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Tigerlily 08-23-2002 08:14 AM

Ok, since I haven't figured out how to make my photos smaller, I tried to put them in an album....not sure if I did it right.

Tigerlily 08-23-2002 08:18 AM

the pics are listed under MY PHOTOS. it would be much easier if DH had the time to teach me how to shrink things. someday.
the pics are my sons, our pup & me.
let me know if you can see them.

Tiffany123 08-23-2002 09:07 AM

Hmmm, I couldn't get to the pictures. *Waaah*

No big plans for today. None for the weekend. I am a boring person. Maybe I will be sandbagging today. Flood watches all over the place and it is still pouring. I think after Mike leaves, I will lay in the dark bedroom with my little dog and nap. (sad to have to nap at 8:00 am.) :lol:

Read a GREAT book last night, The Lovely Bones. Narrated by a 14 year old girl who was murdered by a neighbor, and she kind of watches from Heaven and describes what her family goes through and about her transition and stuff. Very sad. I was up til 1 in the morning trying to finish it. It left me with a vague feeling of sadness and sorrow. 3 hankies for sure. But, I think it is one of those books where your life is more enriched just for reading it.

Ok, I am pissed. I made the appointment for the A/C people to come today and look at the central air unit. Last night, Mike has a brainstorm...5 minutes later, the freaking thing was working. WHAT THE :censored: ????

Seems as though the breaker was shut off when we moved the hot tub (they share a breaker) and was not turned back on. Hmmmm....I think since he was at work in the cool air, he didn't think (or worry too much) about us females swealtering in the 100 degree heat and humidity. We practically lived in the shower. GRRRRRRRR......

But at least it is cool in the house this morning. Why, I oughtta.....!!!!!

Anyway, I need to grocery shop today, so I can get back on track. Yesterday was a 0 point day. :yikes: I think I had too much of :burger: and maybe :jeno: and a lot of :cookie: and maybe even a :donut: for good measure. I pretty much felt like a :ink:

But have you ever had a day where on the paper, you looked like crap, but you still felt good. I was on the run ALL day, but I can't count that as official exercise, and I didn't drink the water at all....and the food was just cause I ate out both times and can't count it. So...anyway, I am feeling good today. And that is all that matters.

Well, off to take my nap. Then I will need to clean my house, which I will finally do since I have A/C now, and then off to the store. I will be checking in periodically to see how you funny girls are doing.

Semo, are you still with us?

Tigerlily 08-23-2002 09:12 AM

drats. i wonder why the pics didnt work. did u get anywhere? like some kind of message?

SEMO 08-23-2002 09:47 AM

Gosh, what time do you all get on the computer.......

I couldn't get the photos either, even went to Yahoo and tried there. No luck.

I had an excellent day yesterday and checked in with a total of three points on the challenge thread. I don't think that I would have done that well had it not been for getting on here. I had started back with exercising but just could not make myself eat right. Ugh, I want to be 90 pounds and eat my way up to 130 (wonder what that would feel like?):hypno: Okay I need to get my head out of the clouds :cloud9: and get some work done.

No plans for the weekend. Hope to clean up my spare bedroom. I've been painting the house and all the extra junk has landed in that room and I need to tackle that job. I've got a secretary's meeting Tues and Wed of next week so I'll be out for that. I'ts a two and half hour drive to the Corp office then set in meetings then back home. I feel my butt spreading already!:yikes:

Chat later.

Tigerlily 08-23-2002 10:06 AM

Alright. I give up...for now. DH might have some time this winter to teach me photo tricks. This winter. :hyper:

Semo, I get online as early as 5:30am...after DH leaves for work.
I can't even imagine try'n to gain weight...:chin: ...nope, can't. Even when I was "normal weight", I thought I was heavy. Gotta love the media. :hypno2:

This weekend is DH's company picnic. :fr: I dread it. What am I going to wear?! I've only met a few people that work w/him. DREAD. At least it's a huge shing-ding...maybe I can get lost in the crowd. Anyone familiar w/recreational vehicles? He works for Gulfstream Coach. There is all kinds of food....festival type foods set up in boothes...and it's all FREE. :devil: I'll be on my best behavior. Really.

Hair up in a towel...better go dry it before it drys this way. :yikes:

Jello 08-23-2002 10:37 AM

Well, Tiff, you are wise not to trust me with a rubber hose. It'd probably end up ... up my nose. :rolleyes:

How d'ya feel about a big old scrubby brush? :hypno2: Oooh, bristly! Bring your rubber duckies!!!

OK, it's Friday!! Next week at this time I'll be dropping Watson (my little old doggie) off at mom and dad's and racing around like a lunatic trying to get packed and "situated". :stress: All of you who said you've got no plans for this weekend are due at my house tomorrow AM at around 7 to help me pack, shop and generally "spaz out"!! Who's bringing the :donut: :donut: ?

10 extra credit points to Tig for clever use of the new smilies. Love the half-empty/half-full metaphor!

Hm, and a coupla' points for me for using a big word correctly (??? maybe :?: ) in a sentence on a Friday.

Tiffany, is a club sandwich without mayo, cheese and BACON still a club sandwich?? :no: :yes: Ain't that what makes it deserve the "club" title? Or is it that extra slice of bread in the middle? Let's all research this and get back together on Monday to discuss. Bring your sharpened #2 pencils please.

Huntress, I think I mentioned before that I keep a packet of Crystal Light (or other sugar-free drink mix) in my desk and just add a pinch to each water bottle for a touch of flavor. I agree that mixing up the whole packet while you're at work can be inconvenient. And if you're a klutz like me, downright dangerous! :yikes: Might need that hose after all.

I have to go now. I've done pretty much ZERO work since I got here this morning. Oh, I did have to call our rep company in Sweden first thing. Ever notice how lots of people in other countries all speak english? Some of them are pretty darn good at it too! Makes me wish I'd done better in high school spanish or something. Hola. Me llamo es Jello! Hm, what's spanish for Jello? El Jell-O? Los Jelloes. La wiggly-o foodo...

OK, this is getting just ... dumb.

Adios, mis amigos!

Jello 08-23-2002 10:47 AM

Tryin' somethin'....

If this works - It's Me!!

SEMO 08-23-2002 10:51 AM

Jello: Is this a vacation trip? How long will you be gone?

TigerLily: Is your picnic casual? If it is, I think a pair of capri pants and blouse that's worn on the outside would be cute. I bought a pair of black and white check and wore them with a solid back shirt and some cute black sandals. It would be cool to wear outside but not too casual. Paint your toenails brite red for a summer look.

Anyone up for a water race? See if you can get down 16 oz in the next 30 min. Ready....Set....GO!

SEMO 08-23-2002 10:52 AM

Jello is that a picture of you??????? How cute you are.

Cafe976 08-23-2002 12:33 PM

LOL, SEMO ~ No problem, 16 down the hatch. :)

Jello, you cutie. :hypno2:

I finally posted my numbers, Tiffany. Sorry, I had to add up Tuesday and I wasn't looking forward to it - but I actually was in my range. In spite of the :jeno: So that's good news.

Tiger - your link looks like it didn't quite post right?? Maybe you can type in the url and we can cut and paste it into the browser bar?

Pictures - feh! Why do you guys make me do this stuff. I'll look for one that isn't too horrid. And all of you - STAY AWAY FROM MY BUTT! It's clean enough, see?



Tigerlily 08-23-2002 12:46 PM


ok, tried it again.
i forgot to tell you guys. my son joined band. we have to buy a saxaphone now. ha, and i thought i had the financial blues before. oh well, i guess i was feeling more blue thinking of him not getting to do something he wants.
i'm hearing voices in my head, "this one time, at band camp..."

Tigerlily 08-23-2002 12:49 PM

cafe, i cant see your pic...like tiff says...*waaah*

Tigerlily 08-23-2002 01:23 PM

:hyper: how many posts can i do in a row :hyper:

my BIL is on his way over to go to the pawn shop with me to buy a sax. i've never been to a pawn shop. i feel like i'm going on an adventure. ok, i'm easy to amuse. :sssh:
BIL was in highschool band. he should be of some help, since the most i will know is if it's shiney. LOL.
on top of the sax, i just realized we have to get a music stand, sax book, and mouth piece. cha-ching. good bye christmas club. :eek:
all this fuss over sax or no-sax has kept my snacking to a minimum. stomach nerves. :^:

SEMO 08-23-2002 01:38 PM

TigerLily: I got your pictures to come up. Cute.
I've been to several pawn shops looking for antique jewelry. I love old jewelry, they just don't put the detail in the newer stuff.
So who is the hunter in your family. (saw the trophies on the wall behind you)

Today is the last day to get invoices in for this month so I'll be back after I run this bunch.

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