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Staying the Same
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Kat999 I hope you see something you like soon, it really just sounds like a fluke number since you haven't been doing anything different lately.

indiblue 1230 including brownie batter is, like Dianne said, impressive. I'm sorry to hear there is existential angst on top of job stress. You're not wasting time at all - you're still living your life and working on yourself, which is an ongoing forever project.

Dianne042425 Stay safe in those storms and good luck with the IF experiment!


After a little mindless snacking at work - there are piles of cookies, crackers, cakes and mochi sweets sitting around - I wanted to turn the day around. It was gorgeous, first warm day in a couple weeks and the cherry blossoms are just starting to open. Decided to risk further injury and go for a run. I wound up running about 4 miles, and timed my run perfectly with the setting sun. Felt so great afterwards that I was thrashing around to drum & bass in the kitchen. Running kills my appetite, so I had a small dinner of chicken, bok choy and a small amount of pineapple.
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Indiblue, Dianne, and Krampus, thanks so much for the support. I needed to hear things like this today. You guys are awesome.
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Corporette diet
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Okay, I have been bad at checking into 3FC recently. I freaked out about my weight gain after my thesis was turned in, had a couple of binge episodes with the carbs I'd stored in my room (cookies, special K, ???)... and completely failed at logging my weight into the 20somethings biggest loser challenge. I feel pretty guilty about letting down Team Daisy now

But on the upside, I have been getting a huge amount of exercise as I start to worry about how far behind I am in terms of training for my race. I finally weighed myself a couple of days ago and I'm back down to 122. But that detour wasted SO much time... never again will I allow myself to lose control while traveling just because my companions push food on me.

It's good to feel back in control. I hope everyone else has been doing well in my absence -- I have so many posts to read and catch up on!
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Originally Posted by indiblue View Post
Dianne it sounds like you could do that, as long as you had a solid 16 hours of fasting. I would double-check with more knowledgeable sources though- is the most well-known one, but if you do a little research you'll find other health blogs which support IF. That might be a better resource than me haha. From what I understand I think most people recommend a longer window, though 16 hour should be long enough to reap some benefits. And if it's breakfast you're worried about skipping I was totally in the same boat- I am not only hungry in the mornings but I have acid reflux issues in the AM that I wasn't sure how they'd react to no food. Turns out water and hot tea do wonders

Oh gosh, for feathers 5 lbs is a huge deal so I know what you mean! I get excited/upset over ever 1 lb. Could you take your scale out into the hallway, or even on the road for a more accurate measure? Or treat yourself to a new one

kat dianne Wildflower You guys are putting me to shame with your accurate counting- I have been REALLY slacking on counting literally everything I consume, so when you get down to 15 cal vitamins, oh gosh, I have some tightening up to do with my cc'ing

LOL. I suppose I could try bringing my scale somewhere else with level floors. I don't know about outside though, my neighbors might label me a total nutcase. They probably already think I am crazy as one neighbor and I got into an argument in the hallway one day (long story).

Anyway...yesterday was a pretty on target for 1200 calories (including 70 calories of vitamins now) but I ended up having an extremely stressful evening with work stuff and ended up just eating whatever for dinner. The good news is, I had 400 calories to spend and I don't think I went too much over because my meal was 430 to begin with - only 30 cals over - and I didn't finish it all. However, stress eating lead to bites and nibbles of other food during this time - something I NEVER do. So I have no idea with that stuff but I figure I didn't go over 1400-1500 cals for the day so I'll take it.

Indiblue - I do track exactly on my calories, which is why I am frusterated I never see any losses. I've been feeling smaller lately though, so perhaps I whooosh will come. Sometimes I think the scale and your body can be out of synch with eachother. Often I see the scale change before my body does - maybe I am still catching up from my last bit of weightloss or maybe some more is coming. Who knows, bottom line is that a great deal of my issue is probably due to my over the top stress level right now and dieting is adding to that. That might be combined with me just eating too much for the way my body adjusted - some more exercise should help with that. I am just crunched for time right now and the extra time I do have I need for sleeping.

My priorities right now are not so much weightloss but stress control and getting enough sleep. Then, if I have time, exercise. I will continue to count cals but sometimes I just need a break from all that. I'm taking one today.

11 more weeks until summer break. Counting them down...
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I don't know if I was constipated or just the random water bloat everyone encouraged me it was but I'm back to 118 after dinner and an intense workout. I must've been just ridiculously puffy this morning for some reason and now I can't believe I flipped out so much. Yes, I know there's usually fluctuations throughout the day but I actually usually weigh about the same first thing in the morning as I do at night, so this is slightly encouraging.

I promise not to freak if I'm bloated in the morning again.
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