Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?


After looking around the exercise forum a bit, I'm really interested to see if everyone has a fixed weekly training plan or if you all do it all ad-hoc and also if you do more strength or cardio etc etc.

Mine looks a bit like this (in a perfect week when I don't wuss out of one or more!)

Monday - swim intervals (50m - 50sec recovery x 10-20)
Pilates class

Tuesday - run slow 10k on any empty stomach

Wednesday - swim intervals (same as Monday, working on getting the recovery down but I only started last week!)

Thursday - run intervals (10min warm up, 1km 5:15min/km, 500m recovery, 1km 5min/km, 500m recovery, 1km 4:45min/km 10 min cool down)

Saturday - same as Tuesday

Sunday - same as Thursday

Mon-Fri I cycle to work (45min round trip) and I cycle to go drinking with my friends/shopping/uni etc. I love Vienna because it's so cycle friendly!

I realise I do no strength training, but I really hate it with a passion. I am thinking about doing a few planks / press ups after my running sessions to ease my guilty conscience!

Like I said, I'm interested to see what everyone does!

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I just do Zumba 3 times a week (usually Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) and do some arm weights at home on my off days.

You make me feel like I should step it up!
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Na don't feel like that, I'm training for a 5k and a triathlon, if I wasn't I wouldn't be doing all that! Plus, exercise is a nice alternative to writing my thesis at the moment

I'd love to try Zumba but it hasn't made it this far yet. I'll be back in the UK from September, maybe I will have a look and see!
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I just run 4 days/week 5.4 miles each run. I also do pullups and pushups a couple times a week.
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I feel you with the thesis! I am a grad student trying to finish and graduate in 3 weeks!

I am a Zumba instructor...and if you go to Zumba.com you can type in your location and find classes. There are actually quite a few in the UK!
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Claire-- you shouldnt run 2 interval sessions a week... may i suggest either a longer run (longer than your 10K run ) OR a tempo/LA Threshold run? If you are doing 1 KM repeats, you should be hitting your goal race pace for the repeats..... try stepping up the speed and running shorter intervals, like 400 meters, for instance. DO pyramids (200, 400, 800 400 200) etc.

my suggesstions for what they are worth!

Way to fgo on tri training.... my problem is with the swim, im awful at it!1 I would neeed a swim coach to teach me proper, and EFFICIENT technique!
I get lapped by the older ladies with the arm floaties
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Great thanks for your suggestions! Why shouldn't I do 2 interval trainings? Is it bad for my joints? I have noticed my left thigh has been really uncomfortable the last few times. I'll sub an interval training for a longer run on Sunday. My race pace is 5min/km (which is probably a bit optimistic). I don't think i could do it any faster without more prep time (I've got three weeks).

What do you mean by tempo run? I do one of my 10ks at half marathon pace (6min/km) and the other one as fast or slow as I feel like on the day. Sorry to ask so many questions!

Ah I think I am a freak, swimming will probably be my best sport in the triathlon (unlike everyone I speak to!). I swam a lot at school so technique is no problem, my swimming fitness is completely shot to pieces though! If I can get that back I'll be OK. Cycling will be a nightmare for me, as will a 5k after all the swimming and cycling...

Thanks again for your tips - I was hoping for some new ideas in this thread

ps: razorbackbritt - thanks for the Zumba tipoff, will look it up when I'm back in London! Good luck with the thesis!

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Not sure if you're specific to runners or triathletes. I do low-impact, high intensity aerobics with weights one hour each, four times a week. During the winter, I also walk 3-7 miles a day (depending on that day's work/life schedule). During the summer, I also add in urban biking which can sometimes lower walking amounts on some days depending on the weather.
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I joined a gym only a couple of months ago & this is my schedule so far:

Monday - Work with trainer, what we do varies, but always includes ab work

Tuesday - Group Power

Wednesday - Zumba

Thursday - open

Friday - Group Power, Zumba

Saturday - open

Sunday - open now, but might add Centergy

That's about all I can take!..

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Mon,Wed, Fri, Sun are my heavy days so I am working on 2.5 mile runs (I can do most of it, but I have been closing the distance to where I walk and to where I continue running so I can run the whole thing, but baby steps) on those days and then a few hours later I do my kettlebell presses. I can do five ladders of five rungs with my 35 pound kettlebell, and I am trying to get my time down.

Tues, Thurs, Sat I do kettlebell swings, and I up my amount of swings by ten. I do two sets of ten per minute, so I do 390 tomorrow. I also try to take a shorter walk with heavy hands that day.
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Wow, Claire! Great mileage! I'm not a running coach, so I was interested in what mkroyer said. Cool to know peeps here got an eye for stuff like that.

I'm more in to strength training and wonder what you don't like about it. I love running, too, but my crappy knees don't and neither does my schedule since running distance takes up so much time, so I'm limited to 5K races. Which is so fun!

OK, so here's my week: (note: Boot camp consists of full body weight resistence training similar to P90X or cardio/core which is 2 miles of running mixed in with over 600 core reps- a balance every 2 weeks)

Mon: Teach/do Boot camp 5:45-6:45 am
and again at 4:15-5:15pm - I usually modify the 2nd time.
Tue: Recover or run no more than 5k
Wed: Boot camp 545 and 415
Thur recover or run no more than 10K depending on how my body is recovering.
Fri: Boot camp 545, take yoga at 8am
Sat/Sun: variations of recovery and just a nice long run, hike, ski, snowmobile, etc. and enjoy some good wine.
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I'm starting my 'summer schedule' which consists of two shorter workouts a day spaced apart. I find I don't get at hot/tired and a get a better calorie burn on the second workout.

S~ hike with Hubby
M~total body weights
T~ cardio
W~ upper body weights + cardio
TH~ Lower Body + cardio
F~ LB + cardio
S~ UB + cardio

I like generic schedules so I can 'plug in' whatever I feel like doing. Weights can be anything from free-weights to barre, kettlebells, pilates, while cardio is usually treadmill but can be kboxing or HIIT.

This is the alternate schedule:

S~ Total Body weights
M~ hike with Hubby
T~ total body circuit or UB weights
W~ cardio
TH~ LB weights or pilates
F~ boxing
S~ UB or TB weights

Mostly it boils down to cardio one day weights the next!
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When I see runners breeze past me with their ponytails bobbing, I envy them. I'd run -- I did run, for a while --- but I've got feet that are way older than my chronological age, with arthritic big toe joints and chronic plantar fasciitis in the left foot. Also my knees have felt crunchy after runs. I can't take the pounding. So instead, I stick with low-impact cardio.

Monday: Arc trainer, circuit training class (which alternates cardio, Pilates and strength training stations)
Tuesday: Strength training, spin class
Wednesday: Mat Pilates on my own or one-on-one Pilates training on machines, spin class
Thursday: Arc trainer or elliptical, Pilates mat class
Friday: Strength training, arc trainer or elliptical
Saturday: Spin class, Pilates mat class
Sunday: Strength training, spin class

On the strength training days, I warm up by rowing for 15 minutes, trying for my best time & distance.
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Saef You said you had arthritic big toe joints? I see this in my future too, I have a really bad wonky toe and it sometimes really hurts. How old were you before you started having real problems?

fitness4life I don't like strength work for lots of reasons, but mainly I have a really short attention span and can't motivate myself to do things on my own at home. I also hate gyms and don't have a membership so all my workouts are done outside or in the local pool. My pilates class is about as much as I can manage, attention span wise and the social pressure of other people there stops me getting up and doing something else. Nightmare, no wonder I have to work with children under 10!

Nice to see what everyone does! I feel guilty for not doing more strength/weights
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I don't have a 'schedule' really as I have a young baby and sometimes things don't go as planned but I do consisently do 4-5 days a week, primarily running short distances (1-3 miles) and weight lifting (mostly kettlebells as I don't have a gym this month but I will next month)
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