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Default Need support controlling my carbohydrate binges

hiya everyone

I have a real problem with carbohydrates.... once i start i dotn stop. i could seriously sit therea nd eat a whole loaf of bread plain.... im seriously thinking that the only way i can get control of my carbo binging is if i stop eating carbohydrates...

has anyone else been through this?
how have u controlled this? have u giving up carbohydrates.... and how did uovercome the creavings for thinsg such as bread and pasta?

need advice

thanks everyone
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<sigh> does it help that you're not alone in this???? hmmm. didn't think so.

the bottom line answer is: just stop eating them!!!! sounds simple, doesn't it. it's not that easy..

check out the low carb section of the forum. and some in the maintenance forum, and the ladies who lift. and the weight loss surgery section. and just about every other forum around here!!!! there is a whole lot of wisdom, and you're more than welcome to post anywhere that strikes your fancy.

for me... pretzels are evil. i walk around the office taking routes to avoid them. i talk to them and tell them to leave me alone. i knit. drink warm tea. talk to myself. all kinds of things.. oh. and i make sure i never get REALLY hungry.

nice to meet you!!!!
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Hi - I have been terrorized by cravings all my life. Atkins and just doing low carb did not help me. I am trying the carbohydrate addicts diet now. Day 3, and I have to say I am cautiously optomistic. No cravings today! Would love others to chat about the diet and share successes, etc. Let me know if you try it and if it helps you too!
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Wink thanks

thanks girls...

What things are you allowed on the carbohydrate addicts diet?
Im just for the moment going to cut out all things like bread and pasta and potatoes and processed foods and see how i go at starting at that....

nice to speak to you girls

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Originally Posted by jiffypop
<sigh> does it help that you're not alone in this???? hmmm. didn't think so.

How true! It is VERY difficult to combat those cravings, isn't it. but jiffypop is right, it does help if you can just not have them. Or at the very least, if you have to have bread, make it a whole grain. And it does get a little easier, once you don't have them as much.

We used to have a starch (pasta, rice, potatoes) every night, but have stopped. I thought I would die (well, you know) but we have adjusted. At supper, you can try filling up with a huge green salad, and veggies (but NOT corn or peas).

I also used to think that I just absolutely could not have my morning coffee without a starchy thing with it, such as toast or bagel. But I tried it, and behold, the coffee still tasted good.

Not very helpful but yes, we all fight it. I wish you the best!
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