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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Suppor Board 3/25-3/31

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


Please visit our NEW 2002 BIO BOARD where you can learn more about everyone who is on this board:

Please make sure you post your BIO on the LATEST VERSION of our BIO BOARD everyone!!!!

Our JANAURY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2002-FIRST QUARTER RECIPE BOARD can be located at the link below:

We have NINE INFORMATIVE BOARDS!!!! Please take a few minutes to visit them! New information is continually being posted, so please make sure you visit them often!!!





and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

Want to post your weigh in results, we have a MONTHLY WEIGH IN BOARD at the link below:

We also now have a SB WEEKLY EXERCISE BOARD that you can log your daily/weekly exercises on:

DO YOU HAVE A MONTHLY GOAL? Post your End of Month Goal on our new GOAL BOARD at the link below:

VISIT OUR NEW SUGAR BUSTERS 2001/2002 PICTURE GALLERY at the link below. You can upload pictures or post links to pictures on this board

Visit our monthly FOOD FOR THOUGHT BOARD were you can post a daily menu and see other board members menus!

NEWBIES! (aka new members) If you would like to REPLY to any of our threads, please hit POST REPLY not NEW THREAD, then type your message in and hit SUBMIT REPLY. If you need to edit your reply, just click on edit located in the body of your post and make changes as you need to, then hit SUBMIT NOW.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM, I think it's another good one!!!


Whatever there is to be done, make it your choice to do it. Rather than resenting that you must do it, or feeling guilty about the fact that you should do it, simply choose to do it.

From all the available possibilities, choose what you know is right. Choose, and put the power and commitment of your intention behind your actions. Choose to do it, and you make yourself vastly more effective. Choose to do it, and be in positive control of your own destiny.

Feeling that you're forced to do it, or obligated to do it, or that you have no choice, will only weigh you down. So choose to do it and free yourself from those useless burdens.

Choose to do it not because you must, not because you should, but because you know it is best. In every moment, in every situation, make it your choice to do what is best. Make it your choice, and you'll make it great.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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"I'm working on it!"
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Angry Good Monday Morning

Well the constant hunger seems to have gone away. WHEW! I guess not too much damage was done, as the scale is still sitting at 165. WHEW!

I kept OP yesterday except for quantity. At least it was legal. Today is a new day and I will have to choose what is best for me (Thanks for another great inspirational post, DEB)

DH says he likes this new, energetic me Just seemed to come out of nowhere. MIL suggested maybe cause I was exercising I had more energy Won't complain since I think for the 1st time ever, I can say my household chores are all caught up! Hopefully I'll be able to keep caught up with the boards

JRED Hope you're feeling better soon, "Poopsie"

BETH & YELLOWROSE Happey Birthday I wish each of you a wonderful day

ROSALIE Tim Horton's is fine! I'll bring the Agave! Our Sunday tradition is to stop in there and I can actually get a coffee for myself and watch while DH and DS wolf down their deep fried, sugar laiden treats. I did try protein (I tried everything) and it didn't seem to help. I think I just had to really fill up my stomach

MEL Have a great time with your brother and DEB

That's it for now (unless someone's popped in a post while I've been typing) I'll check in later. The puter keeps my fingers and mind occupied.
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Thumbs down Monday Morning

Wow...I am glad that weekend is over. It seemed more hectic than usual. We finished up the birthday party and tried to get things in order again.

Hubby started feeling ill again and we are bothered by not knowing why. The kidney stones have not appeared..err...exited his bladder to his knowlege yet, but he is very nauseated and the gravol is not even helping. Full day of church yesterday and he got through the morning service well (he is a Pastor) the afternoon brought more severe nausea. Since he has missed the last couple of weeks he forced himself to go and actually made it through the evening service...good thing we had the people praying for him!

We had planned on a couple coming over for the evening so we went through with that. I am glad to report that I ate a salad and some macadamia nuts while they scarffed back carrot cake, chips and pop!

Oh, my new name is **Loopy Burgerhead**!
Not very attractive I must say, but not as bad as some of the others I have seen!

CountryMom-Welcome to the board!! You have done so well, make sure you share some pointers with the rest of us!

GottaBeMe-Nice to see another Canadian, eh? The people here are fantastic so jump right in and become part of it!

Monet-The winds have died down and my hair stopping flapping in the breeze while I type on the things are looking up! Georgia, huh? I have seen that in the movies Looks very warm and inviting. Wish I could take you up on that one.

Beth & Yellowrose-Happy Birthday to you both! Today is my daughters 8th birthday too...nice to know she shares it with you.

Starting the new board for the week makes one go on memory for responding to posts....I have run out of memory

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Good Morning all, this is zippy banana buns... I'm so excited as this is the day my GK come.... They're supposed to be here around 2. So hopefully I'll have time to walk on the treadmill and and get some things done... And of all things for three days I've been feeling sick.. I was so hopeing it would be gone when I got up this morning.

Deb- I loved your message this morning, I choose!! A good one for me to stick in my head with the GK's here.

Merlis-I forgot to CONGRADULATE you on reaching your goal.. Wow you've done great!!!!

Beth and Yellowrose-Happy Birthday... Hope you have a really good Day...

Gracious-I'm so sorry about your husband. He's really having a rough time...

CountryMom-Welcome to the board... You really have your hands full with 5!!

Zanne-When I did Low Carbs. they said you got the cravings because of to many carbs. I wonder if that could be it?? Those are awful when you're trying so hard. I'm so glad you rode them out and didn't give in. Guess you chose the right path...

I can't remember from the old post... So will say by by for now. Be back later if I can......
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Undercover Diva
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/175

Height: 5'6"

Default Morning :wave:

Hiya Everyone, birthday girl Chim-Chim Gizzardpants stopping by to tell YellowRose to have a happy birthday

Please everyone cross your fingers, say a prayer, whatever your preference is for me today... I had a horrid day yesterday, went to get my hair highlighted for my birthday, and the woman destroyed my hair, and I have highlights the color of pumpkin instead of blonde. I cried half the night. Anyway...
Today I'm going to apply for a new job, and I really, really want it. The benefits package is Unbelievable! And the job is one I'd love to go in to every day!!

More later, just wanted some good thoughts headed (pun intended) my way while I go turn in this application/resume!

Have A Great One
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Now be a couple of and don't give in to the birthday cake and ice cream!!!

Today, I have to catch up on freelance writing. I am way behind, and the lady I write for is going to get pretty mad if I don't get going. Problem is it is all creative stuff, and if you don't feel creative, well, it is just hard to do! (I write scripts for a church Sunday School curriculum..all teaching is done with drama, and I write the dramas) I read Deb's motivational post and thought, yep, I need to just DO it. NO more procrastination.

This morning I made a recipe I found on another board for fancy french toast. You make a sandwich with ww bread, cream cheese, and all fruit jam, (I used fat free cream cheese and Polaner all fruit cherry) then dip it in egg, and cook. I spread a bit more Polaner all fruit on the top. Very tasty.

Motivation...lets see.

I love the plaque a friend of mine has in her kitchen. It says, "If mom ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!" Kind of true! It is hard for us to do things for ourselves, but when you think about it, it is so necessary for the well being of all around us. You can give and give and give, but if you are giving out of emptiness, it is not much that you can give. First, we must give to ourselves. I am not talking about material things either. Things will not make us happy. They may amuse, but it does not make us happy deep inside. How we treat ourselves, and others will help determine our happiness. The age old wisdom of "do unto others" is so true. So, do you do unto yourself in a kind and giving way? Or do you beat yourself up over mistakes and failures? Are you critical of yourself, do you dislike yourself? Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Don't hate yourself. Love yourself enough to nourish and encourage yourself. You are worth the time and effort it takes to stick to this program. You deserve to be healthy, so get out and exercise, and eat right. When you are treating yourself the way you deserve, you will be happier, and that happiness will spill over to others.

Have a good week!
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Good Monday Morning Everyone

Surprisingly, I got in a decent walk/jog time today. Did my 4.5 miles in 45:27. Considering it was already hot when I went and I was tired, I was just happy to get out there as I did, but being well under 50 minutes was a bonus.

I'm loving reading all these new names!!! My loving children would be considered BUTTERCUP (Michael) GIRDLETUSH & DORKEY GIRDLETUSH (Lauren).

Have a few errands to run today, but mostly going to be working in the house going through some junk and papers to throw out before I leave on Friday.

Looking forward to my day with MEL on Wednesday. She'll finally have that OLE OLE expereince!!!!!

MONET, okay, this new name is definitely a hoot!!! I love reading these!! Do you know of any places LIKE Harry's in Atlanta?? How far are you from Peachtree City?? Just toying with the idea of coming home through Atlanta if it doesn't add extra time or miles-haven't checked with my Mom about this, just a thought. Hope you get your writing done. Thanks for that MM thought, I definitely am guilty with being critical, beating myself up, etc. etc.

COUNTRY, okay, must ask, how did you PHYSICALLY feel after eating all that sugar??? I''ve wondered how I would feel if I did so. Most of the gals tell me how awful they feel after binging on sugary foods and it's enough to keep me in line. Haven't a clue where you are in Texas, only know the big cities and a tiny town called ZAVALLA where my friend lives, which is not far from LUFKIN.

JRED, LOL-love the new name, not laughing because you are sick though-sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon-get some Jewish penicillin in you!!!

FRUIT, I'm laughing right along with you-I love it!! Going to send it to my kids to do. Not leaving til Friday-so you can wait to miss me

ROSALIE, definitely like LOOPY CHICKENPANTS better!!! I bet you had a good laugh yourself, I sure am! Glad to hear you have the camera ready to go when you meet ZANNE!!! Have a fun visit!

MEL, still home??? Will be home awaiting your call tonight!! Have a good flight down BOOGER CHICKENTUSH!!!! LOL!!!

ZANNE, glad you liked today's MM and happy to hear you are back to "normal." So I hear you and ROSALIE are meeting up on Thursday!!! Have a good visit!!!

GRACIOUS, I love the new name! Def. not as bad as mine! LOL! Sorry to hear DH isn't feeling good again-hope this and the other thing passes quickly!!!!

TONI, LOL! Are you going to tell your GK the new name? I think they'd love hearing about this and finding their names. Have a wonderful time with them this week, take pictures of you with them to post on the board!!! Glad you liked the MM Monday-one of those worth printing and sticking on the fridge.

BETH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What are your bday plans for today?? LOL! If that name isn't a hoot, what is!?! Oh my, sorry to hear about the hairy mishap. I hope they are fixing it!!! GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES ON GETTING THIS JOB!!! What is it for?? Please give us all the details!!!!!!

Okay gals, I'm a gonner for now-will do the poll later-couldn't come up with anything, so if anyone has any ideas, e-mail them to me PLEASE [email protected]

Have a great day!!

Sb since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Talking Good Monday Morning!

Trumpets please: TA DA!

Drum Roll,

Announcing a new low weight--236.5!

Gosh this is my first break into new territory since July--when I posted 237. I have to tell you there is no better motivational monday than one that shows progress!

Beth and Yellow Rose: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Beth--I hope you have a good day today--especially with the interview. Sorry about the hair, I can sympathize I had two friends give me a home perm the night before my Senior picture was taken. Needless to say my hair was fried!

Crystle--This is a fun board! I can sympathize with the stall--I tend to do the same thing around December and through the winter (I did it last year and this year). Both years I got serious again for Lent and that seems to have helped. Also planning my menus on seems to have helped too!

Deb--I wouldn't laugh too hard miss Lumpy Girdletush!

Monet--Yum, that roast sounds wonderful. Your kitten sitting sounds like an adventure. Sometimes I find myself wishing Miss Belle would hurry through the kitten stage, but when she was recovering from her surgery, I found myself missing her little kitten-hearted antics. So now I just laugh while I'm walking around the house picking up tampons! BTW--Booger Girdlehiney--I think you got the best (worst?) name of all!

Gottabeme--Welcome! Detox is the worst, I really spent about 3 days just bare Knuckling it. I think until you get the sugar out of your system, eat as much SB legal foods as you want. Once you get through that period, then you can worry about learning to eat the right amount of food.

OK time to get the day started. I hope everyone has a great day and a good week!

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Red face

After a busy weekend of Ikea shopping, home improvements and a bit of straying from the SB WOE...I'm back on track! Since I didn't cave in the first two days and since my boyfriend decided to get in shape as well, I'm confident that I can do this.

I went to the grocery store and got a bunch of healthy goodies for the week. Going on sunday is the best way to keep me motivated all week long. I work in New York and it's always busy busy busy! Now I'm finding time to wake up and make a nice salad for lunch and to eat a bit of breakfast. Days are less stressful and I don't feel deprived! I think I still have some de-tox ahead of me but I know that's only temporary.

I don't have any words to motivate, but I've found that finding alternatives to my favorite snacks that are just as tasty and more filling reminds me that I can do this.

I'm weighing myself tonight at the gym. Wish me luck!
Mini-goal 155 by 4/14
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Good Morning all......I have been MIA for a while I know but I have been a lurker. I am not eating right and that is when I tend to not post. But today I am up and running so things are getting back to normal I hope.

We are leaving Wed for our camping seems as though the weather is going to be beautiful. I can hardly wait to be drinking my morning coffee outside with the nip in the air. Life truly is wonderful.

I had the best ride the other day and I had DD take some pictures. I am posting one for all to see. I feel most at home when I am on April....she is truly a blessing to me and itsthe horse that I was to have for my own. We do so well together.....she does everything that I tell her to and never hesitates for a minute. I love you bunches.

Happy Birthday Beth and Yellow Rose.

Beth .....good luck with the job interview.....if I had to go interview for a job right now I think I would freeze up.

Deb......have fun on wed with Mel and have a safe trip on Friday. Look forward to hearing about ur trip.....did you find someone to start the board on Monday?? We may not be back till monday....or at least late Sunday night. Have you heard from TV at all....I really am anxious to hear from her??

Must run for now....cya ll later.

Debbie )

Of yes...even though I have been cheating I am still hanging at 180....go figure.....LOL

Well the picture won't I will try to put it on the picture board.
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Happy Monday all from Chim-Chim Gizzardchunks!

Ok, my new name is just gross! My son loves Captain Underpants.

Happy birthday to the Birthday Girls. Step away from the cake, step away from the cake (is it working?).

Welcome to the new girls. The Texas faction is going to have to get together sometime.

Gotta run now, will try to post more later. Have a great day everyone!!

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Good Morning! This weekend for me was the first in a long time where I made good choices. I still need to adjust my intake some more as by my afternoon snack I only have 300 calories left in my day. I read a great article in Prevention about dividing one's meal into 3 parts: you take your plate fill half of it with veggies and/or fruit, then take the other half of the plate and divide it in half, one half is for protien and the other for a starchy carb. I'm going to try to apply that better to my meals and see if I can get my veggies up more. This should help distribute my calories better throughought the day.

Happy Birthday Beth and YellowRose!


You are my Monday Motivation...THANK YOU ALL!
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Height: 5'6"


Happy Monday to Everyone,
Haven't posted for a couple of days, but have been reading and reading. Hate to seek weekends go so fast, but I am always glad to be back at work on Monday. Even though I stay OP all weekend, I don't eat enough or drink enough water on the weekends. Seems I only eat 2 meals a day on Sat Sun. I seem to need structure.

Happy Birthday to Beth & YellowRose. Hope you have a special day.

Gracious- Hope your DH feels better soon. Sounds like a real trooper though. BTW, love your new name. Did I miss something? Did everyohe decide to change their names?

GottaBeMe- Welcome! I'm new here also. This is a great board.
Country Mom- Ditto to you.

Toni-Know you are excited about GK coming. Everyone tells me GK are much better than kids. It will be awhile before I have one, but looking forward to them.

Beth- Good luck on job interview. You can do it!!Believe in your self.

Fillsie-Congrats on reaching your new low. WTG.

Debbie- Know you are eaxcited about meeting with Mel onWed and your trip to NC. Have a great time. Keep us posted.

Don't know if any of you have medical backgrounds, but would like an opinion or 2. I have RA and take quite a few meds. Have been doing so for 4-5 years and have been ok. Last month my blood test show my liver to me out of wack. I really think it is the meds, but does anyone think the WOE would affect my liver in any way. I had my blood rechecked today and have a Dr appt on Wed. I am hoping to cut back on my meds anyway since 54 pounds off my frame should help my joints. I will die if he tells me I can't continue doing SB.

Got to get some work done. Have a great day!!
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