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Come on Spring!
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S/C/G: 232/170/150

Height: 5'0" on a tall day

Default New Low Carb Bio Thread

Please update your BIO and add a note to it saying you have updated it. I may go in and delete some of the folks who have been MIA for a while. Holler if you need help or would like me to do it. You can edit it - or delete and add a whole new one!
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Come on Spring!
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S/C/G: 232/170/150

Height: 5'0" on a tall day

Default Updated April 29, 2003

User Name: Ruthxxx

Starting weight/current/goal - Was 227 once but now 209 at 5'. Was just great at 140 but was also 30 years younger then! Current goal is 199 by July 1 - have not been in ONEderland for over ten years! My loss is very slow after so many years of dieting.

Location: Very small town rural Ontario in a 1928 house built by my Grandpa when he retired from the farm. Grew up in Ottawa but visited here lots when I was a kid. Bought this house back into the family in 1985. My Dad cried!

Age: I'm 64. The only advantage to this age is discounts on air fares and other stuff.

Married: married to Harry, my antique husband. He turned 81 in November. He still runs OK and I'd get nothing on a trade so I am gonna keep him. He has many health problems at the moment but his brain works fine! He keeps me humble.

Kids: Have two kids from my first marriage - Jim and Mary Ellen. They are both parents but live too far away for me to see the three grandbabies often. Jim is in Ottawa but his work schedule is nuts. Mary Ellen is way out West on Vancouver Island
so I can't get to see her often enough.

Pets: Hershey, my Portuguese Water Dog is the pet love of my life. I also have her daughter, Lucy, who promises to be a good dog as soon as she gets over her puppyhood. Don't get me started on the advantages of this wonderful breed! I do love all animals, however - and it seems to be mutual. I think I was a dog in my previous incarnation.

Work: Well, am supposed to be retired but ....

Low carb suits me fine - feel good and finally have my blood sugar well under control now. Right now I am doing a lower carb version of WW, not counting points but journalling calories, fat and carb grams. I find I function best on 70-80 grams of protein. The weight is very slow to come off, probably because I am not exercising much.

Favorite diet cheat: red licorice - could be worse, I suppose.

Hobbies: Gardening, sewing, costume design, music, dog adoration!

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I want to be a skinny corpse but no hurry!

What else? I really do own a Chicken Purse. Had a metal bra which I made for a part in a play but it fell apart. Can whip up another one if anyone wants to put in an order.
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OK, here's my updated version of me!

I'm currently a SAHM to my beautiful daughter, Miree, who is a big 4 years old. I am married to a wonderful husband (OK, today he is wonderful..tomorrow, who knows?? ) who has just been in Canada from Korea for 5 years now. I volunteer on the board of directors for our local and regional drop in centers/ parent ed courses/ home child care programs/ daycares. I am actively involved in all aspects of this child-based non-profit organization.

I gained all my weight after my daughter was born. As it stands now, I am 202 pounds and not going down too fast although I am working on it! I am doing Atkins and drinking my water diligently. I readily admit that I am a carb addict and I am seriously sensitive to sugar.

Compounding my weight issues, I also suffer from anxiety disorder which I find that eating low carb helps me to shake off the effects. I have also been diagnosed with PCOS when dh and I tried for our second child. I am currently med free from both these conditions and I credit the low carb lifestyle working for me.

Currently, I am in the midst of house redecoration and garden work in preparation for a visit from my inlaws this fall. Can you say tired????

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Owned by Dixie
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Height: 5'4"


Name: Linda

Starting weight/current/goal – My highest weight was 204, lowest 140, current weight 155 and I am 5’3” (just 10 to loose right now)
Location: I live in Massachusetts, in a small town where you know everyone…and they know you.
Age: I'm 34
Married: married to Jeff (almost 39), a computer engineer who helps me with all my computer troubles but never shows me how to do it myself. He also owns every tool know to man, but seldom has time to use them on the golf course. He is the boy next door although he was awful to me in childhood; he was nice when we grew up. I love him dearly, but I don’t always like him
Kids: I have 2 boys, 5 & 8. Cute as can be. Older son is very academic and little man is the charmer with an attitude. Both are the reason I get out of bed everyday and strive to be the best I can be. I want to set a good example for them
Pets: I have 2 dogs, Molly and Hannah, black and yellow respectively. Both are seniors in their own right. Charlie the cat is a Maine Coon cat. She too is in the senior stage of life, but still rules the roost among the four legged creatures. I have a horse that lives on a farm not too far from here with a deal that when I am ready I can have her back….It has been 6 years so I think the statue of limitations is over on that.

Work: I am a SAHM and do some graphic design on the side when I have time. I do some dog training on the side as well for people that need some one on one. My latest victim is a yellow lab…

Diet: I am a 123 WW, I like the freedom and the push for fiber, it makes my Colitis and Crohn’s a lot better. The reason I want to lose weight is to be happier about me, but if it means sacrificing healthy eating for my kids I won’t do it. I like WW because no food is forbidden and my kids can see that I cam make everything work.

Favorite diet cheat: I am not sure because there are so many!

Hobbies: Exercise, scrapbooking, Golf, rollerblading and stuff with the kids.

Anything else? I have suffered with Crohn’s and Colitis since I was 16. I spent many YEARS on steroids and became very ill from the side effects. I have managed to stay off them for about 5 years and a good deal of that is the high fiber plan I try to follow. I will try almost anything once!


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Wink All you didn't want to know

User Name: name is Elizabeth....usually called Liz ..but that is ok. Added the 321 to my name cause I guess I had a common name!

Starting Weight: 212 lbs Jan 2001
170 lbs June 2001
180 lbs June 2002
Goal: 130-140 lbs (five feet 3 inches)

Location: Alberta Canada

Age: 38 (March 21, 1964)
A true Aries

Married: Yes-met my husband Sept 1984-first day of Nurses Training-Married Oct 1989
Kids: 10 y dd-high maintenance love of my life!
Son would have been 8-died when he was 2 (rare genetic disease)Miss him each and every day!
4 y dd-sweetest thing I ever did see!

Pets: Three lb Yorkie-Buddy...what he lacks in size he makes up in attitude! Bought him for my eldest dd when she was 4 and her baby brother died...can't stand kids...loves me more than anyone else in my life does

Work: Part-time RN in Medicine and ER (about 3/4 time). One of us has always been home with kids...hubby nurse too so luckily it works out well.

Low Carb Plan: On ww points...have acknowledged I am a carb addict...that is the first step right!

I hate cooking and everyone hates my cooking. We are all much happier when hubby cooks.

Favorite diet cheat: Fries with a ton of salt and vinegar.

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, walking, bike riding, yard work, reading, long baths, sipping wine with a friend, movies, cuddles with my main squeeze.

Reason for wanting to lose weight: Tired of being the fattest mom at school waiting to pick up my kid. Got to the point I did not want to go to social events and get dressed up. Want to be a positive role model for my children. Want to be healthy.

What else do you think others should know about you: I lost my first 35 lbs in the first 5 months and since then have played around with the same few pounds. Need to lose at least 76 lbs according to ww total. So I just about half way there.

Would like to be fit before I turn 40! I am going to be fit before I am 40!

Nice to meet you all! Liz

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Hang In There
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user name: ageoldie (come from the antique store we used to have) Real name Barbara Gumpert

Location: I live in the big D Dallas TX. and have all my life
age:55, married to Alvin 36 years Two grown boys Mike 35 and Mark 34. Mike has my only grandchild Nathan age 4

Work: for the past several years I work in the medical profession as a medical secretary or biller, but a year ago I gave it up to work in the business my DH started about 3 years age. The name of the company is AGE Classic Designs, Inc and we sell parts for Mustanag automobile. My pride and joy is my bright blue Mustang convertible (see it's picture as my attvar)

There are good points and bad points in working with you DH and son (Mark also works with us) The best being that I don't have to be at work until about noon, so that I can go to the health club in the mornings.I love water aerobics and try to go to an hour class every weekday. (Don;t always make it, but try)

Exercise: since I have just had a knee replacement and am scheduled for the other one in July, I ride a stationery bike 30 minutes every day, I do Oxycise (not often enought) and do water aerobics.

Hobbies: I sell AVON (to most people this is a business, but to me it's a hoby) I love to read and to play computer games,

About weight loss: I am the ultimate Yo-Yo dieter. I seem to be constantly gaing and losing. Each time getting higher and higher.
My all time high was 293 in January of this year. I am now down to 276. My dh has just had weight loss surgery and is on a low carb/high protein diet so I decided to give it a shot. I've been trying to follow the Atkins plan, but am checking out all of the various lc plans to find one that I really feel comfortable with.

What else? I've been an avid 3FC member for about two years now and can't imagine going more than a couple of day without checking in.

I guess I've bored you enough, oh yeah...I have 2 cats at home Odie and Oliver, and 2 cats at work Smokie and Blackie. Here's a pic of Smokie trying to shut out the morning. the pic was too big, and I'm not in the mood to fix it, so I'll post it another time.

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workin' my way back down
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User Name: samsgram: (although maybe I should change it to “Gram2SamnRose”

starting weight/current/goal: hmmmmmm I am shy of numbers, but have lost 11 lbs out of a REALISTIC goal for 60-65

Location: (obviously, optional): Long Island, New York

Age: (optional, too, I guess!): 53, 54 in June

Married, Kids? tell all! Yes – to the same guy for almost 33 yrs! (yikes! That makes him sooooo old!!) We have 2 dds, one is 31 and the other is 27 – my 2 delicious grands come from the older daughter, the younger one is not yet married. Gotta say that I hope she doesn’t until she finds someone as wonderful as my son-in-law!

Pets? Currently none (unless you count shdh!! ) although I am looking to adopt a young adult PWD - the world’s best dog!

Work at home or whatever(occupation)? I am currently in the process of entering my 3rd career (heck! Everyone should change every 18 years, right??) Most recently I was a CPA – got to the point that I would cry every night because I had to get up to go to work the next day – not a way to live, sooooo 22 months ago, I went back to school to learn Ultrasound…. My program is almost finished (3 more weeks – hooray!! ) and then I get to look for a job!

Low carb plan, any personal modifications, favorite recipe? I’m doing Atkins, and have been for the last 5+ weeks, with the only modification being that I still drink my morning coffee! Oh yes – I’m still on induction, and will be for a couple of more months. Favorite recipes? Not really a recipe, but I use the George Foreman grill a whole lot - it’s quick and easy, and dh (who sorta does WW maintenance) can eat half of the same meal (we just do different stuff WITH whatever was on the grill – he’ll have a potato, and I’ll have some brocolli or whatever)

Favorite diet cheat? Hasn’t happened (and I’m trying not to let it because I am a BAD binger) – but I would have to say my fantasy is to have Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk, hmmmm or maybe some pasta, or maybe some real fresh “out of the bakery” Italian bread or French bread (oops, see where this is headed????)

Hobbies? I am a voracious reader, and until 1-1/2 yrs ago when I developed some problems with my hands, I was ALWAYS with either a crochet or knitting project (usually working on several at once), but I’m gonna have to try to pick it up again, after all, you CANNOT eat while knitting or crocheting…… besides, the grandbabies need new stuff!

Reasons for wanting to lose weight- I had gained 50 lbs some yrs ago, and lost it all, and kept if off for a couple of years. Then on Nov. 15, 1997 (after having missed about ½ of my dd’s gorgeous wedding because I was outside smoking!!!) I QUIT! I gained over 60-70 lbs (a lot for a 5’ 0” person!! but I haven’t had a cigarette since!) and couldn’t breathe well, walk or anything! Then along came Sam and when he started moving around, I couldn’t get down on the floor to play with him (well, I could get down, just not backup!!!) I NEED to feel better!!!!! AND I want to be here to see my grandkids grow up.

What else do you think others should know about you? I’m a smart*ss, which I am really much too old to be, but what the heck! I’m never intentionally mean and usually try to be helpful
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User Name: DonDar, from my two gifts from God in this life, Don and Darren.

starting weight/current/goal 217/189/130, I am 5'2 and carrying way too much weight for my small body.

Location: (obviously, optional) Kalamazoo, MI

Age: (optional, too, I guess!) 45

Married, Kids? tell all! Today I am married 10 years to a very wonderful man. I have actually known him for 20 years, first he was my boss, then we started dating. It took him 10 years to propose! We have two very special boys, Don, my sensitive 9 year old and Darren, 6 years old, all boy and proud of it! Their activities are the focus of our life.

Pets? Our dear Ishamushi Kudo Peel, a brindle Akita, who is now only a memory. He was the first responsibility that my dh and I shared together. He was a wonderful family dog and the whole neighborhood loved him for his gentle manor. Not a common trait for an Akita, but I guess it was his fine upbringing. He was once my walking partner. He was 13 and crippled with arthritis and suffered from the pain, we will miss him. I am a dog lover and always will have a dog in my life. We plan on adopting a new pet soon.

Work at home or whatever(occupation)? Yes. I work at home and at an office. I am a Safety Information Specialist by title at a large pharmaceutical company. I have a degree from WMU (Go Broncos!) in Administrative Systems.

Low carb plan, any personal modifications, favorite recipe? I began locarbing with the grapefruit diet that I discovered on this board when I first signed on. From there I went to CALP, but I found I abused the happy-meal time. I am now a firm believer in Atkins. I may not have lost much on it, yet, but I do feel so much better when eating on plan.

Favorite diet cheat? A Starbucks Venti Carmel Macchiato

Hobbies? I enjoy gardening, cross stitch, sewing. I also enjoy baking, I am dabbling in professional cake decorating. The most joy I receive from that is baking and decorating individual cakes for my son's classrooms. I also enjoy collecting Longerberger baskets and kitchen gadgets. I love collecting dishes, I have 12 different table settings. My newest hobby/love is exercising at the Y. Six days a week, from 5:30am to 6:30am I am there doing cardio and weight training.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight- I have been overweight for most of my life, though never so bad as after having my boys. I used to do aerobics double time and never lost a lot but I always had great endurance. I want to become a sexy wife to my dh and a mom my boys are proud of. I want to feel good about myself and be healthy.

What else do you think others should know about you? I am a firm believer in God and try to set an example for my family. I enjoy my life (except for the weight issue). I love to help out in my boy's classroom. I am my boys' biggest fan. I love soccer and baseball and whatever sport they choose to follow.
favorite color: Purple
favorite flower: Iris
favorite movie: Sleepless in Seatle
favorite song: My Kind of Lover, by Billy Squire (our song)

That's me in a nutshell!

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S/C/G: 251/seeticker/150

Height: 5'7"

Default About Me

Hey Ladies..
My Current Weight is 189.5
My goal is 145 ( I think)

I have two kids . My son is 10 (Corbin) and my daughter is 8 going on 18 (Taylor).

I am married for the second time . His name is Steve he is wonderful we have been together for 2 1/2 years.. We were married last June 16.

I am a Qualified Medication Aide . I work the weekend option at a retirement center in Indiana and I am starting college this fall for the LPN program.

I have been doing my low carb high protein diet for about a week. I have read all the books. Atkins, Carb Addicts, sugar buster, Zone . I have decided to just try to take the best from all the books and do my own version .

I am gonna try and attach a photo of myself and my husband.Cross your fingers..

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S/C/G: 251/seeticker/150

Height: 5'7"


me and hubby
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Only 150 lbs. to goal!
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Default To know know know you, is to Love Love Love you;

and I do.

User name: optimal_allusion - Was supposed to be optimal illusion but I did not catch the type-o until after I hit enter. I chose this name because I want to at least give off the illusion that I am thin, this is my goal. My real name is Mary. You can call me MB.

Starting weight/current/goal: 292/271/125 or something that looks like 125!

Location: A very, very, very small town in rural Nevada, about 70 miles from Las Vegas!

Age: 41 as of December

Married/Kids/Grandkids: I have been married to Scott for 14 and 1/2 years. I have three beautiful daughters. Andi, 24, married to Sean (her high school sweetheart) and they have two children. Seth and Isabella are the most precious little people in my life. Andi is still going to college while all the while taking care of her husband and 2 kids. I am very proud of her. Stephenie, 22, soon to be married, but postponed the wedding because the 'honeymoon' came before the wedding and so did what is about to be my 3rd grandchild, Austin, due 071702. I will inherit another granddaughter at the wedding of Steph and Mark. Mark has a daughter, Madison, who is also very precious and a welcome addition to the family. Steph is also finishing college after the baby comes. My girls are very academic! My baby is Erin. She is 19 and a freshman at Metro State in Denver studying musical theatre. She has performed in over 50 plays and musicals since the age of 11. She is soooo talented and very beautiful. Look for her on broadway!

NO PETS: We travel too much.

Employment: I recently quit my job as a 911 police dispatcher. I was on the job for nearly 8 years. I volunteered during the Columbine high school shooting. I answered phones 911 calls for 3 hours after putting in 8 hours at my own department. Within a year I started suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders and more weight gain. I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I took pills for one year, but kept on working. I couldn't perform the job as well as I I quit. I will be going to work for my dh in Canada next month. It's a temp position, so the marriage should survive!

LC PLan: Atkins. Too new to make any changes.

Favorite diet cheat: Mexican Food of any type.

Hobbies: any thing crafty especially, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, painting, reading, and most important : writing

Why I Want to Lose Weight: My health...I have sleep apnea, high cholesterol, triglycerides etc..and because I want my husband to want me for the rest of our lives! He is great, but 292 is not sexy to anyone..not even me.

What I think you should know: I want to be a thin, healthy professional fiction writer when I grow up. I was and intend to be again, an avid softball and volleyball played. I loved sports until I got so big I couldn't stand on my own two feet. I love to decorate interiors...If you ever want to re-design your home..I'll help! I love my entire Italian family..and there are alot of us. My husband is not italian, but I don't hold that against him. I love to laugh. I love to sing. I love to eat, but am trying to ignore that for now! I love to hear other people laugh. I Love God.

That's me!
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Location: Colorado
Posts: 806

S/C/G: 256/185/170

Height: 5'6


User Name: Dietcokehead98

Starting weight/current/goal - Weight: 210/195/150
5'7 and I try to wear heels to look taller sometimes

Location: Denver, Colorado

Age: 28

Married: Married Axel (yes, his real name) 9/21/01. People still call us newlyweds, although we've been together for almost 6 years.

Kids: No, not yet. Not trying, but not NOT trying

Pets: Doubledecaffmochalatte, my little baby kitty who has a personality disorder. She is the queen. And Star, an adopted kitty that I saved from an abusive house. She's a love doll Maine Coon.

Work: Office Manager/ISR for a good company, but I'm bored with my job and looking for something new.

Low carb suits me fine -I feel great. Doing a combo low carb/low fat.

Favorite diet cheat: new Vanilla coke and chocolate chip cookies.

Hobbies: Skiing, reading, learning to sew, hanging with my hubby.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: Health reasons, personal gratification-leather pants

What else? I have a wicked sense of humor and I am a huge U2 fan. I can base most life changing events with a U2 song. Weird, but true. I also am a little clairvoyant-sometimes in a scary way.
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Big Loser
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Location: North Carolina
Posts: 806


Hi everyone! I am just going to start a new one its easier!!

Starting weight/current/goal - 245/230/175 - I am 6'2" tall so I can get away with a little more weight, have been skinny my whole life then had 2 children after 35 and just lost it!!!

Location: Town north of Knoxville, TN, Grew up in Upstate NY but lived in Orlando, FL for 15 years. Moved to TN in 2001 and love it!!!

Age: I'm 39.

Married: married for 9 years.

Kids: Darling Son who is almost 6 and in kindergarten and a precious baby daughter who who will be 4 in June.

Pets: 2 dachshunds and a Boxer - what a combo!!

Work: I am an HR Director for a very large Pharmaceutical Company.

Low Carb Plan- Atkins for Life

Favorite diet cheat: MCDOnalds French Fries

Hobbies: Swimming, cross stitch, volunteering, NASCAR

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: Be healthy for my kids!!

What else? I have a pretty happy life and count my blessing every day!!

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Hi all, Well where do I start? I am 50 years old, my user name is Judy1951, would like to change it but don't know how. I started out at 175 pounds which believe me is not good for someone that is 5 foot 3 and !/2 inches tall. I was vegetarian at that time, this is 2.5 years ago. I went stricter on my H/C L/F diet making sure I got every bit of fat I could out of the diet. I was miserable and my nose and eye sockets dried out, and my skin started to peel. I took off 14 pounds though. But it started boomeranging on me and I started gaining it back. Plus I had no control of my emotions,I would yell at the drop of a hat, my grandsons were tip toeing around me like I was a psycho. I also had no control over my appetite, and my resting heart rate was 100 beats per minute. I then went on a raw diet, I dropped weight, but could not maintain that eating pattern. I then researched the LC diet, and decided to give it a try. That was in the middle part of may, I'm satisfied with my meals, don't have an obsession with food, and I am able to enjoy my grandsons again. I am their primary caregiver when my daughters are working. I care for all 6 of them all under the age of 10. I am able to give them the love and support they need without lowering myself to their level of temper tantrums. When I think about that time it embarrasses me. I never understood that I have a problem with assimilating carbs, I never knew why I went off the deep end after oatmeal and toast, I'm glad I researched the problem and was able to correct it. Judy
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Trying to find my way.
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Posts: 3,399

S/C/G: 244/220/145

Height: 5'2''


here I go.

Real name Susan I live in cortland NY
Married with 4 kids 2 & 2 with a live in boy 17 so my life is busy

I am a RN but am trying desperatly not to go back to institutional work but need to work to feed and house this brood. I have started a weight loss support group but have not many takers yet.

I started july 17 2000 and am stillg oing strong started at 235 and now am around 180 depending on the foods i have taken in. I do PP for my program, but tweak it too much/ exercise is weight lifting and love it I started that 1 year ago. I started a size 24 and am not between 16 - 14 i did get down to 12 but seem to vary with my strictness of my diet. Goal is a size 8. I think that will be some where about 140 lbs

Pets?? besides the kids and DH??? 1 dog 2 cats 3 fish 2 snails and well the cats in heat and manages to try to sneak out side so that may be changing soon, and if the other one keeps going on the floor then there will be a definate change!!!

like judy i was so moody, and wild with my emotions, and when i follow plan and stay good my attitude changes so i am the good witch not the bad one.

Favorite things to do My kids!! camping read books play on the internet, visit my friends and talk. I love to do crafty things but do not know when to stop busying the stuff so I do not do that any more if I can help it
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