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Originally Posted by kuhljeanie View Post
crosspost! onebyone, PM (or email or call) me if you want some help figuring out how to get more protein in. mazel tov on your prints! can't wait to see the pictures.
Thanks for the offer! I am just choosing to eat more carbs and fat...not planning ahead like I should... but will definitely take you up on your offer if I try and can't get it right... I'll post pictures soon. Thanks!
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Good Afternoon

Jen~ nope not magic (I dont think) But I can honestly say Ive never craved broccoli!! Big kudos for coming here to post instead of snacking in the kitchen!!

Anne~ Yah for making it to dance without any issues! I love the computer distractions for keeping me away from food that I dont need. I like to play a game on msn games called flowers....keeps me out of the kitchen!!

Your comment about using the allergy as a justification for my plan of choice had me thinking all morning. I still dont know the answer Ive known for years (12ish yrs now) that low carb has been the absolute best way of eating for me. I dont crave sugars, I feel absolutely wonderful, my eczema is a rare thing, I havent filled my asthma inhaler meds since May of '04, I dont get those crusty cracking heel issues....and many many more pluses. So the wheat allergy seems to be another thing that Ive noticed, and another reason why my food plan choice is smart.

It isnt a bad allergy, more of an uncomfortable that when Im eating properly I notice the little things I used to think were just part of my eating poorly.

Jusitification? Yes and No, but definitely solidifies my choices as being smart Thanks for making the think about that one

ChinaMaine~ I dont know if soya has wheat, I'll have to check the ingredients. I think once I get all the other stuff out of my system, the little bit in the soya sauce shouldnt be an issue. Seems the big hunks of it are ver noticable.

Bill~ BIG Kudos for turning down the "candy pusher" (I love that title ) Its so much harder to turn down the quality stuff. That cheapy stuff is easy (usually). Good going! Let us know how succesful you are at getting your new cooking "tools".

LisaMarie~ good idea! Id be willing to share some of my response cards. Id like to see it here so I can find it all month....maybe we can start after Bill posts the February thread?

onebyone~ Good luck at your show!!! I think you'll do great!
Things I do to bump up my protien.... one protein serving at each meal. Protein shake for breakfast (every single morning) Or eggwhite omlettes when Im out of protein powder. Lunches also always have protein, soups have had shredded chicken or egg whites for protein. Tuna, salmon are also in my lunch menus. Also I'll have the greek yogurt instead of that other lowfat crap that you get now. The yogurt I have is fat free and has 14 grams of protein! Dinner...a serving is suppose to be 3oz....I usually eat 4-6oz(sometimes more) of protein with my veggies. Cheese is another way to sneak in a few more grams. Different cereals have protein...Kashi go lean crunch is awesome and I think (but not positive) it adds another 7grams of protein.

I eat so much chicken, Im surprised I dont have feathers and cluck!


Im off to get some grocery shopping done today. Some food planning for next week. I think Id might like a different soup.

Have a great day everyone!
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Coaches/Buddies On plan today so far, which is an accomplishment. I've been very munchy today, and have been working hard to fight it, so I thought I'd stop in to post. After this I'm going to work on DD's web site.

Things are ok today, although I'm a LOT on the tired side considering I got 7+ hrs of uninterrupted sleep. I'm chewing gum, which is not a Beck recommended strategy, but I keep wanting sweets, and it isn't a habit, so it'll do for today. Kids are both napping (or at least in quiet time). Plan is changing (legitimately) for tonight since DH wants to go out to eat. I have a plan for both potential restaurants. I'm visualizing following through.

ChinaMaine Being sick makes everything harder. You get EXTRA credit for doing things well today. Hope you feel better soon!

BillBlueEyes If the candy thing is getting regular, and you want some, can you plan for it? Don't know if it is worth it to you, but it is something to consider. I often include IF-THENs in my plan, or an OR, if I know an uncertain situation is coming up. Nice work on the dessert spread!

Thanks for the vocabulary builder. I had to look tintinnabulate up.

davidette Hooray for dropping scales! (Sometimes I'd love to drop mine!) I think the blood sugar news is even better. And congrats on getting through Costco and BJs unscathed. I'm having an easier time at Costco since Bill's "not like it's real food" observation.

LisaMarie71 Lisa, I'm glad you're here! Old and new friends abound here. Oddly, I feel sort of private about my Advantages list. I don't mind sharing with people who are in this journey with me, but it feels wrong to me to just put it all out there where everyone I ever meet has the ability to google this particular bit of what passes for my biggest insecurities forevermore. Does that make sense? So PM me, and I'll give you permission to access my private site where you can read my list. That goes for any regular posters here.

onebyone I think reading about how you do your art is just FASCINATING!! Feel free to procrastinate here any time. Funny how the past comes back. I kept a journal for about 3 weeks in 2003, and there was some really amazing stuff in there. I'm glad Fitday is working out for you.

That LOLspeak stuff is just too scary! BTW: I put tintinnabulate in it and got back tintinnabulate. At least some things are constant.

kuhljeanie 9:30s! Yes! So when will you be picking up your first pair of 12s, or are the 14s so big you need to go straight to 10s??

I eat so much chicken, Im surprised I dont have feathers and cluck!
Good thing you're on the Fat Chicks site then huh, and not 7 Fat Turtles are something!! Bad joke??

If you are mixing up the soups, may I recommend lentil? MMMMM!


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Good afternoon Beckie! Been a trying few days. I had a dental implant put in
(titanium base) and will get my new tooth in March. Got my exercise bike together and put it to good use before surgery. I added my Response cards to My Day on my Mac so I can read it each day. Haven't been out to eat yet and will plan on going next wednesday as my son is signing a letter of intent for college (scholarship). Anyhow, freaking out about eating out.... I will have to have a plan. Last night I was mad that I couldn't eat pizza and drink Beer.
As I was sitting at my desk this week checking books in and out, I look up the word Delusional. I have been so delusional with my thoughts in the past....the reason I can't/couldn't lose weight had a lot to do with me thinking that my eating here and there (especially out to eat and on weekends) thinking it wasn't that big of deal....I have blamed it on my hysterectomy and metabolism for so long....Couldn't have been the extra 1000-2000 cals I wasn't planning for or lack of exercise

Anyhow, while my family was eating pizza and off plan food, I
jumped in the bathtub and listened to a Cd "Thin for Life" to meditate on why I am changing for the better.

Glad you are here doing the daily duty and I do't have to think that I am the only one. I learn from each of you and am encouraged.

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Default Saturday Evening

I had a very happy day!! I don’t have a good explanation about why I was so happy today, but I couldn’t keep the silly happy smile off my face. Maybe it’s that it was 30 degrees instead of below zero. Maybe it was the beautiful sunshine, or the fact that I felt pretty close to healthy. (I’m still stuffed up, but feel great otherwise.) But more likely, it’s this group. I feel like I’m really on the road to being healthy and, someday, even being thin again! So, credit to you all for being so supportive on this path (and to J Beck for writing her riteous book)!
Food – I did great today – credit! (Hmmm I just seem to be to happy about everything, so I’ll try to modulate my joy and happiness a bit…) In addition to following my plan, and remembering to take a high protein afternoon snack with me today, I tried a new recipe that was quite tasty: Chicken Tamale Casserole. And now I have healthy leftovers for days! Credit, moi!
Exercise: I did my 45 minutes plus spontaneous exercise. I’m really learning to appreciate the power of NO CHOICE…
Beck – Weigh-In: down 0.5 lbs. So credit moi! I read my cards, read part of skill 5. reminded myself to eat slowly and taste my food. However, although I was clearly full during dinner, I kept eating because I was enjoying the casserole so much. So that’s something to work on in the future.

Bill – I love the candy pusher story! You’ve demonstrated thoughtful ways to handle difficult / tempting social situations. So give yourself extra credits for both!

onebyone – Your story about looking back at fitday includes a great insight. And you are right – your thinking will affect your future. So credit tu! You are on your way to disproving your most entrenched fears.

davidette – Bravo for the weight loss, the positive attitude and for avoiding the evil food pushers in Costco!

LisaMarie71 – I’m happy to share one of my ‘Advantages’: ‘I’ll be able to hike moderate++ trails again.’ My husband and I like to hike on weekends, but I haven’t been able to do a couple flight of stairs, much less a challenging hike, for a couple of years. It’s really important to me that, come spring, he and I can be out hiking in Acadia and Camden again. 

Jeanie – You sound like you’re having a better day – so I’m glad for that… You are having victories, large and small, in spite of the cup that’s not yet full. That’s really impressive, so credit tu! I’m especially impressed by your ability to keep long standing habits and tendencies at bay…

Anne – Bravo for being on plan. Although you got 7 hours of sleep last night, it won’t make up for multiple nights where you got less than that. It will probably take a bit longer for you to feel refreshed, so give yourself extra credits for being on plan when you are still tired…

Rachel Credits for making it easier for you to read your cards every day! And avoiding the temptation of off-plan food. Re delusional – I was thinking similar things today. And you are right, being honest with ourselves has to be step 1… Bravo for the deep thoughts!
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Thumbs up Discussion continues on the February 2009 Thread

This discussion continues on Beck Diet For LIfe/Solution – February 2009 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach

Please join us there.
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