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Angry WEDNESDAY, 2/20, the daily!

It's me starting up the daily again!

Sorry no coffee, do not want to temp myself during lent.

Well if you love changes in weather, just move to Michigan. We will have temperatures in the 50's today with rain, by the end of the week they are predicting it will soon turn to snow!

I took my old Kudo out for a slow walk in the rain today, he stumbled so many times. My heart really aches for him. I believe that he can no longer hear me, or maybe he is just getting difficult in his old age. I am now anxious for spring in hopes that the warmer air will be good for his old bones.

MamaJ so nice to see you posting, I loved your post on the daily yesterday. My sister has now lost most of her hair and still has no answers. Thank you for reminding me of Phyllis, I remember her fondly, wish I would have gotten a snail mail address from her. Your post seemed to sum up all the emotions and love on this board. Bless you and your family, you are always in my prayers.

Pooky, When is that dr visit, hopefully it will bring great news. Got the job yet? If you do not get that job, I personnally feel that you should go out on your own in the home decorating business. I would love to be one of your first customers.

Have a great day all.

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Default Hi Jenny!

I'm right behind you! Up early, ready to go!

I'm having a much better week foodwise than I have in a long time. Maybe my upcoming vacation has something to do with that! The idea of putting shorts on these chubby thighs? Not a pretty sight! But it's helping me eat protein and drink my water- I am trying to VISUALIZE them shrinking. Wouldn't it be easier to just exercise?

Today is detail and preparation for going away- both at work and at home tonight- pay a few bills, pack, and clean up a bit. I will be in Ft. Lauderdale from Thursday to Saturday March 2nd. I am so overdue for this vacation! Can't wait!

Hi to everyone- especially you Janice- it's great to see you, I really hope you plug in regularly! I feel like this is one of the best things I do for myself- keeps me honest, and it helps seeing other people handling similar problems to mine- it's a great support, not just the diet part!

have a great day all!
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Come on Spring!
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Rushing through ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I refuse to give up coffee for anything! Have given up listening to gossip for Lent - sure stops a conversation dead when you say that!

Yes, Jen and Dottie, this is an amazing coop - so much love and support. When my life gets overwhelming, coming here helps put things in perspective. And it does keep you honest - especially when you know you have a friend who lurks!

Huge day - double piano lesson this morning. (I am going to have to drop piano, I'm afraid. My carpal tunnel syndrome is finally giving me aches in my hands - I see the CTS operation in my future. Had trouble signing cheques yesterday - that will never do!) On the other hand, I can do theory until after the op - Beethoven wrote music when deaf, right? Or I can do voice again.

After piano, I go to Ottawa to pick up my condo keys, do some business shopping, see the lawyer re condo closing arrangements and hit PetsMart to buy a carrier for Lucy. On the way back to Delta, I will go into the gym and cancel our membership - H. is not going at all and I can't use the pool because of eczema. Actually it will be a relief to be able to let go the guilt.

Have a good Hump day!

P.S. I notice lots of reads but just a few postings on our daily. Come on, Lurk Chicks - just post a "hi" so we know your are still breathing. We miss you.
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Default Good morning!

Yes, you're right Ruth, I lurk! I don't really have much to say these days.

DH will be home for the next five days as he discovered that he has vacation days to use up quickly. We'll be doing some paint stripping and general interior decorating.

Am waiting for the next shoe to fall, so to speak, from the alcoholic son and dumb, dumb DIL. Our Ruth really put it all into perspective for me when she asked that, if I'm such a terrible mother, how come Zookeeper turned out so well! Hmmmmm! I must ask the "couple from ****" that question! And, strangely, they allow me to write to their daughters. How do they know, I may send a letter bomb or poison darts or something!

Well, am off to find some breakfast and do all those mundane things that I gotta do! God bless!
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Morning all! Well off to work in a few minutes...enjoyed my day off yesterday...scrapped a bit and got ready for big power layout where my consultant thinks I could get as many as 70 pages done! I do love it... think I single handedly financed her families trip to Mexico before Xmas though! ($$$$)
Also have to admit here that I have been ptting on some pounds and felt those pants getting tighter and so got on the scale..have put on more than 5 and less than 10...that is all I will say...feeling ready to get right back at it today, have been letting things like water, moving, and small portions slide....
Have a great day all! Liz
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I got the job!!!!!!! Just as I was about to post my musings of the day, my phone rang and I got called in for this afternoon for a couple of hours! I'm so thrilled! Dh is positively climbing the walls with happiness. Gosh--my first job in 3 years--hope I remember what to do!

The kitchen is finshed being refurbished and now comes the painting. Dh and I decided to give dd to my mother and my grandma this weekend so they can fuss over her a bit and that way we can get some stuff done here. I have changed the colour of my cabinets again--this time framed in white and the center to be yellow. I am going to have my countertop almsot a navy blue colour with some flecks of white and yellow. I think it will look stunning. We'll see how it goes--never know I may change my mind again or embellish!

Jenny, my dr's visit is tomorrow moring and yes, I'm really nervous. After everything that's happened to me, I'm hoping for a much better outcome than what I've had. So sorry to hear about your pup, I hope for his sake it gets warmer soon!

Dottie, you just go and have the BEST time in Florida! You certainly deserve a vacation worth remembering so live it up!

Ruthie, if I ever get as busy as you I want you to tie me up and force me to sit down with a hot cup of tea and Raoul to give me a massage!

Tippy! Did I hear redecorating?? Whatcha doin'? Huh? Come on, give me all the details!

Good Morning Liz, we were posting at the same time!
Have a great one everyone!
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I better get this in fast! Dh re booted the computer yesterday BUT as we speak he is at the computer store getting an updated anti virus thing and NO telling what will blow after that!!!

Getting a bit antsy about weighing tomorrow but I have been reasonable this week so what will be will be and since I can't quit I'll just keep on going...gosh that was such a brilliant statement

Um......Pooky...sniff, snivel, congrats, I guess, sigh, and whine,does that mean you are not coming to do my basement?

liz, come on gal, I'll help you back on the wagon!!! You can do it!

Tippy? a bomb? poison darts? need some help??? be happy to...I got some neat decorated boots with steel toes...want 'em? be happy to send them your way!!!

Ruth! Ouch on the CTS...dh had that operation...voice is good, you could help Jiff vamp out a few toons....her boa, your bra...great combo!

Dottie, my bags are packed, I'm ready...say "hi" to the boys of summer ok?

Hi Jenny! I hope the warmer weather warms your Kudo's bones too!!! Did I read that one of your sons has fifths? That was going around here too.

Janice, yep, it is not all about weight loss! been sending you good vibes and prayers.

got to run, hi to all...dh is on the phone...I hate his cell phone sometimes!!!

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Hi Gals!

You all sound so busy! Pooky, congrats on the job! That is awesome news.

I've been lurking too. My excuse is that I've just been too busy. DD had her 5th birthday and she had the hugest weekend. Horse riding, birthday party, a ride on her daddy's boat, a haircut and day in the city shopping with the ladies.

Doing ok as far as op. Not exercising regularly with traveling this weekend. But, definitely drinking water. And, of course, CAN NOT STOP THE COFFEE!

I hope you all have a fabulous day! I will promise to keep up with posts!
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Default Ok, Ruthie.......

You guilted me into posting.

Hello to all. Congrats to Pooky on the job. Prayers and good vibes being sent to all those in need.

I have not been eating LC BUT I have been going to my new gym regularly. I have only dropped a few pounds but I have noticed previously wiggley flesh is tightening up.

I had a great weekend meeting some internet friends. 2 live locally and we have gotten together about 5 times in the last year or so but 2 other gals that we are friends with flew down from Washington and spent the weekend. We had a great girl's sleepover at Robbie's with gossip, chocolate, patio drinks (mine was ice tea!), romance vidoes, jammies, etc. It was great fun!

Rainy here today which is a drag since Bry (13) was supposed to have baseball practice today. He is playing with 13/14 year olds this year and WOW do those big boys play some good ball! New coaches this year and we have only met them once so the jury is still out on their abilities. Cody (11, almost 12) tried out last weekend and looked great **MOM BRAG ALERT** The president of the league we play in - Pony Baseball - made a point to tell all the coaches grading the kids what a wonderful, classic ball player Cody is!

Gotta go shower and start the day.

Love to ya all. Be good to yourself today cuz you deserve it!

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Good Afternoon Kids,

Boss left for the day so Leenie can play haaaaaaaa. Actually I got a @%@&% load of work to do so I can't stick around.

Just plopped in to say hi.

Tippy, its always easier to blame others than to face the truth, you are a good Mom, don't let him trick you into feeling guilty. Your a good Sis too !!

I didn't give up anything for Lent this year, I forgot. Well wait, I guess I did give up something ~ my memory....yeah thats it ~

Have a great day,
Love Leens
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Sometimes I just don't have anything fun, newsworthy, or particularly edifying to say. And sometimes I am too tired, or too pressed for time. But I always come to read and laugh and sometimes cry. You guys are wonderful.

My audit is still going on, so there goes my day. It gives me nightmares to be responsible for so much crap, yet I don't have a hand in it's creation or management. OY! I could always retire. Starting to wonder what it's like living in the car, anyway. Who needs groceries, anyway!

Hope you all have a lovely day and a fun-filled evening.
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TWICE IN ONE DAY! For you, Ruth, to make up for next week when I'll be away and cyber-challenged- i second your request for lurkers to post- it's so fun to see what everyone's up to, even if it's routine to you!

I am supposed to be paying bills online before my trip, but stopped by to see how everyone's day was.

Pooky! Congrats! They must have really liked you! I admire you "getting out there" I don't know how I'd handle a job interview these days! It's been a long time.

goodforme- it will end soon- just hang on. During my last audit(JACHO) i kept reminding myself- every day ends, every hour only has 60 minutes, just hold on and don't hurt anybody!

Hi leens, spot, jenni, peachness, Liz and Tippy!Keep Ruth on the straight and narrow, ok?

see you soon!

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Hey Dottie!

While you're gone...can I, you know, practice therapy and stuff? I am sure Chickadee would help me!

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Sure, Peach, go for it! You have my blessing! I am not sure whether Chickadee should play the patient or the doctor!

Just have fun!

Limerick Therapy?
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Ok I'll Fess up... I lurk. I check in several times a day to see what you chicks are doing.

Some of you I see in chat and you know me, and others well, you don't, but I love to see you all post and I love how committed you are to one another.

I am a 33 year old mother of 2 boys ,married 11 years to a good man (most of the time, after all he is a man). I love sports and get out to play as much as i can. I am a golfer, skiier and swimmer. I like to rollerblade, although I kinda suck at. But I keep at it none the less. I live on the North Shore of Massachusetts although i grew up in NY.

If I don't post, please forgive me, I don't want to interrupt your rythum, but I am here and look forward to seeing you all daily. Keep up all your hard work, it keeps me on program to somhow know I am not alone in my daily struggles.

Be well,
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