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Default Dec 3 to Dec 9 Friends and Losers Thread

Up and at 'em, everybody! Time to start another week!

Have a great day!
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LAWL Salt Police
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FRAK! You posted just before I did with my F and L thread...

You beat me to it, so I'll have mine shut down..

You teachers sure do get up early!
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Heather - East TN
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Good morning all!

I've missed you all! I am having to use some self-control and not go back to catch up on all I've missed since I last checked in. I was so addicted to these threads and everybody's goings-on that I had to go cold turkey for awhile!

I am still on LAWL and would still be losing if I could be POP EVERY day. I'm struggling! I'm feeling pretty good at this weight although it's far from my goal. I get complacent when I'm not miserable anymore. Every day's a new day though and I start each day with every intention of being POP. Now if I can just make it through to the end of the day, I'll be in good shape!

How's everybody else doing? Holidays kicking ya in the butt? I hope I'm not the only one, but certainly want to hear how everyone's dealing with the temptations.

I've updated my ticker and my avatar - that pic is from the beach near Charleston, SC in mid-October. Sadly, I've only lost maybe 5 more pounds since then. Better than gaining, I guess.

Here's to a POP day!

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Hey, doing my usual check in after a not so great weekend. I've just lost focus on this thing but am trying my best to get back on usually last Monday - Thursday and then I'm off again. Haven't been gaining but I'm not losing either.

Felicia - I love the new hair and pic, you look awesome.

Dan - The family portrait is great!

Heather - you look wonderful!
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SkinnyMini-to-Be :)
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Good Morning All!

I had a mostly POP weekend.. went a little overboard on the pasta yesterday, but otherwise it was good.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Happy Monday fellow losers i hope you all had a great weekend. We spent time with friends Friday and Saturday evening, so that was enjoyable. We don't get to do it as often any more since we had a baby! I eat a little more then I was supposed to this weekend. We started christmas baking and it is dangerous! I will try my hardest, but I am sure I will need to do another TO just to keep myself on track. We'll see...
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Starting over after baby!
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Felicia! Love the hair!

Hope everyone has a great POP week!
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LAWL Salt Police
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Hey there..

Thanks for all the comments on the portrait.. We did the JCPenny thing this year.. We skipped it last year while our weights were "in transit", so we figured we should get it done this time around.

I wanted to pass along my little nugget of 5-cent philosophy from the other thread I started, but took so long to finish what I was writing that Felicia snuck this one in before me...

>>>>Focus on the small things this week... Sometimes details matter... Details like that "one small bite of fudge" or that "extra cup of hot chocolate" or that "small handful of Chex Mix"....

Yes, it's the holidays and we all deviate from plan once in a while, but don't use the holidays as an excuse to go nuts... You are free to live on this plan, but the PLAN AIN'T FREE, so don't blow it!!

Have a great day, all!!
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Time to get back on track
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Went to my WI and PSV this morning... I did NOT buy any LA LITES, and i lost 3 pounds! WOO HOO! Wednesday will be the end of my first week... I want to see how much I can lose by then! This is very exciting!

I don't know what POP means... but I am soooooooooo it right now! Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEK!
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Hi All! I had a good weekend! But I didn't eat everything that I was supposed to. I was just so lazy sat I didn't eat hardly anything which I know is bad. And then yesterday too just couldn't get it all in. Ugh! So I am very nervous to weigh in tomorrow. Hope it goes well. You will be happy to know that I went out this weekend for a friends birthday and didn't drink. I am 1 month sober as of today! Crazy!
Felicia- like the new do!
Dan-Love the new pic!
Emily-Awesome job on the Inches! That's great!
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Felicia, I didn't recognize you for a moment, you look so different from your old picture, you can really see the weight loss in your face and shoulders.

Cecil, Great that you've made it a whole month without indulging in the liquid fruit or starch. When you get to the point where you are able to indulge, take it easy, as after so long without it you will feel it more. I find what works best for me is to start out with a real drink, a glass of wine if I've saved the fruit or a light beer if I've got a starch to spare, and then I will order club soda after that, so I have a drink in my hand and am sitting there being social and really no one has ever commented on this, since the last thing I want when I'm out being social is to have to go on and on about my diet. If it is a long event where others are drinking quite a bit, I might have 2 real drinks, alternating with the club soda. That way I don't end up drinking too fast and making really bad decisions. Of course you have to have the exchanges for that. Anyway, club soda you can have in virtually unlimited quantities and still be on plan.
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LAWL Salt Police
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Thanks Cecil!

Michie - POP means "perfect on plan"... Way to go on your losses.. Keep it up!
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WOW the new haircuts are awesome!! Congrats chickies!

HEATHER!!!!!!! You've been missed! I asked Crystal about you when I went to WI Thursday! So glad to see you checking in. I understand needing to take a break but next time dont fall off the face of the earth, me and the other Kim were worried about you!!! Got time to meet for coffee anytime before the holidays? Let me or Kim know and we'll see if we can work something out!

Oh, my mostly POP week netted me a 1.6 pound loss at WI Thursday then I proceeded to eat like a pig all weekend, sheesh! LOL

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LAWL since 2/07
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Hi all. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I learned how a trip to Whataburger can TOTALLY screw up your weight loss! I went with a friend to a state playoff game (her son is on the team) and the only place that wasn't PACKED was whataburger. We won 41-14 BTW. I did get some unexpected exercise. The bleachers at this stadium were HUGE. We started walking up the stairs, took 2 breaks and I was about to have my friend call the paramedics when she finally hung a left and headed for the seats. Whew! The stairs seemed to go straight up instead of a gradual incline. I later found out that they added on after the fact and didn't want to lose any parking so they did basically just go straight up! It was like climbing a ladder.

Back to being POP now and will be making plans for the upcoming weekend. I seem to love weekend binging. Maybe if I get something set in stone I won't be so tempted to deviate. Other than that the weekend was good and I have plans for a perfect week.
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Do you guys having any luck finding reduced fat cheese? I can find the slices of american cheese, but have a really hard time finding any hard cheeses. Any suggestions on where to look or brands to try?
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