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Smile The Plan - 2004

Hey girls, I missed you! It is amazing how much I rely on 3FC for inspiration, entertainment, etc. I just wanted to start our thread back up so that we'd have a place to visit.

For any of you who don't know this thread, it is a really low key thread where each poster is generally doing their own plan. We are here to give each other support. More than likely we'll mention what is new with our pets as well. Welcome to this thread. Lurkers are welcome to join in at any time.

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Good evening,

Thank you for starting the thread back up, ledom. I missed talking to all of you while 3FC was down.

It is really getting cold here. It was in the 20's today, but it's supposed to get even colder by the end of the week. We also had some snow showers come through last night, which left 2" in its wake.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Have a good night.
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Default Hi Alice,

Aw, your cute avatar is gone. I hope you can put it back. We have just had a cold snap but temps. are going to be back in the low 50's soon. We weren't as cold as you though.

You know, I feel like I am starting all over again. I have been playing around w/ doing some before shots w/ the digital camera. Oh boy, it is really depressing. I think they are going to be a good motivator for me. Also, yesterday I spent some time cruising around on the internet at other diet sites. I thought I'd post something I found that I have really been thinking about since I read it. It is really long, but is a great success story. This lady did the BFL Challenge, if you haven't read the book it is a contest using BFL food supplements, actually I don't know all the rules but that is what she won. If you get a chance to look at Bill Phillips "Eat For Life", his new cookbook, she is one of the before/after pics and they truly are amazing.

Her talk about consistency, which side of the fence you want to be in, and how you fuel your body is really good.

Hi Everyone!

(I posted this message on another board and wanted to share with everyone here
also. Sorry, it's long! lol)

I'd like to preface what I have to say with a little "confession"... The last
few months have been so UNBELIEVABLE for me!

But,up until a few months ago I was carrying around a lot of Extra weight.And
many times I felt invisible to the world around me.A store clerk, or an auto
mechanic may have walked right by me to help someone else as if I weren't even
there.Although I lived in a Big Body,I felt small and insignificant.

Then, through the process of eating right and working out, my body began to
change.With Rob's help and by Just DOing IT, or what I like to call...I "Forrest
Gumped" it. Meaning I just did what I believed was right and thought would
work,and I did it, and I did it, and I did it...Until one day,my body was

Suddenly, people began stopping me on my morning runs asking me,"Hey,how much
weight have you lost?" "WOW, I can't believe it!" they'd say. Then, EAS called
and told me I'd won. WOW! Mind Blower! Mark, the gentleman that interviewed by
phone for EAS asked me, "Hey, What did you do to develop THOSE abs?"

Now, people see my transformation pics and immediately they'll say, "Great job!"
or "AMAZING!", or something similar.

The fact is,I've Never won ANYTHING before In My Life!!! and I've been around
for FORTY SIX YEARS NOW!(Laughing) You have no idea what EVERYONE'S words of
praise and adulation means to me.(Tears are streaming down my face as I type
this.Tears of Great Joy!)My life will Never be the same!

Now, for the Great news for Everyone reading this now who hasn't won or attained
their transformation yet... I was reading a message left by someone,pleading to
know What I did to achieve such a transformation? What did I eat? How did I work
out?...The same questions many people ask. The difference was "Uncle Steve's"
reply to her questions...WOW! HE BLEW ME AWAY.It's so true.The Most Profound
Truths are so simple.But, Steve Captured my Whole philosphy in less than a

He said, "The tone of that post, plus others.... seems to carry the implicit
belief that she(Mina)MUST be doing something radically different than what the
rest of us are doing.
I'll betcha dollars to donuts, she ISN'T! It always works that way with
The difference is mental and mindset, nothing else. That's why Bill Phillips
devotes SO much of the book to that subject.
The body is a dumb beast; the mind is in charge!
Trust me on this.....
Uncle Steve"

WOW! I'm still blown away when I read that.Steve, if you're reading this,I am
bowing in admiration to your genious!!!

Now, my confession...A part of me, the Very selfish part, would love for
everyone to think, "Wow, that Mina is REALLY something! Did you see HER pics?
She's Incredible!

I don't think I'll Ever tire of reading those Wonderful things...But the Truth
is, I have done NOTHING that ANYONE reading these words can't do themselves!

Let me be Specific...I lost 85 pounds in about 11 months. That breaks down to
about 7-8 pounds per month and fewer than 2 pounds per week.I think we'd all
agree that less than 2 pounds per week is healthy, but Not extraordinary,
right?The beauty of this is, even if I lost only a pound per week, or had twice
as much weight to lose...I'd still get to where I am would just be a
11 months later.

I guess the message I'm trying to convey is that I AM SPECIAL!, but so are WE
ALL!I did achieve a beautiful transformation. But so can we ALL!

Just do what I did. Forrest Gump it!

My feelings about what worked for me can be summed up in one word CONSISTENCY!If
you read what Bill Phillips has to say about Food and Working out and follow
what you learn for AS LONG AS IT TAKES to reach your goals,Guess what...You WILL
reach your goals.The key is to Do it UNTIL... and then you WILL!

I used to get on the scale after working out like a crazy person for a month and
find that I'd actually GAINED weight and all Rob had to say was,"I know hon.Now
go eat a clean meal and get ready to go to the gym." PROFOUND!!!

I'd have an Awful day at work and be on the verge of tears and ready to dull the
pain with "FOOD" and Rob would hold me for a lil bit then gently tell me to get
dressed for the gym.

Today, and for months now, MY ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING is: "Eat clean and work

"OMG, the IRS wants to audit us and the car just fell apart"..."Great!Let's eat
clean and work out!" (laughing)

You get the idea.

I used to watch the BFL Champions on the video's and think, "Wow, they're so
lucky!and they're 'special'..." Now that I've been named a Champion, I can tell
you with Absolute certainty that Uncle Steve is right,we're ALL capable of
Remarkable Transformations!And it doesn't take "super-human" effort.

Get it in your mind that You Will Achieve an Incredible transformation!Don't
just believe it. KNOW IT!Eliminate ALL the doubt! Whether you lose weight this
week or gain weight the next is INCONSEQUENTIAL!You WILL WIN! Then, just Eat
Clean and Work out, and do THAT over and over and over until you reach your

Sorry to have been soooo longwinded!

God Bless each of you.

I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! Now go and Prove me Right!!!



When I first started the Challenge last year,I had my boyfriend (literally)
cover ALL of our mirrors to just above my eye level so I wouldn't have to see
myself.That's how much I loathed my body (myself).It took months of "coaching"
from my boyfriend to make the shift from loathing to LOVING my body and I feel
THAT shift was the MOST necesary for My transformation to take place.

Looking back, I now realize that changing my body truly was 80 plus percent a
Mental exercise...and 20 percent or LESS was physical...On an average day,I'd
spend 1-2 hours working out...The REST OF MY DAY was spent "THINKING".And my
THINKING determined whether I WORKED out or not in the first place, what I ate,
what kind of workout I'd have (intensity) that day,etc...

Just like I did 12 months ago, people ask me ALL the time,"Mina, what do you
eat?What supplements do you use?Tell me Exactly how you work out..."

Those things ARE important, but for ME, the most important ingredient is
Mindset.Get your mindset right and your body WILL follow.

My boyfriend gave me his "fence" analogy. "Mina" he said."You have to decide
once and for all what side of the fence you TRULY want to be on. One side of the
fence supports all the things you've done up until now to get your body into the
overweight condition you find yourself today." "The Other side of the fence is a
new way of life.That healthy,FULL OF ENERGY body that you want is there.On that
side of the fence,food is Fuel!Exercise = ENERGY!"

He'd tell me after I cheated,"Hon,I'll love you no matter what side of the fence
YOU choose to live,but it's time to get OFF the fence."

Once I'd made the choice and Committed to living on the Healthy" side,it became
easy (easier) to make decisions about what to eat,etc... Today,I constantly ask
myself,"Is this thought supporting my decision to have an Awesome body.If it
doesn't,I check again..."What side of the fence do I want to live..."

OK ok...I got carried away...

Sorry to go on and

If I were asked, "What was the key to my transformation",I'd say without
hesitation,"Mindset!" Decide what side of the fence you want to live then put
Every ounce of energy you have into supporting that decision!

Well, that's it for me,for now...I'll be back soon to talk about the "other"
things...What I ate,etc...OK?

Thanks again for ALL the Love and Support!!!


Hi Everyone,

FOOD!!! As you can see in my Jan. 2000 (Before pics) food USED TO BE one of my
favorite topics! My perspective about food has changed a little since then. lol
It had to before I could ever change my body in a significant way.

A couple things before I get started.

I know some people look at my pictures and they think, "WOW! This woman made
such a change...she must really KNOW how to transform a body...!" The truth
is,I've learned through trial and error how to change My Body. And when I look
back at my transformation it was really a Very simple process.

The simple secret to my transformation (if there is one) is that I took a look
at the things that would help support my physical transformation...Things like
food,working out, Mindset,etc... and I set a Minimum Standard for myself. I
said, " I know if I eat 'this' food and workout 'this way' everyday for 1
year...then in 1 year I'll be where I want to be. I found a MINIMUM STANDARD for
myself that I would not breach...and I "lived" that standard for one year.

I didn't have Free Days, because I've had an eating disorder (bingeing) for
decades now and my "mind" says, "if I eat certain foods, my 'diet' is OVER!" and
I may not get back on track for days/weeks/months or even years. Sad, but true.

Again, let me Emphasize...My way is NOT the right way....It's just my way. OK?

I didn't have Free Days...but I "Cheated" many times throughout my
Transformation Year. MANY TIMES! And. if it weren't for my boyfriend (whose name
is "Rob" by the way), Who hammered unrelentlessly the idea of forgiveness and
self love into me Constantly, the changes I made would've been impossible.

Before last year,I didn't know I could "fall" (cheat- I know it's a harsh
word,but it's the only one that 'fits' for me.) and Still Win...But I did fall,
almost monthly,sometimes for a few days in one month...but I got up,brushed
off,and got back on...The Key is getting back up as often as it takes until you
reach your goal!

Okay, back to food... Rob "painted a picture" for me once that really hit home
for me. He said, "Hon, imagine we go down to the Car Dealership and pick up that
Brand New B'mer you want.We drive it off the lot, and in a day or two the car
needs gas. So we pull into the gas station,I go to the back of the car, and pull
out a shovel. I find a nice hill of sand and begin shovelling the sand into the
Gas Tank of the car!. Sounds Crazy, Right? But isn't that what you do to your
Body everytime you eat "certain" foods? And how much MORE VALUABLE IS YOUR BODY

OK, point made...So today, "Food is Fuel" for me. That's it!

What do I eat/drink? (again, this is what I've learned works for Me...People
have I'm telling.)

I drink only water. A minimum of one gallon per day.

I eat at least four meals per day. I'd love to eat six, but I rarely do. I
believe if I ate six, my body would make changes faster...but I believed if I
consistently ate 4 "clean" meals a day,in one year I'd be where I want to be and
it proved right.
I recommend 6...

Every meal I eat has Protein,Carbs,and fat without Fail!

Each meal had one of the following: 4 ounces of lean meat or chicken, or 6
ounces of fish, or 1 cup of Cottage Cheese (4%).I didn't add any oil (fat).
Usually, I assumed the animal proteins contained enough fat already.

My carbs: I can eat as much lettuce,brocolli,cauliflower,cabbage, cucumber as I
want , usually around 2-3 cups. I also enjoy HUGE frozen red or green grapes
adding 25 or so to a given meal.

I avoided "processed foods" (with the exception of Cottage Cheese and SALSA
which I often made myself)

Sometimes I'd eat pop corn (3-4 oz), yes with 4 oz. of protein. lol

In a typical meal, I may mix salsa into 6 oz. of tuna.

A common meal for me is: 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 Hot House Cucumbers,1 large
Tomato, 1 white onion, Dice everything, mix them together and eat. Followed by
25 frozen grapes.

Above,I've listed the only foods I allowed myself. A small amount of added salt
sometimes...that's it. For me ,it's simple.And simplicity works for me.

I want to reiterate, The way I eat may be Totally wrong for someone else. It's
the "way" that's worked for me. If I were starting out,I'd follow the
suggestions of a Bill Phillips or a Barry Sears, someone with YEARS of expertise
before I'd follow someone who is still "experimenting". OK?

For me today, "Food is Fuel". and after leaving much of my body's (previous) fat
in the past, I can say without hesitation that, "Thin truly does TASTE BETTER!"

Keep Getting UP! :-)


Hello Everyone!
I'm sorry that I haven't had the time to get back to the Club before now...

2000 was intended to be the year of my Physical Transformation.2001 is the year
of my Financial Transformation.I've begun a business from home and am
overwhelmed with the newfound "Freedom" (laughing) being my Own Boss is
affording me. (really laughing now).

I've read some of the responses people have posted about my Transformation at
this Club and others...I'll answer a few of the questions now, and provide more
information on my next visit.

First, THANK YOU for ALL of your encouragement and congratulations!!!You guys
are Awesome!

If I had one message that I could give Anyone working to build a Fit Body it
would be,"I did YOU Can too!In fact,Id suggest most of you could do far
better than I have!

About my "skin"...Many people have asked about the Fat to Fit "Flabby Skin
Syndrome".When I started my Transformation last year,I was very worried that
when I completed my transformation I'd have a "ripped" body covered with lose
flabby skin.So I did a couple things to combat that possiblity.Whether they had
Any effect or not,I'll probably never know.

Firstly, no, I did't have liposuction (as some have questioned.)I have a long
vertical scar on my stomach caused by a required surgery over a decade ago.If I
had liposuction...I would have told the Doctor,"GO STRAIGHT TO MY

What I did do to fight the possibility of "leftover skin" was I scrubbed my body
Every night followed by a moisturizer.I coerced my boyfriend to massage my
"problem areas" and did it myself with a hand held massage "gizmo" when he
wasn't available.

I know this will sound strange to many...but,it's what worked for me,so...One of
the first things I did was I learned to love and appreciate my body "just as it
was",then,I Constantly visualized the way I wanted my body to be...I had
pictures of the Best Bodies in the fitness industry plastered Everywhere around
our home, and I mentally pictured my face on those bodies CONSTANTLY!

Once I got my "mind" to accept that "I'm GOING to achieve this (ideal)body with
or Without you!!!" (lol)Everything changed.
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Default Happy New Year!

Thanks for the inspirational post Ledom.

I think I am not really committed to weight loss at this point...I joined a new book club and two of the books I ordered were "Thin Within" how to lose weight by internal cues etc. and then I ordered the special 50 year commemorative Betty Crocker Cookbook.

Does anyone know how to post an avatar with a digital camera? I want you all to see Marley (handsome fellow that he is).

We have been without power for a few days. I read "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant during that time. What a great read ... just the kind of thing when one is forced to do nothing. We are ok for power now. THe snow is melting and we hope by Sat. we will be able to get the motorhome and my car out and we are gone to California We plan to go to Death Valley for a holiday after DH finishes his work stint. (Plus I need a good USA grocery shop.)

I plan to post from the road. We have some new internet connection, I hope this one works.

How is everyone doing? Your place sounds cold Alice! Snow is beautiful but I have had enought of it. Is your D. back at school.

When I come back I will be a grandmother. My D says they are going to send us pics via the internet.
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Good morning,

It is -8 deg. as I am posting. Yesterday it got to 3 above, but it was awfully windy so made the temps feel -20 deg. or colder. I did not go out at all.

DH helped me get my new avatar back. I wrote down each step judi, hopefully this will help you. You go to Edit Profile, scroll down to Edit Avatar, click BROWSE, select photo you want, and click submit. I couldn't do it without DH's help.

I have started reading Cold Mountain. It starts off very differently than the movie. But, I am glad I saw the movie first.

ledom, thank you for posting that article. After reading it, I have discovered that I'm sitting on the fence and I have to decide which way I want to go. Some part of my brain knows I need to lose weight, but another part just doesn't seem to care.

judi, have a safe trip to CA. I envy you going to Death Valley, it sounds so warm.

Have a good day.
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Good morning girls. I'm glad you liked the post. Different things at different times motivate me and for some reason I really responded to this gals story. Call it, New Year Dieter's syndrome but I am fired up. I am trying to ride the wave to really have a great year and finally reach my weightloss goals. But I hear both of you and where you are, I have certainly been there well enough to understand it.

judi, a trip to sunny Ca. sounds like what the Dr. ordered. Have fun. How is your daughter doing now? I bet she is really getting anxious to have the birthing part behind her. I know you are excited!

I haven't read Red Tent. That is a good suggestion as I need a new book. Alice, I still haven't seen Cold Mtn. I did read the book first and I am afraid I'll be too sad. I am a movie wimp! I know I will see it eventually though, I read a great review of it yesterday. I saw Lost in Translation last week and loved it, can't remember if I mentioned it.

Oh, I had such much fun yesterday. I got my hair cut really short. Over the last year I have gradually gone from over shoulder length. Seems everytime I go in I want a little more taken off. Anyway, I am really happy w/ it. I also bought way too much new make-up at Chanel. I think I have actually become addicted to their products. Anyway, mucho fun having a makeover.

judi, D goes back to campus Sun. It is really bittersweet, we have really reached a bit of a breaking point. It has been hard for us to live together this past 3 weeks and she will probably move from the dorm into an apt. in the Spring. Neccessary for both of us to get on w/ the next step, but also hard. I think I am glad my post on our bad night got lost in the crash, but we finally were able to sit down last night and talk about that night with much more kindness toward each other. She really is a good girl and I do have faith in her.
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Hi all, hey was up 4.25 today and that was in 2 weeks. lol but i have started today being a good girl. not any sweets. craving them but leaving them alone. got to start up with that again. other then that just watching my eating and portions. then see how it goes. just so tired of plans. i never got my walk in had tops this morning then was dark when i wanted to go out. so will ride my exercise bike tonite. weather is better and i love walking.

Ledom. hey your makeover sounds neat. i am thinking of starting to use makeup. i am so allergic to everything. so will have to find some i can use. use to wear Mary Kay and liked it. then just quit it. but i am ready for a change to. want a different hair style also. i wear it short. cannot get a perm because of allergic reactions. so it has to be worn straight. sounds fun your going and getting all of it.

Aleka, Hope your day was good. hope you stayed warm. and woof tuffy says to lacee. hes so glad snow and ice are gone.

To all others hope your day was a good one. love coming in here and saying hi and sharing... LaDean
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Hi LaDean, I hear you on the weight gain. I just didn't hold it together over the holidays and then it was so hard to get all the cravings under control. I had a couple of false starts too. I'd have a couple good days, then a couple of bad, I did that for about a week. I have just completed two good days and I feel like I am finally back on track. I have been working out a lot too. I love my new treadmill. I have a TV installed in front of it and that really helps keep my interest. Today I did 30 min. in the morning and 30 in the evening. I also did an ab workout. I start back to work on Mon. and I am trying to design my life so that I can keep up the exercise. I know it will be tough, I hope to hang on to my deteremination. I just plan on being stubborn about it. My little Brody kitty has been such a delight in my life. He has the sweetest nature of any cat I believe I have ever owned. He is a very good lap kitty. Anyway LaDean, just hang in there. We can do it! You'll get your sweet tooth under control and be back to your pre-Christmas weight in no time.
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Default Hi everyone!

Alice, thank you so much for the info. on the avatar, I will try it when I am in the motorhome in Ca. I love the picture of you and Lacee! It is so nice to see what you look like.

Ledom, the same with me on the hair...on Dec. 23 I got my hair cut the shortest since high school. It does feel good doesn't it. I like Chanel makeup too.

Ledom, about the D ... I read somewhere that the closer one is to an only D. the further away they have to go to seperate from the mom. I know my D didn't talk to me for about 2 months remember that? was good for us both I think, it was a first to go that long without talking. (Though I missed her.) We are back to our several times a day phone calls but I am WAYYY more careful of what I say to her now. She has had a good pregnancy and has been enjoying it. Her due date is Jan. 25.

4.25 isn't bad over Christmas LaDean, you will have it off in no time flat.

I am still going to do WW online this year. It is the best for me.

I spent today rushing around and I am still not ready.
I am taking a huge sack of books and my computer to amuse myself.

Best wishes to you all on your respective weight loss plans! Talk to you all soon I hope.
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Angry Good morning,

We're still in the deep freeze, it's a bit warmer this morning, -6 instead of -8. If it wasn't for the wind it probably wouldn't be as bad.

LaDean, 4.25 lbs. isn't a bad holiday gain. Your sugar cravings will diminish and eventually leave you. I ate quite a lot of sugary things around the holidays and all I got was heartburn. Have you tried using Almay makeup? I believe it's for people who are allergic to makeup. Lacee doesn't like this cold weather. One good thing, she doesn't stay outside very long to do her duties. Usually I'm standing at the door watching her sniff the ground or getting into someplace where she's not supposed to be.

ledom, glad you like your short "do". I bet it really looks great on you and easier to manage. How short did you cut your hair? I usually don't wear any makeup, except for mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick occasionally. Maybe it stems back from my Hippie days! I am more into Cold Mtn. the book, and as the saying goes, the book is nothing like the movie. Seeing the movie first, I'm thinking to myself, that wasn't how it was in the movie.
Keep up the good work in the exercise dept.

judi, glad that you and your D are back talking again. That's great you got your hair cut short too. Have a great time in CA and stay safe. Hope to hear from while you're on the road. Good luck with WW online, glad it's the plan for you.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.
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Ledom, Aleka and Judi. thanks gals. i needed that. it helped get me with it today. yesterday was not a bad day. no sugar so this will be 2nd day off it. so i feel like i can do it again. with all of your help i know i can. Oh aleka hope the deep freeze gets warmer soon. i know ours lasted long enough. i hated it. Hey Judi have a great trip to calif where its nice and warm. Here in Oregon we are having our good old rain now. Glad ww works for you. it has me to. i change back and forth alot from it to calories and i like a variety in my plan . this board with all of you helps me so much. i come in first thing when i get up of morning. thanks friends for a good last year and looking forward to this new year with all of you. LaDean
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Alice - LOL at you and your referral to your hippie days. Weren't those just the BEST days? I have always loved fashion, but not make-up so much. I am also not really a girly girl so this is an anomaly. Maybe it has to do w/ my old hippie face? Good comment on D's that grow up close to you Judi. I can see the wisdom in that. We finally had a good talk where we communicated how we felt w/out disintergrating into accusations. I need to pull back. I have decided to do just that too. She is really looping far out there. I know it is time for her to spread her wings, but it is very scary to watch. Anyway, in the spirit of all this I am finding some new things to do with my time besides worry! I signed up for a yoga class yesterday. It lasts for 8 weeks and I am really excited about it.

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Yes, ledom, those were the BEST days. It reminds me of that song in the late 60's/early 70's, can't remember who sang it, Those Were the Days.
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Hi, i remember the song to. but do not know who sang it. yes its scary to see our kids grow up. but when mine were i always tried to remember my times at that age.ha then i just prayed and tryed to help in ways i could. we have to let go and its so very hard. i let go and now mine is back home. but loving every minute of it. shes not been married and its been good for both of us. shes older and has grown up more in ways. still have days but very few. ha ha so glad Ledom all is going ok.. Judi I am glad all is going good your way to..

Hey gals just came in from a walk. feel so good. eating has gone good also. found a new site i am checking out to keep calories. i like to check out new ones. I just got out of shower and got hair set for church. next week a cut job.ha ha rode ex bike 2 miles today also. so i am with my plan and its a peace of mind again... this is our year to do it together. last year was a fun one to. thanks to all of you. LaDean
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You ladies are making me want to get my hair cut!!! It's so long now--longer than it's been since high school. I think the last time I got it cut was back in September. I am getting a trim this week, not a "cut," though. That's gonna happen in April or May. I'm trying to get it long enough to donate to Locks of Love. You have to have at least 10' and the last time I measured I had 7 1/2. By then it should be long enough.

I started walking again last Friday. I only walked a mile that day, Sat, and Sun. And I gained a pound. Sometimes I wonder why I even try.

Hope you all are doing well.

Sorry for the choppy (and late, subject-wise) post.

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