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Default Capris: yay or nay?

It's almost summer and you know what that means... Less clothing! The start if warm weather always makes me panic a bit about showing my arms and legs but especially my legs! I refuse to wear shorts and the next best thing is capris. But so many style gurus (Tim Gunn included!) advocate against capris because they shorten the leg. What do you think? Hesitantly I rock my capris anyway.
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I love capri's! I feel more comfortably covered in capri's and I hate when shorts ride up inbetween the thighs--I always have that problem.

This summer I was thinking of trying skorts. At least, the skirt part would cover up the riding up problem, right?

I vote YES for capri's! Especially if you are wearing sandals.
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Cool Capri's

Yes for capri's especially with ute sandals and a pedi
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I only wear shorts around the house/quick trips out, but I'll wear capris. I'm picky about my capris though. I don't like the full elastic waist ones, I prefer ones with zipper and button closure. And I don't like the bright colored ones. I have a pair of brown ones from kmart a few years ago, and a pair from kohl's.
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I can't stand shorts, but I love capris! Whether or not they make your legs look shorter, I don't know. I'm tall enough that it doesn't really make much difference to me personally.
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I think capri's are just fine given you find what works and looks best for you. For me, I cannot wear jean capris. They are not flattering on me, not matter the "pattern", colour, shape; anything. I have a bunch of "legging" type capris as well as some capri sweats and a few cute printed or patterned ones. I think the "looking length" of your body can be evened out with what you wear on top. I'm a laying freak. I layer everything I wear regardless of if it's hot or cold. I find personally, if you invest in a long tank top (and THIN material), and put that under a cute t-shirt, with capris, that will give the illusion of a "longer" body. Given the shirt goes past your crotch a teensie bit, noone will really know where your waist starts, therefore no idea how long your legs are haha.

Pair them with a cute pair of (not super high) wedges. Any shoe with a lift adds length to your legs. Good luck!
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I love capri's they are my fave I dislike my thighs so I don't do shorts too often.
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I think capris are ok, but it depends on the capris. I think the fitted/legging style work better than say clam digger types. In other words, it's best to keep them at or just below the knee, don't let them hover just over your ankles. I'm short so I have a hard time finding capris that end above mid-calf. I have a couple athletic/legging ones and a couple yoga/lounge type pairs...One of my favorite pairs of pants is a pair of gouchos, even though that trend has come and gone I still wear them, they're so comfy!
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My ex husband used to say capris make women look like chickens.

He is REALLY stupid, so Capris must be awesome

Plus they are cumfy and make me feel cute.
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In truth, they are not flattering on 90% of women - including me. However, it's roughly the same temperature as the surface of the sun where I live and shorts aren't always appropriate. Mostly, I wear skirts but I'm no stranger to capris.
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I love capris and wear them all the time . Like all clothing try them before you buy them as lengths vary, see which length looks best on you.
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I hate capris!!!
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I bought a pair of Vera Wang skinny capris at Kohl's. They changed my life. I don't feel deprived of summer clothes anymore. I never wear anything "skinny" style but wanted these so bad. I saw 2 people last night and they said I looked skinny! Must have been the capris because 191lbs isn't skinny!
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Capris are all I wear in the warmer weather. That and dresses. No shorts, unless it's to exercise or work in the garden. I never knew they were a fashion no-no...
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My husband hates them, so I don't wear them. Which isn't much of a loss I guess, because they make me feel kind of older and soccermom-ish. It's probably just the way they look on my pear body type, though. However, I have seen some cute leggings that are capri length, so I'd probably be willing to wear those under a shorter dress or with the right top.

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