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Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default No WONDER people hate exercise!

...if this is what you're doing! I had to ride the recumbant bike for 30 minutes at my gym today. (Short story, it's a staff fitness trainer contest) It was the most boring, sweaty, waste of time in my entire week.

My perceived level of exertion was way higher than actual exertion. My butt hurt, I was dripping sweat and I could NOT wait to get off that thing. If this is what I was told to do to lose weight, I would never keep doing that. No wonder people stop exercising!!!

When I was done, I had gone 5.5 miles. That's IT! If it weren't raining out, I would have ridden my bike for close to 20 miles today and not have been miserable at all.

If this is how you feel, please please please go out there and find something more fun to do!!!

Exercise does not have to be miserable!!!

Post your most hated method of exercise and let's respond with awesome alternatives.
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Elliptical. My feet go numb after 20 minutes. I have no idea why, but they do.

What I LOVE is to rollerblade along the lake shore here in Chi-town.

Not trying is more of a failure than trying and failing.
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I'm not a fan of exercise bikes, either. But some people DO enjoy it. It's really about finding what YOU like and will stick with.

My personal favorites are treadmills (with TV distraction) and ellipticals. I really do enjoy running outside with some good music more, but I have some knee issues, so I can't do it as often as I'd like. I also like hiking, but have no trails near me, so that's more of a weekend endeavor. Oh, and I love weights (again, with either TV or music).
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Smile Try something you like

I completely understand where you are coming from about the recumbant bike. I think the key to exercise is to find something that fits your interests. I posted something in response to this issue in my blog the other day. I've been weight loss counseling a girl that has trouble with this issue and to keep her motivated I find simple things that can keep her interests. We even did a wii fit exercise game to keep her motivated.
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I don't use the bike. Causes too much butthurt.

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I don't hate gym equipment exercise, but I really don't love it either. Taking a walk, hike, bike ride is almost always enticing, but to get on a treadmill or exercise bike takes more motivation than I usually have.

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I hate the elliptical. I hate stairs, too. I love, love, love my treadmill... though, I would rather run outside. The stationery bike thing is new to me. Doing it on my own is boring - but I am taking a spin class and I like that.

The BIG thing for me is how my exercise translates to real life. I like the TM, b/c I can get better at running and run outside or hike. I like the bike, b/c I can use a bike outside. The elliptial? That isn't a "real" activity. KWIM? It doesn't translate to something I could do outside. Not that people shouldn't do the elliptical. (gosh, I hope I am saying this ok) It just doesn't fit into my idea of what I want to accomplish. Weight lifting = I can carry my son easier, I can carry more bags of groceries at one time, etc.

In high school, I used to try to do Cindy Crawford's workout VHS tape. No wonder I couldn't stick with it - it SUCKED!!

"I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forrest"

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Elliptical machines are wretched for me. I gather that they're supposed to mimic the natural motions of running or jogging, kinda-sorta-maybe-ish, but for someone my height, they don't work that way. They're a recipe for shin pain, ankle strain, and general discomfort for me and I don't care a bit for them.

I really thought I'd like the recumbent stationary bikes at my Y, but nope, not at all comfortable for me. I'm totally fine with standard stationary bikes.

What's more surprising to me, a lifelong sloth of a human being, is how many forms of exercise I DO enjoy. Try everything, folks--you might be shocked at what you wind up loving.
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Being the strange girl that I am if you could lose weight with just lifting I would be all over it! Love lifting but can not stand doing cardio. Get nothing out of it but sweat (which is good) but never feel it the next day like lifting. My trainer told me that when your toes start going numb on the elliptical to put all your weight on your toes for a while.
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Originally Posted by redhead14 View Post
Being the strange girl that I am if you could lose weight with just lifting I would be all over it!
I'm pretty certain that's what sacha has done and I think she has a thread about it. I'm on the phone so can't really look it up but it could be in the Goal! type area. You can also find her on the Weights board.

I weights too.
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The funny thing about me is that I love elliptical and exercise bikes because I can read while I'm doing it--and yes, I am also dripping sweat all over my book.

I find most exercise boring, but I love listening to books on audio--so if I had an IPod, I'm pretty sure exercise could be a whole lot more fun!

Whatever interests you---good idea for a thread.

Just for the record though, ellipticals put my toes to sleep--which is somewhat disconcerting, and weight lifting is pretty fun!

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I cannot, for the love of me, figure out why anyone would want to use a stair machine. It's really the worst.

My favorite is outdoor biking. It's so fun to hit a hill and fly down. Downhill skiing is really fun too. I guess I just like sports that include speed and adventure in addition to exercise.
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Originally Posted by redhead14 View Post
Being the strange girl that I am if you could lose weight with just lifting I would be all over it! .
yes you absolutely CAN lose weight with just lifting... in fact, where fat loss is concerned its almost preferable... considering fatloss comes from your DIET, weight lifting conserves your lean muscle mass...whereac cardio eats it up

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Running outta time...
@Amberlise: switch body weight distribution on the foot. I have the same prob. This sorta works. Mostly, I get off and run the track.
@redhead - yes yes yes you can lose weight by lifting. Especially if done in a way that keeps your heart rate at an increased pace, by shifting muscle groups while allowing the former muscle group to rest - thus not allowing your cardiovascular system to rest. You will get muscular faster - changing your body comp - so that you burn more calories even at rest. What silverbirch and mkroyer said. look it up.

gotta go!
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Keep on Moving!
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I don't like aerobics because of the floor work - I never did like lying on a mat, trying to do something convoluted with my legs!

My favourite forms of exercise are walking and dance. I love Salcacise and Zumba. I also like boxercise.

I'm thinking of trying Tae Bo - has anyone tried it? Would you recommend it?
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