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Default Weekend Chatters - Nov 6 & 7

Good Morning Everyone

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Smile Hi Ladies

It's a beautiful day here in the sunny south We actually were able to shut off the air conditioning yesterday . Today we'll probably go to visit our son. He's still in jail, and we don't know when he'll even get a hearing. I won't go into why he's there, but it's pretty serious. The important thing is that he's turned his life back over to GOD, and he's a changed young man. Tomorrow our church starts Revival Services 'til Wednesday. The preacher is great-I'm looking forward to GOD doing something special in our church!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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Hiya Joanne, Hope you have a nice visit w/your Son, and its wonderful to hear he is walking a christian walk. We all make mistakes, no sin is greater than another, and the beauty is, we are all forgiven

I have been soooooo spiritually lost lately and I really must get back into the word. I need it badly.

Congratulation on losing the extra 4 lbs !! WTG SIS

I will post my minestrone recipe asap. I haven't made it yet but tomorrow I will. The beauty of it is you can eat ALOT and not feel guilty.

The birthday party that my DD went to was cute, they rented a big bouncy thing fo rthe kids, they bobbed for apples, made caramel apples, had face painting and ate! The mom invited 21 kids and only 6 were there including the bday girl. NICE The thing to do these days in this area is either rent a theater (movie), go to the bowling alley, or some sort of game place for kids b/days. The funny thing is, its the same price as having a party at your house by the time you get done w/food and things for them to do, its so much money. My DD will just have to learn to have family parties and not invite the entire class. I'm just one of those boring moms lol.

Well back to watching Willy Wonka ...
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hey hey hey gang!

I had a great day with my mom and sister (she surprised us by showing up to go) and her 2 daughters. We all went to the Arts & Crafts Show and then to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch and then some more shopping and hanging out at mom's house. It was a great day and we had fun being together.

Joanne - I'm so sorry for the struggles with your son and so sorry that he is in jail, but I am really glad to hear that even during these terrible times that he has turned his life back to God! that is answered prayer! we will keep praying for you and your son and family! hugs!

Leenie - that sounds like a fun birthday party! and uhmmmmmmm btw, you could never be a boring mom! that's for sure!

where is the rest of our gang today? everybody busy?

ya'll better be busy being good! right?

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Good Morning,

Hurry coffee, hurry

Hey Cathy, good to see you, and glad your day was a blast. I love craft shows and always buy stuff I don't need lol

I've got a pot roast on the stove cooking, then at 7 am the store opens up so I'll go food shopping (get that over with grrr) and then back home to cook some soup and another dish for the week. Don't know what yet but I'll figure something out.

You all have a wonderful day !

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Way back when my DS was a smart-mouth, adults-are stupid-and-I know-everything teenager, he got in with a bad group! They talked him into being the get-away driver when they robbed a liquor atore. Heck, the police were waiting for the super robbers when they got home. DS spent Christmas in the clink and it was the BEST thing that ever happened to him! He realized that he didn't like jail even if he was there under the Huber law which allowed him out during the day! They DO grow least some of them do!

We have church today and the annual turkey dinner-a fund raiser. Everyone pitches in and I think that this one will be a big success. Or membership is growing to the point that Roger had to order another wine tray for Communion. Ahhh, it's good to see smiling faces.

Leenie, I think that we all go through some times when we feel away from our spirituality. My advice is to attend church regularly, study the Bible and pray.
God bless.
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Morning Ladies!
Its a gorgeous Day in NJ! yesterday we vegged a bit and took these amazing chairs we found (for free!) to get glued they are solid oak. . .I love a good find! and Last night my sister had a party we had a great time didn't get home till 4! (its a 45 minute drive) as I'm on meds i did fine with alcohol b/c i didn't have any but the food
My sis is beyond an excellent cook i really tried to be good then the baked brie came out and it was all over
But we had funa nd I'm back OP today
we have to go to a wake for my aunts mom and hopefully do something uplifting afterwards

Leenie the party sounds nice! my mom always put on these extravangaz, but she's a woman that loves to throw a party
Spiritually. . .I would try a few different churches sometimes you hve to feel them out
DH and I are different religions he's episcopal and I'm catholic. . .while I enjoy going to his church and i find the ppl warm and friendly, It doesn't hit me like mine does. But at the same Time I'm glad I get to sample it. Pray, Meditate (you feel silly the first time but its a great thing to do for yourself) Talk to the big guy upstairs. If you are so inclined try a few houses of guy you'll find a good fit.
Joanne: Hope you had a great time at the revival I'm glad your son is getting back on track
CAthy oooooh Craft fair and roadhouse YOu have this girl drooling!
Tippy that sounds great! my MIL church has an interim pastor and the church was so packed for Xmas we had to split the host at communion It gives you a great feeling

Hey Ladies DH keeps askign me if I want a hobby. . .Mind you I have never had time to have one (I'm looking for a fulltime job) So I have no idea what to do lol (Fun? relaxation? Whats that?) any ideas?
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Hey everyone!

Hope everyones weekend went well... Our BBQ was great, we had a full house! Made me realize how small this place iw Nice to have friends over to chit chat the night away.

Joanne - I couldn't have said it any better than Leenie. I hope your visit with your son goes well.

Leenie - Sounds like a great party! Bobbing for apples, now theres a game I haven't played in ages! I know what you mean about inviting the entire class to parties. We held our DD's bday at Chuck E Cheese, and we were thinking oooh 7-10 kids... NOPE! 21 kids... EESH! and Ouch... was rather expensive.

Cathy - Hey there, glad your outing went well... so tell me, how crafty did ya get? Spend a lot of money? crafts for Scrapbooks are my biggest weakness right now heheh gets me in trouble all the time!

KO - I am sure whatever you choose will be great! I love scrapbooking, I bowl, and now I've gotten into pottery. I'm taking a ceramics class next term where we get to use a throw wheel (kinda like in Ghost with Demi Moore LOL)... depends on all what you like. Let us know what you come up with.

Catch you all later!
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