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Default Pains! How to overcome?

I've started out exercising for a week now and I've got terrible body aches, i know this is very common and will subside once we fall into a routine, but how to mange pains and get going with workouts effectively? Off late these pains have started to dampen my spirits. Need Help!!!
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Remind yourself that a little pain means your body is changing and growing stronger!!! Anti-inflammitories and warm baths help a lot too . Keep up the good work, they'll subside!
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There are many different kinds of pains. Are you referring to muscle soreness? Or pain in your bones/joints? When you say "body aches" that makes me think of the feeling you get when you have a fever. I assume it's not similar to that?

If it's muscle soreness that is normal and will fade. There are a few practical steps you can take towards alleviating/preventing pain and injury:

- If you are lifting or doing any sort of strength training, don't work the same muscle groups two days in a row.
- Make sure you stretch properly after vigorous exercise. A cool-down stretch is really important.
- Stretch gently a few times a day.
- Drink lots of water.
- Epsom salt baths if something is really sore.
- Don't push yourself. It's not worth injuring yourself to try to exercise too hard and too fast. There is no reason not to take it slow and "ease" yourself into an exercise routine.

good luck!
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The fact you said terrible body aches makes me worry a bit. "indiblue" has a lot of good advice in my opinion.

Are you working with someone in a gym to make sure you aren't overdoing it or doing something without proper form?
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Yes the pains i was referring to are muscle soreness.
Thanks indiblue, i shall surely follow your tips.

ValRock, thanks for the encouragement.

HikingChloe, sorry for using the word terrible... its a wrong choice of word i guess... its mostly soreness and my workout from now is just walking and yoga.

Hope to get over this feeling soon.
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I drink coconut water and take bee pollen for potassium. Since starting that, I rarely have aches. Also, I allows myself a days rest, and only one day, after strength between workouts. check with your dr on potassium. It isn't good for some, but since I've increased mine, I feel tons better.

and, agree with above, LOTS of water and stretching.

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