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Jenn :)
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: BC, Canada
Posts: 268

S/C/G: 248/ticker!/148?

Height: 5'11"


1. My butt (too big and wobbly.. makes finding pants that don't gap in the waist a nightmare!)
2. My boobs (shrank down considerably since I started, which is a bit of a double-edged sword)
3. The feeling of thinking I look the same as I did before I started losing weight that I can't seem to shake.

1. My eyes. I get complimented on them a lot, but I normally wear glasses as a security blanket.. freaks me out a bit to see people staring at them :/
2. My long legs (even if they aren't as slim as I'd like!)
3. My smile
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Junior Member
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I can do this

Things I dislike:
1) My thighs... for some reason they just don't ever lose weight, but just get bigger.
2) My skin in the winter -- it becomes like snake skin and so dry it literally is sandpaper and can't even sleep its so itchy! (but beyond that my skin is great).
3) My hands -- I have Seinfeld man hands and I bite my nails, so they look even worse!

Things I like:

1) My hair --- incredibly easy to do, and just always looks nice.
2) My eyes --- I think they are great. Change colours a bit too
3) My smile -- I've got dimples and all

And my personality. I think I'm fun, caring and just a good person to be around (but I'm biased!)
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Carrots? Meh...
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Northern Europe
Posts: 61

Height: 5'6


I'll play

Things I don't like:
1. My saddlebags - not matter how much or little I weigh, they're always there and make me look a lot heavier then I really am.
2. My somewhat crooked fingers - sad reminder of a childhood illness.
3. My teeth - I've always had problems with them, no matter what I do. I envy my sister, who has perfect teeth.

Things I do like:
1. My neck and shoulders - they have always had a nice shape.
2. My ears - small and cute.
3. My eyes - I love their deep blue color and shape. Also, I have pale eyelashes, but they're thick and curvy, so I never need to use an eyelash curler and a little mascara works wonders.
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 16


I like:
1. My hair - slightly wavy and very thick
2. My lips - sensual, full, can look pouty like a doll with lipstick
3. My boobs - their shape/color, they're not perky but reasonably full

I dislike:
1. My belly - it's droopy
2. My double chin
3. My upper thighs - they have a pseudo roll, so I always wear a skirtini at the beach
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Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 73


I like:
1. My eyes. They're big and dark brown with long lashes, and I get compliments on them a lot
2. My legs. They're tall and skinny for the most part. I am in the process of shaping up my thighs.
3. My boobs. They're big and annoying sometimes but overall I love em.

I dislike:
1. My body hair. i have so much, being of asian descent... it's a nightmare getting rid of it all very self-conscious about it
2. My skin. I have clear skin on my face but (sorry TMI) I tend to get these cysts in random places... it sucks
3. My teeth. I had braces so they were straight but I always rest my tongue at the top of my mouth pushing towards the front two teeth... after I got the braces removed they have jutted out so I feel buck-toothed.
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Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Columbus OH
Posts: 2,524

S/C/G: 290/ticker/145

Height: 5'4"


Things I hate:
1) My "Big Girl" boobs- the "pencil" test has become the "pencil case" test
2) My legs- they stay chubby long after the rest of me
3) My profile- I wish it was a bit more pretty, but it's a bit flat. Pictures front-on, please!

Things I love:
1) My eyes- almond shaped, big, and they change color (shades of brown to bright green)
2) the small of my back/natural waist- it's always so much smaller and firmer than everywhere else! Makes for a pretty good hourglass, especially as I get smaller
3) My boobs (they have to be on both the love and hate lists!) which are pretty big but well proportioned and look pretty great in a good bra!
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Dallas, Tx
Posts: 4

Height: 5'5


Things I Dislike:

My Stomach: I just cant get rid of it, I try and try and try. But it just stays there..I'm determined to get that sucker gone for good!

My Hands: They just seem short and stubby..They looked better when I was thinner.

My Bum: I just don't have enough junk in the trunk as I'd like.

Things I like

My hair: My hair has always been amazing, but it has gotten better as I grow up. Maybe because I have learned how to style it and actually invest in my hair.

My skin: Despite the occasional dark circles under my eyes. I have amazing skin. Smooth, flawless. Very rare I get a pimple. I can count on 2 hands how many I have had in my life. And It's super smooth. I have good skin!

My TaTa's: Even when I am at my goal weight, they are still a perfect size. So thankful for that!!
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Join Date: May 2005
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 3,221

S/C/G: 236/135-140/More Fit

Height: 5'6"



My Stomach: Stretch marks, wrinkly from the weight loss, flabby.
My Butt: Droopy and flat from the weight loss, cellulite, not enough muscle.
Underneath my Chin: Where the double chin used to be I have a little bit of a wrinkly waddle. If I smooth it out and make sure to "hold my head up high" it isn't noticeable, but I'm terribly self conscious about it.


My Face/Bone Structure: Wow I have cheekbones, who knew!?
My Legs: Starting to see muscle definition, a nice shape, less cellulite, looking decent!
My Eyes: I've always liked my eyes. Blue.
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Health obsessee
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 17


Things I like:

1) ummm... errrr My lower legs?

Things I hate:

1) The shape of my head
2) My nose
3) My white skin colour
4) my body shape

Can I keep going?
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Princess in gym training
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: Nkhotakota, Malawi (Africa)
Posts: 144

S/C/G: 228/190/130

Height: 5'9"


Ooooh fun idea!

1) My skin- I've always had bad acne, it has gotten a little better lately but it is at the same time really dry. In the winter it freaks out and it gets really flakey, especially along the hairline :sad: makes me look like I have super bad dandruff.
2) Tummy pooch- come on, we've all been there. I hate the fact the I can grab a fistfull of, well, me. Gross. I'm so looking forward to that being gone.
3) My spider veins- bad circulation runs in the family, mom and dad both have poor blood flow in their legs but I hate that at 25 I have to deal with it! They're all purple and squiggly!! argh!

Ok, I can do this,
1) My feet- all three of my siblings got bad feet, fallen arches, no arches, bad ankles etc. I'm the only one who got good feet and I am eternally greatful for them!
2) How long my legs are!- I never noticed this one until a few months ago when a friend pointed it out but it's true! I actually have long legs, they just need to get a little narrower.
3) My hair- for the most part, I wish there was more of it but it is naturally curly and I love that about it!
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Oops A Daisy's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Wales
Posts: 37

S/C/G: 238/238/154

Height: 5'5


My body hair - there is so much of it!
My overly sensitive, dry, itchy skin.
My hands - pudgy and unsightly

My boobs, I used to hate them, they're very wonky, but since being with my current partner I realised recently that they don't bother me anymore
My teeth, always been blessed with straight white teeth
And my bottom, it may be huge! But my partner loves it

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Senior Member
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: from Canada currently living in Cairo, Egypt
Posts: 308

S/C/G: 380/ticker/180

Height: 5"9



1)stomach/pooch - gross, fat, gross
2) flabby arms I had nice arms even while heavier until the last 1.5 years...
3)feet - awkward, large, wide and with a high instep or something making boots near impossible


1) eyes - they are actually lightening up, but they've always been a nice golden brown
2) lips - naturally full and soft and pink
3)chest I guess - good feature, lol
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Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Texas
Posts: 137

S/C/G: 200/167/150

Height: 5'10


Things I hate:
1) My left thigh. After a childhood accident left my inner thigh slightly disfigure. It's always been 1-2 inches bigger than the right, and the fat is not evenly distributed. When I wear shorts, it makes me lower body look cellulite-y. I wish it matched my right, which would still touch at the top but have a nice curve to it.
2) My teeth. I do everything I can, my parents did everything they could, but I'm 27 and have had 4 root canals, half a dozen deep cleanings, an abscess, cavities galore, a gold cap....the list goes on. I brush and floss twice a day!
3) My moles. I have WAY too many. They are GIANT freckles; not raised, but huge dots. One of them even grew skin cancer, which was luckily caught very early. But having so many makes it extremely difficult to check for more, especially since the vast majority of them are big with irregular edges! Plus they just make me feel....not sexy. You can seriously play connect the dots on my upper back.

Things I love:
1) My outer thighs. Those babies are TONED! When I wear heels, or run, or move my leg in a certain way, my legs look so incredibly luscious, long, and sexy.
2) My wrists. They are very thin and dainty, and probably the only body part I have which can be described as dainty! Whenever I put on a watch, I feel fit and slender.
3) The muscle the goes from my bicep to my underarm. This has recently been developed and whenever I see it pop out I feel STRONG!
4) I need to add one more I love the curve my hip bones make! Now that I've found them, I never want to let them go.
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 26

S/C/G: 185/165/120

Height: 5'2"


Things I hate:
- My nose... I have an incredible wide nose and it's really disportionate. I want a nice dainty nose with a longer and narrower bridge! Otherwise, the profile of my nose is not bad.
- Shoulders -- I look like a football linebacker. Too bad I don't actually play sports! I find it hard to wear dresses due to my broad shoulders.
- Boobs. My friends that are the same bra size as me can get cleavage. Push-up bras don't give me that justice for some reason... I guess my breasts grow outwards?

Things I like:
- My teeth. I have straight teeth and I try to whiten them regularly so that they will be pretty
- Eyelashes -- I have been blessed with long eye lashes. I frequently have people tell me "You're lashes are so long!" and I sometimes get asked if they're fake
- Eyes in general -- sometimes, I feel like my eyes really sparkle. I'm blue-eyed so that is kind of a bonus.

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Junior Member
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Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Canada
Posts: 19

S/C/G: 210/170/when im proud!

Height: 5'9


Things I like
-My legs, I work so hard on them and it really shows. It makes me so happy to hear people compliment them.
-My lips, theyre just right.
-My butt, I have had people tell me its really small, but its hard as rock and looks good in everything/

Things I don't like
-My boobs, way to small! I also come from a family of HUGE boobed women. AH well I am still a teenager maybe they will grow.
-My huge head, its just massive and it doesnt match my body
-My feet, longgg with a very large instep... Cant say they got smaller with weightloss!
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