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Originally Posted by VermontMom View Post

*edited to add, I had to google "what is wear your grandpa's clothes", I guess I am not very pop culture savvy *
that made me laugh.
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F - Yeah, I'm doing this.
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I have always hated shopping at the thrift stores, but I realize now, that was probably because I could never ever find things that fit that didn't make me look like a really really old lady ('cept for that time that I needed to look like a old lady for Halloween ) But now I am really excited for the idea of thrift store shopping!
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I have never been to Savers! Its like a Goodwill but more organized??? Who knew! I'll have to try it!

Does anyone know if My Sisters Closet carries plus sizes?
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$3.99 Mudd skinny "Jeggings". I got these from a 50% off Purple tag color sale at Goodwill.

They are pretty thick, the only thing is walking too much in them isn't good for my skin. This was a lucky find for me, because I usually have to try on so many pairs of jeans, and this is the first time I bought a pair of pants at Goodwill that actually kept on fitting!
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Wish I could find stuff like that! Our thrift stores suck. All the jeans look like they're from at least the early 90s :/
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local score! I stopped in a small local thrift shop for a different handbag. Found a black suede "Firenze" bag, had a faded $45 sticker inside, for $1
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I never shop in retail stores, everything I own, except underwear, comes from thrift shops or rummages. Where I live the local churches have rummages a few times a year and I find unbelievable clothing and shoes for myself and my teenage kids. The only problem is that I end up getting way too much stuff, easy to be tempted when perfect cashmere sweaters are $5, but lately I've been selling some of the things I don't wear too often on eBay. When things are so inexpensive and fabulous it is very difficult to exercise self control!
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Does eBay count? I got a white 3/4 length wool coat from River Island on there at Xmas which I have JUST fit into, which cost me 5! Apart from that, we have a great selection of vintage shops here in Glasgow

Got a black velvet blazer with a peplum hem (yes, you can thank me for that, I bought it 6 years ago for 10. Another 10-15lbs and I can fit into it again!)

And... Went into a tiny vintage shop that I love called Alladin's Cave with my bf one day when we were out for a walk around town. I was eyeing up a white Versace bomber jacket that was on sale for 15. It's that thin-ish rainproof material? Probably a US8-10? I didn't think it would fit, but it did! Put it on the second I left the shop

In fact, it fits now! Going to wear this to work tomorrow (excuse the half-dried hair!!)

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I scored big this week, and I didn't even know it! Picked up a pair of black compression yoga pants that were 70% off of $0.99. They are "PowerForce" brand. They felt expensive, but I wasn't familiar. They are $60 yoga pants, and they look brand new! Woot!

I did good on my super skinny son today, too - 3 pair of size 7 slim jeans, all new with tag (two Old Navy, one Gap) for $1.99 each.

If I could just snag some decent shorts for myself I would be set!
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Default Name Brands

Well...I've spent all weekend in a resale shop and one of the goodwill stores!
Decided to limit my purchases to the high end name brands only...because the resale shop owner told me to remember to bring things back to her when I transition sizes again! How good is that....!

I scored a lot of CHICO's, Talbots, Jones NY, and Ann Taylor, and a Tommy Bahamas item. My best find was a CHICOs denim jacket!! It was a little pricier and found at the resale shop...but something I see as a keeper. Way cheaper than at the store...It was in excellent-practically-brand-new shape.

Someone said maybe this is more fun when you can fit in the smaller sizes...I think I agree with that! I've never found anything that suited me in the past...this weekend I put that to rest! Once I get to goal weight...I see no reason NOT to look there ...never know what gems are just waiting!
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i wish we had good thrift stores here the clothing racks are not arranged in any given order except mens vs womens and the racks are packed so tightly that you cant really push things aside...the styles are horrible, the clothing is worn and outdated, and the prices are the same as what i'd pay at walmart for clothing here so not a huge savings...and i dont have the time to sift through racks upon racks anyhow...BUT if i had the time, and the thrift stores here were better, i think i'd enjoy it
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I love the Salvation Army thrift store! I love it because you find unique things that most other people will not have that are so beautiful! I have tried goodwill. The one around here doesn't that great of stuff and it has a bad odor. Bleh. Thoughs are the only two thrift store types near where I live.
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Went to the local thrift shop 3-4 times in the past month, didn't leave with hardly anything that I can recall and I would have posted it here.


It was yellow tag day so everything with yellow tags was 50% off. Clothes in my store are $4.99 so that makes it $2.50 (obviously!).

Walked out with:

Champion 3/4 sleeve double-dry workout shirt (I've been looking for one of these forever!). It's a size L so it's a little snug but perfect for under my hoodies in public and at home I don't care. I found it on the shirts rack as opposed to with the workout clothes. There was another one (Reebok brand) but it wasn't yellow tag.

Fashion Bug khaki shorts size 14 new with tags. Tags say $29.50 so definitely a bargain. I don't wear shorts in public anymore but these will be perfect for around the yard and pool.

Faded Glory yellow tanktop size L. Looks brand new and was the color of sunshine that I was seeking today. Will be perfect under my navy blue hoodie or really any other sweater or sweatshirt.

A cute, cute, cute, blingy tanktop with rhinestone drink shapes and it says "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." I would never wear this in public but I loved it! Again perfect for around the house. I haven't had a drink since last summer but I sure do want one!

Size L workout capris, Bold Spirit brand (never heard of them). They are navy blue with a teal stripe on the side that perfectly matches my Old Navy sweatshirt. I assume they will be a little snug only being an L but that's ok! I'm on my way there!

All this for $12.50. I was psyched!!!
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I have been a thrift shop user for years. I think I have always had better luck finding "treasures" when I was smaller.

My ex and I used to go on cruises, and I always bought my dressy stuff at the thrift shop. I got coctail gowns that were gorgeous for $2 - $3.
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My local thrift shop had one of their Best of the Best sales this weekend. They hold back all the better items for this quarterly event. I scored 3 perfect made in Scotland cashmere sweaters for $20 each that are a little small but will fit perfectly toward the end of summer and into fall, but I can wear them now unbuttoned. I also got a really gorgeous silk printed tunic that fits and looks great. and a St John jacket for business meetings that I have to go to occasionally. And an added bonus was a rather strange looking 2 foot tall metal statue for my garden (you never know what you will find!).

We had a scary situation while I was there. They had a "doorman" to check receipts and prevent shoplifting. He got into a fistfight with a rather drunk male customer who was trying to leave the store and ended up knocking the drunk guy to the floor with a bleeding lip. This all took place about 5 feet from where I was standing. The police and paramedics were called but the drunk eventually got up and wandered off and the "doorman" was removed to the back room. The police and the medics never showed up! That's Los Angeles for you. And this thrift is in a pretty good area.

You never know what you'll find or see in a Thrift shop.
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