Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Tuesday Chat, March 9th

Good Morning Ladies,

LYNNIE BRAVO !!!!!!!!!! 5.8 lbs, you go girl I'm so PROUD of you.

Jenni I am so proud of you too, last year you were 230 lbs ??? WHOA MAMA, you did a wonderful job. I know what you mean about over eating in the PM hours, I have the same problem. I just try to keep my calories as light as I can (sigh~) during the day b/c I can not seem to calm the beast at night no matter what I do. People tell me to eat hardy during the day but it doesn't work, doing that makes it worse at night. OY. So Instead of beating myself on the head I work around my problem, does that make sense ??

Cathy & Kem, I'm jealous over your weather, send some up here huh, please, will yah lol but you's can keep those crawfish (ick they look like bugs) eeeeeew. How can something so ugly taste so good OY thats a loaded question huh

Sweetpea how is Lynn ? She is still in my prayers

April your doing wonderful w/your weight loss, bravo to you too !!!

Tippy where are ya ? hope your STILL not sitting on the potty since saturday ???????????????
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Oy! Was up a lot last night with an upset tummy. Is okay. It passed.

Yesterday DH and I saw "The Passion of Christ". I was prepared...yeah right.
It was the most barbaric movie I ever saw. It was also the BEST movie I ever saw. I flinched. I shut my eyes once or twice. I cried...more than once.
We left the theatre exhausted and changed. A Christian could not see that movie without being changed. I would not recommend it to any child under the age of 13. In fact,I don't want my GD14+ to see it. See it, but realize that it is historically correct. This did happen to Jesus.

Today, I don't know yet what is going on. Roger has some church stuff to do. Fortunately, he is on vacation today.
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Tippy I'm glad your feeling better. Was your stomach upset b/c of the movie ? My nerves would be shot. I am contemplating weather or not I should go. I am weak in the stomach and don't know if I could handle it. I really want to go but I'm scared. I am glad you both walked out changed, this is good
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Good Morning Chickadees!

It's beautiful here again! wow 2 days in a row! I'm gonna be spoiled. Kemp - how's the weather on your side of Louisiana today?

Lynnie - YOU GO GIRL - I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! wow 5.8 lbs is a great loss!!! I know you feel great!

Snoopysgirl - wow! you have lost 57 lbs in a year! how did you do that? I see you exercise a lot! that's awesome! keep up the good work.

Cin - you busy with ww today? How did the open house go this weekend?

Liz - how goes it girlie? hugs!

Leenie - I meant to ask you, which Third Day album do you have that you like so much? they are allllllllllll soooooooooo GOOD!

Sweetpea - how are you doing and how is your friend. We are still praying!

April - how ya doing today girlie? how is the weather up there? still cold?

Judomom - you must feel great having the cast off and being thru with your thesis too! wow! what will you do with yourself now?

LindaT - you lurking girlie. throw us a quick wave and a hi and by and boo so we'll know you're alive and well. we miss hearing from ya!

Tippy - glad you're feeling better. Glad you saw the movie! I am hearing the same things you are saying from others that have seen it. That this movie is an experience, not entertainment, that it's like being there and being a part of the crucifixion and how you just want it to be over. And also how it changes the way you look at everything. Change is good!

My oldest ds (19) saw it last week and it really drained him for a day or so. He's a really sensitive guy and loves the Lord. He said that when the movie was over they all just sat there and didn't move. Later, when one of his friends finally got up, they all walked to their cars without saying a word. You know that's something when you leave a bunch of college students speechless. BTW, he said that he doesn't think that I will make it thru the movie. We shall see.

Ok, gonna grab my second cup of and will be back.


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It wasn't the movie that made my tummy upset. It was taking my meds and eating the wrong "comfort" food.
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Good Morning Ladies...
Thank you for all the compliments and I was very happy with my weight loss.Also with my measurements.
I am relaxing today and I am back on regular points.I hope this goes just as well as the Fast Trak did.

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Good Morning..uhm, almost afternoon here.

Leenie..that overeating at night is so hard to overcome. I totally know better..but it is just such a compulsion..oy. Well, hopefully I will get stronger and overcome it someday. I read in a magazine the other day that when you binge your body goes into conservation mode and stores more of it as fat..even if you have been "good" for most of the day.. I was like, OH NO!!! So, I am going to try to keep that in mind. I feel for you Leenie..cause I find myself struggling too. I have heard so many suggestions for distracting yourself, etc. but I guess that in some ways I am just very weak, not very self disciplined.

Lynnie, keep up with the weight watchers. It is paying off big time for you so far. That is great.

Tippy, hope that your tummy is better today.

Cathy, it is really weird how I lost the weight. I started 2003 with giving birth at home, unassisted to our third child, a son..who weighed nearly 10 pounds. God is good. I don't know how heavy I was..though I suspect a lot over 230 because I was 235 at 6 or 7 months into my pregnancy and I know that I gained quite a bit more in the last few months. Even counting a 10 lb baby, placenta, etc., I was BIG. I knew that I needed to lose weight..but I kept on putting it off. I made half hearted attempts, ..but not really,etc. Some of the weight was lost when I cut out the bags of milky way darks, etc. (By doing this and cutting out eating 3,4, or even more servings of meals, plus snacks, etc.) after I had the baby. But I was still out of conrol with late night binging, etc. yet managed to get down to about 200 lbs. forward to June of 2003. I had the worst pains I have ever had..even worse than my childbirths and I went unmedicated for those. Turns out I was having gallbladder problems. Several of those attacks was all it took. When I would have these attacks I would be out of commission for hours or even whole weak, out of control and in pain. If anyone has kept up with the news lately..this is what our Mr. Ashcroft is being hospitalized for right now. I was so humiliated hooked up to an i.v in the hospital pumped full of demoral, vomiting, diareah, sweating uncontrollably shaking...then had an allergic reaction to the the drugs...all this while my husband sat in the corner with our baby who needed to be nursed..just scared out of his mind.. I am a person who would avoid drugs and hospitals to the death, if you knew what I mean. I just had an awakening that I needed to change. At the time I had just turned 22 years old..had 3 small kids..I thought, I am too young to be destroying my body..I just I just knew that I was killing myself slowly. I was scared into change. I started exercising daily with the treadmill or pilates..dancing around the house.., anything to get moving,..I switched to a mostly vegetarian diet and I ate more whole foods..fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. I kept it up until October or so..and I was about 161-163 and a size 12. (I am five foot nine). Then I went to visit my dad and fell into depression while I was gone and totally slacked. Since then I have put about 10 pounds back on..a tight, tight 12 and now 170-173, so I am getting back on track and vowing to start phase 2 of my weight loss challenge. I know that God will probably send us more children and I would like to be healthy for them, ya know? My last pregancy was very hard on my body because of the extra weight--I do NOT want to go through that again. Pregnancy is much easier on your body when your baby doesn't have to compete against the fat, ya know? Anyways, I am not going as extreme for the weight loss this time..not vegaterian or anything but I am making an effort to include more fruits, veggies, etc. into my daily diet. I really find that when I get into a routine of exercising that I feel so much better, less depressed and a better wife and mom. Sorry for the novel.
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Hi Ladies,
It is a sunny cool day here.....I look forward to Spring but wouldnt mind one more good snow! (yes .I know I am in the minority!)

I am "in between" meetings and home for lunch.

I had a guy paint all my doors this morning.They were painted with a flat paint.which I detest for he painted 8 or 10 this morning and was done by noon! Well worth $100. to me.I am a slow and messy painter. He is returning tomorrow to strip paper and paint a bathroom for a mere $50! Makes me happy!

Poor turn out for Open House.....but I am still will sell! Condo's are ot for everyone and dont sell quickly like houses!

Gotta run................

LYNNIE..Bravo girl! Keep it up! Enjoy all your points too!

Later taters
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Jenni your story is so inspiring. You have done an amazing thing!

Leenie you are doing great. I was thinking about you this morning. I needed to take my measurements and I was hoping that I would have the great results that you did. Well, I didn't do them . I kind of chickened out. I am baout to start my TOM and I didn't want to be bloated out and getting the wrong number. I will just wait a few more days.

Cathy it is AWESOME here!!! I wish I was at home working in the yard. I have got planting fever really bad right now. Do you guys have a problem with gnats over there?
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Good morning everyone

I am feeling good must be a sign spring will be here soon.....doing good with my eating plan.

Lynnie.....congratulations on the 5.8 lbs. lost!!!!!!!!

Jenni.....that is just are down 57 lbs.!!!!!!!!!

Leenie....thanks.....I have lost 20 lbs. now.....I am learning to accept that I will be a slow loser....that's okay. It is almost 6 months since I started Ediets.....have never been on a weight loss journey this long I know there will be good days & not so good I know....that I won't give up....will just keep day at a time. is a nice day here....sunny & +10

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I have lost my mind!! I just posted but posted for March is March 9th. Sheesh. I don't know why I did that.....
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Good afternoon one and all
Been so busy last few day havenít had time to even get on the computer.
Back at it now.

Started my diet plan today. So happy and believing i can do it more and one day. Let you all know how i do.
Got to my first meeting tonight on food. Can't wait and nervous.
Been doing wonderful on my binge looks like March is going to be better than February. Just know I am going to do it .
Havenít made it cold turkey yet but going to one of these days.

Yeah to all those that have lost way to go.

Love ya all flower
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