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Default I Can Make You Thin - Paul McKenna

Does anyone know anything about this book? Apparently they are making it into a tv show on TLC (I think TLC) starting March 16. Was just wondering if anyone had any info on this latest wt loss, ah, 'guru'?
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He's been around a while in the UK. He also helps people stop smoking, get confidence, etc. Ask the chicks in the FChicksUK community what they know.
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Hey there!
I own the book and the cd.
Its quite interesting and to be honest he doesnt tell you anything that we don't know already. The difference is... is he tells you in a way you haven't heard it before. The cd is quite good, quite relaxing. His main key point is... 'eat slowly and be in touch with your body.' So basically, when you're eating slowly and your in touch with your body - you know when you're full and stop eating.
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I have the book and cd. I'm actually rereading it right now. His ideas are pretty basic:
1: When you are hungry, eat.
2: Eat what you want, not what you think you should.
3: Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful.
4: When you think you are full, stop eating.

So, very no nonsense stuff. Something we all know to do, but don't follow through on. What's really weird to me is that the first time after I listened to the cd, I only wanted to drink water. I was addicted to drinking Crystal Light Tea before that, and after the CD I didn't even want to drink it at all. That was about 3 weeks ago. Now, for the eating part. It was kind of strange for about a week and a half, I had no urge to snack and really didn't feel hungry even at meal times. I lost maybe a pound in that week and a half. Then the next week was the week before my period and I was ravenous, so I started snacking again. So, I don't know if the "magic" has worn off or not. Maybe I'll feel that way again after this week??
I'm really excited to see that he has a show coming on here in the US.
If you order the book, make sure you get the 2007 updated version and that it has the cd with it.

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Very cool! I came here looking for info on this fella, as I saw the commercial for his show coming to TLC the 16th. Figured this would be the best place to find out about him & his system. I went to a hynosis seminar for weight loss about 5 years ago. It was very interesting & as I learned I am very suceptible to hypnosis, a bit freaky! LOL A friend & I went half & puchased the cassette hypnosis tapes & they worked to rid my cravings pretty well. My eating habits improved as well as motivation & a positive outlook towards my health & exercise. Then we moved, I lost the tape & well, my old lifestyle resumed. Hoping our library carries this book so that I can check it out & sample the CD before dropping any money on it. My family budget keeps me VERY careful as to what I spend. (stay at home...no income, but lotsa love & extra time with my babies! More than a fair trade! )
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I've also been interested to see what his show is all about. We all know that you can lose weight by adopting a new mindset, it's just a lot easier said than done.
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Don't forget-this Sunday at 9pm eastern on TLC.
I've got my dvd and vcr set (I have to work )

There is a short clip on youtube of one of his shows (just do a search).
One of the techniques is to imagine eating one of your favorite foods-the example is chocolate cake-and then imagine it crawling with maggots. It's not so appealing then. He also teaches techniques when you are craving something, to tap your collar bone, under your eye, on the back of your hand. It's supposed to retrain your brain.
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Did anyone watch last night?
The shows are going to be repeated, in case you missed it.

I liked the part where he had a group of people at a diner eat blindfolded and their stomachs told them when they were full and they stopped eating.
Most of us eat with our eyes and stop eating when the food is gone.
I think he has lots of good advice.
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I watched last night. I just stumbled across it, I hadnt read this thread or ever heard of him. I actually liked it. It kind of makes sense. my boyfriend eats WHATEVER he wants, but he eats REALLY REALLY slowly and does not eat alot at one time and he's in AMAZING shape. I'm going to try Mckennas techniques for a week. I bought a bagel with cream cheese this morning (something I never do b/c i'm not 'supposed to eat it') I ate about half of it this morning around 9am and did not do anything else while i ate (i usually return emails, work, etc, when i eat breakfast). i just got hungry now (about 2hrs later and took another few bites. Before I would have scarffed down the whole bagel in 15min. so we'll see. there's nothing crazy about his techniques (i.e. he's not telling you to starve, or overeat, or eat only certian foods) so i'll give it a whirl for 7days

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I watched the show last night and found it very interesting. A review of the basics is always good.

I eat too fast, so today I will practice putting my fork down between each bite.

I plan to watch each and every show. It is a good reminder of what we need to do.

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My daughter and I are trying out his ideas - we both have about 20-25 lbs to lose.

So far we ate breakfast without reading. Paid attention to our food.Put the spoon down between bites. I didn't finish what I would usually eat for breakfast.

It's certainly worth a try.

My difficult time is evening so we'll see how it works then. I don't have the book so I'm just going with his 4 rules. I noticed that the book is sold out on Amazon.

Not surprising.
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I was pretty much doing what he suggested already. However, I don't keep the TV off. That is some of the things that boobalah & I do together. We record and watch shows while we are eating dinner. I do eat slowly and only 1 bite at a time. I must remember to put the fork down between bites.

Wonder what next week will bring us.
love n kisses,

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I stumbled upon the first show (I guess it was repeated) last night. It seems like behavior modification techniques. I have learned these techniques many years ago, but don't always follow them. I like the part of eating whatever you want, not what you think you should. For years I have been eating what I think I should in the morning and for lunch, then in late afternoon I eat candy or a not-so-healthy item (on impulse or unconsciously), a fairly healthy dinner and some more "should-nots". Now I will try to be more conscious and adapt these four rules. It's a coincidence that I am also participating in Oprah's book club and have been watching the webcasts on "A New Earth". They brought up the subject of unconscious eating in the last webcast (chapter 3). That book is about becoming more aware and living in the now. It does make a lot of sense.
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I just (as in about five minutes ago) finished his hypnosis CD for the "I can make you thin" ... and he's really good with regards to the hypnosis aspect of it. I listened to a bunch of this sort of thing when I did hypnobirthing and he's great. I was lying there half way through thinking I was totally alert and listening to everything he said when I suddenly realised I had no awareness whatsoever of my body anymore. The only thing I was aware of was his voice and my breathing. So freaky I had to move my feet to make sure they were still there....

I'm curious to see how it works I'll let you know

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I had a really weird experience one night while listening to it.
I felt like I was leaving my body. It scared me and I had to move also to make sure I was still "there".
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