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Default Elliptical Madness

I don't know what to believe anymore!

First I read that ellipticals are better than treadmills because they're low impact and you're kind of getting a fully body work out from them. Treadmills are not so good for the knees, and burning calories on an elliptical is generally easier.

NOW I'm reading nearly the opposite!

I'm reading that ellipticals are absolutely horrible for your body because your body is out of alignment. I'm reading that you're not supposed to hold onto the rails. I'm reading that using the treadmill properly will strengthen your knees.

I know when I, personally, use the elliptical, I get a much better, longer, and more intense work out than when I'm on the treadmill. It doesn't take much for my knees and shins to start giving me pain on the treadmill, which effects my confidence, which effects my performance. On the elliptical, I can ramp up the resistance and sweat up a storm, and keep my heart rate elevated for my full work out.

But now I'm terrified of injuring myself on one machine or the other. Please, help!
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Well there ya have it

No "opinion" beats good old fashioned EXPERIENCE! Sounds like you already know what works for you. Some people love the elipticle...others love the treadmill.

If running on a treadmill hurts you and you feel great on an eliptical...I think it's pretty self explanatory You WILL get a better workout though if you don't hold the handrails of the eliptical.

BTW, I have both...and also a recumbent bike. I alternate...but I prefer the treadmill cuz I hate the way my feet go numb on the eliptical. Hope this helps
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I take all "expert" advice with a grain of salt. There is always contradictory information coming out. New "Oh, we were wrong. THIS is the right way to go about x and y." But then after a while they will go back to what they said before!

My personal opinion is if what you are doing is working for you, giving you results, and is something you can continue with - Then do it!

And in my non-medical-knowledge opinion, if the treadmill hurts you and the elliptical doesn't then the elliptical is probably the least likely to injure you. But that's just my 2 cents!

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I find that ellipticals are worse on my knees. Do not know why but they are, the one I have anyway.
I want to replace both of mine and get new stuff!
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Go with what works for you.

My love (or hatred) for the treadmill doesn't make your knees hurt.
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I used to work out religiously on the elliptical, I found it an easy work out, didn't sweat much even though my workout was considered fairly intense (ramp 8, resistance 2) and saw very little results...
Switched to treadmill, i do walking, and the results show a little more, i think it's because the treadmill is more intense for me personally.

Also I cannot avoid holding the hand rails on the elliptical because I'm clumsy and find it easy to fall
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Running scares me, I admit. I feel the tiniest pain and have a tendency to give it up for a good month's healing. LOL! But when I'm on my game I use both the elliptical and the treadmill. Both are good for different things and I enjoy various methods of cross training. For me that's pretty much the spin bike, elliptical, and treadmill.
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i always just end of going for the treadmill. the eliptical scares me. specially with a bad knee
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