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I don't have a routine, but here's my deal:

I only wear make up (cover up) once or twice a month at most.
I don't tan*, never have.
I don't smoke.
I rarely drink (glass of wine few times a month).
I wash with soap and water after every run. If I don't run that day, just water.
Good genes, thank god. Well, my mom's side aged VERY well, dad's average.

*Now that I run, I am outside nearly everyday for about 30 mins. I am noticeably more tan this summer than I have ever been. This leaves me concerned about some type of sun protection for my skin, but I don't want any goop on my face while I'm out running and sweating. I am hoping that having protected my skin for the first 33 years of my life and not having spent my teens and 20s bakin in the sun or tanning bed means I can spare a decade of abuse.....I'll check back in 15 years an let you know if this is true...

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A new one but goodie for me, getting paraffin and a callous remover treatment with a pedicure, wow that works well!!
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1. I use camilla oil to remove skin oil and makeup
2. I use foaming gentle facial cleanser to wash my face
3. I have some hydrating liquid I apply to my face
4. A moisturizing water based skin cream which removes redness
5. I apply primer
6. I apply foundation with SPF

After the day is over, I repeat steps 1 and 2, then apply a sleeping mask cream for hydration at night.

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Both my son and my mother have ecczema and a bit of psoriasis (i.e. persistent ongoing problem with dry flaky skin) on their hands - I bought the Lady Soma Skin Nail Cream for them and it cleared up within a week! Skin is now clear and healthy.
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Hope it is ok to post here. Wondering if anyone has tried the bye bye makeup? I seen it advertised on TV. Sounds like a miracle make up. Hopefully someone has used it and can give some input.
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Aside from cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen, and making sure my foundation has sunscreen, I exfoliate once a week (gently) with baking soda.
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My routine is pretty simple (for me at least)
Morning: wash, toner, moisturizer with SPF (in winter) or BB cream with SPF (in summer), eye cream
Evening: wash, toner, skin serum, moisturizer

Mask 1x a week (My fav is ORIGINS 10 Minute mask), and exfoliator 2x a week (HydraVegetal from Yves Rocher)

As far as products, I use La Roche Posay 'Effaklar' cleanser, Bioderma Créaline 'Eau Micellaire' (Seriously, the best product I've ever used!), Bioderma 'Hydrbio' spf moisturizer, and Benefit 'It's Potent' eye cream. I use the Biotherm BB cream.

As far as 'tricks' - definitely LOTS of water! I don't smoke or drink alcohol, eat lots of fruits/veggies, and avoid sun exposure.

Personally I feel diet makes a huge difference! I know when I eat bad, my skin looks terrible, but as soon as I start eating well again, it looks much better!
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I am keeping fresh young looking skin at 39 with 3 easy tricks.

-stay hydrated drink lots of water and eat at least 4 fruits a day.
-sleep well and avoid over stressing
-botox injections from a high end place in Maine
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very nice
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does anyone want to know how I lost weight in 7 days? stay tuned
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