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Originally Posted by bethFromDayton View Post
The article someone else linked to showed that he objected to loose cargo capris, but likes the form fitting ones. That's pretty close to what most of us are saying is most flattering!
It's too bad because I love cargo capris they look sporty to me. I also like capris with cuffs that hit right below the knee. One of the articles I posted said that cuffs cut your leg in half but in my case I think being more pear shaped the cuff helps balance the look by adding more width and visual draw to the hem thus not calling so much attention to the top of the thigh.

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I love capris but generally wear form fitting ones. At the gym, I wear the looser capris. No way I'd give up capris
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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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Since I've lost my weight, I've worn shorts. Not hoochie short, but short shorts. They elongate my legs and since I've started wearing them I feel like any type of pants that are longer than that that aren't full-length pants are unflattering. I'll wear knee-length skirts and dresses, but other than that it's shorts for me.
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i love my capri's, especially my cuffed denim ones. all of mine are slightly form fitting i dont like that loose look. Since i have loose skin sagging around my knees i wont wear shorts, skirts, and dresses unless they cover my knees. so for me capri's are pretty much as good as it gets .
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I love capris! That is what I wear in summertime
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I usually wear dresses or pants, but short shorts around my house (and on my deck to the horror of neighbors, I'm sure).

I own several capris and they only look good on me with heels or wedges like this:

I have several peep toe wedges in different bright colors and it looks very pin-up when I wear all black, for example, and red peep toe wedges. It's a good look for work in the summer.
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*Shakes fist at regain*
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A loud passionate nay for myself. Being only 4'11", they make me look like a leprechaun.

I think it can be a cute look on others though. I especially like the look Munchy posted above.
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OMG Munchy, I'd have to start a thread about how capris looked on the floor as I'd break my neck wearing those shoes and end up on the floor!!
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I love capris although I wear the "skinny leg" version. That way they don't flare out and make my legs look wider than they are or me shorter. I noticed if they are snug on my calves they look 10x better.
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I'm pretty short in stature... But find slimming capris and pants by certain manufactures look nicer on me than others. Also think how one is built is more a factor than height. If your shape has you carrying weight through the tummy...hips or upper thighs, capris is may not be the best way to showoff your weight loss. And with all of our different body shapes/ types...isn't that what fashion is all about? Applying an honest assessment of our successes (or genetic good features) is a chance to NOT all be the same! Goal: make someone else wish they looked as good as you in "that" outfit...whatever it is!!!!
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If it ends at my calf? Nay.
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Aloha nui loa
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I wear them and I don't care who or what doesn't like them!
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No to capri's, but yes to pedal pushers (shorter than capri's).

I'm too short for a capri pant.
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Jeeze...who told you that?!! I wear capris all the time...and think anything goes as log as they fit appropriately. Some of the wide leg stuff does look terrible on me because I am vertically challenged too.......but the fitted look OK...and I've worn the popular prints this summer too!!!! Am not a fan of tight either...just proper fit which means some brands work for me and some really DO NOT!
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