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Default Another NOB

Hi folks,

I'm new to the forums - but old hat at the diet, nutrition and exercise circuit. I remember when 3 fat chicks came on line. Way back in the day of Usenet newsgroups and was a place to get good information and support. I still even communicate with some of the friends I made while frequenting that forum.

Even though I know what to do to lose weight, I struggle with the follow thru. I'm not obese, and I mainly struggle with "vanity pounds" those few pounds to make the difference between looking good and looking soft. Back in the days of usenet, I was struggling with 10lbs and complained at being 135 and not being able to break the plateau. Well, 10yrs later, I'm 5'4", pushing 40 and at 150lbs instead of 135. I'd LOVE to see 135 again.

I'm fairly active, although I do tend to make excuses to not work out and I tend to get into a routine, only to have something break my workout cycle, and soon one day off turns into one week off, one week turns to 2, 3 and more, next thing I know its been months. I get down to low 140's and get stuck, frustrated, in a rut and give up.

So, I'm reaffirming myself and looking for a new place for support. My weight struggles are a private matter to me. My husband and teenage son know I want to lose weight, but they do not understand the struggles. Hubby is fit, active and if he feels he's getting flabby, he'll cut out the junk food and play an extra night of tennis and its gone. My son, he runs sub 5min miles, and is in competitive varsity sports in highschool. He can eat what he wants and still look like Adonis.

Me - I was able to workout Sun and Mon this week. Went for a 1hr bike ride - average heart rate 150, HRM said I burned about 500cals each. But last night my excuse for not working out was I had to take my son to Walmart and do some shopping, then go pick up some moving boxes for a friend of mine who is selling her house. I'm already making excuses to not workout.

This has already gotten long. But you can see I need support to get me to lose the weight and stick with it long term. I hope that I can find that here.
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Hey there!

We can be newbies together

I'm the queen of finding excuses not to exercise. I started taking a hot yoga class and loved it but it was 45 minutes from my house and with gas was costing a lot.....another excuse!!

Good luck!
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Hi and welcome to 3FC.

Good luck with your goals.

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Hi chnky!

You're right, it sounds like we have some similar issues... I don't have a child, but I do have a common-law boyfriend who has always been athletic and doesn't really grasp the issues I have with weight. I also have been struggling with it for a while, I know what to do and how to do it, but have trouble with staying motivated and not slacking off. I'll be here for you if you need someone to talk you into exercise if you'll talk me out of eating junk!
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Hey DreamerGirl - sounds like a plan! I think we will understand each others issues.
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