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i'm 27, and some days i feel "omg i'm 90% of the way to 30 when did that happen?!" and then the rest of the time i feel like "wait, high school ended 10 years ago? really? i still feel like i did at 17..."

but most of my friends are married, and so many of them are having kids (at least 10 babies or new pregnancies in the last year alone) so i feel like i'm a little bit behind... i'm just now getting to the 'married' stage, kids won't be for a few more years.

guess i'm a late bloomer

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Mandy im having similar thoughts, when people say something like 'oh that movie/ song etc came out in 2000' i think oh thats not so long ago, then im like, wait, thats 11 years ago! lol
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I was at the grocery store and this high school kid was carrying out my groceries. He saw my car and the exchange went something like this:

Kid: Oh my friend drives one of those.
Me: Yeah. It gets me from point A to point B.
Kid: They're not really fast though.
Me: ... Ok.
Kid: Yeah, it's not bad for a grandma car.

Wait, what the chuck? First off I'm 27 and you can see two dang car seats in the back. And since when has an Altima been a grandma car? It's a good thing he didn't see my husband's Lincoln Town Car. :P
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Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
I'm 26 and I remember when my mom was 26 and I was 10. I knew that she was young to have a daughter my age (I was proud to still have a young, fun mom!) but still, the sixties seemed like a looooong time ago.

This is EXACTLY me, except for the 60's part...70's here lol

Even down to knowing that my mom was younger than other mom's and that she was fun and cool. All my friends LOVED my mom!
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Ugh! You guys are making me feel like crap with all your talk about being "almost 30!" I'm "almost 40" and I'm here to tell ya, it's not that much different!

Aunty Jam, you crack me up! I remember 1985, too!
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I'm 60 - if you could only realize how funny this thread sounds to me! LOL. Old is a state of mind. I'm not there yet, that's for sure!

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I sure don't think 25 is old because I am about to turn 35 next month and I feel old so I think all you 20 somethings are YOUNG!!

Where does the time go- 35 next month, yikes!!
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Wait until you're processing someone's paper work and find they were born the year you got married. Now that makes a person feel old.

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LOL! You sound like my daughter who just turned 27, she is always saying she feels old. I just turned 52 in May and it's funny I don't feel 52...whatever 52 is supposed to feel like. You are only as old as you's all a bunch of numbers!
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I'm 26 on the 19th, but I don't feel old. I do have moments that are like "woa, that happened in 2001? DUDE!" or "are you SERIOUS!? Your sister is HOW old? I remember changing her diaper!" to kids that used to be in my mom's day care. One just graduated high school and we had her in our day care when she was only 9-ish O_O.

INSANE how fast time flies.
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My youngest child was born in 1985. Even I don't think of myself as "old"but I do think I'm approaching middle age. So with my line of thinking, that means I'll be hanging around till I'm close to 100!
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I remember when I was 18 and my little cousin (who was 5) said I looked like an adult not a kid. I was so upset! Now I'm 22 and married and the biggest thing keeping me from getting pregnant is that I can't wrap my mind around being a part of the "older generation"
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When I turned 26 I didn't feel old at all. But I suddenly realized I wasn't a teenager any more!
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HAHA... love this thread... like two weeks ago I was buying a bottle of wine and I was carded by the cashier who was a high schooler... After she did the math she said..."OH MY GOD, I had no idea you were THAT old. You look so much younger!"

... I'm only 23... first time I ever felt I was getting old.
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I'm also 25, and I think I'd feel much younger if I didn't spend all my time at a university :P
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