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RobinW 11-20-2008 10:50 AM

Hi Everyone!

Im either coming down with something or the stress has taken hold of my health. Which means I need to pull back before my body forces me to. I have a full day ahead of me today, and probably tomorrow too. Then Im going to take as many days off as this place will let me. Business is good (very good) but with just my husband and I running the show it can really wear me out. Success comes at a price right?!

Bill~ I heard a saying yesterday in one of my meetings....lets hope I get it right....."invest in your health instead of subsidizing it" meaning take care, exercise, eat healthy instead of paying into a health care plan that cares for your lacking health. When this was said, it seemed to hit alot of people in the right spot. Maybe that will help with the boredom? How about an ipod! I love love mine!!! I just have a little shuffle, but I wont exercise without it. Helps aleviate the boredom!! Besides when you get a good song going you can sing along ........nobody will stare.........honest :D

Olive & BennyHM~ my husband and I own and operate a sign shop and custom printed apparel shop. BennyHM, if you remember much of Buffalo and Hertel Ave.....and if you went to school here, you probably ate at Marco's on hertel? We are right next door to Marco's.

Olive~ I like your goal of 5lbs at a time. Good for you!

kuhljeanie~ I really hope your back heals up fast!! Could you compromise with yourself instead? Rather than carry your little one around, snuggle on the couch instead? I know its so hard to say no when all they really want is to be with you. Really tugs at your heart strings doesnt it.

Tera~ sounds like you have quite the cold, I hope your feeling better soon too!!

Anne~ :hug: for your little sick one too. Seems to be going around doesnt it?! I almost hope that is what is happening to me instead of stress :(

BennyHM~ Ive been here in buffalo for 7 yrs now. Its amazing how many people who left have now moved back. Even my husband's oldest son has moved back after 12 yrs of living everywhere else.

I need to get to work........have a great day everyone!!

angelmomma210 11-20-2008 09:10 PM

Hey all...figured out that I have had the bronchitis for about 2 months and did not realize it.
New on dh's saga. His supervisor has asked for an extention on the grieviences. The longer that this goes on the more I wonder what they are thinking about the situation. Hopefully good on dh's side. Thanks for the thoughts.

BillBlueEyes 11-21-2008 05:36 AM

Friday - So glad to see ya
Diet Coaches - Delivered the four foot stack of magazines to the recycle center. CREDIT moi. Just amazing - as I was putting them down I had this big Sabotaging Thought "What if they're not found by someone who really wants to read them?" That is just so dumb. My brain thinks that I have to find someone to wants to read my used magazines before I'm allowed to throw them away. No wonder I have issues with clutter.

Then, being on a roll, after dinner I bought a dozen storage boxes to organize some stuff - at least gathered in chucks that it can be moved and then sorted/discarded. CREDIT moi for just buying the boxes. You guys will have to hear a CREDIT moi for each one filled, sorted, and discarded, LOL. Since clutter is an issue in my life I have lots of day 7: Arrange Your Environment left to go. Sanity isn't only about food.

shrinkin - Waving to the road warrior - wherever you are.

Robin (RobinW) - Thanks for the really great thought, "invest in your health instead of subsidizing it." I like that. Ouch for "coming down with something." But Kudos for planning to take some time off to recover.

angelmomma210 - Ouch for stealth bronchitis. Hope the extension is a good sign for your DH.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ouch for sinuses and sleep deprivation. Kudos for sticking to the Beck strategies even when the food isn't so on-plan. Neat that you're studying the human genome and the ethical problems faced. The BIG consequences of tinkering with our own procreation is blatantly visible in China where they are trying to figure out what to do with the excess of marriageable men over women due to the one-child policy and the centuries old desire to have at least one male child.

Anne (wndranne) - Yeah for sudaphed. Yeah for coffee. Yeah for sleep. Yeah for raising children. Ouch that the latter so desperately requires the first three.

Readers -
"NO CHOICE" Beck, pg 150.

thinkerbell 11-21-2008 06:28 AM


My book is on order so I have not as yet read any of it, but when I read in your post, "No choice!"....I could feel my inner teenager rebel and my inner child throw a tantrum!

Does that mantra really work? I can imagine it backfiring with me! Oh, I'm so baaaaaad! ....doing the thing I should not do! For "shoulding" is one of those dirty words for me!

Got insights?


kuhljeanie 11-21-2008 09:30 AM

finally friday
happy friday all! almost the weekend. wanted to post yesterday but this week at work has been insane. sat down for a 3:30 meeting and realized i had desperately needed to go to the bathroom - remembered thinking about it at 10:00 am and deciding to wait for a break, which never happened. so i excused myself. what a day.

and my confession...all week, we've been testing in a conference room with a small group, and they've had food brought in - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack. usually crazy caloric land delicious like Panera or Montgomery Inn ribs (a local thing.) all week i've been using my beck and avoiding, but yesterday morning when i got in, i had a bagel and half a chocolate danish. i also ate all the food i'd brought, and kept to my plan at night as though i hadn't ingested an extra 600 calories in the morning. because i was hungry.

so, to process: first time off plan in many, many weeks. so hardly a blip. my total calorie deficit for the day was under 100 - but was still a small deficit. again, nothing to fall apart over. i've been hungry lately (see last week's fried chicken craving) and suspect that my slight, constant hunger made me vulnerable. will need to adjust either my calories or bulk to fix that. i've been getting better at knowing what full should normally be (although i will probably always be one of those people who likes to feel really, really full) but i also know that when i'm satisfied, i'm much better at focusing on other things. so need to tweak to feel more satisfied, more of the time. might go back to the steamer bags of broccoli and cauliflower to replace a fruit serving. hmmm.

am going in monday for an MRI on the back. still don't know what to do about the insomnia; doctor was unhelpful and doesn't like to prescribe sleeping pills.

thinkerbell, some mantras work better for some than others. No Choice is a last resort for me - i like to think about how much better i'll feel about myself after making the right decision, but sometimes you gotta pull it out. know what you mean about the tantrum. when that comes up for me, i imagine myself as a little kid stomping her foot, so i get that she wants it the way she wants it, but i'm a grown-up and i put on my big girl pants and deal with it. if i can say no to my 2 yr old wanting candy corn for breakfast, i can say no to my 2 yr old self wanting candy corn for dinner.

thanks for the suggestion robin - unfortunately most of the carrying happens when we're moving from one place to another (say from the house to the car, or from the upstairs to the downstairs.) but i do love me a good cuddle. :) hoping that the teeth cut through, the cold gets better, but i do know that at some point he won't want me to hold him as much - and i'll miss these times. we'll see what the orthoped says once i've got films to show him/her. and yay for busy! i often wish for that happy middle ground between bored and overwhelmed...

bill, what a fantastic job you're doing with the clutter! you and my dh would make a great support group. he's finally working his way through 20 years of papers and magazines. every night there's a bonfire. it's so hard to see that stuff go - and feels so wonderful once you've done it! i'm a strict purger, and every couple of YEARS think about an item that i got rid of, and for 1/2 second wish i had. but it's nothing compared to the stress of keeping all that stuff. credit to you! and i have laid off the treadmill all week, although it just about killed me to do it - i don't like the numbers coming up on my sensewear reports, and i'm not making my calorie burn targets. but i'm certainly not gaining, and i want to be in one piece for the india trip.

so sorry your week is sucking eggs, anne! how bad are the barbie movies? worse than spiceworld? my nephew was addicted to teletubbies, and it was slowly turning my BIL's brains to tapioca. i will therefore be grateful that my kid is obsessed with a movie that i actually like. :)

hi tera! man, i love playing games on the computer. that sounds so relaxing! wish i could join you! mazel tov on the 4 lbs. may be making up for TOM and whatever, but it's still exciting to get that dramatic drop! the last time i saw that, i had stomach flu. :)

wow, angelmomma! that's sick! take care of yourself!

good luck when you get down to business with hunger tolerance, olive! just about everyone steels themselves like they're going on the bataan death march, and it's actually not bad at all (unless you go completely overboard because you're an insane perfectionist, making yourself crazy in the name of doing it "right". just saying.)

yo, mary! you keep working it - we'll be here, WATCHING. ;) don't think for a second that you're going to let yourself down. won't happen.

Olive2 11-21-2008 10:16 AM

I seem to only be able to post when I wake up at least an hour before anyone else. This is my alone time and only time to think. Yesterday was day 13, overcome cravings. I'll keep working on that today, as I didn't have any time to make a plan yesterday. I am leaving tomorrow for a week long road trip with the family to visit friends and relatives. This is going to be very challenging but with the help of Beck I've been mentally preparing for it for awhile. I'm taking my book and will just work on what I've learned so far. I'll pick up on day 14 when I get back. It will be a huge milestone for me if I can just maintain. I'm also taking my laptop so I can check in here while I'm on the road.

I was down 1.5 pounds when I weighed in this week! Almost my first 5 pounds. I need to think of some rewards. The only one I have so far is a subscription to Cooking Light magazine. What do any of you do for nonfood rewards?

kuhljeanie - Wow, credit to you for staying so in control over the week of food laden testing! The first time going off plan in weeks and still a 100 cal. deficit, is amazing. Good for you.

I forgot I haven't checked in here since my hunger tolerance day. It wasn't that bad. I ate a bowl of cheerioes and a banana for breakfast around 8:00 and then didn't eat again until dinner at 5:15. It was hard and unconfortable, but the worst it got was like feeling very annoyed about something, and what do I usually do when I feel that way? Eat of course, so I couldn't comfort myself with food, for being annoyed at being hungry. I also got really spacey. I was late for my son's dentist appointment, and late for taking him to his drum lesson. Overall it was really good to realize that I can go without eating. Hunger is not an emergency.

thinkerbell - this book is really insightful when it comes to dealing with those inner voices. You might not look at them the same way after reading this book.

Bill - Good for you with the decluttering! I've been very slowly working on that too. Right now though I'm just concentrating on weight loss. This summer I did get rid of stacks of old magazines I was saving for what? Anyone remember Sassy? I thought I could sell them on Ebay because people do collect them, but I knew I would never do that, nor ever read them again, so into the recycle bin they went. I haven't regretted it yet. Anyway, it's very inspiring to hear about your progress. Keep up the good work!

angelmomma - Sending good thought your way...

Robin - I hope you get that rest you need and deserve.

Anne - Take care of yourself. Sorry about those Barbie movies, I know how torturous they can be! Luckily my daugters have moved on to more civilized fare: Looney Tunes.

tera - hope you feel better soon, wtg on the weight loss. That Biology topic sounds interesting.

:wave: to everyone else. I'll check back in as soon as I can!

RobinW 11-21-2008 01:16 PM

Afternoon :sunny:

Bill~ you are right, sanity isnt all about food :lol: Clearing clutter is so difficult....why is that? And how does it come back? I just dont get it! It gets cleared, and within a week I have another clutter pile. :(


still don't know what to do about the insomnia
I dont like taking sleeping pills, they kinda scare me....so I take 2 benadryl at about 8pm every night. Gives me enough to knock me out, and Im not up at 3am with ideas and thoughts zooming thru my head. If I dont drink any wine....noises will usually wake me up. So I dont worry about not hearing my daughter. I hope you get it figured out.....I know how frustrating it is :(

Olive~ KUDOS for your lbs gone!! :cb: :cb: Great job!! Non-food rewards? I like to add jewellery or nice new smelly stuff (body lotions etc.) Anything that makes me feel pretty....helps keep the momentum of weightloss going for me.

We were in the shop yesterday until about 8pm. Our web designer was able to make it and we didnt want to let her go :lol: She is brilliant, but extremely hard to nail down! So that meant that I didnt get supper until very late.

Here is what happened and I thought it was interesting. It was 7:30 and I was thinking wow.....its way past supper and Im not hungry, but I have a wicked nasty headache. We ended up eating from the deli next door (very bad) but the headache went away. Then we got home and the fundraiser chocolate was in the mailbox we ordered from the grandkids. (more very bad) Cuz it had to be tested. Let me tell you for 16 flippin' dollars I expected not only good chocolate, but at the very least packaged in nice gift giving packages!!! NO! So that got my fundraising efforts punched into full tilt! $16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to at least have a perception of value for what I bought......no I was ripped off. Yah yah its for the kids, but they can at least make it look like $16 worth of something even if it isnt.

K........got off track there.

But my point is/was being tired, over worked, and haveing my timing messed with seemed to send a mutated message to my brain that it was ok to eat the way I did.

It was all over by the time I realized what I had done. Oh well.........Im on plan today.

Have a great day everyone!

bennyhannahmama 11-21-2008 08:20 PM

Yesterday I typed a fairly lengthy post (shocking, I know) only to lose it :( After that, I didn't have the energy, mental capacity, etc. to re-do it. Hence, no post yesterday.
I really wish you weren't all so interesting and didn't have so many wonderful thoughts to share :p because I have so much I want to say in response!

Diet Coaches

I'm still hanging out with the 1st week tasks because I feel like I really want to instill them. One way I'm working on that is each night checking in on how I'm doing with the following:
1) ARC
2) Eating sitting down
3) Eating mindfully and slowly
4) Giving myself credit
5) Diet coach

I write down each item and put a little note with each one. I'm pretty sure that part of my hesitation to move forward is my fear, but I really feel like I want to focus on these items anyway. They've really made a tremendous difference for me.

Wednesday night I went running with my running group and we did sprints uphill in 25 degree weather! The beg/int group (me) was supposed to do 6 sprints up and back (the advanced group was doing 8) and it was tough! The worst part of the cold was my breathing and each time I reached the top of the hill I felt like I was on the verge of an asthma attack. BUT, I saw that some others in my group decided to do 1 more trip back up the hill for good luck and I decided to push myself and do it-- I did and I felt amazing afterward! We also then ran around the track for a good while after that. By the end of the day I had burned 2800 calories (my daily goal is 1850)! I think I was high for a full day afterward from that experience.

Last night after dinner I decided that I wanted a piece of pumpkin pie. I was REALLY tired (due to my run the night before and my inability to fall asleep afterward!) and had originally just planned on going to bed. For the first time since starting the BDS (about 2 weeks ago), I had that internal battle with myself. Should I have it? I want it. It's been in the fridge for a few days, it's gonna' go bad if I don't have it. I deserve it. I stopped myself and thought about whether or not it's on my plan. I've purposely made my plan non-restrictive in terms of types of food. I'm aiming to have a 500 deficit per day on average over the week. I plugged in the pie to see where I would be and realized that I would only have about 25 calorie deficit for the day, but they average of the week would still be at 670 calorie deficit per day. So, I decided that it is "on plan".
While eating the pie though I felt pretty *****y. I thought about what Beck says about that yucky feeling is about indecision. We feel like when we eat the yucky feeling goes away, but it's just because we've made a decision. If we decide know, there will be relief too. I felt like I "failed" because I didn't make the right decision. It felt like the "old" me and it felt like I could very quickly spiral right back into my old ways. As a matter of fact, I was going to bed after having the pie and decided I was too tired to read my ARCs (I typically read them whenever I brush my teeth) and that it wouldn't be a big deal since at least I had read them once. I was also going to skip my journal writing and checking in on my 5 "tasks". But then it hit me that this was my stinkin' thinking. I wasn't too tired 5 minutes ago to eat the pie. So, I changed my attitude right back to the "new" me by doing those 2 things and realizing that what I had done was not the end of the world. It felt much better.

Even with the pie last night, the scale still stayed at 145 this morning :D

Okay, before I do personals, I'm going to write a little disclaimer. Last night after losing my post, I jotted down some quick notes about what I'd like to respond to people. So some of these replies may be out-dated by now!


Wondering with the cash only doctor if they are worried about getting a bad rep. if people say they went to Doctor X and the treatment didn't help (but fail to mention that they didn't continue treatment because the ran out of $). Otherwise, I just have no clue, very strange. Maybe your mom can call back and speak to someone who can explain better. Either way, I hope you start to feel better soon.

I was thinking of what you've written about your food diary and not being able to keep track of food because you don't have your food diary. Do you think that may be an excuse? Couldn't you write it down somewhere else for now? Just something to think about.

Did you get to see Wall E? It's a fantastic movie!

Oh and I found what you had to share about the holocaust survivor speaking to your class very interesting. I am Jewish and had some distant family who died in the holocaust. It still blows my mind that it was such a relatively short time ago in history. I was just explaining the holocaust to my 7yo DD the other day because I was describing the Diary of Anne Frank to her. I think she'd really love that book. Need to see if it's on her reading level.


I too love your goal of being able to answer "yes" to your ARC-- I may have to steal that from you. Oh and as far as gifts to yourself: manicure/pedicure, fun socks, shoes, new slippers, new CD


Sorry your hip is hurting so much. You should be careful what you say to yourself though, "Dumb me" is not very good self-talk young lady! I'm so glad to hear that you believe in holding your DS when he needs that (I believe the same). Have you ever used a sling or backpack? If I remember correctly your DS is about 2. The Ergo is a great option and would distribute the weight more evenly. I LOVE my Ergo and so do my kids. (My 7-year-old, 50lb DD still likes to be in it!)


Thanks for the dream board reminder. I've heard of that before but had forgotten. I might have to try that one of these days. Sounds powerful and fun!


What a great job exercising your resistance muscle. I love that you didn't give up until you came to the right response. I hope I can learn from your experience.


I really hope you start feeling better soon. Take care of yourself!


I ate a 1/2lb of salmon by myself one night a couple of weeks ago (I did manage to fit it into my program, but it was still quite a bit)! This week when I bought it, I only bought a 1/2 lb and I just had it for dinner tonight and only had half of it-- woo hoo!

As far as stretching-- is there any way you can pay attention to how far you're stretching each time? You'll see progress that way :) I think the yoga/pilates is a great idea!


How are you and kiddos doing? Hope you're all feeling better.


Hope you get to rest soon but that's great that the shop is busy! I used to work at Campus Tees and Sweats on the North campus in The Commons, are you familiar with it? Well, I don't think it's still in business anymore (at least I know the original owners sold it). Anyway, we used to get our silk screening done by Joe and Mary, but I can't think of their last name or the name of their business. I remember the name Hertel, but I can't quite picture exactly where it is.

Hello to everyone else and I hope to post more frequently and less lengthy!

twilit tera 11-21-2008 09:43 PM

Must keep it brief and go back to laying down.

another day w/o tracking. No, the missing journal is no excuse, except I made it one. One of those "perfectionist" things ("I want it all organized chronologically in ONE place, or I don't want it at all.") Thanks, bennyhannamama for catching that. I figure the quickest way to get the journal to turn up is to replace it, so I'm going to tear the few pages in the front of the pretty purple notebook I used on my class observations and start using that. (It was extraneous anyway - I had to buy it because my street was closed off when I was trying to pick up my stuff from the apartment on the way to the school.)

Bill and Olive, if you find the topic of genetic engineering and its impace on society interesting, I recommend watching GATTACA. Great mystery/drama about a genetically "inferior" man who is determined to become an astronaut in a society in which genetic profiling and screening are commonplace. We have it in our movie collection, which was fortunate because my professor offered extra credit to people who wrote a report on it. :)

Oh, and as for China, I can only suggest polyandry, but I don't think that would fly there. ;)

Good for you, Bill on eliminating clutter. I try to simplify wherever possible. I married a packrat, so it's a daily challenge. :D

Thanks again, everyone for the emotional support. Joints are still killing me, but I've noticed trends in the pain that I can explain to the doctor. I do have an appointment. A specialist Mom saw before she got the one she saw for the latest hip surgery takes patients without insurance for a 20% discount. I also got another $250 award for Fall semester and my classes are already paid in full, so I can apply that to the visit.

My fever is down, but I still have some sinus drainage. I don't mind that so much - Sudafed is my Friend. I just hate the way my brain turns to mush when I'm feverish.

Okay, done for now. Be well all. angelmomma take care of yourself and tell hubby I'm rooting for him.

AnneWonders 11-21-2008 10:10 PM

I think I'm finally coming up for air. I went to work today and DH stayed home with the kids. They both seem better, and I think I'll be pretty functional with a decent night's sleep--here's hoping I get one. I'm going to figure out where I am in Beck and read on.

One possible issue looming: I have serious pain in my left foot--I felt something give when I ran Sunday night, and it is getting worse and not better. It feels like my stress fracture did several years back and I'm worried I may have another. I'm getting it looked at on Wed and my doc does Xrays on site so I might know what's going on. I'm supposed to run a 1.5 mile race with my DD on Thanksgiving morning, and I'll be very upset if I can't do it. In the meantime, I'm giving my foot complete rest, and am going to have to look into the Y since the city closed all the pools to save some money. There is more than one way to get from here to there, and if running doesn't work, then swimming will have to.

On the plus side my weight is down, even after some so-so eating the last couple days. Sudaphed can have that effect for me, but I'm only taking it to sleep; even though it is a stimulant, it really helps me to breathe and get rest. So who knows.

RobinW: stress or illness. What a choice! Here's wishing you the less difficult path, whichever that is.

angelmomma210: 2 months of bronchitis! Ouch. Feel better.

Bill: Have you been reading Does this clutter make my butt look fat? LOL! Good for you!

thinkerbell: NO CHOICE! I hate that too. But it implies to me that the choice has already been made and I'm committed to not having to remake it and think about it every time. Being committed is WAY more important than being motivated. Anybody else have a useful interpretation?

jeanie: I think you need to give yourself a major credit for resisting those things most of the week, and when you did eat one, you had ONE bagel. I think you did great!

Olive: good for you for checking in from the road.

bennyhannamomma: you talk about not moving forward because of your fear. What are you afraid of? Have you written that down? Sometimes I'm afraid of things and I write it down, and when I see it in black and white, I think, "Oh, that's silly," and poof, it's gone! Sometimes it is in some sense a true fear and then I can face it and work on it. It might help you from getting stuck in your safe zone because of fear, and a real, legitimate need to take some more time to get your motivation straight.

Tera: big credits for you on not letting the journal thing stop you, once you realized what you were doing. Sounds like you are taking some really positive steps to figure out your health care issues, so credits there too. I hope your hip is feeling better!


BillBlueEyes 11-22-2008 06:31 AM

Let the Weekend begin
Diet Coaches - Did my stretches at gym. CREDIT moi. Did them with an attitude; Oh Well. I have a long list of tasks to make our house look presentable for Thanksgiving guests - where presentable means that my clutter is no longer the dominant thing visible. The downside of looking neat is that the need to repaint the walls become more obvious. And then the need to redo the bathroom. And kitchen. Etc., etc., of course. Plausibly the rest of the world isn't as focused on my clutter as I am. But removing it reminds me of looking in the mirror after I had dropped my excess weight and noticing that I no longer saw a fat body, but now I say an imperfect body. Kinda funny, but when I only focused on the fat I wasn't noticing that the years were advancing on the ol' bod right on schedule. And there doesn't seem to be a diet for aging.

Jeanie (kuhljeanie) - Big Kudos for going a whole week with FREE food in a socially pressuring environment. In a similar situation, prior to my journey, when the pressure was strong, I've been known to have a second Egg McMuffin equivalent with sausage - Uggggggh just thinking about what that was doing to my arteries. Good luck on your MRI. And Kudos to your DH for burning the 20 years of collected magazines etc. Your comment reminds me that I need a Beck-like slogan something like
Remembering that you once owned the thing you're now looking for does not constitute proof that never throwing anything away would make your life better.
Gotta learn to accept that the occasional desire for something that's been thrown away is OK - it's not an emergency.

shrinkin - Waving to the road warrior - wherever you are.

Robin (RobinW) - Kudos for "Oh well.........Im on plan today." Yep, victory is hopping right back in the saddle. LOL at "within a week I have another clutter pile." That so happens to me. I clear a space and hardly have time to show off when I fill it up again. I finally cleared the dinning room table a few years ago and DW pounced on the space to do a project. Admittedly, she did a finite length project that had a beginning and an end - my clutter has no concept of a finite length. It's there for the duration.

angelmomma210 - Waving. Sending positive thoughts for the saga.

Tera (twilit tera) - Just dynamite that you have an appointment for your hip - good luck. Thanks for the tip about GATTACA. Will add that to my list.

Anne (wndranne) - Ouch for that left foot. Hoping that's it's not so serious that you can't run on Thanksgiving with your DD. Thanks for the reminder about Does this clutter make my butt look fat? That's on my list - along with another dozen motivational books written for clutterers. I'm still looking for a Beck equivalent book on clutter; if you find one like that, I'm a buyer for sure.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Just WOW on those sprints up the hill in 25 degree weather - Kudos; and Kudos for pushing yourself for the last one. Ouch for the negative feelings while eating the pumpkin pie - when eating it so rarely it deserves to be enjoyed. Thanks for the suggestion to monitor how far I stretch. There are some measured stretches that I can do and journal the results to satisfy my increasing-numbers-means-progress syndrome.

Olive (olive2) - Congrats on "almost the first five pounds." Five pound rewards is such a good idea - I miss the adrenaline rush of the losing phase. I would buy myself some book that I was dithering about because it wasn't really necessary. Have fun on your week trip a-visiting family. And Kudos for getting rid of those magazines. LOL at the Sabotaging Thought "I'll sell them on eBay." I've used that thought to justify clinging just a little bit longer; just gotta convey every item in my life to a willing and appreciative next owner. (Was Sassy a woman's mag?)

thinkerbell - Yep, a tantrum is an appropriate response to NO CHOICE. I hate being told what to do, and, as several replies suggest, so do others around here. But I can embrace NO CHOICE when I use it confronting something outside of my own plan. It's me telling me what to do. So, I can enjoy a moment of inner child tantrum, then let my inner adult recall that I have a reason for my plan and a whole Advantages Card of reasons for sticking to it. And yes, it's easier to accept after reading the chapter in Beck. Glad you're on your toes to push back on that one. (See if the quote below raises the hair on the back of your neck.)

Readers -
"Once I accept the fact that I have to give up spontaneous eating, dieting will be easier." Beck, pg 152.

bennyhannahmama 11-22-2008 09:09 AM

Good Saturday Morning Fellow Beckies
Diet Coaches

This weekend I want to work on re-vamping my ARC-- I have too many redundant ones that make me kind of get complacent when reading them and I also have forgotten some major ones such as, "Nobody will ever mistake me for being pregnant again when I'm not!" (This has happened more times than I can count-- even twice in one evening! I guess due to prior pregnancies, I just seem to carry my weight right around my stomach and truly have looked pregnant-- but not anymore!)

I also need to work on making some other response cards.

1. ARC: x 2
2. Sat down while eating: I'm pretty sure I did this all day
3. Ate mindfully and slowly: Yes, all day
4. Gave myself credit: I need to work on remembering to do this throughout the day. My idea of stopping to give myself credit everytime I check my watch is a good one, but only if I actually implement it!
5. Checked in with Diet Coaches: Yep, I did post.

My "update" on my Facebook page is about running the sprints in the cold weather. One of my friends responded saying that she was impressed, she could never do it, etc. I started writing a response to her that included a thank you and then I began to write that I wouldn't be able to do it on my own and I only did it because I was with my running group. I erased the second part. Even though it is true, it wasn't necessary for me to write. I needed to just accept the compliment and not devalue myself or what I did. :broc:

Oh and I'm down to 144 this morning :broc:


I have to admit I was a little nervous about saying anything about the food journal. But I figured, we're hear for support right? I also realized that you can take or leave my advice. I'm glad you were so receptive and it sounds like you found a good plan in place. I totally relate to the perfectionist thinking (it took me a good few days just to make my ARC because I wanted the perfect system)! Oh and purple is my favorite color so I think you've got a great new journal.


Glad to hear you and your kiddos are on the mend. Sorry to hear about your ankle and I really hope that clears up for you to do the run on Thursday. How old is your DD? I really look forward to doing races with my kids. There were some kids' races over the summer but we never made it to any. Maybe next year.

As far as my fear, I probably should do more writing about it. I know what some of it is. It's definitely not a rational fear. It's about fear of success. Fear of having to look at other aspects of my life if I'm no longer concentrating on weight loss (I've been doing that for most of my life), fear of feeling good enough about myself that I might actually consider dating, fear of being intimate with someone, etc., etc.


Kudos for your stretching, you ARE doing them! I wonder how many people share the clutter/weight issues. It definitely seems to be a theme. I know for me, having a clean, clutter-free house is another "Do I deserve this?" type of thing. Ugh, what is with not believing I deserve things--I'm getting better though!
Bill, I'm sure your clutter could be worse, you at least have room to have guests over for Thanksgiving-- seriously, my mom's house at times didn't even have a place for people to sit.
As far as a "Beck" book for clutter, what about applying the same principles? What about making ARC cards? What about making some "rules" you need to follow. Not sure if you've heard about flylady.com, but she basically has a behavioral approach to dealing with clutter. I'm pretty sure their are some websites that are off-shoots of hers for men. Although anyone can follow her system. FLY stands for: finally loving yourself. I highly recommend checking it out.

I'm off to go figure out all the healthy dishes I'm going to make for Thanksgiving!

Have a great day everyone.

RobinW 11-22-2008 11:23 AM

Just a quickie this morning.....I got up, felt recharged and rarin' to go. I had my coffee, started planning my day and now Im ready for a nap :(

(big sigh) Im going to get a few things done, then I think I'll come home and either flake out on the couch or crawl into bed with a good book.

Have a great saturday everyone! :wave:

maryblu 11-22-2008 11:45 AM

In defense of No Choice
Yo, Beckies,

I really want to dive into the clutter issue, because it intrigues me. I think it could be its own thread. No time now, so------------

Just have to defend No Choice. It is such an absolute, it can just shut down the discussion, that inner cacophony of food as signal. From what I gather, most of us use as a last resort. I used to use it as the first option, because it was easier.....it just shut it down and I didn't have to have the rest of the conversation with myself. Kinda like Dr. Evil saying "Zip it"..~

Yanno, come to think of it, "Zip it" could be useful!

AnneWonders 11-22-2008 12:13 PM

DH took DD out for the morning and DS is asleep so I'm trying to get caught up. I did not do all these today, but just reporting. I'm trying not to rush through, even though Day 19 is huge for me, and I want to get there. But I need to sit with all the days for a while.

Day 15 is Monitor Your Eating, which is a long time habit for me. But I've sort of gotten in the routine of it, and have now resolved to go back over the log at the end of the day, think about what I ate and why, and what lessons I can learn from it.

Day 16 is Prevent Unplanned Eating. I made my NO CHOICE card. In Mindless Eating, Brian Wansink points out that on a typical day we make more than 200 food-related choices. Now a bunch of them just got easier.

Day 17 is End Overeating. I'm going to do the exercise of leaving some food on my plate. I know I have no problem wasting, but am always interested in eating every bit of the food I planned.

Maryblu: that is a good observation on NO CHOICE.

RobinW: I envy your day!

bennyhannamama: good job on accepting the compliment! You deserve it.

Bill: if you find a diet for aging, lemme know! It seems my wrinkles and such get worse when I'm thinner. Sigh. In spite of the small baby, I am 39 (really) and have started to feel the years settle in.

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