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Default Devotional for Dieters for July 26, 2005

July 26

Philippians 1:23-24
For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better: Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.

Paul questioned why God had put him on Earth in the first place. Being fat seemed like unnecessary torture. The diets were killers, and they didn't seem to do any good, anyway. What was the use of trying and failing over and over again? Better to never have been born. Despair and frustration are a part of dieting. Often it seems so hopeless. Still, God has given us life as a gift. We prepare ourselves in this life for eternal life in God's presence. Now is the time we need to learn self-discipline and control. Now is the time to strive to be everything we are meant to be. Our life in the flesh is necessary, and it is up to us to make sure we take proper care of ourselves.
Today's thought: I'll try my hardest to lose weight today, because I may not get another chance!
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Default Our Daily Bread Devotional for July 26, 2005

July 26, 2005

A Wonderful Pair

Exodus 23:1-13

What is desired in a man is kindness, and a poor man is better than a liar. Proverbs 19:22

Bible In One Year: Isaiah 58-60

An honest and kind man drove the streets of San Francisco for more than an hour to find the woman who had left her purse with $1,792 in cash on the back seat of his cab. I like what he said when some of his fellow drivers ridiculed him for not pocketing the money. He responded, "I am a card-carrying member of the Christian faith, and what good is it to go to church if you don't practice what you preach?"

In Exodus 23, the principles of honesty and kindness were brought together for the Israelites in the laws God gave them. They were to be honest enough to return a straying animal to its owner, even if that person were an enemy (v.4). They were to be kind enough to a foe to help him get a stubborn donkey to its feet (v.5). They were to be so concerned about making sure that a poor person got fair treatment that they would help him, even when it was a costly thing to do (vv.6-9). Landowners were to let their farm lie idle every seventh year and allow the poor to glean freely from it (vv.10-11).

Honest people can be cruel. Kind people may be soft and not concerned enough about righteousness. But when you put honesty and kindness together, you have a wonderful pair that honors God and blesses others. Herb Vander Lugt

When others view our lives today,
Our honesty is on display;
Lord, help us point the way to You
By doing what is kind and true. Branon

Tact is the ability to make a point without making an enemy.
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Smile I'm Home


Boy! I leave Washington, travel through all of Oregon and almost the entire state of California...1,265 miles....and I can catch up on the posts in less than 5 minutes...humm... ...I sure hope you are all out there doing WONDERFUL THINGS for yourselves ...

Ron and I arrived safely at about 1:30 this afternoon...I drove 840 miles yesterday in 13 hours and the rest today in 7 hours...pretty easy trip...except AS ALWAYS...through Los Angeles!!!.Went through there at noon today and it was still horrible!

Sure was strange coming in the door after being gone since June 21...and NO PUPPIES to greet me!

WILMA I hope you can catch up on that sleep soon! I am so used to NOT sleeping well from rolling from one sore shoulder to the other all getting up to Angie getting up too....well, let's just say I never sleep through the night well.

MICHELE MEN!?...hummm.....

LORI How cute! ...the puppy on the left is REBA, the other is RYLEE...they are both golden retreiver's...REBA is 19 months old and RYLEE is 18 months...we got RYLEE "brand new"...we were out walking her when she was about 3 months old when a lady around the corner from us came out and said, "Can I see your puppy?...then, do you want another?" first we said no...then REBA comes running out of her house to greet us...we took her home on a trial basis...still trying to figure out if we are going to keep her

Tell your kiddos that: REBA, is a "daddy's" dog, afraid of almost everything, chases any thing that "sparkels" or "shadows"....but will lay by you or get in your lap (I allow it but Angie does not...did I mention she is smarter than me? )and just "LOVE" you over and over by letting ( ) you pet her! and if you decide you got all the lovin' you need...TOO BAD! prepared to LOVE some more or be PAWED!

RYLEE, is a "mommy's" dog, loves to go on walks, if I go out and shovel or rake RYLEE is right there with you! (REBA heads for the house...under her "safe" table ) Rylee will fill up any hole you dig...for drains, etc. or DIG out any hole you fill up RYLEE will LOVE you too! but she likes to lay by herself a little more than be cuddled...she is very curious about things and of course she is our best CHEWER!!...REBA is our best sock/shoe stealer!!

My mom is HATING living in Illinois right now! with all the heat! You stay cool !

Good luck with the job are presenting yourself as "YOUNG and SEXY!" with experience IN LIFE...RIGHT?!! and not old and you explained to us!....ATTITUDE!!! babe! ATTITUDE!!! run with it!! Even if you don't believe it yourself...FAKE IT!!...LET THEM KNOW THAT THEY WILL BE SORRY IF THEY DON'T HIRE YOU!!...and if they don't...well then screw them and head off to the next interview! YOU CAN DO THIS!!
with our PRAYERSof course backing you!

Well...time to un-pack...again...later............GARY

OH~HI BABE ...Angie might send pictures to me from Washington via 3FC..........

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Well, Gary, I wasn't talking about you, you know that!

I got into a size smaller capris today! I bought them kind of by mistake, they were on sale and i was thinking of the size i'd like to be now, and then i bought them, so i was kind of nervous to try on this a.m. because i didn't want to bum myself out, but THEY FIT!!!

Going to my counselor/energy healer tonight! I can't wait, she's going to do body work today and i'm excited to see how it all works.
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Default Devotional for Dieters for July 27, 2005

July 27

Romans 10:9
That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

Why do so many people believe that God has absolute power over life and death but doubt whether He can do anything to help them transform a small part of their own lives? Why should a few pounds of flesh be a more insurmountable obstacle than a mountain or a stone that sealed a tomb? True faith reminds us that our Lord is the Lord of the impossible. He enables us to rise above our limitations through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our God must be the Lord of the diet, too. The Lord who resurrected Jesus Christ on Easter morning will faithfully resurrect us from a tomb of obesity and flesh. Trust in God's power, for by it we are saved.
Today's thought: I need Jesus to save me from me!
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Default Our Daily Bread Devotional for Julyl 27, 2005

July 27, 2005


Matthew 11:25-30

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart. Matthew 11:29

Bible In One Year: Isaiah 61-63

A New York City man who sold books and magazines on the street was freed after being trapped for 2 days under a mountain of paper in his apartment. The man's collection of printed materials, which he had stacked wall to wall and floor to ceiling, collapsed and buried him alive. Emergency workers filled 50 garbage bags as they dug through the debris just to reach him.

We don't need a Mount Everest of old newspapers to know the feeling of being trapped under the crush of our work and the burden of overwhelming spiritual demands. Yet a glance at our Savior reveals His deep inner rest. In Tyranny of the Urgent, Charles E. Hummel writes: "Jesus' prayerful waiting for God's instructions . . . gave Him a sense of direction, set a steady pace, and enabled Him to do every task God assigned."

Jesus invites the weary to come to Him. "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls" (Matthew 11:29).

This rest that comes with salvation is not achieved by effort but is received by faith. In Christ we can also find release from the tyranny of the urgent and accomplish everything He has given us to do. David McCasland

Come, heavy-laden, weary one,
Come unto Christ for rest;
Come lay your every burden down,
And lean upon His breast. Anon.

Following Jesus takes the busyness out of life.
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Default Good Morning!

It's a lovely morning here. The sun is shining and it's a little cool. I would love to go for a long walk but I have to go to work instead. Maybe tonight.

It's been a busy week for my and I am so looking forward to my long weekend. We are going away for 1 night and spending a day with our good friends. It'll be fun.

It's only 3 weeks until the wedding and things are slowly falling into place. I am really looking forward to it and spending time with our families and friends.

I have to leave for work right away but I wanted you to know that I do pray for you and appreciate you.

Have a great day!
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Default Devotional for Dieters for July 28 2005

July 28

2 Timothy 2:6
The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits.

Wendy thought she was dieting for her husband and family. She kept telling herself she was doing it for them, anyway. As the pounds melted away, however, Wendy realized something very important. No matter who she said she was doing it for, she came out the big winner. She looked better, she felt better, and she loved every minute of it. She knew she was doing something really right. She put forth a lot of sweat and tears, and she was reaping the big benefits. Not only was she dieting for her family, but she was doing it for herself, and that was a good thing. She was worth it.
Today's thought: My diet is a really great decision on my part!
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Hi Everyone!

I seem to have no time on the computer these days. Things seem to get worse and worse and more discouraging by the day! I haven't had any new about the job, or the third interview yet...and it's been a week! Our bosses here at the apartment job are really causing us grief. Today they told us that they expect us to pay for full dmamages to the truck, plus take on the extra insurance. I have a problem with paying the $2500 deductable, as we were told it was only $500, not $2500!!! Then our bosses are saying that if there is any depreceation (sp?) on the trade in of the truck, they expect us to compensate them for it! I am not agreeing to anything at this point! Both of them are "Christian" people and keep telling us that "they'll work with us on this"....but it seems like the only thing they are willing to work on is squeezing every last dime out of us! So in the next few weeks, I need to find a job, I need to pay all my bills, I need to find an apartment, pack, find a car etc...all with no credit, and only $200 to our name! Somehow we need to come up with over $7000 in order to make this work! We've gone to try and get a loan and nothing! I haven't slept in weeks from worying and wondering what else I can do....I'm so stressed and overwhelmed and frustrated with everything!

PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!!!!!! It's the only thing I have left to hold onto.....
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Default July 29, 2005 Devotional for Dieters

July 29

Ephesians 4:1
I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called.

Rodney let himself go completely. His friends were uncomfortable when he was around. He ate constantly, and he seemed to grow larger by the day. No one knew how to talk to him about it, so they let it slide. Finally, Barb took him aside and asked him why he was destroying himself. She told him that people were losing their respect for him and couldn't understand it. In anger, Rodney told Barb it was none of her business and stormed off. As Christians, it is other people's business when we follow paths that are not worthy of Jesus Christ. He has called us to be living examples of Himself. To be less than that is a sin. Let us try to live life in a body fit for Christ.
Today's thought: Do people see Christ when they look at me?
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Default Our Daily Bread Devotional for July 29, 2005

July 29, 2005

Orange Peels

1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. 1 Corinthians 10:12

Bible In One Year: Micah 1-4

Back in 1911, a stuntman named Bobby Leach went over Niagara Falls in a specially designed steel drumand lived to tell about it. Although he suffered minor injuries, he survived because he recognized the tremendous dangers involved in the feat, and he had done everything he could to protect himself from harm.

Several years later, while walking down a street in New Zealand, Bobby Leach slipped on an orange peel, fell, and badly fractured his leg. He was taken to a hospital where he died of complications from that fall. He received a greater injury walking down the street than he sustained in going over Niagara Falls. He was not prepared for danger in what he assumed to be a safe situation.

Some of the great temptations that roar around us like the rushing waters of Niagara will leave us unharmed, while a small, seemingly insignificant incident may cause our downfall. Why? We simply become careless and do not recognize the potential danger. We mistakenly think we are secure (1 Corinthians 10:12).

We must always be on guard against temptation. A victorious Christian is an alert Christian who watches out even for those little "orange peels." Richard De Haan

Take the name of Jesus ever
As a shield from every snare;
If temptations round you gather,
Breathe that holy name in prayer. Baxter

Whenever we fall, it is usually at the point where we think we are strong.
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Default where is everyone?

I know I haven't been posting much lately - a lot of things happening with the family - but I have noticed just this week that not to much is happening in here - everyone out enjoying the summer?

Hopefully not enjoying it with overeating

Got a pray request for those that would like to include this in their prayers.

Our newest grandson - Brennan (2 months old today) - is having heart surgery today. He was diagnosed on Monday with having 1 small hole in the heart and a heart murmer. On Wednesday he was airlifted along with his mom (hubbys daughter from first marriage, my step daughter) to the Children's Hospital in Vancouver BC.

When they got there there were a number of tests done as he was having difficulty breathing - lots of congestion. They thought he had pneumonia (spelling) but it was discovered that he not only had a heart murmur but 2 holes in the heart - and one of the holes was moving the blood around the wrong way causing all the congestion he has been having this past week.

So this morning he has gone into surgery to have both holes closed - the doctors say he will be ok, that after these are closed and he has time to recover from the surgery he should be well on the road to being a healthy little boy.

Needless to say this is a concern for us all - this is Gerrie's (daughter) first child - she is handling it well but still when it is your child it is pretty scary. I know we went through this with Priscilla, our youngest - she had her surgery when she just turned 4 and it is scary.

Anyway we would appreciate all the prayers for this little guy

As you can see from my tracker, I am now down 11 pounds - another 2.4 pound and I will be down to what I was on January 1 of this year - then the battle really begins! !
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Walking Off The Pounds
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Smile Prayers for all today. . .

Sprout - prayers for little Brennan, just know that God is with him, even in surgery when loved ones can't be near. We will lift him up today, and his family, for comfort and healing.

canadian mickey - Prayers for you too dear, read your entry earlier today and my heart really goes out to you & hubby in your struggles. Have remembered you to our Father several times throughout this day. Hope you can find comfort in just knowing Him and trusting in His will. Prayers that you receive His comfort and a quick resolution to your worries.

I've had a difficult week here at work, just real busy with lots of people on vacation and short tempers, (guess maybe the extra hours and heat have caused some of this???) Anyway looking forward to an 'off' weekend, lots to get done, making blackberry jelly tomorrow as DD goes to an amusement park with the youth group all day (18 hours by myself??? I won't know what to do?? )

Keeping everyone in my prayers, know that I'm thinking about each of you, wondering where everyone's been, and hoping everyone has a great weekend ahead. - Hugs & prayers - Margie

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Hi Margie~no updates on Fred?
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Red face It's been way too long!

Greetings All!
Its been awhile since my last post. So much has happened. The upside is that Ive enjoyed reading to try to catch up to the present. I was still trying to work out who all is who.sorry.

The weather in Texas is quite normal.mid to upper 90s and today 2000% humidity. Its even worse after a good soaking rain like today. You can see the steam rising from the sidewalks.

My cousin Jack passed away last Friday. Jack was only 54. His family is still having a difficult time.

Last week my mother was diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes. Shes 69.
My dad has been exhibiting signs of early Alzheimers, Hes 73. Please pray for my moms adjustments in dealing with diabetes and also for wisdom in helping her manage with my dad. Hes been very adamant about not going to see the doctor so until we can get him to cooperate and get him tested it will be like walking on thin ice.

We leave on Thursday night to help our two daughters move back to school. I's amazing how much they accumulate in such a short amount of time. We'll need strength for the third floor, no elevator move. Please pray for travel mercies along the way.

As for any weight loss.. I havent really seen any changes time I pray that that changes!

SunnyD ~ as always your word bring much encouragement! And your graphics are an ever welcome sight. Havent seen you post in awhileyou must be pretty busy.

Gary ~ Your puppies are gorgeous. And your house is FANTASTIC. I loved all the pics too. I enjoy seeing other parts of the country!

Your driving trip sounds much like the one I did back in late April when I helped our two daughters move. This move was a little different. Both daughters attend school in Georgia, Christina in Rome, GA and Jennifer in Atlanta, GA. Christina was moving home and Jennifer was moving to Louisville, KY for the summer. I enjoy my driving adventures.its usually my Me time getaways. The driving adventures take me from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and back again. I think that last trip one was about 2400 miles. My d/h and I will be doing the next trip (we leave Thursday night) together. We will drive back to Georgia to get Christina settled in Georgia, and then head to KY to help Jennifer and boyfriend pack up and move back to Atlanta. The older I get the less energy I seem to have. Im praying that we can get it all done by Monday when its time to head back to Houston.

Wilma ~ Hope youve been able to catch up on your sleep some. My dh gets up every morning for work about 5:30am. Im a light sleeper and know exactly how you feel. Hope you have a great time with your friends this weekend

Michelle ~ congrats on your accomplishment and the great test results! I was curious what a counselor/energy healer is?

Lori ~ How are you and your five sweeties doing?

Margie ~ sorry that your week has been stressful. Here in Texas short tempers are rampant in the summer heat. Enjoy your time by yourself!

Canadian Mickey ~ some words of encouragement from the May 17th devotional from

When situations in our lives cause pain, heartache and anxiety, God desires that we come to Him and pour out our hearts to Him. He wants us to talk to Him through prayer - in good and bad times. We are to pray in faith by the name of Jesus, knowing that He hears and will answer. Even though we can't see His throne of grace, we pray in faith. Our prayers are so important to Him that He keeps them in golden bowls to be used as a sweet smelling aroma to Him.

Life can be painful and heartbreaking, causing many tears to fall and many prayers to be lifted up. Life can also bring such joy that it rises up in us and flows over into tears and prayers as well. I take great comfort knowing that He collects all my tears and my prayers. Be comforted knowing that He knows, cares and understands your pain and your joy. His tender mercies, compassion, and faithful love for you are forever present.

Phil 4:6-7
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

1 Peter 5:6-7
Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
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