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Default What are your skincare routine/tricks?

I'm not supermodel, never will be. But I love love love my skin and I do everything in my power to maintain its beauty.

My routine is like this:

Morning - just a splash of water. A bit of moisturizer/sunscreen before I go out. I use Philosophy's Take a Deep Breath spf 30

Evening - remove makeup with neutrogena towelettes, wash with water. Apply Estee Lauder Idealist eye cream, then Philosophy retinol, and then Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum.

I only "cleanse" in the shower which may or may not be every day. In that case i cleanse with phisoderm cream cleanser and then I spray on Murad toner, followed by philosophy moisturizer.

My tricks are:
- never touch my face
- change my pillowcase every couple of nights
- exfloliate once a week with a facial sponge
- spf every single day of my life
- wear sunglasses all year long
- eat an abundant source of healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, flax seeds)

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Nice thread idea

I use the Clinique 3 step skin care routine, it has worked wonders for my skin!!

-Clinique soap or Neutrogena visibly bright soap
-Clinique toner
-Ole henrikson whole truth vitamin c serum
-clinique lotion

Every two days I use the clinique exfolitating scrub.

at night I will also apply some vitamin e oil/bio oil (I have some acne scars that make my skin look really patchy!)
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I used to have a very elaborate routine, but decided to simplify things and my skin is much healthier and less "raw". I'm acne prone, but if I'm careful I rarely get break outs.
-wake up and swipe face with noxema anti breakout pad.
-apply spf 70 sun screen/face moisturizer combo
-at night I remove makeup with toilettes.
-then another swipe of noxema pads.
-if having breakouts I apply benzoyl peroxide cream to affected areas
-every other week I do either a volcanic mud mask or a dead sea minerals mask.
-occasionally if my skin gets really dry, like when the seasons change, I use coconut oil or argon oil.
-my biggest skin secret though is drinking lots of water. Seriously, its like a miracle worker for skin. I try and drink 12 cups a day and its really obvious if I have any less, my skin gets dull, tired, and old looking. Also I think eating unprocessed whole foods has helped my skin a lot.
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My skin would probably be perfect if I could just stop touching my face but I have this tick about rubbing my fingers against my lips/chin and cupping my face when I lean against the table.

as you can imagine I only breakout on my chin and my right cheek.
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My skin is very dry naturally. But since I've very recently changed my routine it has gotten a lot better. I use the Chamomile Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop for my cleanser (it's listed as a makeup remover, but I find it great for general care). I use their Beautifying Oil for a moisturizer when I get out of the shower (for both face and body). I haven't decided which scent I like best, but I've narrowed it down to Chocomania and Brazil Nut. My skin on my face/neck/ears (and the rest of my body frankly) is doing a lot better than it was. Once I started using the Beautifying oil I stopped getting dry flaky skin behind/inside my ears. I use a qtip to apply it in the outer area of my ear, never in the canal, and behind my ear. It cleared up in two days.

I sound like I work there, but I don't. I just took advantage of some great sales online and found some awesome beauty products.

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I wash my face with just water in the morning, then use Ole Henrickson's Vit C serum & apply sunscreen. I have a few I like: Josie Moran & Dr Denese, I use most often. At night I wash with Philosophy, apply Isomers Matrixyl and then Philosophy "When Hope Is Not Enough" . I alternate Philosophy with MyChelle products. I have great skin (56 yrs old) and when people ask, I say, SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN, cleanse every night , drink H2O & good genes. lol I also gently exfoliate 2x per week, I like the enzyme ones over the mechanical ones.

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Love reading all these tips and routines - I have been looking for advice and ideas for a formal skincare routine.

My routine is almost nonexistent. I wash my face in the shower with regular moisturizing soap. I use lotion daily, but no special brand in the past. Recently I have been in search of moisturizer with a bit more oomph to improve the appearance of my skin, so now I'm using Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. I'm happy with it so far! I wear a lot of makeup and always have, daily. My foundation has spf 17 in it. Although I color my hair now because I'm going gray, I am a redhead. I kind of hate "outside" as a general rule and avoid outdoor pursuits. I avoid the sun and certainly never try to get any tan at all. On sunny days if I have to be outside I will absolutely wear sunglasses and a hat and maybe even an umbrella like a psuedo parasol! To take my makeup off at night I use sesame oil and store brand wipes from the baby section.

I'm almost 50. The skin on my face has held up okay since I am not sporting a lot of sun damage, but I def look more my age since losing a lot of weight. I have crows feet when I smile now and expression lines that are there, period. Middle age has brought some changes, including markedly dryer skin. I'm reading these moisturizer suggestions with interest.
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dayum TooWicky you look alot younger than almost 50!

I was recently given a sample kit of Image Vital C skin care products, I really like how they feel. Previous to that, I would just use water in the morning; and at night, some kind of drugstore creamy cleanser or a goat's milk soap; then something like Regenerist on my face and throat at night. Oh and in the morning, before makeup, an spf of at least 30; then a light liquid foundation that has an spf of 15. That combo must work well, as most days in summer I ride my motorcycle with a half helmet, and my face does not get tan or sunburned, not even my nose or cheeks or forehead. While my husband's face gets dark like a mocha coffee

I know that drinking water is the true simple miracle fluid for all of us, i need to remember that!

I am 53, only started using an spf moisturizer daily maybe in my 30's.
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I do not wear makeup and ONLY use goat milk soap on my face and body. For a moisturizer I used only natural products that contain coconut oil. I buy from this company and I really like their moisturizer.
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i dont' wear makeup....ever....i hate the feeling of "stuff" on my skin, yuck...i wash my face with water daily, that's about it...occasionally if i think about it i will wash it with an acne cleanser/pore cleanser thing that my teenager has in the shower...sometimes i will put lotion on if my skin is getting dry...that's about all
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Wow, my routine is really simple compared to all of that. I simply cleanse and moisturize and brush my teeth before getting in the shower. That's my very basic routine. I find that taking a daily multivitamin helps my skin.

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I don't think it's complicated. Mostly it's about making sure I remain hydrated. And as easily as I brush my teeth before I go to bed I take about 1-2minutes to apply the retinol and some night repair serum. The spray toner is one spritz and takes less than 5 seconds.

I've only been using the retinol for a couple of months now but I can see a major difference in the fine lines/wrinkles around my eyes.

I'm rather scared of the future, ever since I was little I've been complimented on how beautiful my skin is and I'm nervous about when that goes away. I get asked about my skin routine a lot and nobody can believe I'm the age I am. I'm sure it's good fortune and genetics but I'm quite proud of my skin.
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Morning: Rinse face with water. Put Neutrogena Body Lotion Light Sesame Formula on face/body.

Evening: Clean off makeup with natural makeup removal wipes (currently using Simple brand). Rinse face with water. Put Neutrogena Body Lotion Light Sesame Formula on face. Sometimes put lotion on body. Currently loving Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Hydrating Gel Lotion.

I exfoliate once or twice a week with St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub while in the shower. Sometimes I remember to use my sugar scrub on the rest of my body.

Oh, I also spot treat zits with peroxide and/or Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10.

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I have sensitive skin and a ton of allergies so years ago I found that Neutrogena products work well for me and I've stuck with them ever since. If I didn't wear makeup during the day (i.e. home doing chores), then I'll just splash my face with water. If I used makeup and I'm in the shower, I'll use Neutrogena Naturals Face Cleansing + Makeup Remover. If I'm just washing up for bed, I use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and then rinse with water.

In the morning I rinse with water again and moisturize with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15. Before bed I apply Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream. During TOM when my face is extra oily and breaks out, I stick with the oil-free moisturizer day and night.

I also use lip balm A LOT because I can't stand dry lips- mainly Nivea and Vaseline products. I'm allergic to Chapstick and Burts Bees- they make my lips swell, go numb, and break out in tiny, itchy little blisters. 10 minutes after I apply either of those brands, I look like I had a bad botox job.

For the rest of my body, I use those jars of sugar scrub from Bath & Body Works aromatherapy section. I have keratosis pilaris (tiny little red bumps on the backs of my arms & legs) so I've found that the combination of sugar to exfoliate and oil to moisturize helps keep those problem areas fairly smooth and soft.
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I use organic coconut oil on my face and body instead of lotion. I put it on my lips too. In the winter, I'll put the coconut oil on my lips and then put aquaphor on top, to keep the oil 'locked in'

I also use the coconut oil on my hair about once a month. I put a bunch in, leave it in for an hour or two, and then wash it out. My roommate swears by it and she has gorgeous hair! It does seem to help my breakage.
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