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Hey chickies,

Thanks for all your condolences - my DGM led a full life, and she must have hated being cared for as she was at the end. Sometimes we just know it's time to go.

I am going to try a modified challenge in June - never let myself get too hungry, try to eat only half of the big things on my plate (like Sy), and try to keep the pub crawling to a minimum! I don't want to come home up 5 pounds! I may not be able to post until Dubai, but I'll try to let you know how things are going.

And a non-scale victory - had lunch with many of my old friends today - I see them about once a month - they finally have noticed the change - I've passed some sort of visual reference point.

Star, glad that you did so well at the sale; it sounds like you had enuf to buy pizza and beer for the whole crew! BTW, I think you are awesome, going to the center when you know that you are up! And Why Did You Apologize to the Center???

Fiona - you do lead an interesting life -- how did the interview go?

Karen/RWF - how much does land go for where you are? That is one of my dreams to own a house near water (not like the Potomac)

Irish - sounds like you are on a roller coaster -- one of the things that always does me in when I'm stressed is if I let myself get to hungry - can you stick a bar in your purse for those days when you're on the run??

Hugs to all, and see you on the June thread!
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Hey Ladies-
Well I'm at 150.0 teetering on 149.8. I guess I have to wait at least one more day to get into the 140's. I only have 1 more pound to go though. That is awesome.

I finished going through all of my clothes yesterday. It was soooo liberating! I kept a couple of my favorites (sweats, jammies and a sweatshirt) for maternity clothes. (not pregnant, but plan to be again some day) I got rid of TONS of stuff. I will go through it and try to consign a lot of it. Or I might try e-bay. I just don't feel like putting the effort into listing it on e-bay right now.

Julie-I'm sorry about your DGM, but it's good to know that she led a full life. That's all we can ask for.

Solocat/Cathy- Hey there, Thanks for saying that I'm an inspiration. I really do know that if I can do it anyone can. I just can't wait to get this last pound off and finish my last 5 weeks. (I guess 4 1/2 now)

Hello to everybody. I've been sitting at my computer for over an hour now just wasting time, so I guess I better get up and go get something accomplished. Talk to you in June!

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Julie-Congrats on your friends noticing a difference. I think it took about 35 or so pounds for people to notice that I had lost weight.
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Just checking in again....

Managed to get lots accomplished today since I took the day off....go figure! And so far have been POP!

I am willing to accept the June challenge also (the POP part)...and a challenge it will be! My birthday is in a couple of weeks, and my daughter's graduation is on the 11th, so will have lots of company around. But I figure if I can't meet that challenge, then I won't keep the weight off this time! Not sure about the journaling. I will do my best, but there are days I get home from work and I am beat!

Julie - I too tend to not eat when I should when I am stressed (like this weekend) and then I go for carbs (bad me, bad me!). But congratulations on your non-scale victory!!

Irishgirl - I related to your sharing your loss is showing in your face, but not necessarily your abdomen. Me too! My pants are definitely getting looser, but not enough to go back down a size. We just have to keep hanging in there!!

Hope everyone has a good evening...I am off to grill chicken breasts and finish my water!
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On the dual subjects of noticing weight loss and dear grandmothers...

My great grandmother, who is about 92 and fair way along to being both deaf and blind (she can identify people if you loudly let her know who you are, lol) asked if I'd lost weight when I saw her yesterday...I can't decide whether to take it as a compliment or just write her off as a little bit senile!

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One meal at a time!
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Good Morning Chicks.
Well, here we go with day 1 of the June challenge...WOOHOO. My scales were really ugly this morning after my week long binge..176.2 I'll have to put that number under under my name or I'll forget that one for sure..
Julie..The land we are looking at is 10,000 an acre. Everything is high here at the lake and that isn't even on the water. We looked at one lot on the water a few months and when we called about it, He said it was 415,000. I about died. We are looking at the land that's right around the corner from where we are now, so we will still be close to the water and the boat dock and marina is just down the road. We are looking at a few different options. I'll keep you posted.
Fiona...Good luck with the interview, if you ever can get it set up.
Mandy...It must be a great feeling to have lost so much weight and being that close to goal..Congrats...
Oh, and speaking of the face being thinner. I had to get a copy of my drivers license last night and I couldn't believe my face. I weighed about 154 in that picture. That was just last June. Geez, and I used to complain about being stuck at that number. Now, I'd kill to be there again...
Star...We didn't get out of there last night until late. I figured you were home all curled up and watching TV, so I didn't call back..Sorry.. I have to work with the pain in the butt today till 12:30 so I'll give you a call on my way home. okay..
Ok Chicks..Good luck to everyone on the challenge...
And hi to everyone..
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Hi Chicks!

Go To LAWL Losers & Friends - June - 05 and post there.

See you There

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Default Need some Girlfriend support

Hey girls. I have had a really rough weekend. My husband is doing LAWL with me and watches me like a hawk. He thinks he is supporting me but instead I feel like I am being reprimanded when I am not perfect. Anyway, I am getting close to my period so I am having more cravings than normal. Yesterday I REALLY was craving peanut butter and chocolate chips. So I got out a spoon and took a little bit on a spoon (maybe a teaspoon size), ate it and then threw the spoon in the sink telling myself I don't need it. Then about 2 hours later I took another spoon and got about a tablespoon size and ate it, but then stopped telling myself I didn't need it. Then maybe 2 hours later I got another spoon and did the same thing. Before being on the plan I would sit down and just eat right out the jar, so while it was cheating I knew today I would get back on the plan and I wasn't extremely mad at myself because I knew it was better than what I used to do.

Well, my husband was doing the dishes last night, came across the spoons and got totally ticked off at me. Before I could explain he was telling me how disappointed he was in me and how we were supposed to do the diet together, but I wasn't doing my share and all this stuff. I've lost 14 pounds, but he thinks since he lost 20 that I'm not sticking to the plan. I need to close 50 pounds and he needs to lost 90. Of course, his will come off quicker.

So that started an all out fight and it ended up with me going to my girlfriends house for the evening which in our 6 years together I have never left totally for an entire night.

I'm just very distraught right now, can't even keep my mind on my job, and am just totally upset about everything. Unfortunately, I am an emotional eater, so I am trying hard not to be around tempting things to avoid a gain.

I know this is a diet chat, so I'm sorry for bringing personal stuff into it too, but I just needed a girlfriends ear for a minute and you all have been so wonderful to chat with. I read all the threads, but normally I am too busy to keep up, but I really enjoy the comraderie of this group.

Thanks for listening.
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Red face Cruisinjanuary - don't despair

I just read your email - I've been a lurker since I joined LAWL myself back in March. I understand where you're coming from - especially TOM times - those cravings are the worst.

Please, sit that DH of yours down for a heart to heart talk. Be as neutral acting as you can. And tell him in a nice even tone, that a) this is your battle, not his; b) you are wrestling with your demons in ways for you to overcome them - his criticism and judgmental comments are not helpful in this journey; c) this is not a race to the finish, this is a lifestyle change. I hope he hears what you have to say. He cannot act like the food police and expect you to 'behave' - that is not tolerable and it is unhealthy for your soul. Let him know that while you support his efforts, he will need to learn how to be understanding of your own efforts. And that includes the space to work things out with your past demons.

When you reach goal, you will continue to have to deal with TOM issues and yummy food lures - it is life. But you are now working on strengthening your defenses by learning new ways to deal with trigger points. The triggerpoints will always be there but how you react to them will change. Your using the teaspoons for the PB was an excellent idea. Every time you went to that jar, you HAD to think about what you were doing. Being aware of the eating is also a GOOD THING. Too many times in the past, I would bet that you just ate and ate to fill that empty space. And when you looked up - there was one less jar of PB or one less gallon of ice cream. I did it. And now I am aware of when I feel a 'need' for something. I do not deprive myself cause I know that makes me worse off - but I do make myself accountable to...ME!!! SO I make a contract with ME! I'll eat a smallish piece of something and totally enjoy it. I do figure it into the scheme of things - like I'll eat one less starch that day. BUT - I jump right back to plan. That's also part of the contract I out together with myself.

When you go to WI - talk with the counselor (and listen to what some of us here on this site have to offer as well) about other ways to deal with the 'need' for something. Such as make a contract with yourself - I will have two bites (or a small piece) and feel satisfied that I could enjoy the taste of whatever... It is not the end of the world. It is a fresh way of looking at what would normally send you into a spiral of self-loathing and eating (been there done that - more times than I can count)

So turn to us here as well - alot of really neat people have reached their goal and can help those of us who might need a hand every now and then.

I hope this helps a little bit - I feel for you and know that struggle too well.
Take care, we're all here for ya - Stababe
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