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Default How did you choose your goal weight?

Hi everyone,

I just decided to get serious about losing and maintaining the same weight. I decided that if I'm going to continue to spend money on expensive clothing, it needs to be all the same size. The problem is that I love food! At this point in time, I have a bunch of great clothes that no longer fit me, with "emergency" larger sizes.

I estimate that I would like to lose 17 pounds, and so I'm here on the Featherweights. I chose my goal weight somewhat arbitrarily, and I'm wondering how other Featherweights picked their goal weight.

So, how did you pick your goal weight?
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My initial goal weight was 130, which I picked simply because I'd never in my adult life been in the 120's and thought I'd never really get there. But now That I'm 129 I realize that I still have at least 15 more pounds to lose, seeing the extra fat around my hips and belly. So based on where I am now, I decided to keep challening myself until I feel truely satisfied with the results.

Also, I picked 130 at first because I wanted something that didn't seem too far away. I didn't want to be discouraged by larger numbers, so I figured if I aimed lower I wouldn't be too overwhelmed.

But once I reached that, all bets where off! I know I can do this. After losing 40 pounds, 15 is definitely looking more attainable.
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S/C/G: 197/135/?

Height: 5'7"


I picked my goal because I've been there before, and I was wasn't dieting or working out insanely.
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I picked mine because I've been there before, too. I was 140 through most of college and though I wasn't entirely happy with the shape of my body, it seems like a doable weight and it's better than what I am now. I also have (very flattering) pictures of myself at 140 that help to inspire me to keep going, which helps because I *know* I can get back there [i.e. "See? I have proof!!"].

I don't, however, rule out the possibilty of continuing on to 130 or even *gasp* 120, depending on how I feel when I reach my goal weight.

It all depends on you, but 17 pounds is a good starting place. Make small goals. My short-term goal was to get to 155 and maintain. Then I'd continue on to 150, and so on... I'm at 153 now, so it's working for me. You might be different, depending on your body and your lifestyle.
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well, my lowest was 132. I got stuck there for a while and was pretty okay with it, but then i got lazy and gained a bunch back. I chose 125 because I just think I would be HOT! at that weight. at 132 i was comfortable enough to wear a bikini without worrying that people were going to be like "ew gross" but at 125 i think i would be even more comfortable. any skinnier than that and my husband might not like it
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S/C/G: 154/147.75/120

Height: 5'2-3" ish


I chose 125 because it was the thinnest I ever was. I was the fat little kid growing up, but I worked my butt off my I was 15 and made it down to 125. I remember really liking the way my body felt and looked. I haven't grown any taller, so I figured it would still be a good weight for me to be. I may or may not re-evaluate when I get a little closer
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Mine was 127 initially, and I actually let my scale set it for me. It had a program to suggest a goal weight that was a specific percentage of total body weight and something else something else, spit out 127. Once I got there I kept losing and realized I was comfortable going a little lower. 117 is my bottom red line, when I start to get there I eat a little more to come back up from the potential crazy me.
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Height: 5'8


I picked mine as 165 because it looks a little easier to attain that what I should actually weigh. Then when I get there I'll make a new goal
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S/C/G: HW/232 SW 215/ CW 133/GW 120's

Height: 5.7 and 1/2


I have lowered my goal a couple of times. I am basing my goal weight on how I am doing with the nutrition I am currently getting and whether or not I am still dropping weight. My calorie intake is very doable from here out. My activity level is as well.
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Height: 5'5"


I don't have a problem with the number on the scale right now (129), but my tummy is so flabbery that I feel like if I weigh 115ish, it will be smaller. I basically just guessed I would look better at 115. I have been as low as 125ish, and I still wasn't completely happy with how I looked, but if I get to like 120 and am happy, then I will stay there. But I am guessing 115 will be perfect!
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Height: 5'7"


My goal weight is really up in the air. I know from where I am I have about 10 or so pounds to lose before all this jigglyness goes away lol, but it depends when I get there how I feel. My mom was 125 when she was in her 20's an 30's and we have a similar build so maybe that will end up being my goal (although she is 2 inches shorter). I never remember being less than 142lbs ever so it will be exciting just being in the 130's!
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I have chosen 125 because it is in the middle of an official chart for my age (63) and my height (5'0"). I follow a diet of low glycemic index and I count my calories. I exercise a lot right now, I am downhill skiing every day because I live on a mountain for 4 months. I hope the exercises will help to reach my goal.
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Ultimately, my goal weight is 141#, which corresponds to the highest weight to reach a healthy BMI. However, I haven't weighed 141# since I was 23yo, and I was working out 2x a day and couldn't really afford food. ;-)

When I got married, I was 155#. I will be happy if I reach that weight for my short-term goal.
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To be on the lower end of a "normal" weight. When I reach my goal I might adjust the weight to be lower still but really, I think 8 stone is probably alright for me, I'm a big boned, big boobed type.
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S/C/G: 152.2/151.6/125

Height: 5'5.5"


Thanks for all your replies. I picked 135 because I was 130-135 in 2006. Until I find my exercise groove, I'm afraid that anything lower than that is not maintainable (Did I mention that I like food?). I'm medium boned, and the best I think I've ever looked was when I was a very toned 127. I'm afraid to pick 127 as my goal just yet, as I want to pick something I can maintain. Baby steps . . . .
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