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Each Bite of Sugar...
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Default Does Atkins = insomnia for you?

I am on Atkins, day 3. So far, I love it, and can feel myself just starting to come out of the fog of carb cravings. I'm down 3 pounds from my start on Monday.

The problem I had is that I have been unable to sleep until very late at night. Last night, it was 2am when I finally broke down and took an Aleve to help me sleep. The night before it was almost midnight. This is ridiculous.

Is this Atkins related? I haven't had caffeine for almost 3 years so I know it isn't that, or withdrawal from that.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Bridget's Mom (03/02)
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I sleep better on Low carb. Don't require as much and wake up far less groggy.

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It can have to do with the burst of energy that you may experience. but it also may have some thing to do with the jumpyness that you may be feeling take some potassium and some magnesium too as that is usally the first sign that things are not wuite right if you are doing it correctly. but better yet clean my house. that will tire you out completely so sleep will come when your head hits the pillow!!
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i have actually been sleeping better since doing atkins. suppose we are all different. good luck!
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Each Bite of Sugar...
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Thanks ladies!

Actually, I work full time and have an 18 month old daughter - usually I am asleep when my head hits the pillow! I've been sleep deprived for a year and a half.... but I digress.

I am a little jumpy Sue, thanks for the tip. I'll try the potassium/magnesium and see if that helps.

I did sleep better last night, but it was still a bit of a struggle to actually fall asleep. Once I was there I slept like a log, though.

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my sleep in much better when I am low carbing......however your body may be detoxing, so give it a few days and it may take you longer...the body does strange things sometimes when its drugs are removed....I consider sugar a drug!!!!
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Everyone reacts very differently to Atkins, it seems.

Before I started, I came into work and would just about pass out until noon. I'd just about fall asleep sitting up at my desk. Fortunately, I have a private office!

About a week after I started Atkins, I suddenly realized around lunchtime that I had actually been wide awake all morning. Amazing difference.
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I sleep better but I also notice that I need far LESS sleep when I am doing low carb. I literally need about two hours less sleep per night. Six hours gets me by, although 7 or 8 is optimum, but I can still function well on six. Before, I never felt rested unless I slept 9 0r 10 hours. I also don't slump in the afternoons.
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