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Default Calling all Thrift Store Shoppers

I know lots of you ladies shop thrift stores. I just recently started, and I absolutely love it. I've found so many cute things, practically new, good brands, SOOO CHEAP.

Today I found a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans for $14! I was so excited. Excited for the deal, and also excited I fit! They are 28s - I've NEVER EVER bought a pair of jeans sized by waist inches before!

What are some of your best finds?

ETA: I wear your grand-dads clothes. . . (had to, sorry)

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OMG I am going to love this thread!! Congrats on your great finds!!

And that Thrift Shop song is *my* theme song!!!

I haven't been in a couple of weeks, I have to be in the mood to go through the racks and racks of clothes.

The best finds I have had are:

$2.50 Levis that were practically brand new
$2.50 Jones New York tank top that I think was new without tags
$4.00 Merona (I think that's Target brand?) spring barn coat I can't wait to wear
$2.50 Worthington pants in a 14 that I can't wear yet but they are gorgeous dress pants, again I think they are brand new without tags
$2.50 Banana Republic summer top with a $34.50 tag still on it

I love love wearing my bargain finds and since I plan on donating them all back, I find $2.50 an awesome rental fee! (Yes, I'm renting the clothes as I plan for them to be too big soon!)

My store does a color of the week (the popping tags like the song says!) so I only buy the color on sale (it's half off) unless there is something I absolutely can't pass up. I have paid full price ($4.99) for a pair of Old Navy jeans that I love.

I am going to the store tomorrow, I just decided!!
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Oohh I love thrift stores!!
My favorite item to find is those old fashioned little girl's dresses. My daughter absolutely loves them and they are like 2.00 at thrift stores.
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I love thrift store shopping... when I find something cool, that is. If I don't, I get all sadfaced.

My best finds were two pairs of brand-new, still-tagged Banana Republic trousers. Awesome!
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I love thrifting!

Best finds:

Brand new pair of toms shoes for $2
New with tags jeans $6
Clothes for my kids
Maternity jeans for $4
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love the thrift store song!!!

my fave dressy pants were a goodwill find for $6.99
I also love the clearance racks at Old Navy-can sometimes find pants for around $7 and shirts for around $3!!
I LOVE a good deal!!
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I love that song!!

I used to go crazy in Goodwill and preowned shops. I stopped because
I worried about bedbugs, where I live they run stories on the news that
scares me but I'm rethinking it as I've not heard in these communities
issues. zi do know there's a place known as Buffalo Exchange, name
brand at low prices, you might try them if they're in your area.
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My favorite thrift store purchase is a black stretch velvet dress that I bought for $10. I bought it specifically to sing in a performance that was going to require stage makeup which I knew would likely ruin whatever I wore that night, so wanted something I wouldn't feel bad about throwing away after one wearing. Well the makeup washed right out of it (which it's never done when I've gotten on something expensive and/or dry clean). Next I wore it to niece's wedding where we were flying with carry on luggage only because the fabric doesn't wrinkle. Loved every picture that got taken of me at the reception in that dress. It is my absolute go-to dress in the closet!
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I love thrift store shopping! I honestly don't know the last time I purchased anything at a "real" store. Twice a year, some friends and family and I go on a Thrifting Tour - we make a map that includes about 5 different thrift stores and spend all day shopping. It's fabulous!
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I love shopping at the Thrift Stores. DH buys toys for my grandson. I buy everything! I got a leather jacket for $3. I got a Wave Oven for $15. My brother-in-law saw it but told us it didn't work. We went down and looked at it and he wasn't doing it right. It works perfectly! I collect cookbooks and have found some there that they sell for $1 or $2. We go at least once a week.
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Well, this thread mostly seems to be about clothes. But I just bought a beautiful 9-drawer buffet suitable for my living room so I could have extra storage!
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Love love love thrift stores! I buy many of my kitchen electronics from the thrift store...like my electric skillet that I use for camping $5.00,my bread machine $4.00,and my electric grill $5.00.As for clothing,I just bought a pair of jeans that are SOOO comfy and they look brand new for $8.00.I also have a black dress that I used for a Halloween costume one year.
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Most of my great finds are work pants that cost $4 but are brands like Anne Klein and Express. One of my work pants that I bought for $4 still had the $94 price tag on! My best friend, however, found a Gucci skirt!

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Popped some tagsss today. This cost $6

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Wannabe, that is gorgeous!! And for $6?! Looks like a perfect fit!!
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