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Hello everyone,just checking in.I have done my Beck and Weight Watchers for everyday except today.I was at the YMCA Mon.,Tues.,Wed and I did well Wed. eve at my family get together with just having one plate of dinner heavy on veggies and one dessert.Weigh in day for me lost 4.8 pounds this week at WW weigh in.All that is great BUT I must confess today was a dismal failure.I was starving by the time I got back from the WW meeting because I hadn't eaten before the meeting.Ate my breakfast and lunch together and never felt full.I think I have been eating almost no fat perhaps that was the problem.
Had pizza and chickenwings for dinner and feel exhausted and in a mood.Total weight loss for the month 9.4 pounds. thanks wendy
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Thank you Bill and Kat! I'm glad to be here! I've been posting on the Nursing Mommies and YOAD (Dr. Oz) threads for about two weeks, but haven't actually started YOAD since I received my Beck CDs and am going through the first two weeks.

I did eat almost immediately after you gave me "permission", which was a good thing, because I was starting to feel nauseated. At the end of the day I'm still feeling like my execution was lacking. I had such a visceral reaction to the mere idea of skipping a meal, I was determined to really do it right. So I overdid it. The more time passed, the more hungry I felt, and even though I ate at 3:00 pm I ended up with a headache for hours afterwards. I got sick and shakey, and I can't honestly say I feel more secure or less panicked about letting myself be hungry. What do I do with this? I keep coming back to this sabotaging thought that if I'd done it "right", I'd have the same confidence y'all have about being hungry. Instead I'm thinking that when I start to get hungry I REALLY NEED to get food into my body. This does not appear to be Beck's intent.

Sorry about bursting on the scene earlier - I should have introduced myself. Name is Jean, I live in Ohio, recently married and I have a baby boy who is quickly approaching his first birthday. I work full time and am also going to graduate school at night. I'm training for my second half marathon in May (I'm a walker) as a way of proving to myself that I have fully recovered from pregnancy and childbirth. Criminy did that do a number on the bod! We're planning a second in the next little while, and I want my new starting weight to be healthy. I'm also borderline hypertensive, which was exacerbated by pregnancy, and didn't serve me in the least.

It might seem insane to be starting a new eating plan with so much going on, but to be perfectly honest with myself, I've always had a lot going on, and if not now, when? I'm also beginning to suspect that having "a lot" going on is another avoidance mechanism. Chronic hyperbusiness is a fabulous excuse for any number of things, and it lets me play superwoman.

So, that's me. My ACR list is on my other laptop - I'm happy to share and will throw it on the thread tomorrow.

One last question - towards the beginning of week 2, I started feeling sad about changing. I find myself eating cake every night not because I want it, I'm not even particularly craving it, but I've got this feeling that if I don't eat this stuff before I'm officially on a diet, it's a kind of betrayal of who I've been for most of my life, and in a sort of twisted way feels like a proper sendoff to someone that I've gotten very attached to. Does that make any sense?
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Good evening everyone,
I have to check in quickly tonight. Ironic since I wrote all about making time for activities for my weight loss plan and I am out of time for checking in tonight! HA!

Went to Costco tonight and ate no samples and ate no dinner food either (dd did and I visited with her while she ate).

A colleague noticed that I had lost weight and we got chatting about healthy living. She asked me if I would want to do the danskin triathlon. Scary thought since I am not a big runner but all legs are short distances (relatively speaking that is..) and it may be a good challenge for me. I will look it up and consider it. I am also looking into ballroom dance classes. I need a fun exercise and something for just me (versus making fun out of something that is really for dd). Fun to think about the possibilities!

Til tomorrow, Heidi
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Hello everyone,

Welcome Kuhljeanie- glad to have your imput here on the Beck Forum. BillblueEyes said it perfectly-about the stopping the skipping food exercise. With your reactions so glad you stopped. All diet plans are suggestions and the key to figure out how to modify them for to fit our individual needs. I followed my eating plan trying not to eat treats-only healthy non sugar stuff-results when I was good, I was sooo good, but when I overindugled it was sooo bad. Based on advice others gave me here, I now include 10% of my daily cals for treats-you know the fun stuff with no nutrious value. This is working for me. You response to giving up the cake is so familiar to me-yes food has been a soothing friend to me, it hard to give it and I needed to learn other ways-that is the good thing about Beck-you do learn them and posting here as helped to me to reflex and learn. Give yourself time and changes will happen. I remember I felt dieting was losing a good friend ( the comfort of over eating)-this feeling is being replaced with the greater satisifaction of losing weight and have much great mobilty. I have many set backs, but I am 66 lbs thinner and it feel good.

Heidi, so glad your hard work to lose weight is being noticed-Combining fun, exercise and adult time all sound great-success on finding something. Why no dinner? Thanks for the review of Beck Chapter. All this planning has resulted in my liking food better-needing the much less volumn but really enjoy the best flavors for the smaller amount I do eat. I finally have the beginning of a picky eater. I am too good for cruddy food.

BillBlueeyes-hope your favorite time wins the Superbowl -(unless there is some Calif or MN team playing) I think not. so on Patriots. Sorry your Sudoku time needs to be shorten-one of my favored time passers-but I also make a effort to limit the amount. The time for meal prep is a hugh amount-everything fresh, from scratch ect-I miss the convience of pre-made or drive thur the window foods-don't miss the taste tho. Just noticed that a food processor(chop thoses veggies) was on sale in Santa Rosa .-don't think I can get down any time soon-much rain, lots of flooding and road closures. Again thank you so much for continuing to include this forum as part of your daily schedule. You are such an important part of this place!

CatR-Yup agree the prep times gets old, but now notice some other foods taste oily, salty, and thicken with flour. At least for all the work we do get good taste. I have some evening with some lower cal frozen meals. Love Calif kitchen Pizza-check the box some much lower cal.
As a family we camp every summer for two weeks up at Wright's lake in the Sierras-off 50 around Kyberz-then took day trips into Desolation Valley. Have a great tme on your trip.

CherryAutmn-After much practice I love eating slowly and mindfully. things can taste so good if I take the time to slowly chew them. In the beginning this stuff was annoying-it took many months to automatically do this, along with a set place to eat. I could be a speed eater and drive down the road. One of the side benefits for me, is that I have much fewer food stains on my clothing-none in the car. Let us know how it goes.

WendyLan-good plan for the family meal-NIce weight loss for the month. Tonight meal was just one meal-not a dismal failure-you went to the y 3x, lost over 9lb -much credit for alot of successes. An occassional overindulgence is just Oh Well-Good time for questions-do I need more fat? Short time between meals?, Is there lower cal pizza-I love it also?, fewer wings?, rest?ect. With time you will figure out ways to do it and keep the cals down.

Erika and MaryBlu-big hi to you folks-may the weather get better soon.

I also been fight "the Mood" There has been no sun for days-much much rain and alot of minor road flooding-nothing too serious just have no business leaving our area. Naturally the more we should not travel the more I want to go. Hoping this crabby attitude soon passes. I am working tomarrow and already some of co-workers are not coming in due to road flooding or the serious likelhood of it. There is literally only one road to use-when a creek covers it you are not getting home for a couple of days. Yesterday late last night I ate about 250 cals of unnecessary nuts-good new I got ucky heart burn from them. It was a no win situation-I really didn't want the stuff, I knew I trying to feel "better" as this is what I always did in the past to feel better-knew it would not work and yes it did not make me feel better. I still did it any way. Weird Weird credit went back to and stayed on plan today.


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