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huntress 08-15-2002 07:00 AM

Welcome Dollar - how are you today? It's nice to have you here. We be the cottage cheese freaks, LOL. Ever wondered why nobody like the stuff? There are lots of things that I like but never eat because nobody in my house will touch them and I hate to waste food. Let's face it who can eat a whole carton of cottage cheese before it goes bad..........unless you eat the whole thing in 1 day like I did.:lol: Anyway, have a good day.


Tigerlily 08-15-2002 07:05 AM

Welcome Dollar!
So, I should try the Miracle Whip Low Fat on my cukes and tomato, but...can I spread it on my itch. :lol:
I can't believe I have new areas of bumps showing up. :?: I am scared to mow the yard...and it NEEDS mowed.
Happy Birthday Dyan!:hb: My youngest thinks everyone should have a party on their bday too!

Kayla, have a good time at camp. It sounds like fun. When do you go back to school? My oldest goes back Monday.:^: The youngest has one more week of vacation. He's going to be in kindergarten. Makes my heart ache.
I'm taking the crew to the library today, then to the park (weather permit'n), then to the grocery store. Me and three boys. :fr: Quite Frightful just thinking about it.

Hope everyone has a great day OP! :cool:

Tigerlily 08-15-2002 07:09 AM

I like cottage cheese with pineapple...or I'll eat in plain with salt & pepper....or sliced peaches.....or green eggs & ham, sam I am.
I haven't found a low fat or ff brand that I like yet. :s: Oh, I use it in my lasagna too!

Jello 08-15-2002 08:45 AM

I love you guys!!! :love: I was so tired last night that I didn't want to exercise. But then I thought of our challenge!! Honestly I did!! And it got me on the treadmill for a mile and a pretty decent clip. After I finish thanking you, I'm going over to the challenge thread to post another 3 point day!!! :smug:

Dollar, welcome to the bunch! ("Bunch" "Bananas" Get it? Don't worry, you will!) Tell us about yourself! But first - CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your weight loss so far!!! You done good, girlie!

Kayla, I hope I didn't say anything to make you upset or leave either. You make me ... vaguely (it's been a looong time :rolleyes: ) remember my teenage years.

Huntress, I want to be a cottage cheese freak too. I usually get the fat free kind with the pineapple. I forget the brand. BTW, I still want that rain. The heat is starting to get to me. They keep saying "chance of thunderstorms" but they never come. As for the hurricanes and other stuff, well, I think I'll pass.

Speaking of cottage cheese, buy the whipped stuff. Spread it on a slice of lightly toasted light bread. Sprinkle on a mix of sugar and Equal and put it under the broiler. It's what I call a poor man's cheese danish. Not bad. :T

Tiger, I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I Am. ;)

I don't like Miracle Whip either. Prefer mayo. Actually, I use the fat free because I only use it in tuna or chicken salad. I used to use mayo on sandwiches but have switched to brown mustard. Probably a good thing, diet-wise.

Dyan, Happy Belated Birthday!!!! :hat: Sorry I missed it. Hope it was a good one. Sounds like it was. Your little one calling you at work sounds soooo cute!! :)

I'm going to work now. Boss has two more days and has suddenly realized how much work he has to finish before his vacation. I have a meeting at 10 to work on plans for the company Christmas party. Yes, it's August. It's 100 degrees outside. And we're planning the Christmas party. Actually, I joined the committee after last year's party. Fatty foods. Thick sauces. Fried appetizers. Salad with fatty dressing already in it. Gonna be some changes to this year's menu!!!! This I vow!!! :D

Talk to you all later!

huntress 08-15-2002 09:45 AM

So I'm thinking I'm gonna need a boat to get home from work today. The streets are already flooded and there's more rain coming. That's what I get for being selfish towards Jello yesterday when she asked for some of this rain! Darn it all.

Tigerlilly - just my opinion, maybe it's time to take your rash to the doctor.

Lightening, gotta go


Tigerlily 08-15-2002 09:54 AM

I will take the rash to the docotor if it isn't gone by next week. But then that opens a whole 'nother can of worms. I have to find a doctor...

Cafe976 08-15-2002 11:18 AM

Welcome, Dollar! Hope you'll hang out. Don't feel you have to divulge personal information you don't want to. Not to contradict Tiffany, because we DO like to get to know each other - but I'm very cautious about naming names, myself. Gives me the freedom to spill my guts.

Cottage cheese - yeah! Um, I like the 2% myself. 2 Wasa crackers, 1/2 c cottage cheese (enough to put a thick layer on each), a little pepper - mmm, 3 points. I keep the fridge really cold (just above the point where the stuff in the back freezes) so the carton lasts a while for me. Actually, you might be surprised how long stuff stays good when you crank it down. :p Desperation is the mother of invention - I used to throw away a lot more.

Well, I'm having quite a little morning here. Driving me nuts!! It's taken me a few hours to get this far. So I'm off.

huntress 08-15-2002 01:23 PM

Rain, Rain, go away......go to see Jello today!:fr:

I am so bored, business is quiet and I hate being cooped up like this. If I gotta sit here and do nothing, I'd rather be at the casino or home sleeping or something. Geez..............sorry to be so glum, it's just that I hate being cooped up.

Hope you're all having a better day.........hey maybe I can meet Dyan in Reno, that would be fun.


Tiffany123 08-15-2002 02:24 PM

Hi girls! I have been in bed since 10 last night, well...in and out of bed and INTO the bathroom with the ..... well...."bathroom problems". :p

So, my late night bike ride did not happen.

Well, I took today off from **** House, and I am working at home. So, I guess I did not escape **** altogether. :D

Dollar, I should rephrase. I really don't want "personal, personal" info....but just the good stuff. LOL....

But, I think we scared her off already. :(

Well, hello to everyone! I'll do shoutouts later! I have to get back to the bathroom. I am worried about today's points, but I haven't ate anything yet, and it's 1:30 in the afternoon. I am just SO queasy. But when you have to run to the bathroom all the time, it makes it hard to ride your bike. LOL....I am drinking the water though.

Take care gals, I will check in later!
Who HATES cottage cheese. LOL...

huntress 08-15-2002 03:17 PM

Sorry to hear you're feeling bad Tiffany. Yogurt sometimes can help with that. Take care,


GeTtInG_ThErE2 08-15-2002 04:14 PM

Hey girls!
thanks for all of you making me feel better!!!!...im glad you guys still want me around!

I leave for camp on sunday...and i go back to school in 19 days!!! it seems like ive been home forever! i hate this just sitting around all day stuff! im excited to go back to school so i can be busy all the time again!!!!! i miss the rush!!! and im REALLY looking forward to grade 10 and all the high school stuff! it should be a blast!!!!!!!!!!

so i figured out....that my biggest problem NOW is that I usually dont get up till like......at least 1 pm......so then i eat like....a later supper......cause im not hungry again until like....8...and night eating is a bad thing! anyways..i had a VERY VERY bad day yesterday....i ate the whole house out! no pointers for me!!!!

but i gotta jet! later girls!!!!

p.s. wouldnt it be great if they made low fat Kraft dinner????

GeTtInG_ThErE2 08-15-2002 04:15 PM

being sick sucks!

Tiffany123 08-16-2002 08:14 AM

Thanks for the get-well wishes. I still feel icky, but HAVE to go to work. It's payday. LOL, plus you can't very well be seen out getting a pedicure on a Friday night when you didn't go to work that day! :o

That is my treat to myself for my hard work thus far, I have NEVER had a pedicure...so...I'll let you know how that goes.

Well....this not having the time in the morning to ramble as I usually do really stinks. I will have to catch up tonight for sure.

Kayla, enjoy camp! And my kids start school this next Thursday. They are freshmen and they are NOT thrilled. The high school is SO much bigger than the junior high and they are paranoid about getting lost and looking stupid. LOL....what grade will you be in again???

Huntress, thanks for the tip on the yogurt. Um...I think I will pass though. Yogurt makes me a little queasy anyway...I think I need to try some new kinds...the ones I have tried in the past have had kind of that "sour" taste...I want one that tastes like pudding. LOL ....oh, with low fat too. :D

Cafe, Mike eats the cottage cheese out of the container, and I guess it is pretty versatile, (I don't know cause I don't eat it) but he eats it with fruit AND with veggies. How many foods can you say that about?? LOL

By the way, YOU BROADS SENT THE RAIN MY WAY. It has rained all night and no end in sight. THANKS! ;)

Jo, I have to tell you...I am so proud of you for getting this challenge going like this. It will really make a difference in how you feel. Plus, your trip isn't far off now. :cb: You will feel great and confident and you should. It wasn't too long ago, you were really having a hard time and I am so glad you stuck it out, cause LOOK AT YOU GO!!!!

Dyan...you are another inspiration, we are eating your dust girl!!!
Keep up the great work, I am so excited to have you here with us, your results are amazing and I can't wait to see where you are in the following months!

Tig, is that rash getting any better yet? I can't stop scratching every time I think of it! :lol: I am imagining you hiding in the house with your yard about 14 feet high, peeking out of the curtains. Little children walk by holding hands and talk about the mythical "bumpy, itchy monster" that lives there and eats children. (Well, you know how rumors escalate :lol: )

Ok enough, off to work and hopefully another great day.
You wild girls enjoy yourselves and if we can't access this board tonight or the weekend, keep notes! Updates of your weekend WILL be required.

Take care all,

Jello 08-16-2002 08:54 AM

TGIF!!!!!! Boss's last day and I can't wait until it's over and he is gone gone gone gone gone!!!!!!!!!

Um, had another 3 point day yesterday, you guys. :devil: But as I just wrote in the challenge thread, today's going to be a tough one. Birthday cake today and I've already had a wonderful bakery fresh pastry. :ink: I've really got to be careful with the starches for the rest of today.

And then the weekend and all its usual challenges. And no forum access!!! :fr: Whatever will I do without you guys!?!?

Huntress, I was watching the weather channel this morning and they were showing the floods in Galveston and I thought of you. How's the rain level where you are? Maybe I'll ask Tiffany to pass it along to my drought-ridden area.

I checked in with my trainer last night. Turns out that I don't weigh in weekly. I have to wait until week 5 to see what the scale says. Actually, I'm thinking this may be a good thing. I used to have the bad habit of weighing in and then immediately indulging in something really bad for me because, hey, I have a whole week to "catch up", right? This way, it's more like an ongoing journey and really changing my lifestyle and eating habits.

I'm really learning a lot. She ran my questionnaire answers through the computer program and came up with some sample daily menus and exchanges, etc. I should be eating about 1700 calories a day and they should be split up 75% carbs, 15% protein and 10% fat. (Reflects my love of pasta and breads! :D ) As for weight, the goal that it came up with for the 10 week program is only something like a 5 lb. loss but it's also supposed to decrease my "fat mass" by about 5 lbs. and increase my lean body mass.

So what's all this mean? Beats me! :^: I admit I don't understand quite all of it yet but it sounds very realistic and doable. One thing I did note on all the print outs. It said something about not trying to change everything and make big changes all at once. That's one of my problems. I usually go gung-ho for a while and then start feeling deprived and fall off the wagon. This program takes more of a "eat 3 slices of pizza instead of the usual 4" approach and then talks about eating more slowly, concentrating on and actually tasting the food, and drinking the ever present water.

... pausing for a cool refreshing swig of the stuff ...

OK, I've rambled on long enough. Time to actually get started on getting the boss done and outta here! If I don't get to talk to you guys over the weekend, I hope to be able to find you all on Monday. Guess it'd be easiest to just go into 3fatchicks.com and find the forums again through there, eh? Well, we'll see.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend! I expect to see 9 more points in everyone's totals by Monday ... even mine.....

Tigerlily 08-16-2002 09:42 AM

Jello attacked by giant pastry! Tigerlily attacked by cheese danish! :devil:
I'm having a real battle with myself right now. What would I rather have....a trim bod or a cheese danish? It's such a no-brainer, yet I ate the cheese danish. *banging head on desk*
I feel better when I exercise...another no brainer...more head banging.
I'm hope'n when the kids get back in school and I can fall into some sort of routine it will be helpful to my "way of life changes". I'll be able to food shop while they are in school...I have enough problem avoiding the treats on my own, hasn't helped having them shop with me all summer. Yes, routine it is. I need a routine.
The poison ivy is getting better in some places, but pop'n up in others. Overall, it's better than it was last weekend. I think I'm on the road to recovery. Wish I could say the same about my diet mentality.
I'm going to do some serious house cleaning today and try to finish up a couple projects. Having the house clean and accomplishing something always makes me feel better.

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