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Question Too Much Terminology!

Wow, there is some serious nutritional terminology being used here. And most of it (OK, all of it) is going right over my head and causing me to worry a little bit, wondering if I'm going to lose successfully if I don't know it. Weight Watchers doesn't teach much about complex and simple carbs, ketosis, glycogen, catabolic pathway, lipogensis, etc.

I know that many of you know what this stuff is. My question is: What do I need to know? And where is a good place to learn it? And will it drive you guys crazy if I'm always asking "What's that?"

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I'm not sure it's really necessary to get all that technical. The basic rule I apply to myself is: do something active every day, above and beyond housework and other chores. So that might be walking, jogging, rowing machine, treadmill, golf, dancing, weights, etc. I do at least half an hour of work most days, and shoot for an hour.

I try to push myself just a little harder on the days I'm feeling good, to get fitter and fitter, but I back off a bit when I don't feel good. If I'm really sick, I crawl into bed and stay there until I feel well. I do not "push myself to failure" as I know from experience that that just injures me and sets me back. I am very prone to joint/ligament/tendon injuries, so I stay out of the "extreme" zone and I never, ever compete with anyone else.

I have some overall goals in mind, such as "size 10" (see below), and building up my upper body a bit. But I try not to get too tightly wound-up about my goals, and I'm prepared to modify them if I need or want to. I started in January 2002, so if it takes another year to get to goal, I can deal.

And I always make sure I'm having fun. If it's not fun, I don't do it. IMO, that's the most important thing, actually.

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So well said, SeekInnerThinChick!
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Some of the terminology you will pick up along the way. WW is probably keeping you on track about the most important stuff. Like the saying goes "Don't sweat the small stuff!" Focus on following your eating plan, and you will learn a lot of the "why's" as you go.

In regard to complex and simple carbs, it is best to eat more complex carbs like whole grain bread, vegetables, etc. All carbs are sugar, but the simple carbs like white bread, pasta, white rice, crackers and other highly processed foods, turn to sugar more quickly in your body.

This does two things. First the blood sugar is elevated more quickly. Sometimes you can feel this when drinking a coke, eating sugar candy, etc. But then what happens in a couple of hours? You get sleepy maybe, tired, and/or hungry. The complex carbs take longer to digest so you will stay full longer.

Hope this helps!
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