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Tiffany123 09-03-2002 04:41 PM

Oh I know what you mean. Some of those people are annoying. I like the step tapes. I love Kathy Smith, not too annoying, not too much sugar, just down to business. I like that!

Water is NOT flowing today. I am STUCK at my desk, can't get to the bathroom even. I know how Jello feels now. Grrrr.

SEMO 09-03-2002 05:25 PM

I'm outta here, will talk to you tomorrow. Stay :strong:

Tiffany123 09-03-2002 05:33 PM

I'll try. I have an hour and a half to go in this place, so if I don't die first, I may go home and take off on a bike ride to relieve some tension. This day has kicked the crap out of me. I need some fresh air.


Tigerlily 09-03-2002 06:25 PM

Hello. Feels like Monday. I dream of falling into a routine, thought back to school would help it along. Not happening. Football. grrrr. Open houses. grrrr. Maybe in a couple weeks things will even out. I just have this fantasy that when I'm on a routine, things will go smoothly, I'll have more control, plan better, eat better, exercise better. Fantasy Land. I'm always living some kind of fanasty or another. :cloud9:
Has anyone been watching American Idol? Am I the only person left on earth that watches Network Television? Tonight is the final performances. I just hope I can be home from Open House, fix supper, and get to watch it. :s:
I think I've mentioned, Leslie Sansone gets on my nerves. I've started using the PIP feature. Anyone else try that? I watch the Today Show, with Leslie all small up in the corner...silent. :D
I may have to try Kathy Smith. Denise Austin, please.
The only point I can score today is water. Food, out the window. Exercise, not gonna happen. So, bottoms up.

Dyanm1 09-03-2002 07:19 PM

Real quick.......Tiff ~think we should start a new thread to mark a new week AND a new month?

GeTtInG_ThErE2 09-03-2002 08:10 PM

HELLO girls!!!

holy! you guys write so much while a girl is at her first day of school!!!! hehe. It was awesome. I love high school!

Im sitting in english right....and this grade 11 guy walks in...he moved in the middle of the semester and his english got mesed up so he had to do english 10 this year....and OH AM I HAPPY ABOUT THAT>>>>>.he is GORGEOUS!:love: My best friend is in my almost all of my classes this year and she is like....the greatest! and he walked in and we were like...wow. lol....

I walked into our kinda first day thingy today and everyone was just talking so i said hi to my friends and then i went and sat down..there was a new girl and she was kinda by herself so me and another girlfriend of mine went over and talked to her. By the time we were getting our lockers everyone had a partner so i just asked the new girl if she wanted to share with me...she was like sure..and i thought she was pretty cool so it was all good right??

Well i mean, yeah shes nice enough but she is dead set on not making friends or hanging out with anyone...and im like..hunny, you CANNOT be friends with me and not have a social life...it just doesnt work...im the most social person in the world and im CONSTANTLY around people and going places and doing things. So im kinda making it my personal goal to get her out and about.....

But overall it was a great day..my science class is GINORMOUS.......theres 36 kids in it...its nuts......but im totally thrilled to be in high school...its going to be great!

Well I am doing kinda good i guess....not as good as tiff! way to go babe!!!! i think im going to go to the gym tonight and if not then tommorrow FOR SURE. cause now im back in the routine of things.......

Dyan, sucks hard eggs??? I LOVE IT!!!!!:flow2:

Semo...hello...how are you? you never talk to me...TALK TO MEEEE!!!!!

Nurse, its all coming clear to me now!!! deadnursewife that is! lol.....so its kewl that you are here...its awesome......these girls ROCK...

Tiff, well I USUALLY do my own laundry but my dad gets mad cause the stuff i dont wear anymore i just keep throwing back into the laundry room...he doesnt like that to much! lol.

but anyways.....im going to....do something now. not sure what.......

later everyone!

brighterdays 09-03-2002 11:22 PM

whoa, horsey!
Hey you all,

I'm getting dizzy reading all the posts from today....boy, did I miss alot!

Tiffany---love the Rambo picture :lol:

Dyan---know what you mean on the tapes thing...I've got Pilates and tai chi on tape along with Paula Abdul (and everyone else)!!!! The list is endless... I do not have the Leslie S. walking tapes---I've watched her commercials and I don't think I could get into that.

Speaking of Paula Abdul.....who has been watching American Idol with me? Kelly's gonna win....Kelly's gonna win...sorry, it kinda gets to you....

Huntress....wow! I bet you look great in that car! I wanted a Mitsubishi Eclipse until this year when my teenage daughter told me that was HER dream car (can't have that now-I had to switch dreams). Now I'd love a RAV4 or some sporty looking SUV with a sunroof..gotta have a sunroof.

Kayla...that was so sweet of you to share with the new girl. It's so hard to change schools when you are a teenager. :grouphug: Your friend may not realize it yet but you helped her fit in today.

I drank alot of water today, so that's one point. Still experimenting with foods and had to watch American Idol after I fixed dinner tonight, so one point is all I get for today. Tomorrow will be a better day.

My kids have grown into teenagers but I still remember the food on their faces and all the cute things they use to do. It's hectic but those of you who have the small ones....you wouldn't believe how fast they grow up.....treasure these times, when your rested up enough to do so!

Take care everyone....I'm tired and it's time for bed. Have a good one tomorrow!

;) :wave: :yawn:

huntress 09-04-2002 05:56 AM

Hey everyone!

Things are still crazy right now and the computer was tied up all day yesterday so I didn't have a chance to get caught up with you all.

Kayla - I swear evertime I read your post you sound more and more like my own daughters! I'll just adopt you now.:D You will fit real nice, my oldest is 21, youngest will be 17 in a month.

Gosh, I have been so tired the last few days. I've had way too many things to do. I keep thinking that life will get back to normal any day now but it just doesn't happen. Wish I could take this week off and just go driving.........not gonna happen.

Semo - the new car is light pewter metallic, what a name for a color, huh. I thougt about red, but they didn't have one at the dealer that I bought it from. Plus, I've never had a red car, not sure I would like it. Your life sounds like mine right now, crazy.

Brighterdays - my twin, I always like sporty cars, guess that's why I never really cared for the Explorer, but they make some really cute SUV's now, sunroof would be cool. I can just see it, you driving down the highway with the wind in your hair, the music pumping, you lookin all fine, men flagging you down.:cp:

Carol Ann - I have to admit it..........I was wondering about the name too, but I figured there was some meaning to it.

Gosh, this group is getting so big it's hard for me to keep up since I haven't been able to get on during the day. Tiffany, Dyan, Tigerlilly..........don't mean to leave you out. Will talk to you all soon.

Halloween Goal - 185

Tigerlily 09-04-2002 08:50 AM

So, someone else on planet earth watches network tv! Brighterdays! Yep, Kelly should win. Justin should go join a boy band. Kelly's voice is awsome.

Last week I was on top of a hill in Motivationville, then TOM and I rolled down the hill. Haven't left town yet, just have to work my way back up...kinda hard w/ Rambo Ammo. Right Tiff?!:p

Kayla, nice to hear you had a good first day back to school. I forget, do you play any sports in school?

Today, I need to hit the grocery store. I'm in a cooking rut, guess I should look up some recipes.
Have a great day OP!:yes:

SEMO 09-04-2002 09:37 AM

Hi Girls! I watch American Idol too. I tried all night to get through to vote and at 11 I still was unable to get my vote in for Kelly. She has a magnificent voice and I love it that she is just a home type girl. Justin is good, but I think Kelly is better, guess we'll find out tonight what everyone else thinks.

Hi Kayla Baby Girl. :chockiss: I think that you have a wonderful outlook on life and it was a very unselfish thing that you did yesterday. Everyone needs a kind hand and you did not hesitate to offer it. I need a daughter too, (have two sons and one new DIL) so now you have two cyber mammas.:cp:

I got my three points done last night but it sure is hard if I don't do at least part of my exercise in the morning. Even tho I don't have little ones the time flies once I get home.

Hope everyone has a great OP day. I guess I should probably do something around here to earn a paycheck so I'll be back later.

Dyanm1 09-04-2002 09:39 AM

Good Morning My Peeps :D ,

Another day, another dime.......I'm ready to crawl under my desk and take a nap :sp: :tired: , but nnnnnoooooo, I've got WORK to do. Yucky yucky poo poo :mad: .

Okay ladies, next Wednesday is the last day of the 30 day challenge (which happens to be Sept 11th). OT: I was reading in one of my baby mags, this lady's child was born on Sept. 11th, and she was feeling ~I'm gonna say SAD ~ Because what should be a happy day for her child will now be associated w/ heartbreak across the country. I think that's so sad, but am hoping that over time, it won't be so bad. Like with all bad things, you never forget them, but maybe it doesn't hurt so much.
Okay, don't know why I had to share that........I guess that's what happens when voices are rambling in my head! :D

Has everyone etched their Halloween mini goes on their sig line? I know, I know....."hey pot, this is kettle......your black", I'm gonna do it after Saturday's weigh in. I am so psyched! I love these freakin things. Because let me tell ya, I need to focus, focus, focus. Friday - Monday, I was like some crazed maniac. Gimme food :devil: , or I will eat your younguns......

I am just rambling on and on aren't I. Hey Kayla.....ya kill me......

Tiffany123 09-04-2002 10:12 AM

Ok, I think we should start a fresh thread. Fresh thread for a fresh month. Clean slates for all of us. Here we go. It will call it Doing our Own Thing, #4

Let's Go!!!

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