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Tiffany123 08-13-2002 07:35 PM

Curious #3! Doing our own thing!!
Time for a new thread! The other one was getting long again.

But that is a GOOD thing!

I guess we are down to about 7 of us regulars now...

Tiger (the itchy, oozing one!)
Huntress (whose name makes me shiver with fear)
Kayla (the party animal!)
Jello (the life of the party)
Cafe (the motivator!!!)
and Dyan (the spark that we needed to get us going!)

Anyone else, feel free to join in, we are simply doing our own plans to get to goal, with MUCH success, I must say!

Let's get this thread going gals!

Tigerlily 08-13-2002 07:56 PM

Yep, I'm the ooze'n one. A lady at the farmers market told me to put nailpolish remover on it...the acetone would dry it out Well, I came straight home, got out the nailpolish remover, and it was acetone-free. Just my luck.
So, I like to make this cucumber, tomato, onion, miracle whip stuff. If it only takes a couple tablespoons of miracle whip compared to a whole cuke, big 'ole tomato, small onion....then is it bad? How do I figure the fat%? I'm thinking I shouldn't be allowed the mircle whip. I could buy the FF version. But then...
I'm having a fat% vs. overly processed foods fight in my head again. Hmmm. think, think, think....itch,itch

Dyanm1 08-13-2002 08:02 PM

I'm here babe! What a nice intro to the thread, however you didn't mention how your the funny lady, of the bunch. The one that can put a smile on our faces.

I am stuffed....:moo: . Went to PF Chang's, yummy......Chicken lettuce wraps :T . They didn't have the calories or nutrional values, but they had WW points. I once read that 1 point was about 50 calories. So I stayed in range!! I was so proud of myself :smug: . Brought home tons of left overs for DD and DH. We took my babies (Lucas and Kalei) with us, and Lucas enjoyed the wrap filling. As soon as we got home, I did my 20 minutes! You know, it felt great to leave there not stuffed and in pain. Not wanting to just lay in the fetal position in the middle of the floor!

I'm feeling good :strong: . I'm tired as all get out, but I feel good.

Tiffany thanks for starting the new threads and keeping up on everything.

Hope everyone has a 3 pointer of a day! :D


huntress 08-13-2002 08:49 PM

LOL, Tiffany, my last name is Hunt..........

Sorry, don't have time to shout out, just jumped on for a minute. The weather is horrible here, lightning and thunderstorms. Check in with you all in the am.


Tiffany123 08-13-2002 10:14 PM

Weather here is horrible too! Stormy!

Well, I can hardly say I am the funny one, Jo corners the market on that one.

Huntress, I have this image of you in my head, and you are all dressed in black, with long black nails and red lips, and you slink about in the night clubs waiting for an unsuspecting male to fall prey to your charms. :devil:

Well, I blew the food today. So, when I post on the other thread in the morning, it will only be 2 points. :mad: But that is ok. No one is perfect. Well, maybe a couple of you are. LOL....but I did ride my bike and drank the devil water. And I always have one day where I eat over my points. Problem is...today starts my week and I have yet to bank any points. :D

Oh well...My air conditioning is broken. Still. And the combination of no air, and the humidity and the crappy job and the MUNCHIES today made me a VERY unhappy camper. I mean, I came home...whipped the door open and yelled at the kids and yelled at Mike...then we went and registered our two oldest girls, who will both be freshman in high school and that cost us $340 for the both of them. School fees, yearbook and sports pass to get into the games. :rolleyes: Like I couldn't have spent that on some new shoes. LOL....or a haircut....or a flight out of this house. LOL

Well....since I can't think of anything funny to say, I guess I will take a cool shower and lay down with the fan on my sweaty bod.

Later wild girls,
Tiffany (The complainer. LOL....I FINALLY came up with MY description!!) :lol:

GeTtInG_ThErE2 08-14-2002 01:00 AM

Hey girls!

well my dad is less mad today...and hes actually letting me go to that camp still!!! which is a big plus.....i think he realised that im not totally a bad kid i just screwed up....anyways.......i had a 3 point monday and a 2 point tuesday...its not great...but whatever!!!!

a friend gave me these patches...and they are supposed to supress your appetite......they work awesome too......
anyways.....gotta work early! hope everyone is doing well!


huntress 08-14-2002 07:29 AM

Morning all!

Well, I totally blew it yesterday.........work was crazy, spent my lunch hour going to the coast to get shrimp and the grocery store (does that count as exercise?). I didn't eat anything bad, just ate too much, and forget about the water, was way too busy to run to pee every 2 mins yesterday. So today is a brand new day.

Tiffany - black nails......not me, they are long though. Actually, I kinda liked that part about men falling prey to my charms........wouldn't that be a sight.:lol: WANTED: Tall blonde with cat green eyes stalks prey at bootkickers bingo.....men, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Tigerlilly - nail polish remover? I've heard of putting clear polish on chiggers, but never remover on poison oak/ivy. Have you tried Calamine lotion or one of the other OTC that are for skin rashes? Oh yea, I can't stand FF Miracle Whip but the reduced fat isn't too bad.

Kayla - I'm sure your dad was a teenager once, he'll get over it. We all learn from our mistakes, him included.

Cafe - how ya doin honey........I had a bad day yesterday, but I'm still gonna beat you :D ;)

Geez, I have slept since I read all the posts and now I can't remember what everyone said. There are literally thousands of things going through my pea brain at any given time, stress I guess, forgive me Jello, Dyan anybody else I missed.

We're supposed to have more bad weather today so guess I'd better get moving so I can get outta here on time. I swear people in Houston drive like idiots when it rains. Those big trucks scare the poop out of me going over that ship channel bridge, maniacs.


Tigerlily 08-14-2002 08:48 AM

Good Morning!
I am soo ready for school to start. Especially after having an extra child this week.
I don't know why, but I can't exercise infront of anyone except my two kids. So this babysitting thing is mess'n me up. I'll have to get us to the park or something so I can walk today...unless it storms...which there is a chance of.

Dyan, I finally got a chance to look at your pictures. Such cute happy rugrats. You'll have to let us know when you add more photos.

huntress, I have tried everything OTC on this stuff. So far, the most soothing thing has been swimming...but the itch returns as soon as I get dried.

Tiff, broken a/c, school fees and a stinky job...3fc needs a medal smilie...you'd desereve it....:cb: :cb: :cb: how about some nanners...you like nanners.

:cp: Go'n for 3 today:cp:

Tiffany123 08-14-2002 09:12 AM

Ahhhh, the blessed, sacred nanners. I am better now. :cb:

Well, I feel better this morning, not as cranky. But...I have only been up for about 20 minutes. LOL...

Kayla, glad you Dad is getting over it! I knew he would!

Crud, now I have to go to the bathroom. Grrr...figures, I just get comfy and POW!

Well, I am off to get in my water. I can tell this day will be a challenge to do all three. ;)

Have a great one. And I WILL get a chance to look at your kids Dyan, I keep forgetting. :(

Catch ya all later!

Jello 08-14-2002 09:53 AM

I'd like to thank the academy.... :smug: But oh man, now I feel the pressure to actually be funny! Tif, I was just trying to keep up with you girlie. Love your sense of humor.

And I love nanners too...chopped up and blended with skim milk and ice cubes.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I agree with Tiger. You deserve a medal, Ms. Tiffany. Especially working in a job you hate. Years ago, I left the company I was working for and took a job for less money, farther from home, etc. If I'd stayed, I'd be in a straight jacket by now.

Then again, maybe I should be.... :dizzy:

Tiger, I was reading your post about treating poison ivy and then you started talking about miracle whip and veggies and I thought you were still talking about a remedy for your itchies! :lol: I pictured you slathered with this white goo, melting in the heat. Now there's an image, eh?

Huntress, you're forgiven. :^: Don't worry about yesterday. Today's a new day. Oooh, I'm so profound! :rolleyes: Hey, send some of that rain my way, would you?

Dyan, chicken lettuce wraps sound kinda yummy. What's in them? (And if you answer "chicken and lettuce" I may have to hurt you!! ;) )

I must be off now. Yeah, we all know that, right!? Boss left me tons of work last night. He must have been here half the night or something. 40-some-odd pages of his little chicken scratchings. Only 3 more days of him ... only 3 more days of him ... only 3 more days of him..... :dizzy:


huntress 08-14-2002 11:12 AM

Tiffany - girl how can you stand it without A/C..........I feel for you. Why do they always go out IN the summer?

Tigerlilly - have you tried ice?

Jello - hey, I would share the rain except that my fruit trees need it badly. I water them almost every night but it's just not the same as a good refreshing drink from mother nature.

Gotta go............boss has walked by a few times already, that's what he does when we are doing something we shouldn't be, instead of saying something he walks back and forth.


Cafe976 08-14-2002 11:44 AM

Tiger - I thought you were going to smear those veggies and miracle whip on your poison ivy TOO!! :eek: I don't think your salad was that bad, after all those veggies have to be healthy... You could always try counting fat grams and stay within a daily allotment if you want more flexibility while still reducing the fat in your diet? (you know, Bob Greene thing)

But a lot of it is personality. I'd rather have 1 Tbsp of regular cream cheese than 2 Tbsp of light and I feel more satisfied for the same points. Most people are the opposite. Hang in there, you'll find what works.

Tiffany - Hope you had a better day! Bad jobs are killers. Don't you get down on yourself, though, you're the VIP here! You know the thread dies when you go away for long.

Kayla - Glad you get to go to camp! And doing great on challenge in spite of stress - good going!

Huntress, sweetie, I don't know why you want to say these things when there's a written record there - I really don't want you to feel bad after I knock your socks off. :devil:

On the other hand, Jello might just beat us both! :o Way to go, Jo! My boss's writing is so bad - I should scan a sample so you can *try* to read it. I can't even imagine 40 pages. :fr:

I'm so happy today - I treated myself to a chocolate chip scone from Starbucks. 6 points & well worth it. I like my coffee strong and black or with a just titch of H&H sometimes to take the edge off.

Today my big challenge is to get a 30-minute casual walk in. Also, we have a pot luck wedding shower here over lunch in the conference room. Gotta stay strong. I didn't show at the gym today because I didn't want to carry in my pot luck offering. :lol: But I can find 30 minutes today - it's a beautiful day here in the frozen north. Must have been in the low 60's overnight - great for sleeping. It will probably be in the 80's today but not humid. (hope!)

Dyanm1 08-14-2002 12:05 PM

Good Morning Ladies!!

Today is my Friday, as I'm leaving for Reno tomorrow. The server may be down when I get back, so I will continue to check in through out the day and will post my points in the morn, before I head out.

Man, I feel so behind.....

Jello ~Okay I won't tell you that it's chicken and lettuce. I'm not exactly sure what's all in it. It's minced chicken w/ some crunchy stuff (water chestnuts, I think) and some other stuff ( I honestly don't have a clue, I don't cook and have never really found out what spices are which.) At anyrate, it's kinda crumbly and they give you leaves of lettuce that you put it in, you add sauce and wrap it up, like a burrito or taco. It's very very yummy!

Kayla~ Go job, I thought you might not be participating in the challenge either, due to all the "drama" in your life. But then again EVERYDAY is drama when your a teenager.

Tiff ~ Speaking of teenagers, how's your daughter doing, with the whole break up thing? You crack me up with the whole devil water thing. I've found that by buying a liter of water, I can keep track of how much I drink. I only have to drink 2 of 'em to be done with it. Try it. I try to drink it in the morning and then be done with it. I'm into my diet coke. I have one in the morning and then don't allow myself anymore until after I drink all mi aqua

Tiger ~ Thanks! I tell ya, my kids are my world! It's weird how just about everything I do, I do for them. It's true that you never know what unconditional love is, until you have children. Sure they can piss you off to no ends, but at the same time, the sound of there pure laughter, can melt your heart.

Huntress ~ You've only missed one day of the challenge, there's still 28 more to go. I have faith in you, today you will get all 3 points and feel great.

I have a headache this morning.....and am just feeling like crap in general. Oh well, what can ya do?

Have a AWESOME day everyone.


huntress 08-14-2002 12:23 PM

Cafe - a little healthy competition is good for the soul..........I just picked on you, not that the others aren't quite capable of kicking my butt:joker:

Hey Tiffany, I forgot to congratulate you on your loss this week.........BIG CONGRATS! :cb:

Dyan - hope you feel better, can't go out of town like that. Have a good time on your trip.

Boss stepped out for a little bit and I really don't have much to do. Waiting on Friday.


huntress 08-14-2002 12:28 PM

Did any of you read the sticky about the server being down this weekend? I didn't understand a word about all that technical stuff. Wonder how long we will be unable to access the site. Any of you computer whiz out there want to explain it to me?


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