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Default Maintainers Chat: Week Of April 12 - 18

Happy Monday!

I'm typing this on a new computer. The old one had a logic board failure about a week ago and I freaked out because all our taxes were done -- but not filed. Not to mention that my entire LIFE was on that computer: photos, emails, finances, everything.

So we ordered a new one, which came Saturday. We'd been using Apple's Time Capsule for automatic backups and I was praying that it worked. So I turned the new computer on, found our wireless network, and told it to restore from the backup. Three hours later I had my old computer back, right down to passwords, desk top cat photo, calendar, and To Do list! All my photos, music, and taxes are right where they should be. I'm impressed! And very convinced of the value of backing up!!

The new computer has a wireless keyboard and mouse which means -- no cords for cats to chew.

On Saturday, DH and I saw a play and had dinner with another couple at a Hungarian restaurant and I was worried about what I'd find to eat. It turned out to be more of an Mediterranean place and I had some hummus, a baby spinach salad and what was billed as spring vegetable moussaka, which turned out to be loaded with potatoes (not what I think of as spring vegetables!) After a few bites, my stomach started to hurt and I stopped eating and felt crappy for the rest of the evening, then woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach ache. Yuck. Yesterday I stuck with protein shakes and chicken and easy to digest stuff and feel a lot better today.

Otherwise, it was a quiet weekend and the only tragedy was that my vacuum isn't working and it's turbo shed season for the cats! I'm sure there's a massive cat fur clog somewhere in the mechanism and will try to fix it today but in the meantime, I'm trying to convince the cats that they live in climate controlled indoors and don't need to shed for summer.

How was everyone's weekend? What's going on this week? I need to look at my To Do list and figure out what's going on, but the day is going to start at the gym in about ten minutes and I can figure it out on the elliptical.
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Meg - Yeah for backups. As a guy who has been thru three (count them 3.0) hard disk failures in one year at the office, I'm a believer in backups.
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Red face Good Morning all!

Meg That's great that the backup worked. I'm a bit lazy doing that myself but will probably do one today as your situation reminded me of it.

Had a bad weekend for eating. Yesterday was a total write off.

Am now starting over and not even going near the scale until Wed.

I was reacting to my frustration by eating. I don't think this is a behaviour I can train myself out of so I have to start eating all the healthy things I have in my fridge.

At least I walked the 16 blocks to the grocery store and back last night for my pint of ice cream.

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Good morning! Our bathroom demolition starts today. Serenity now! Hopefully things will go smoothly and he'll be done in two weeks.
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Morning all,

I had a good weekend and actually got to relax a little bit. Sunday morning I lounged in my PJ's and read a tawdry romance novel for two whole hours while I sipped my coffee before I got around to the "to do" list. Heavenly! Saturday AM I was really excited b/c at my training session I benchpressed 125#, which beat my previous PR by 10#s. Maybe the tournament should have been this past Saturday, instead of this coming Saturday. I hung out in the afternoon w/ BF for his Saturday. I had a margarita with him (mmm yummy) and made him a steak dinner, but he didn't want to go out partying or anything (to my secret relief). He wanted to get to bed early b/c he "had" (self-imposed "had") to get up at 5:30 AM and go fishing.

I spent several hours Sunday preparing clean foods to eat this busy week, so I can just fill my lunchbox with tupperwares and bags and go. Food was good without me having to think about it much. Ahhh I'm enjoying this lack of stress.

Ward, here's hoping your bathroom remodel goes well!

Meg, wow, great computer back-up! I don't know about Hungarian food. The hummus and spinach salad sounds ok. Sorry the potato dish upset your stomach. That sounds rather severe for only having a few bites. Did anyone else at your table get sick? Good luck convincing the cats of anything, lol.

Dagmar, sorry to hear about your frustrations. I do try to use that trick sometimes as well - if I'm munchy, I try to at least munch on something that has nutritional value rather than complete junk. Even if I get overfull I feel better than if I'd eaten junk food. Today is a new day.

And a new week! Have a great week everyone.
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Meg, glad you're feeling better. Wonder what caused the upset? I hear you about the cats. I only have one, but each year I implore her to please hang onto her fur. Never happens. My friend with innumerable cats and dogs just got a new vacuum--some German model that costs $600, but is absolutely wonderful.

Dagmar, the behavioral eating is the hardest thing to break, IMHO. I know I haven't done it yet.

Wardhog, good luck on the bathroom demo. Ours has been out of commission now for three weeks. We have another toilet, but not another shower so we have to go elsewhere to shower. Can't wait for it to be done.

Megan, sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hopefully you didn't have to join him in getting up at 5:30 am. Did he catch anything?

I did some yardwork this weekend, although not as much as I wanted to do. Pruned some stuff, weeded a little bit, admired my tulips. My arms still hurt after Wednesday's session with my trainer--a good hurt, but, wow, they were sore.

Have a good Monday everyone!
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Dagmar, I’m glad you posted the comment about not being able to train yourself out of eating out of frustration. I’m definitely in the same boat. I’ve come to accept that about me – an emotional eater. But as long as I fight the bad choices with munching on healthy and if not, starting again as soon as possible (not the next day, or next week, or next Monday, etc) then I will be able to maintain. Your comment definitely described me to a tee.

Megan, don’t you love lazy Sunday mornings??? Glad you’re enjoying your lack of stress.

Meg, my huskies are in the throws of “poofing” their fur. They basically live in climate control as well so why do they need to do that? How you find the vacuum’s woe and are able to fix it.

Sheila, do you want to come to my house to do yardwork? I hate yardwork. Make me scrub the bathtub and I’m ok. Make me pull weeds and I’m a two year old. I bet your tulips are gorgeous.

Ward, serenity and demolition don’t go together. Good luck with the remodel.

Have a great day everyone!
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Note to self to go home and back up my computer! We back up the entire office every night, so you'd think I'd be more diligent at home. Meg, I'm glad to hear that Time Capsule works so well! I'm still debating getting a Mac, and that may have sealed the deal!

I had a good weekend. Left work early Friday to go to Costco with DS. But then come home to a flooded front yard. Our sprinkler system had a burst pipe and water was gushing out and over to the neighbor's yard. It flooded their front yard as well. What a mess! I had to call DH to find out how to turn the water off (I know now, it's pretty easy). Saturday I worked out in the morning, did a little errand running and then we went to see The Green Zone. If that movie is true, it's really scary what we (Americans) did...Sunday we golfed then MIL and I went to Chico's where I got the cutest outfit as well as 2 pair of Capris and two t-shirts. I tried to find a pic on their website, but couldn't find it. Anyway, the good news is that I'm still a size .5 there (translates to a 6) but the bad news is that they're tight. I really need to do a better job getting back to my old weight. Which won't happen this week--I'm planning a big party on Saturday and I'm making my famous seafood enchiladas (once a year!).

The saga of DS and Karate (update): DS went in Friday evening to talk to the Sensei. Sensei laid it out for him. It's okay not to take the black belt test, but he is not quitting. He'll continue karate until graduation and after graduation he'll move to the Krav Maga classes which are in the evening and consist of adults. It'll be a challenge for him and it might give him the confidence to later try for the black belt. He's looking forward to the classes and is happy to not have to quit karate all together.
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Hi everyone!
I missed you all last week.
I was on a cruise with dh for 5 days. Great time, but too much food (even though I made healthy choices and went to the gym each day) and I'm up 5 pounds. 5 pounds in 5 days while making good choices....sigh..... a few not so good choices to be sure! I also somehow injured my foot on day one (I was running on the treadmill which is a challenge on a moving boat!) and it is still bothering me. I'm trying to ignore it and still go to the gym (taking anti-inflammatories) and I'm praying it resolves. I've just done the elliptical but I'm debating my normal workout tonight. I'll see how it's feeling then.

Allison-- my dd's mac keeps crashing. She's had to reload everything multiple times this semester. It is only about 2 years old. We're going to go visit apple when she gets done with the semester. She lost everything the first time so we bought backup protection (not apple-- can't recall it right now).

Back to work today so I can't personally say hi to everyone but I NEED to be on here reading posts!!
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Meg, my bet is that it was the oil... Something like 1/4 cup...

So sorry!


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Speaking of crashes, my hard drive crashes ony work
computer this morning at which point I learned that the stupid backup utility that drags my system down hasn't even been backing up for the last six months...

It is in with IT now, i will be back later when not ony iPhone...

Good day all!
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Hi everyone! Somehow I managed to be busy enough at work to not check in until now, even though I didn't feel like I was doing much of anything. Funny how that works.

My weekend in the country was nice! I got in some good walking and hiking with DH and Carter. No formal exercise, but I was still tired (we walked at least 3 miles after having hiked for a couple hours earlier in the day). I did eat too much junk though. I admit it. My dinner Friday night was chicken nuggets and a Frosty. (On the upside, I don't think I'm going to crave chicken nuggets again for at least six months.) Sunday was cooking club at which I ate far too many desserts, since most of the main dishes didn't appeal to me too much.

And, now I have to admit it. I am a bad dog mom. Carter is fat. He weighed in at 94lbs at the vet's office Friday afternoon. His ideal weight is 80-85lbs, and he was 80 when we got him two years ago. At least this time the vet gave us concrete instructions, instead of just saying "feed a little less" he said "feed 1 cup twice a day." We swapped out his old food scoop (which was 1.5 cups) for a new 1 cup measure. I tried giving him a carrot yesterday when he was acting hungry before dinnertime, but he decided he wanted to crunch it up but not actually eat it. I think I will have to buy some extra green beans since he loves those.

The other funny thing is that Carter has also decided he does not want to get up early and run! Usually he is excited to go running with me in the evenings, but every so often he will refuse (goes and hides in the corner when I put on my running clothes). This morning DH and I both got up early to run, and Carter refused to even budge out of his dog bed! It was pretty funny. He didn't even follow us downstairs. I will take him for a nice long walk this evening though. I think he's just still exhausted from his busy weekend (he slept like a log from about 3pm until 9am Saturday afternoon/night, does this every time we take him to the country).

In other news, now that it's light out again I am feeling the morning exercise vibes. I was totally awake before the alarm and got up an hour early and ran 2.5 miles. DH and I are doing another 5k this weekend (Race for the Cure, if you are interested in donating to the Indianapolis chapter of the Susan B Komen foundation let me know via PM).

Meg - glad to hear your backup worked! What a relief that must have been! Sorry about the weird food.

Megan, yay for a relaxing weekend! It sure sounds like you needed it. Good luck on the bench press contest!

Allison, for my PC I got a USB hard drive backup system from ClickFree (off Amazon, it had good reviews). Basically you just plug it into your computer, it automatically pops up a program to ask you to configure your backups (schedule and stuff like that), then you just ignore it and it backs up your system without you having to do anything. Ours backs up every night, so we know it worked when we come down in the morning and it has a big "I backed up your hard drive!" notice. I'm glad your DS worked out his karate business! And do tell about the seafood enchiladas, that sounds great.

Actually I have another question for you since you mentioned shipping fruit. My parents have a bunch of tangerine trees and I would love it if they would mail me their extra tangerines, but we were afraid there would be issues with transporting stuff like that because of laws about pest prevention and such. Have you ever had a problem with it? Should I just tell my parents to fill a box with them and drop it at the post office for me?

Michele, 5 lbs in 5 days HAS to be water weight. I'm sure you will be back down in no time!

Shannon, ugh on the crash.

Hi to everyone else!
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Jessica, my vet put Blizzard on Hills Prescription W/D diet for weight loss. Wow, did it work great and quick. The bag said that it can make a doggie loss 20% of body weight fast without sacrificing nutrition. It did work. Saved Blizzie's life. She'd now on reg. senior food, but if Carter needs to lose relatively quickly, then it's worth asking the vet since the food is by prescription. FYI, it makes the most silly dog piles in the yard though - like sawdust that when you try to pooper-scoop them, they nearly disintegrate. I was sort of entertaining, especially with her carrots mixed in.
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Jessica~I know that shipping into fruit states like California and probably Florida might be prohibited, but I sent stuff to Utah and Texas. I got the USPS flat rate boxes and loaded them up (flat rate is only true if you don't go over a certain weight). Anyway, each box costs about $16 to send and the post office did ask what the contents were but didn't have a problem when I said fruit. But think about commercial places like Harry & David--they ship to all 50 states, so I can't imagine your parents would have any problem sending you fruit.

LOL about Carter and his wanting to sleep in! And I feed my dogs just 1 cup twice a day and they weigh 70-75 pound each. If Carter prefers green beans, go for it! Buy in bulk!!!
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We've lost our nice spring weather. Dull and gray, windy and cold. I so wanted to get my bike out last week, and now I couldn't care less.

Had a good weekend. Went to a women's retreat put on by my church from Friday afternoon through Sat afternoon. I ate way too much, but it was all homemade and yummy! Otherwise, just been doing stuff around home, not too exciting.

DH leaves for our family visit on Friday night, so I imagine I'll be doing stuff to get him ready. I don't go until next Wed night, so I have more time.

My cats are also shedding heavily, and they want to go out all the time. Problem is they don't want to stay out. I'm constantly opening a door for them to come in/go out..... I have a friend with 2 German Shepherds who swears by Dyson's pet vacumn, but again, very pricey.

Whoops, doorbell
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