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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches - Yep, my turkey chili over spaghetti squash was as good as I had hoped. CREDIT moi. (OK, perhaps taking credit for eating lunch is a bit of a stretch, particularly since I took credit yesterday for making the lunch, planing the lunch, buying the ingredients, and carrying it to the office, but, then again, as evidenced by the quote below, Beck encourages us to take credit.) Showed up on time for my trainer's session at the gym, but, my trainer had a cold so we rescheduled for next week. Oh Well. I was pretty psyched that I did three pull ups. CREDIT moi.

shrinkin - Welcome back from "quite nippy" Nebraska. Big Kudos for your five days of rational eating despite 5 party food opportunities. And even BIGGER Kudos for working in your two trips to a pool despite being in a busy celebration environment. LOL at "Wondering if the smell of cumin on hands reminds you of food and "keeps you hungry"?" Nope, not hungry, just happy. DS told me last night that cumin is the most used spice in the world next to black pepper. That was news to me since I always thought of it as only used in India, but he reminded me that it's used extensively in Mexico and South America.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch for the hip pain. Sending you warm thoughts to help it go away.

Jeanie - (Kuhljeanie) - Yeah that your "back is much better today." And Congrats for the "pants are fitting even more loosely." Sounds like a temporary stall to me; you seem on track. (Would think that two days of chasing El Nino would take off a pound at least, LOL.)

onebyone - Big Kudos to the "teacher with the City" who is feeling better today and is getting a bunch of work done. You are one Energizer Bunny, LOL.

Kim (bennyhannahmama) - Kudos for doing your Advantages Card, and Kudos for taking the big step of going to your first singles event. And Kudos for good food choices at Panera. You're on a roll here.

Re: "So do you put the turkey chili over the spaghetti squash?" Yep, that's exactly what I did - and it was really good. An inspired combination.

Olive2 - Great that you've already done some of the steps. Would you care to let us know where you are? Have you done your Advantages Card yet?

Readers -
"Give yourself credit and build your confidence that this time you can succeed." Beck, pg 141.
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Default week 14 day 2 maintaining

I'm off to wait for the bus in a few minutes but wanted to check in here first before I go. I am going to take up shrinkin's suggestion to "aim to maintain" this week.

And of course I do want to lose weight. So after the maintaining it is back to losing weight mode. I suppose this is my fall back plan of my two diet plans for the BDS program.

1) carb cycling program or 2) maintenence from the same program.

I'm doing 2. And it feels better just knowing I am not abandoning ship. I still have a plan and I allowed to take a break here and there and I do not have to gain my weight back. NO CHOICE on that one

Gotta go. Will do a full report when I am back unless I am there very late which could very well be the case today....

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Greetings all.

I just found this thread and I'm jumping in. I'm a long time maintainer, 5+ years, of a 100+ pound weight loss, and I've fallen into some sloppy thinking habits lately and am working through Beck to get my head straight again. I'm also just pulling out of survival mode with a new baby (5 months), and trying to take off some of the weight that came on when I was pregnant. CBT has been great for me in the past to get my behavior going where I wanted it to go, so I'm glad to have found this support thread. I'm finding some of the steps are old hat to me, with literally years of practice, and some are new, so it should be an interesting trip.

I'm on Day 6 now, Diet Coach day, so I'm going to check in here regularly if you'll have me. After work today, I'll come back and give you all some more detail about my chosen plans and history so that I can be more accountable.

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Good morning everyone!

Thank you for all your warm welcomes, I can tell this is going to be a great place to give and get support.

I'm starting day 4 today - Give yourself credit. I'm going to read the chapter after I post here.

I bought the Beck Diet Solution when it first came out. I think I read about it in two different places, Newsweek and Shape magazine, and I thought that sounds exactly like what I need, so I of course rushed out to buy it. I brought home a book and started to read it, but it just didn't sound right. It was a diet book about how to change your behavior, but it sure wasn't what I had been expecting. It took me a few days to figure out I had bought the wrong book, The Four Day Win by Martha Beck. So, I rushed back to the bookstore and found the right book! I wish I could say the rest is history, but unfortunately I have never gotten more than halfway through the steps before something has gotten in the way.

I am now ready to complete all the steps and finally get all this weight off once and for all! I'm re-reading the book slowly and carefully, highlighting things as I go along. Yesterday I wrote my advantages card and commited to a reasonable diet. Today I will start doing all my eating sitting down. That is something I thought I could skip last time. This time I am taking no short cuts and commiting to this program 100%.

kuhljeanie - Congrats on staying on plan. That sounds great that it was easier to stay on plan in that situation than not to. Plateaus are frustrating, I hope the scale moves soon.

shrinkn - It sounds like you went on a trip, to a wedding, a celebration, and stayed on program and got in a lot of extra exercise Good for you! I hope I can stay on program on an upcoming trip. I'll be thinking of you and how you did it.

RobinW - I hope your hip gets better.

angelmomma210 - I hope seeing your live coach and your friends helps. There's nothing like talking to others to make a person feel better.

bennyhannahmama - Good job finally doing your responses card. I just did mine yesterday. Now, let's both go and read them again!

BillBlueEyes - Take all the credit you can get, it's a good habit to get into, way better than any negative self-talk. I'm reading the chapter on taking credit today and giving myself credit for that

onebyone - Good job making the decision to maintain!

Welcome Anne! I'm new here too. Looking forward to getting to know you.
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Hi all

Just another quickie, hello to the new folks and

My hip is still an issue and it's keeping me from focusing too long on anything. Eating is fine....actually its pretty good. My hip is making me think harder about what I am eating. Im sure a few less pounds would make my hip happier. I still havent gone to the chiropractor. I had a really bad experience with one many years ago, and thanks to him I stay away from them.

I check a few times a day and read up on what everyone is doing.....Im here just not posting much.

Have a great day everyone!
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Back on the wagon
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Default stupid laptop

happy tuesday my coaches and WELCOME ANNE!
still hovering at 174.5, but that's okay. i think i slept better last night than in a while. i say "think" because my stupid new laptop is 64-bit, and the sensewear app isn't compatible yet, so i can't log or upload at work until they fix it (sometime in the next few months? throwing tiny foot-stomping tantrum.) i'm keeping my food log on an excel file that i email myself every night, so i now log everything in the evening. i'm irritated that i have to change my routine! and i can't see how i ate the day before or slept the night before until i come home from work. some nights i'm up every other hour, but i don't remember. i've come to rely on that sucker for so much! so, like i said, i THINK i slept well last night. weird dreams, though. today i'm sore from some serious quad work in yoga yesterday, followed by a run. i'm pretty sure i can do a 12 min mile for an hour but will start with 45 minutes and see how i feel afterwards. credit moi for pushing myself but not completely overdoing it. credit moi for staying on plan for 2 straight weeks! and credit moi for exercising long and hard enough yesterday that i woke up significantly hungrier than the day before.

bill, i say go ahead and give yourself credit for eating your chili and squash. when i was on the 6wbm diet, i used to cook on sunday for the whole week, then let 1/2 my on-plan food go bad because i just didn't "feel" like eating it. so in my mind, that's a completely separate kudo. congrats on the pull-ups! i weigh quite a bit more than you, but it's something to work towards. i'm feeling inspired. i'd love to experience that linda hamilton feeling.

onebyone, so relieved to hear the je ne sais quoi back in your voice. what was that discussion we had a few months back about everyone being a maintainer, even if it's a single pound? go us maintainers until we're good and ready to lose again! yay us.

robin, so sorry to hear that you're hurting! get better soon! a good chiro is the bomb. a bad one, not so much.

hi kim! yep, i'm a fellow tribeswoman. kudos on writing your advantages! no fear! care to share them with us? sometimes people come up with really good ones, and i add them to my own list. also credit on handling panera! aren't you loving your monitor? i don't know what i did before. i do calorie cycling already (sigh.) eating range is between 1400 - 2000, although i average 1600 (target.) burn range varies too, although my target is 2350. so i average a 750 calorie deficit, with a low as little as 150 cals and high as much as 1300. if it keeps up a few more weeks, i'll check back with the good dieticians at bistro md to see if they have any ideas. it's nice that i can email them the sensewear reports and complete food logs.

good for you, olive! eating sitting down was huge for me. now it feels weird if i'm in a situation where i have to eat standing up. sitting is also a trigger to me to slow down, too. the steps sort of work with each other. kudos on doing them all! are you willing to share your advantages? (see note to kim, above.)

hi anne! glad to have you! babies! babies! i'm finally rid of the post-partum weight myself (thanks beck!) and am working on the pre-pregnancy weight. let us know how we can support you!

welcome home shrinkin! BIG kudos for working the principles on a challenging trip, food and exercise-wise. persist in victory!

here you go, angelmomma! here's my most loving eating won't do a friggin thing to help your stress. exercise will, though. glad to hear that the winds are finally blowing your way. now, back to it!

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Hi guys. Sorry for being away for so long. The weekend was weird. Fun, but weird and I went way off plan, got not enough sleep, had a day of eating nothing but pizza, felt like I was catching a cold by the end of it, but feeling better now.

Why, after literally months of smooth sailing, I should be struggling now...

Discovered LittleBigPlanet at a friend's house. 10 times more addicting than The Sims IMO. Desperately want a PS3 now, and yet, I'm kinda relieved to not have that temptation 24/7.

Today is my first day back on plan. Tomorrow is my first scheduled workout day since going off. The knee has been achy - I think in part due to the weather. Either that or I twisted it again, which is so easy to do, really...

Makes me worry about being in shape to take a teaching job when I graduate. If I can injure myself just taking a step wrong how am I going to manage a classroom? Trying not to worry about it now. I must trust that I'm going in the right direction and the path to take after graduating will open up at that time.

Welcome newbies (even the old newbies)!

:group hug: to all.
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Default Tuesday report

Hi, coaches,

Well an almost OP day for me yesterday. First day back and trying to get back into a routine. Was about 200 cals over plan over yesterday. Only big oops was that I had 4 of those small hersheys squares (eew...that is the 200 cals over and they are not even that good). Oh Well. Not enough over to gain. If I want to lose though, gotta stop "fooling self" that a little over does not matter. It all counts.

Made it to the pool yesterday to make up for Sunday and did my "normal" Tuesday am pool workout today! WooHoo for two days in a row. My routine since July has been to go to the pool on Tue-Thurs-Sat and Sun.

This week is a big week. On Thursday, my physical theapist is going to do a full fitness eval and design a resistance work out for my core and legs, as well as start discussing how to enhance my balance. As the oldies on this board know, I have been seeing her since July for elbow tendonitis and a rotater cuff (shoulder) problem. The arm is better this week, but I am trying not to get so excited that I overdo. I have some residual leg problems from knee surgery (left leg) and a serious ankle injury (right leg). So, lucky that my same PT has been allowed to design my work out and follow the rest of me for a while. I convinced them that prevention was better than cure.

BBE-Well, you do get CREDIT for executing the eating of the planned food! No matter that you already got credit for planning and fixing. LOL. WOW THREE pull ups...awesome. I cant even dream of that yet.

onebyone-You are are on target because you are doing plan B and already thinking about when you are returning to plan A. You just don't want to gain while you are busy. That too takes some work and still applying the Beck principles.

Anneto the Beck board. We gladly accept all coaches. We are all practicing Beck's suggestions together. I started back in July, but there are sections of Beck that still need my attention. Keep telling us about your progress!

Olive2-"Giving Credit" is a great day! Yup, the best way to be successful is to not take short cuts. Thanks for your applause. While travelling to DS wedding, I kept the Beck principles in mind...and also having to report back here helped.

RobinW-Kudos for your eating being on target. Every pound does impact joint happiness! Hope you can get some hip relief soon.

kuhljeanie-I'm with you on that irritation from breaks in a successful routine. Hope you can endure until your computer compatibility problem gets resolved. Kudos for figuring out some work arounds in the interim!

angelmomma-hope that your DH's issues get to closure real soon and that your time and energy will be more available for focusing on diet. Agree with jeanie...exercise is a great stress reliever.

Lunch break is over. Back to work! Goal for later today: get to market to pick up some produce and restock frig for some healthy eating tomorrow.

Great day all!
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Default Eek I almost ate standing up!

It was a planned snack, a banana, I walked over to my laptop which I keep on the kitchen counter, peeled the banana and almost took a bite before I caught myself. I took it over to the table, sat down and mindfully enjoyed every bite. It made me realize what a habit I have of snacking in front of the computer. Well, no more.

Here is what I wrote on my Advandages Response Card as requested by kuhljeanie. This time I wrote my card before I looked at Dr. Beck's suggestions, I wanted it to be more meaningful and to feel like I really own these advantages, kwim? I was suprised to see how close they were to the ones mentioned in the book.
  1. I want to feel completely comfortable in my skin: to feel good in whatever I'm wearing, to feel free to dance anytime, anywhere, to feel comfortable running or playing with my kids.
  2. I want to like to shop for clothes again and enjoy wearing styles I like. I don't want to dress to hide my body.
  3. I want to walk down the street with self confidence.
  4. I want to have energy.
  5. I want to feel good and happy.
  6. I don't want to worry about my health.
  7. I don't want to be a fat mom.
  8. I want to feel attractive.
Well, that's all I've got so far. I'm sure I'll add more to the list, but I feel pretty good about these so far.
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Default Short story long

I should start with a history of my weight management. In Dec 2002 I got the Big Click, which turned into the Big Loss of 2003. I went from 289 pounds down to the low 170s where I remained for a couple years. During this time I took up running and triathlon as a hobby. In 2005, I had a somewhat complicated pregnancy with lots of sickness and bed rest, and gained 60 lbs. I took that off within a year by returning largely to my healthy habits. I then stayed in the mid 170s for about a year, and then pregnancy #2 was a repeat performance, with a 55 lb gain. My DS is now 5 months old, and while the weight is coming off (I'm about halfway back), I've gotten a bit lax in applying my strategies again.

Aside from the pregnancies, I took the weight off and maintained it by counting calories, maintaining food and exercise logs, applying mild to moderate calorie restriction when needed, concentrating on a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources, getting lots of exercise and adequate sleep. I find diet is essential for losing weight, and exercise is essential for maintaining that loss. And keeping my head straight about it all is the key to that. I informally used some CBT principles to keep myself to my lifestyle rules/guidelines. Two children later, and I'm tired and less focused, so I sought more structure, hence the Beck plan.

So here I am. My strengths: I have a strong (years long) habit of journaling food and exercise, and anything related to my physical well being (sleep, sickness, soreness, etc). I don't do much emotional eating, but have to be careful about my environment, which I keep pretty weight loss friendly (tomorrow's task, I think). I'm good at exercise, and feel bad when I don't get to do it. Weaknesses: I'm not getting enough sleep right now (DS isn't yet sleeping through), which leads to memory problems and occasional lack of impulse control. I'm also insanely busy with work, 2 small children, exercise, healthy food prep, and all the other day to day stuff, and I've made all the time there is make so I'm down to prioritizing--the poor dog is often neglected. I love junk food, and have a tendency to eat/overeat it, so I have to watch that pretty closely. Finally, I'm still nursing my son, so weight loss must be slow and any calorie restriction must be very moderate, since I need to protect his food source as well. Slow is good, but sometimes frustrating.

Now I appear to have gotten Big Click #2. I am now back to having the mental capacity to make and fulfill commitments and I'm doing a couple things. I have the same kinds of feelings about doing this as I did at the beginning, the same certainty if I put in the work. I'm rebuilding my running with the Couch to 5K plan (3 weeks in), lifting weights again using the New Rules of Lifting for Women plan (1 week in), and now Beck (1 week in). I'm also being careful with my diet again, and although I don't have a strict one, I'm pretty happy with the way I eat when I come in to 2200-2600 calories, depending on the day's activity levels, so that's what I'm shooting for. (This is my Day 2, plan #1.)

Thanks for the welcome here & I'm glad to find a good group to be my diet coaches! I'll do some more reading tonight and try to make things more short, to the point, and more Beck Plan oriented tomorrow. I'd love some help with my weaknesses, and I'm happy to give support where I can. Oh yeah, I'm giving myself credit for signing up.

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Hunger-not an emergency!
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S/C/G: [url=


Well...tomorrow my dh gets to meet with the other supervisor. He has been working on the information that he wants to give him. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We will see what will be good to get this over.
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Default Back to my Beckies

Time to get back to my Beckies.

Serious reality check yesterday with the scale. Even though I was so unsatisfied with the wt. gain and where the fat had settled, there was some lulling effect by the scale not reading above the admitted 155. My wicked ways finally caught up with me even there. I finally got my Beck support group together......three of the best of the best women I know. More on that later...way cool!

I have been reading the thread and wanting to jump in so many times, but never felt up to being coherent enough to warrant being read. I have found great wisdom in the new posters' the way you are all inspiring me to get back to the basics and start over.

What prompted my plunge tonight of course was BillBE......saying "grok"...*sigh....summore great wisdom there, No?? My formative years (ie freshman year in college just off the farm) were greatly influenced by Heinlein and Frank Herbert.

Will report on the BAG ladies tomorrow. The marketer in me of course had to name us. A dozen dancing carrot to whoever can tell me what it stands for. Red Flag, BillBE!

CoastalSue, where are you, dear?

Hi to all the old timers and hello to the new blood and fresh outlooks.
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Thumbs up Welcome Anne (wndranne)


Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get this when you joined 3FC 4 years ago !!!,

As a long time 3FC member, it's not a surprise that you found this thread. But how did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution initially?
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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches - Walked to my botany class; CREDIT moi. It's a good time to chat with DW, particularly on the way home where we just marvel at the stuff. I finally got the difference clear between Mitosis (cell dividing to grow) and Meiosis (cells dividing to make spores, sperm, eggs, etc for sexual reproduction). Mitosis yields exact daughter cells; Meiosis yields daughter cells with small random variations (that make our siblings different) as well as only half the DNA in preparation for the joining of the mother and father cells. I salute all you real students who are doing this with homework and tests - and I'm jealous of you as well as it's so much fun. And CREDIT moi for having a giant Matsu Apple for my evening snack. That's one good eating apple.

And thank you guys for supporting my taking credit for eating my lunch after already taking credit for making it. Since giving myself credit has been one of the harder of Beck's strategies to work, I'm sensitive about over doing it. Nevertheless, that reminds me; CREDIT moi for buying Matsu Apples so that my desire for a snack was focused on them rather than Kit Kats or chocolate or even junkier food.

mayrblu - From out of the blue she appears. So good to hear from you and especially that you were conjured by grok. Yep, a lovely word, lovely times. I thought of you last night while eating my Matsu Apple. Honey Crisp Apples are no longer at the farmers' markets. Hope your BAG ladies get you moving on your plan. Bright And Glamorous? I do hope your shout out awakens costalsue

shrinkin - Two Kudos for back to back trips to the pool. Neat that you get right back on track after a trip. Sending supportive thoughts for you PT visit this week. Hope she conjures a good plan for you.

Robin (RobinW) - Ouch that the hip is still an issue. Kudos for eating on plan. Hope you get some relief soon.

Jeanie (Kuhljeanie) - Kudos for two weeks on plan and for all the exercise. Ouch that the new 64 bit laptop is blocking your senswear software. LOL at "i THINK i slept well last night." Back in the old days, we had to look at how rumpled the bed spread was to know whether we slept well or not. And yep, I remember you first post. More precisely, I remember my panic when I read the first post of a nursing mother who was feeling faint as she did the hunger exercise. Glad you called that exercise complete and got something to eat.

onebyone - Kudos for making sane judgments to stay in the game. Yep, maintaining is on the wagon and staying committed. Sending positive thoughts that you get all the students' clay works all fired up and off your platter.

Tera (twilit tera) - Ouch for a knee that is still achy. Kudos for getting back on plan after a weekend of pizza. I've seen teachers of all different sizes. Recalling that one of our posters found teaching such good exercise that we named it Teachercizze.

anglemomma210 - Sending supportive thoughts for your DH's next step in his saga.

Olive2 - Kudos for "taking no short cuts and committing to this program 100%." Working the strategy to only eat while sitting down is harder than it seems. I am one of the many who found myself nibbling in places that I wasn't noticing - including the notorious eating from my plate while carrying it to the table. LOL at buying the book by the wrong Beck. BTDT.

wndranne - Terrific to have a long time maintainer join the Beck thread - particularly someone who already has experience in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Thanks for your thoughtful introductory post. LOL at "I'm down to prioritizing--the poor dog is often neglected." You've come to the right place - a number of posters here are also "insanely busy." I'm not familiar with the phrase "Big Click" - pretty clear what it means from your description, but where's it from? And yep, Kudos for signing up.

Readers -
"Dieters who kept detailed food logs were even able to lose weight over the winter holiday season." Beck, pg 143.
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Default Wednesday report

Morning coaches,

Well, another not so good report on calories. My limit is 1400 and was over yesterday by 400! Yikes! Biggest challenge was after dinner eating. Was not satisfied with dinner of sushi and a spinach salad. Started trolling for more food and had grapes, followed by a banana...and then indulged in a protein bar. All healthy, but well over my limit. I don't think the eating was in response to hunger...more likely food desire. Will have to get the book out today and read about both tolerating hunger and dealing with food desire.

Went to grocery last night in heavy rain. CREDIT MOI for getting some healthy food back in the house so that I can get totally back on plan.

Today is not an exercise day, but I am still giving self credit for being OP this week with my exercise. Have noticed lately how much easier it is to walk.

BBE-Have not seen a Matsu apple. Bought some more Ambrosia apples last night. They are my "post Honey Crisp" favorites. for you Enriching Your Life with botany marvels.

Maryblu-Welcome back to the board! Guessing that BAG is for Beck AGain.

angelblu-keeping my thoughts positive for you and DH.

Anne-Your overall plan sounds a bit like mine...eating healthy, recording calories, committing to exercise and to rest. Not familiar with New Rules of Lifting for it a book?

Olive2-Great Advantages Response Card! Kudos for catching yourself before banana eating while standing.

twilit tera-just realized I missed your post yesterday. Ouch for your knee. You ARE going to be in shape for teaching. Must be on your ARC. Methinks when we are sailing along is when the time is ripe for a slip. Let down the guard a little after doing well and a slip happens. Just get back on the wagon. You can do it.

in advance to robin, onebyone, kuhljeanie, bennyhannahmamma and coastalsue and any other posters that will be checking in later today!
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