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Default Afraid to start eating again

Sounds stupid, especially since 2 weeks ago I weighed 285 lbs. Today 269. I knew how to eat for sure. I made a decision that I would try to eat as little as I could and see how long I could do it. I average 450 to 600 calories a day. I know now what it feels like to be hungry. It actually hurts. Today (it is 840pm) I have had 2 string cheese (80 calories each) lots and lots of diet coke and pepsi, 1 hard boiled egg and a 40 calorie V8 juice. If I cant stand it later on 1 have 2 cucumbers in the fridge I will allow myself (not both). Next Saturday am going blueberry picking and plan to eat only blueberries for a week. For the last couple of days I have been thinking of having a meal but am afraid I will eat like 2 weeks ago. I had some shocking news 2 weeks ago and think this may be my way of taking control.
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Honey that is not a sustainable plan and it sounds like anorexia nervosa. Please seek help for these unhealthy behaviors. They will only harm you in the end.
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Please do not continue eating this way. You are going to mess your body up dramatically - you could damage your heart and even die if you keep it up. If you feel you must eat this way to stay in control, SEEK COUNSELING because you are developing an eating disorder.
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I want to keep doing it until I am under 200 at least. This is the first time I have ever been able to control myself for this long a period. I think willpower is a gift and dont want to squander it. When I am hungry I tell myself that after these pains go away I will eat the next time I have hunger pains..then I do it again.. I have been overweight for most of my life (47 years old) and this may be my one chance.

Can it be that bad if I keep it up for another month or two only ?
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Yes, it can be that bad.

Seriously, get help.
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Read book 17 day diet and follow that plan. You will not feel hungry and will lose weight. do not drink diet soda. Drink pure water. If you cannot, then put some lemon drops and truvia. Drink 10 glasses. You will lose weight just by drinking that much water.
I do not know how old are you, but if you are below 40, you will lose weight
By doing small small changes.
Like drinking water, eating non fried fish/ chicken/eggs or some other form of protein with each meal. Also, include some veges with each meal.

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Yes. It's that bad.

This is incredibly unhealthy and you need to seek out help NOW.

This is not the proper way to lose weight, and not only is it PHYSICALLY unhealthy, but it's MENTALLY unhealthy.

Please. Go talk to a doctor.
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You saw how big I am right...269 this morning (hopefully less by now, I jump on the scale a few times a day but my weight increases as the day goes on even if I don't eat a thing so I only count the first weight of each day) .

2 weeks and I should be under 250
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I concur with everyone else. This is a very dangerous way of eating, and you could do long-term damage in a very short amount of time. The worst part is that the further you go, the more disordered your thoughts will become. Take it from someone who knows - you do not want to do this.

I had a friend who wanted to be a doctor, but she engaged in this kind of behavior, and ruined her heart and her hands shake now. She can't be a surgeon.

Please seek help.
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It is too early to class this as a problem for me. I am waiting for a significant thing to happen then plan to increase calories. Significant like feeling really faint ( have felt woozy, usually sit down, have a drink, piece of gum and it passes..have not had to eat at those points), no more bathroom needs for more than 3-4 days...that kind of stuff...Ate 1 cup steamed cauliflower last night with a hint of low calorie dressing with salt (love my salt) and 6 pickled onions. Lucky find in the fridge, only 10 calories for 6 onions...Am VERY proud of not having 7 more upsizing for me...ha..ha
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say what?
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This sounds disturbing. I understand the desire to want to lose weight, and how good it can feel if you can control yourself. But maybe try to control yourself by making sure you eat atleast 1200 calories. This does not sound like you are in control, but more like you are out of control.

Really - read these boards about HEALTHY weightloss and come to the conclusion you are doing yourself harm. You need enough nutrition. It's "easy" just not eating. It's harder eating the RIGHT things on the right time. Maybe take that challange. If you can't... then a visit to the dr might be in order.

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It almost doesn't sound like you want people's input. I doubt if there's a poster on here who would agree that what you are doing is a good idea.

As far as it being "too early" for you to have a problem. I have to disagree. It sounds like you already do. Please seek medical attention. Even if you lose weight this way, you can damage your body and mind and make long-tern sustainable weight loss even more difficult for yourself.
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I don't know if this a cry for help or sounds like you are making a mockery out of the weight loss struggles we all have..

All of us struggle with controlling our eating habits and want to lose weight.. We have sought out healthy eating plans with the intention of making our bodies healthy through HEALTHY eating..

What you are asking your body to do in such a short amount of time is a death wish..

GET REAL.. go to your doctor and explain what is going on.. To me it sounds more like you may be suffering from depression and/or Compulsive obsessive disorder.. think about your family and how much they need you to be healthy..
what you are doing now is not healthy.. conquer you fear of eating..but really it sounds like you fear losing control in general and you need mental/ emotional support via a mental health professional..
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The thing is...i ate 500 calories a day for 2 monthts on the hcg diet i lost over 50 lbgbs BUT ..... once you go off of the 500 calories ....your body really does try to make up for it... your metabolism slows wayyyy down on a starvation diet...... so when u begin to eat regular you will gain weight easily....gaining is only temporary once you begin eating healthy.
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