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Tiffany123 08-21-2002 05:48 PM

Um. I just added all of you to my buddy list. Now I have to go figure out what to do with it. LOL

Tigerlily 08-21-2002 05:59 PM

Hey all!
I've never looked at the buddy list stuff either. I'll check into it.
The Bacon Brothers...actually is Kevin Bacon and his brother Micheal. Their music is kinda folk, rock, soul and country. Some songs that really hit home. I saw them at the House of Blues. He sang Footloose just for kicks. They have a website...used to be downloadable songs there. Ok, stepping down from my fan club position....
Tiff, I like the veggie sub...just recently started leaving the mayo off.
Cafe, fall is my favorite time of year too. We are surrounded by woods, love watching the trees change. Love the crisp air. Sweatshirts and jeans. My birthday. :o
Off to fix supper. Can't convince the kids to skip it. :^:

huntress 08-21-2002 07:34 PM

I had already done the buddy list, it tells you who is/is not online, although they already had that before it just showed up on your post. I had wondered what happened to that.

Cafe - HEY GIRL! It's so good to see you again, missed ya somethin awful. As you can clearly see many of us have been in Funkytown lately so don't dissapear again just cause the plan isn't going the way you'd like, OK. I love fall and winter too even though it is difficult for my body to get used to it being dark all the time. Cold weather is very romantic don't ya know.........all that snuggling...............darn it I wish I had someone to snuggle with.......:lol: Hey, I'm gettin skinny, I'll get me a man yet, even if I have to HUNT him down.

LOL, Tiffany that one was actually for you.:D

Hey Dyan, where did ya dissapear to, must be almost going home time in Cali.

Tigerlily - how old are your little ones..........I'm sure you've told us before but I forgot, sorry. Did you get your handle from Peter Pan? Don't know what made me think of that. Oh and I apologize for misspelling your name all this time, where is my brain, guess I left it in funkytown.

Geez, I sound like such a nerd today.
Talk to ya'll later.


Dyanm1 08-21-2002 08:03 PM


I get off work at 2:15pm Cali time. Get home, work out, cook dinner and then go get DD from pre-school. So I usually don't have chance to check back until about 5pm Cali time. I try to eat early and not eat after 6pm. Lately I've found I'm too lazy to get up and get a "debil" snack.:lol: . Once I finally get this fat ar$e in the recliner, I'm good for the night. Just when I'm ready to conk out, it's time to give the kids a bath and get them ready for bed. I run out of energy pretty quick, if you ask me.

OHMYGAWD~ My sister and I were GOING to do the abs tape, and there is just NO WAY!! They are lying on there backs w/ their legs straight in the air and are using there stomach and hips to lift the butt off the ground. My sister and I just looked at each other w/ our jaws on the floor. It would take EVERYTHING I have to even get my feet straight up there. Then trying to lift these thighs, Not gonna happen. Didn't help that everyone on there weighed about 80 pounds. Even the men had skinny girlie legs (eeewww). Then we put in the upper body workout and there was no sound! So I have to take them back or something. I may just return them. They are way to advanced for me!! Maybe in 5 years..... We did walk 2 miles....so I still got in my exercise.

Cafe ~ Glad to see you in MotivationVille :wave: , we really did miss ya! You are not allowed to back to Funkytown, for a long while.

Tiff~ I wish I could get into veggies. I can't stand them. Hate pretty much all of 'em. Like Brocoli, and greens but that's about it. Also like potatoes and corn, but I know that corn is not a veggie. I don't even know how to cook them. My kids get them, on combo pizza :lol: , pot pies, etc..... Again, bad mommy :nono:

Tiger~ I guess we learn something new everyday. I had no idea that Kevin Bacon sang. Go Figure......

kids are calling......as usual......

Hope everyone had a 3 pointer day ;)

Tiffany123 08-21-2002 08:51 PM

Hey Cafe...did you post your Tuesday challenge points?

Just a gentle nudge. ;)

huntress 08-22-2002 06:50 AM

OK, gonna try this again.........I was in the middle of posting and got knocked off:no:

:grouphug: Have you seen the new smilies, they are SO cute!:m: :twirly:

Dyan - you crack me up! I am pretty surprised when guys take their pants off anyway, but skinnie girlie legs:lol: I was rolling on the floor with the eeewww. I am so jealous........I don't get off until 5:00 yeehaw time.:tired:

From the book "Seven Secrets of Slim People"

Secret #1 - Listen to your BODY not your MIND
Secret #2 - Eat with AWARENESS and without JUDGEMENT
Secret #3 - Eat only when you are physically hungry
Secret #4 - Stop eating when you are SATISFIED, not FULL
Secret #5 - Eat what you want most
Secret #6 - Notice how your body feels AFTER eating
Secret #7 - Honor your feelings, don't bury them with food

This is a great book and really made me think twice about dieting in general. The basic principle is that diets don't work because they create deprivation which leads to bingeing. I have been following this loosely but I need to read the book again. This is one of the reasons that I tend to shy away from counting points and calories, etc. I am making a concious effort to learn my bodies hunger signals even though it is difficult at times because I tend to eat for reasons besides hunger, i.e. planned meal times, schedules, boredom, stress.

Anyway, I posted this because someone mentioned yesterday they wondered what slim people did. I personally believe that the big difference is that some people eat to live and some live to eat. This was what I was talking about a while back when I mentioned that I noticed when I had enjoyable things to do I didn't think about food so much.

So enough of all this serious stuff, go out and have a great day all!


Tigerlily 08-22-2002 08:46 AM

Good Morning!:twirly: New toys, how fun!

My boys are....Blake 10 and Owen 5...almost 6:cry: Growing up too fast.

My handle...flowers in my yard...that's it. It so hard to get a handle...everything is taken....yet I never see any of the ones I tried before Tigerlily. Real name, Sherri.

I'm going to the library today and looking for the 7 secrects book. Reading a health/diet book helps me keep focused. I just finished reading She's Come Undone...an old book club selection of Oprah's. It's not diet/health, but it has weight issues in it. Good read.

I exercised yesterday and my stomach muscles are sore. :cb: Let's hear it for sore stomach muscles!:cp:

My DH has chicken legs. :sssh: I didn't say that. :tape:

Jello 08-22-2002 09:02 AM

Excuse me!?!? Ms. Tiffany, you did 2 miles in half an hour and stopped and figure it was "quitting"!??!?! Girlie, you musta' been movin' like ... like your thighs were on fire or somethin'!!! :lol:

And this is weird. Guess what I had for lunch yesterday. A veggie Subway sandwich on wheat. Had half (6") at lunch and the other half for dinner. Love them and don't miss the meat, cheese, mayo, oil, etc. at all. Of course, I'm a bread freak.

Cafe, I love the autumn too. Just not the winter. :( Maybe it's because of my great fear of driving in the snow and ice. My big phobia. But I've just discovered long hot baths on cold winter evenings. Ahhhh....

Dyan, I know what you mean about the people on some of those workout tapes. 90 lbs. soaking wet. Just a blur of spandex and blond hair. I like the Richard Simmons tapes because the people in them are built like me!!

Tigerlily, how do you feel about "nanny nanny boo boo"? :lol:

I hate hearing that some celebrities that you admire are snobs. :snooty: There are some that I've heard can be a bit rude to fans and I've purposely avoided trying to meet them for just that reason. Not that I've ever had the opportunity. I've been to post-concert "meet and greets" with the rock group Styx but it was just me and about 200 other fans in a room the size of an oversized phone booth trying to get autographs. I did get Dennis DeYoung's. I've also gotten Mario Andretti's autograph but he's from this area and I know people who went to school with his kids.

Hm.... Perhaps another reason to lose weight. More confidence to walk up to celebrities and ask for autographs???? :chin:

I've rambled long enough. BTW, yesterday was a 1-point day for ol' Jo. :( Ah well, we all stumble. I'll be good today, I promise. Meeting with the trainer tonight and haven't done my "homework". :nono: Off I go.

Tiffany123 08-22-2002 09:10 AM

YAY!!! I get to call the A/C people today. WooHooo....

Anyone read the books by Geneen Roth? I think that is how you spell it.....just curious.

Well, my daughter and step daughter went to high school for their first day today! 1/2 day. :hyper: They will be wired when they get home!

Um...I am no longer at my temp job. I was asked to take the job full time, and I said I wasn't interested. So, my employment agency called last night and said that he wanted someone in there to hire, so I am officially out of there. :cloud9:

Now I have all day today and tomorrow to do whatever I want. YEAH!!!!

I have to pick up the girls after school. One has a hair appointment, one needs to go the mall to get a couple of shirts...and we have to return movies, and they want lunch at TGI Fridays. So, I guess I will have a salad and baked potato. I REALLY want their cajon chicken strips. YUM. But I am getting those dang three points today if it kills me. :faint:

So, I will be scarce until the afternoon. When everyone posts their Wednesday totals...I will post an updated score list. (no luck with the website. Grrrr)

Hope everyone is doing well. Amazing how great I feel when I have new smilies. :twirly:

P.S. Dyan, don't abuse the smilies. You know you are an addict and your posts will disappear. LOL

Tiffany123 08-22-2002 09:12 AM

Jo...you kill me. And I tell ya, I didn't mean that my legs were moving so fast they were on fire. I mean, they were RUBBING together so fast I thought I was going to START a fire. :D

Dyanm1 08-22-2002 09:52 AM

Good Morning Ladies!!

HAHA! I had to laugh about me being addicted to smilies! I'm thinking maybe I'll have to do 2 posts, just so I can add all the smilies I want.:hyper: . O.....mygawd!! I just looked at all of them!!! I am in heaven......aaarrrrggghhhh, are they trying to kill me?

Jo~ I knew what your were saying, but I was just so dissappointed in myself.....(so many smilies....which one can I use here? hhhmmm). But I'm over it now, and want to say thanks.

Huntress: Thanks for posting the 7 secrets. I'm gonna write them down and tape it to the fridge! And ya know......It wouldn't have been so BAD if the men weren't wearing running shorts. You know the kind they wear in track, that are loose and thangs. They were lying on the floor and off half their skinny a$$'s were hanging out. Again.... I have to say eeewwww, stinky boo-boo :no:

Tiger~ You had me rollin w/ the chicken leg comment. Those smilies fit PERFECT! HA. As for your handle I was also thinking of Peter Pan. As a matter of fact just bought DD "Neverland". Then I thought perhaps, your name was Lily. I have a niece named Lilly. She's as cute as a button!

Tiff ~ You sound so happy, now that you don't have to return to the **** House. I wish I could afford to say home :goodvibes. But there is no way we could survive on just DH's check. :sssh: I make more $$ than him :sssh: :tape: don't tell no body......

Okay....I'm sitting here wondering if I've already gotten to smilie crazy..... To be safe I'll end here and post another one, because I did somehting, stupid, stupid, stupid.......

Ready....:grouphug: ......BREAK!

Dyanm1 08-22-2002 10:02 AM

Here's what I did.......

I forgot to cancel an $800 payment on my :censored: Credit card!!
I was going to pay it, But we needed to pay that :censored: *itch. (DH's ex). The :censored: , who charged $1000 for a 5 week summer camp!! SO I was going to cancel the payment and just pay her. Well I look at my statement and it went through yesterday!!! :bomb: . I am :hot: HOT. Not only that, the :censored: told us that our share of the dental bill was $140. Well guess what......we got the bill (as DH covers her on his insurance) and the total due $137!! Our "share" would only be $68.50.......

AAAAHHHHHHH.....please, some one just shoot me now and put me out of my misery!!

What a way to start my :censored: morning!

huntress 08-22-2002 10:16 AM

I have a really bad case of the DON'T-s today..........don't want to be here, don't want to work, don't want to do anything but play on the computer and I DON'T think that is going to happen.

Dyan - ex's are the pits, I feel for ya honey.

Tiffany123 08-22-2002 10:31 AM

I think that was the MOST censored smilies I have ever seen in one place at one time. LOL...trust me, I DO feel for you.

Off to do my thing. Whatever that might be. :hyper:

Tiffany123 08-22-2002 10:43 AM

Tig, I was lost when Napster shut down, but thank God for Kazaa. I downloaded some of the Bacon Brothers stuff. I really liked 10 years in Mexico...I also downloaded Boys in Bars, and Only a Good Woman and Do Da Do. Thanks for the tip!


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