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Height: 5' 5.75''


Dislike my stretchy post baby belly/ lack of abs.
My body hair, not excessive but dark,
My crooked teeth. I have always had a gap but my parents didn't pay for braces and I reasoned that I wasn't vain enough to fix it after surviving to adulthood with the imperfection.

Like my large head, it's filled with 95% of a really good brain.
Like my sexy back. I literally mean the weight training results with pull ups and not an allusion to Justin Timberlake's hit.
Like my new thighs. Didn't know they were supposed to look that way.
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Every step is progress.
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Height: 5'11"


I've always been really self-conscious of my big calves. "UPS" calves is what I hear them called, as UPS delivery people generally do a lot of stairs carrying stuff. They do look fairly nice in heels, but I have a hard time finding ones that I don't trip over.

Always wished my mother had secretly had an affair and that I was a lovechild of that relationship, as we are a completely arseless family. When I started losing weight initially, a family friend shrieked one day "you have no ***!" I had to explain that wasn't 5 lbs lost, it was really poor genetics. My fantasy man has nice cheeks that I can hopefully someday pass down to a child.

My boobs, one is almost a full size larger than the other, and it bothers me unless I "assist" the slightly smaller one to even things out. I too gained weight too fast growing up, so they were never perky either. *sigh*

Things I love/recently found out I love:

*aside from buying jeans and shoes, I've always loved being tall. I think for a long time it helped me carry the weight I had in ways a shorter person of my shape/dimensions would not have been able to. It was deceptive.

*I did for a long time dislike my body shape, as I have broader shoulders, less hip and a flat as a soggy-pancake behind. As I am beginning to lose weight, I too am finding my hip bones that have been hiding for so long. I'm amazed to think I'm not exactly the H shape i thought I would be once i shed some of the apple-ish roundness. I was really excited the other day as I took my measurements for the first time in forever and my waist is actually smaller than my hips and bust by about 4 inches (without cheating and sucking in the gut). Ive held most of the weight since I was 14 years of age so its possible my shape will continue to surprise me as it reveals itself.

* my broader shoulders, which I always saw as mannish and unfeminine, are helping balance out what I have now. I will never be an hourglass, but the right blouse helps the shoulders and boobs I do have give the illusion of an even smaller waist. YAY!!!!

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Fat to Fab and Fit
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Height: 5'3"


1) My belly, my big fat belly. It is gross and big.
2) My teeth; I have to get them capped once per year because I am a night grinder. I hate it when I wake up with a chip (My dentist loves me...I probably bought him a BMW by now )
3) I am starting to get wrinkles Forehead is the worst.


This is a toss up....

1) My legs. They are lean and muscular. I am 44, and my legs look like they belong to a 30 year old woman
1) YES, another 1) My eyes. I have very green eyes. I get compliments/comments on them a few times per week. When I am outside, they look almost electric. I have never met a person with my eye color.
3) Skin. I have always had great skin. -- Except I have stretch marks from my babies, and wrinkles on my forehead

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Hang in there!
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Height: 5'2

Default OK scary but fun!

Things 3 things that I don't like about yourself:
ok, I overindulge in eat, drink and be merry!

and 3 things that you love about yourself...
Ok. I have stong stamina am a team player and look at the big picture

Ok people, so basically you pick three things that you don't like about yourself and three things that you love about yourself... AND BE DESCRIPTIVE so it's more fun!

Originally Posted by Butterfly1987 View Post
Ok people, so basically you pick three things that you don't like about yourself and three things that you love about yourself... AND BE DESCRIPTIVE so it's more fun!

Things I dislike:

1) My nose.. it's got a bump on it from a break as a child and it used to really bother me to a point where I actually convinced a psychiatrist to refer me for a nose job! I never actually got it done though as I missed the appointments due to getting into a relationship (really I would have preferred the new nose and would have done it had I known where that relationship would get me!!) my nose doesn't bother me half as much as what it used to and it kind of gives me character, but I will probably get it sorted in the future..

2) My thighs - I just can't be doing with the jiggle!! Being a pear-shape, it is really difficult to tone these babies!! I will hopefully get there with my weight training (go squats go!!) but for now they are still the bain of my existence.

3) My.... bewbies :-O - I have gone from a 36D/34DD to a 32B and have practically no bewbie tissue left.. needless to say I am looking at surgery. I hate them... bleugh!!


1) I love that now I've lost weight I can feel my hip bones again! My hips are quite sticky-outy and look very prominent when I lie down but I love 'em because that is when I knew I had made progress.. when I started being able to see my hip bones again I knew I was getting there. Every time I feel like I'm lacking in confidence I just feel my hips.. HAHA that makes me sound so weird!

2) My eyes -I love that my eyes are almond-shaped, have long eyelashes and say a lot about how I'm feeling. My face in general is pretty expressive but my eyes can tell you what mood I'm in :-D

3) My mouth - I quite like my lips as they're not too big and not too small.. my teeth are almost completely straight and if they were bling bling white would be even better (I hope to have whitening treatment in the future). I get quite a lot of compliments on my smile so that's got to mean something right? :-D

Anyway I've rambled long enough....

Come on guys, play the game :-D
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S/C/G: 198/198/145

Height: 5'6"


things i hate:

my teeth. well, my partial to be exact. i hate wearing that awful thing! i'm thankful that it fills in the gaps, but...yuk. uncomfortable and unattractive.

my clothes. i have nothing i feel attractive in. i love clothes, but right now i hate shopping, and i hate everything i own.

my safety glasses i have to wear at work. they're prescription, and they're butt-ugly

things i love:

i am a great mom. i hate 5 boys (3 of my own, 2 stepsons) living in my home at one point. it was so much fun, and so much love! i get so many compliments on my guys, i guess i did a good job.

the possibility that i might be a really great grammie as well. i will find out soon. my first grandbaby is due in august, and we just found out about the second one, due (approximately) in january.

my needlework talents. it is an art to me. my crocheted items are really beautiful. i am not a good knitter, but it's actually my favorite. so soothing. knitting keeps me from killing people.
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S/C/G: 161/143/130

Height: 5'5


My skin: Huge case of KP..on my face too. Looks worse because of my pale skin. Looks like I have polka-dots on my skin!
My hair: Sparse and thin. I can see my scalp rather clearly.
My nose: Reddish, large Asian nose.

My waist: It's really thin and curved in compared to the thickness of my arms and legs.
Hands: I have narrow, long fingers & large nails. My palms are super wrinkly, and the skin on it is really loose. Actually, if I took a picture of only my palms and asked people to guess my age, they'd guess about 15 years over. I love them b.c. they look so skinny & my palms feel really nice/smooth (which I attribute to the wrinkliness and looseness).
Boobs: This is probably weird, but I like them at a B. A is a bit too small, but I don't want anything big.
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One day at a time
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Things I belly, so huge and gross! My weight, I'm obviously overweight, lol that I have horrible insomnia! I just wanna sleep!

Things I hair, my fingernails-don't like them long anymore but I love to polish them still, and that I am finally taking charge of MY life, it's all about ME now! Me, me, me!
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Height: 5"7


1) My belly. It is just enourmous and big and wobbly and gross.
2) My stretch marks. So embarrassing and not nice. The worst thing is I can never get rid if them isn't it.
3) My big double chin. Just, eww. You can't even see I have a neck properly, just my face dissolves into fat double chin, I loath it!!

1) My hands. I know people joke about guys and errrmmm, small hands, but I like my little hands, i think they are cute and neat and I value them because I sue them for my sewing and crafts so they are clever hands!
2) My face. I think I have a nice face. People say that. Sometimes I think it sounds a bit like '...but a horrible body' but I try not to think that. I DO have a nice face!
3) My style. Looking good is important to me, I try to look stylish and unique. I think I am extra stylish because when you are 400lb you can't just go into the fashion shops and buy the new trend, it takes effort and consideration.
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doing it for me
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S/C/G: 163/143/125

Height: 5'6"


Things I would change:

1) My teeth. My siblings and parents all have perfectly shaped straight teeth. I got the gap and the gums. Went to see a cosmetic dentist about it and he said that to get the smile I'm after I'd have to wear braces for 2 years, have my jaw realigned (!!!) and maybe a leeetle bit of gumreshaping... Think I'll stick with my gaps! Wish I'd been offered braces as a child though

2) My thighs. I'd LOVE to have toned legs but, as a pear, they are the LAST place where I lose weight!

3) My boobs. I am surrounded by friends in the DD-G Brigade so being a solitary B-almost-C is kinda depressing at times!!!

Things I like:

1) My bum. Its what I get most complimented on by guys haha!

2) My hair. Its long and straight and at the moment back to my natural golden/strawberry blonde colour. For several years I was a brunette, then a redhead and then I stripped it and went back to my roots. I love having it long enough to play around with and I'm a big fan of the colour at the moment

3) My dimples. Two are natural and I've had them from birth. The third is a memento left behind from an accident when I was about 9 where I tripped over and scraped half my face on the ground. A doctor once told me in passing conversation that he'd never met anyone with two dimples. I told him I had three and his face was a picture!

On the whole I do love my body though. Sure, there's things I'd like to change. Who doesnt? But I think an important part of my Weightloss Journey has been finally accepting my body for what it is and learning to love it. I'm losing weight because at the moment I dont feel I'm at my best. I think my body deserves better and I'm going to make sure it gets it!
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1. My legs! Thunder thighs, tree trunks, whatever you want to call them, they're massive!
2. Upper arms. Far too baggy for my liking :\
3. My tummy - even at a weight I'm happy with, it's a bit of a mess

1. My eyes - I'm always complimented on my eyes. I've got long, dark eyelashes (no need for mascara!) and apparently they sparkle
2. My hair - long, thick, wavy, and depending on the light, different colours!
3. My clavicles - an odd choice, but seeing them appearing really made me feel like I was 'slim'
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Every step is progress.
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Height: 5'11"



So I posted this before about my calves.

Originally Posted by RandomPaige View Post
I've always been really self-conscious of my big calves. "UPS" calves is what I hear them called, as UPS delivery people generally do a lot of stairs carrying stuff. They do look fairly nice in heels, but I have a hard time finding ones that I don't trip over.
I was at a store today trying on a knee-length skirt, my eyes kept drifting to my calves. A young salesgirl came over and asked me what I thought of it, and I pointed out my concerns with straight knee-length skirts showing my calves.

I was kind of caught off-guard, but she pulled a sketch pad out from under the counter, explaining she's in an art class that focuses on the human form. She told me that there are people who actually get calf implants. She showed me some of her sketches and explained the desired dimensions mathematically. She then told me within 1/4 inch the exact measurement of my calf. (I measured it yesterday) It was slightly unsettling.

Afterward, even though I didn't buy the skirt, I left the store with a greater appreciation of my "UPS" calves.

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S/C/G: 197/See ticker/135

Height: 5'6''


Things I hate:
-My torso shape...I'm built like a dude with a wide rib cage and shoulders coupled with a flat chest and belly pudge. Girl clothes do NOT look flattering on my build.
-My skin...I have scars everywhere from childhood injuries, acne, losing fights to clam name it. I also unfortunately get red and splotchy for every reason under (and often including) the sun.

Things I like:
-My calves...I have my grandfather's muscular, defined calves. If I flex my foot, the muscle group just pops out, perfectly solid and incredibly powerful-looking.
-My eyes...They're about the only physical feature that I've always gotten consistent compliments on. If I didn't have my big hazel eyes with long girly lashes, I probably would get mistaken for a guy even more than I already do.
-My tongue (lol)...I can roll it, make a clover, flip it, play 6 wind instruments with it, and I've been told that I have excellent pronunciation in foreign languages, even if I'm just reading things phonetically off of a page and have no idea what I'm saying. I've also been told by more than one guy that I'm the best kisser they've ever encountered.
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S/C/G: 250/244/150

Height: 5'6

Red face

Things I HATE:

-My BOOBS! They are way too big (they were huge even when I was thin.) I wear 40G and it's a pain in the **s. It makes buying clothes a nightmare and my back hurts all the time! I'm actually in the process of having a breast reduction, I can't wait!

- Stretch marks everywhere. 'Nuff said.

- My jiggly arms. I can't wait to finally wear tank tops and feel good in it!

Thing I LOVE

-My nose: (I feel lucky about it!) It's not too big, not too small and covered in freckles.

- My lips: they are naturally red and heart-shaped

- My hair: naturally very dark brown and thick
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Height: 5'2"


My dislikes:
1) My nose. I think it is way too big and flat for my face.
2) Stretch marks. I have some on my arms. Oh well. Battle scars from all the ups and downs of weightless through the years.
3) The skin on my hands. They are very sensitive to the sun and if they are too dry, they tend to inflame.

My likes:
1) My height. I love how tall I am (5'2''). It seems really short for some but I'm one of the tallest in my family.
2) My legs. They always look well toned even when I don't work out.
3) My eyes. I have big almond shaped eyes and they're my favorite part about me.

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Jillian stole my abs!
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Height: 5'5"


Hmm. I don't really hate any part of my body, but there are a few things that could be tweaked.

My eyelids are droopy, so I'd get that taken care of, not so much that I looked surprised all the time, just enough so I actually would have eyelids.

The girls, the poor ole large, droopy girls. I would get them reduced a bit and jerked up out of the soup. It would also make a lot of physical activities and work easier. I work for a veterinarian, and have this fear that some dog or cat will get to squirming to much and I'll get vaccinated for rabies in the boob.

I had twins that weighed over 6#'s each so my poor tummy is a disaster. I would be content to just have the loose skin taken care of. The stretch marks have faded with time and aren't that bad.


I have a nice hourglass shape.
I have very well defined muscles, I build muscle easily.
I have those big man looking arms, and I love them. It intimidates people.
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