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Kate: Not everyone gained 2-3 pounds back. I didn't. Hope you are enjoying Phase 4.

Ken: Kellogs Special K Protein is Ok, I order low carb high protein products from Healthsmart cereal is good. I started off using the IP packets for Phase 1, but now just eat low carb for Phase 1.
Everyone here is doing a different approach. Some do as you wrote..mainly p3 then a fun day and then p1 to catch up. I just stick to mainly P3 and once in awhile indulge in a fun meal. Then I do P1 to get back down.
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Thanks Maile! I feel like I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like 2-3 lbs will magically appear overnight lol
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Weight will fluctuate. Just worry if you a continuing upward trend!
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Hi all! Just jumping on real quick to say hello! Things have been really busy lately and we have been doing quite a bit of traveling.

Back to 135 after a few days of P1 after the Thanksgiving holiday. Just in time to go to Disney World for 4 days. Looks like I will be back on P1 after that trip too I think that is the way it is going to go for this time of year!

I am happy to report that I am just 1 short day away from reaching my 1 year anniversary on maintenance. In some respects, I can't believe it has been a year already and some times it feels like it has been a long journey of learning. Regardless, I can't believe that I maintained my losses for a year. Aside from the fact that I have never even gotten to goal, I have never kept weight off before. My conviction is strong to keep it going. I have come to accept that P1 and rebooting will always be part of maintenance and extended periods of off eating require it.

Looks like we are reaching the end of this volume, so I will catch you in Vol. 9!
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Hi! Today is my last phase 2 day!!! Tomorrow I will have a phase 3 breakfast, so I'm looking forward to that!

Thanks so much to you Maile, Ishabel, Jennydoodle, locopolo, and Mom2c's for answering questions that I've had along the way. You've been so very helpful!
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I am 16 pounds from goal. Will stop when I have flat abs, number is not going to be relevant.

I have read this thread in its entirety. Read the p4 pdf jwdeselle posted in another thread.

i have a question on a meal i make for myself
1/2 cup quinoa
1/2 cup black beans
diced green peppers, onions, bit of garlic
one avacado
1 freshly squeezed lemon
salt and pepper to taste

qunioa is that going to be classified as a carb or a protein?
what meal of the day can i have it. or does this violate the fat and carb rule.

I am worried about p4.

jennydoodle congrats on your upcoming one year anniversary in p4

maile - i am impressed by your weight/age/weightloss combination. to be 5'6 and 128 is awesome. i am currently shooting for 115 and i am 5'2

momtocs - i read where you posted you had flat abs, that is my goal, you said 80% diet 10% exercise and 10% genetics. I had flat abs until 13, so I am hoping. any tips you give will be duly incorporated.

ishbel - congrats on your recent engagement.

as others before me i am inspired by ALL the members on this board. I see that one of the secrets to being at goal is logging food, exercise and having a support system(like 3fc). with that being said i plan on being active on here and look forward to joining you when i get to goal
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Kate Welcome to maintenance - I didn't 'gain' 3-4 lbs I lost 5 in Phase 3 (none in Phase 2) and fluctuate the 3-4 lbs around and below my goal.

sonyainva For me, quinoa is a carb so I would be putting no or limited fats with it. I'm not one to eat avacado (yuck lol - sorry!) Try it, if the scale complains then you know you shouldn't. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Jenny Congrats on your one year!!! YAY!!!

So VIP has 6 lbs to go before he's starts phasing off (With his new jeans that fit like a glove I wanted him to call in sick again this morning!!). I've been doing some reading up on spirulina for his morning shakes for Phase 4 breakfast. He's agreed to just eat my breakfast for two weeks and then move into a yogurt/fruit/protein combination for his regular breakfast (he likes shakes, I don't). So does anyone have any experience using spirulina?? I have been told it's quite the product and a scoop of THAT in his shake would cover off a lot of items for a 'balance' breakfast!
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Hi everyone. Everyone here is so helpful, I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to return to P1 for another couple of weeks. I started back with P1 yesterday. All went well. After further serious reflection, I realize I want to get under 160lbs before I phase out for good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that enjoying the higher calorie P3 breakfasts for 5 days will shock my system into some weight loss again and get me into the 150s within the next couple of weeks. If so, then I'll return to P3 at that time. For a combination of reasons, it looks like my main extended family Christmas dinner won't be until Dec 28th... which means I might just make it off two weeks of P3 in time to have my first 'fun day' for that meal. So I have an extra good reason to be very strict and stay ab-sol-ute-ly 100% for the next two weeks! :

I'll be hanging out mostly in the 'Fabulous & 50+' thread for the next two weeks. Wish me well! And - see you all soon!
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Here is Vol 9 for y'all
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