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I did awesome today!

For $23 I got:

Two pair of nice black work shorts
Ann Taylor Loft shirt
2 Banana Republic shirts
Gap t shirt
Target tank, nwt
Old Navy shirt
Gap trouser jeans

It was so much fun! I love thrift shopping. The song has even started to grow on me. :laugh:
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I am still loving thrift shopping! I found some terrific finds last weekend and planning on going back this weekend!
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Not to change the subject but I got clothes the last couple of weeks cheaper at Kohl's, Macy's, Old Navy and Sears. Cheaper than the thrift store if you can imagine that plus it's all brand new! (Sign up for coupons via email for Kohls, Macys and Old Navy, most of them you can just show your phone so you don't even have to remember to print them)

But I do still love me a good thrift shop find!
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Thirty bucks for a brand new pair of Nike's with my support level/size at goodwill yesterday!!! The irony...my fiance had literally JUST (30 minutes earlier) bought me a brand new pair of Nike's for 4x as much! Yikes! Haha!
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Default Don't overlook the jewelry!

Have found so many cute summer shirts and tops...(all on sale of course,) and goes with out saying, the great finds at several resale boutiques here in town...But ...the "new" stuff was begging some new bling!

Found several incredible necklaces/summer costume jewelry pieces (and a few pieces even were sterling silver.....and GREAT pocketbooks for spring...!) Some times you can get good deals on sale in the department stores....but I was really amazed at the stuff I found for resale....it never crossed my mind before.
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Got an almost new ENELL BRA my size for $2. And all my regular running bras have gotten lose and was dreading the $70 bucks apiece to buy one. SCORE!!!!
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i got a pair of brand new vera wang shoes for 3.00

and a vera wang silk gray striped top with pearl and tulle embellishments at the neck
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I love Op shopping ( aka what we Aussie's call 'thrift shops'). I haven't needed to buy clothes for my shrinking because friends have been so kind to donate clothes and I've been buying my pyjama's and exercise clothes for cheap from Big W and Kmart.

I love to buy books at Op shops though. My best buy was a new copy of Marley and Me for $1.50. At the time it was just before the movie was released and the book was retailing for $28 in stores. I also bought 2 copies of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' for $1 each. I also paid $5 for my bedside table- admittedly it didn't come with handles but that doesn't bother me. As I shrink I've donated my clothes to friends or a charity store.
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We have several "higher-end" thrift stores in town where I can get very nice brands for $5-10. Why buy Target quality when I can get Talbots, Chicos, etc? Many still have the original tags. In the past year, I've only purchased new swimsuits, underwear, socks, and anything I couldnt find by first checking all my thrift store finds. Such great deals and recycling at the same time!
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Unfortunately most local thrift stores only have clothing sizes up to 22 so I have to wait until I can buy second hand clothing.
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Last time I found myself at a Value Village (about a week or 2 ago), I spent $40. Which may seem like a lot. However, I got...

1 water resistant trench coat (for the boyfriend)
1 pinstriped vest (for the boyfriend)
3 high-end dress shirts (for the boyfriend)
3 skirts (for me)
1 blouse (for me)

That's 9 items for $40. That averages to about $4 per item. And considering the quality of the mens wear we bought, I'd say it was well worth every penny.
Next time we go, we're looking for a new suit jacket and trousers for the boyfriend and an evening gown for me. We're going to the opera next week, and we're going to look fabulous.
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I'm writing this as I sit wearing my best ever buy - a pair of terry cloth shorts from Ross for $0.50. I have owned them for over 5 years now and aside from some paint stains, they looks exactly the same as they did when I bought them. They are also super forgiving - I can wear them now at my present weight even though I bought them when I was 40 pounds lighter.

My next best buy was from a thrift shop - a pair of dark grey American Rag jeans, tags on in a size 7 and I paid $1.50. They were my first true size 7 pants and I have never loved a pair of jeans like I loved those. I still have them in my closest just waiting to be worn again.

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I've been on a thrift shop kick lately, with the excuse that I need more maternity clothes. Which is a valid excuse of course, but it's been more for the fun of it than anything else.

We have a ton of stores in our area, various locations from Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, Epic Thrift, and a closeout store that doesn't carry used items, but new ones that are typically 80% off or more. I just picked up a beautiful $250 wool coat from the closeout store for just $25 that should get me through my big belly this winter.

We recently bought a La-Z-boy recliner for $25 and a drawing desk for $15. I've picked up several pairs of maternity jeans for about $5 each, and tons and tons of gorgeous, like-new tops that should be able to grow with me for about $4 each. Oh, I also got a like-new Boppy body pillow for $20; the same one goes for $90 on Amazon! I've been keeping my eye out for boots but haven't had any luck with my size yet.

I had a harder time finding clothes when I was 100+ pounds heavier, so I didn't frequent them much. It's sort of amazing how many options I can find at them now; I frequently try on things that are too large since my eyes can't tell anymore what will fit and what won't, even with my bigger belly. And I'll have so many more options once I can start losing again!

Well, I'm off . . . I wanted to hit a few more stores before my meeting tonight.
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I've shopped thrifts before it was trendy to do so because I have loved vintage clothing since my early teens. Most of my present and future wardrobe is built from thrifts. My latest scores, a jewelry grab bag containing two sterling cuff bracelets. The bag was $5. A vintage 60s tan buttery suede jacket in mint condition with cropped cape sleeves, an XL size for $7.50, half off day. A vintage classic wool Chanel suit in roughly a size 4-6 for $25. I will ebay this treasure. I looooove thrift shops.
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This past week I found an awesome black tankini with a pink skull and crossbones pattern and a rhinestone applique.

I remember seeing the same one at Torrid earlier this year, probably for $50, I got mine for $5 and it doesn't even appear to be worn. And on the same trip but at a different store I got the perfect pair of swim shorts to go with it for $6. I'm not sure how much longer my current suit will fit with my pregnancy so this new set is perfect for me.

I also found a nicely framed animation cel for $15 and I'm pretty sure it's easily $200-$300 or more if I decide to sell it on eBay; it's definitely my most amazing find so far!
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