that I'll go overboard ( I tend to be a compulsive eater) and blow it. I think my food journal will help in that area. I write down everything I eat. I really think that is why I'm sticking to this plan so well.

Linda-- It sounds like you may be replacing fat with muscle. That could account for your lack of loss. I'm impressed with all the exercise your doing. Send some motivation my way. That's the one thing I can't seem to get into the spirit of -- exercise.

Have a great day.

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S/C/G: 223/GOAL/140

Height: 5'6"


Well...I don't consider myself a fast loser but when I actually thought about it 33 pounds in 2 months is very fast, holy crap. So I'll write down what I do if it's of any help at all to anyone.

1. I keep my calories as close to 1200 as I am able most of the time. I calorie load one day a week on different days, and go up to around 1650 or thereabouts.

2. I do 2 days a week where my ratios are close to 70F/4C/26P but these are the days when I do my cardio.

3. I do aerobic exercise 3 days a week at least, which is my Taebo or elliptical Nordic Track. The 3 alternating days I do weights, one day upper body, then lower body and abs, alternating the muscle groups.

4. I eat only fresh foods, no pre-packaged bars shakes bars, nothing. I also try to eat out to a maximum of one day a week.

5. I try to spread out my carbs and calories to be fairly equal throughout all three meals and keep my salt intake under 1000mg a day.

6. I take my vitamins and chromium (due to my insulin resistance problems).

7. Drink 4 litres of water a day.

8. Sleep regularly, at least 7 hours a night.

That's all I can think of, right now, I don't know if that's at all helpful. But it's also new fat and I'm quite young which from what I understand makes a big difference.

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S/C/G: 225/197/150


I reserve the right to change my stats for week 2....looks like I am down a whole pound!(193.2)...and yes this makes me very happy! With TOM still here I am surprised to see this but I'll take it!

Can we change our goal too? I will still never make it as I have slowed down substantially!

As for recent success I may not be a good example...I do find that mixing up my calories helps (eating high at least one day per week) and I do watch my ratios and calories (70/25/5 with around 1400-1500 cals). I am also increasing carbs to around 25 and now include occasional berries or sunflower seeds...hope this is not what is holding me up!

I am also very bad at exercising and have to force myself - have been feeling crappy lately due to sinus/allery problems so have fallen off track! (and youngest has stuck ball in treadmill so we need to take it apart!).

Look forward to other pointers!

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i have lost really fast for the first two weeks, but i always lose faster during the first two weeks of any diet. usually it is only 8 or 9 though. i have noticed that i've been eating under 1000 calories a day. i didn't realize this until using fitday this weekend. it's not on purpose, just that i am not hungry on this diet. i just drink water, btw 1/2 gallon and gallon a day. other than eating bacon and pepperoni a few times, i mostly eat chicken breasts and smoked turkey breast from the deli. my fat usually comes from the cheese i eat, usually no more than 4 oz a day and mayo that i may add in chicken salad or deviled eggs. i am not really an egg or meat eater. but it has not been hard this time. as i said earlier, i just don't get hungry. i have not yet started exercising. i am expecting to slow down real soon. when i got pregnant in fall 98, i weighed 190. i delivered at 219. since then, my weight has fluctuated between 190 and 220. i am sure that breaking 190 will be tough. i don't know if this really helps or not. it is just what i do. have a great week.
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I'm not doing so well with this challenge. I seem to have stalled for the past 2weeks and I still cannot seem to get motivated to exercise. Lots of stress at home and work lately. And to add to everything...I am sick. Some type of stomach/flu type of virus. I ache all over and generally feel yuchy!! The only positive thing is I am sure to drop a pound from not being able to keep anything down. I don't even want to eat right now, which is always bizarre for me!!

Sounds like everyone is doing good. Hang on Froufy and I bet after TOM gone you'll probably see better results. Tummy, you amaze me. Dedication to the max!! Good for you!

Linda, it sounds like you have a great plan in affect. I guess I will have to really give the exercise thing a go.

Karla, I know what you mean about being afraid you will go overboard. I know I did with the peanut butter/cream cheese treat that Jennifer posted. I good eat a whole lot of that and the Atkins bars. I did not buy anymore peanut butter or bars. Maybe that will get me back on track. I have still, for the most part, stayed in the 20 carb range, but maybe those items are slowing me down. And of course the not exercising!
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reaching my goals
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I've lost 1 of the 4 pounds I put back on. Today is day two of my strict diet. All I ate yesterday was 8 deviled eggs. Not much variety but I was busy preparing for Isabel after work. I still need to get a set exercise program going. That's what I struggle with the most. Hope y'all have an awesome losing week!
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reaching my goals
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Mia, I found this website about sugar alcohols in response to your question last week. Check out It has a lot of info.
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turtle38, i sure hope you feel better soon.

i have found on atkins a few things that work best for me. my son's experience isn't quite like mine, but i don't know how much of the differences are m/f related vs just individual.

1. eat lots of protein early in the day - a big protein packed breakfast seems to get my fat burning off to a better start. and this would be my lowest carb meal of the day, too.

2. i can't skim on calories or fats. if i don't eat much, i don't lose much. (i don't mean eating 6000 calories a day, but i definitely do not count calories. i eat all i can of the induction level foods without restrictions.)

3. certain foods definitely stall out people differently. i have to stay away from all corn products (no matter how many carbs), and go very easy on nuts, fruits, some veggies, and sugar alcohols. i also have to watch that i'm not overdoing the salad - a big temptation for me.

4. the bars and shakes cause no problem for me, but i can't use them during induction. i can add them as my add'l 5 carbs per day during level 2 if i choose, but it's still best if i eat them only for lunch or dinner.

5. i only weigh once every 4 weeks, between TOM's.

6. if i'm exercising, i need to stay away from the scales and use the tape measure instead. it just won't satisfy me to watch the pounds.

7. once i'm on a good roll on level 3, i can occassionally allow myself to eat whatever i want - but i have to limit it to one special meal and only once a month followed by at least 3 days back on induction. that seems to keep me from long stretches without loss.

I have learned most of this from the last go-round, so hope when i get back to level 3 this time i will not make the same mistakes. this way of eating makes me feel so much better, i intend for this to be the way i eat till i die. even if i keep "learning", i will keep coming back till i get it right for my lifestyle. my son says he wishes he got as sick as i do when i go off and start eating too many carbs - that is a serious motivator for me, but it's pretty miserable too. once in a while, i wish i could eat another cinnamon roll without throwing up!

as you can tell, even though it makes me sick i have occassionally tested it to see if anything's changed. :-)
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I'm a Jovi Girl
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S/C/G: 225/169.5/140


Wow everyone! Great Tips!

For those of you losing slowly, do not lose heart. It took me 3 weeks to blow past my set point at 191. Also exercise can cause you to slow down at first. THat was what part of my slowdown was too I think! Now that I have gotten 2 pounds off, and TOM finally has made his appearance, I am hoping to see a steadier loss until I get down to the 160's. (That is another set point for me! High School and college set point)

Heres to another great week!
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Linda, do you think you are eating enough calories? Maybe you cut so many that your system went into shock and is holding onto it. Maybe increasing the calories might help.

Also, how long do you exercise for? Are you able to get in good fat burning time? I heard anything over 20 minutes was fat burning, but I can't remember where I heard that. I think my increased exercise is what did it for me. That, and a short term increase in calories/carbs. Nothing wild, just moderately increased.
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*raising hand* slow loser over here!!

I eat about 1200 a day, low to no carb and I exercise everyday with tae-bo and doing a 40-60min power walk at night. I was losing before about 1-2 pds a week, since I started the exercise and the low carb I stopped. Although I do measure myself and did lose a 1/2 inch everywhere. I just hate waking up on weigh day and nothing! ugh. I have a problem where if I don't see the scale moving - neither do I! I'm keeping my chin up because losing the weight is to important to me this time. For once in my yo yo diet life I WANT to do this! Hopefully I can keep going strong and this thread and the others I belong too help me loads!!

All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.
~Walt Disney

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reaching my goals
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Hang in there slow losers. I'm one of you. It is very discouraging to weigh and see no movement. I just keep telling myself that my cholesterol level is going to be down when I'm tested in November. Slowly but surely we'll get there.
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