Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Cool life and love

Hi all, I've been busily de-cluttering. Feels good but I seem to have made a bigger mess than I had. I've found lots of stuff I'd forgotten I had and am getting rid of loads of useless things - old car insurance documents, recipes I'll never make, and MAGAZINES. I only have three more stacks to go. My kitchen drawers (they're those big, deep roll-out drawers) are taking the longest.

I keep a trash bag beside me, two boxes and a shopping. Shopping bag for things my daughters may want or for last-minute gifts, a box for "don't know what to do with" and a box for "sentimental keep but must find a reasonable place for." At the end of this kitchen process, I'll go through the shopping bag and boxes again and figure that out.

I'm doing Atkins Induction and moving along really well. I finally got the little energy burst and a lessening in appetite and carb cravings Atkins brings to some folks. It works for me if I stick to it faithfully. I think I was meant to be a cave chick anyway.

Bella, you might think about your old friend situation this way: a relationship that was really intense and important to you may not have kept the same significance to the other person. And if you don't hear from him, you've done what you needed to do for you. You can't control what he does. So, let it go. I've found that left-over men are like left-over coffee...not so hot! (LOL) And they just don't mull over long-gone relationships and analyze it all. They just don't.

Try to obsess over something else...something that will be productive and useful to you. Right now I'm obsessing over getting all the clutter out of my little house instead of obsessing over "How could I have let myself go from a size 6-8 to a 22-24 in five years?" That was getting me nowhere but fatter. So I'm doing Atkins, have found myself a personal trainer,
and rampaging through my house with a trash bag.

I've been where you are more than once. It's not fun, but you don't really have to stay there. NEXT!
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Welcome Sandy, glad you could join us. Atkin is a great diet when followed by the book, lean healthy meats, portioned dairy and veggies... can't go wrong. NJGyrl (forgot how to spell her name lol) is living proof it works, so is my DH. Good luck !!! And good luck decluttering.

I'm sorry I can't say to do personals.. to all of you that need it lately. We do love you.

Gotta run, off to my mothers. Have a great day.

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Get through today
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Hey All --

It's SAturday, beautiful, I have no responsibilities for the rest of the day, I already went to the farmers market, met up with a friend and her parents (and her COMPLETELY wonderful puppy), got veggies for the week, got home and cleaned them all, and worked out! Sheesh, now I think I'll take a nap. I have thrown myself into other things, like cooking, just finished a website for a small company, and yes, organizing -- and I'm trying to do at least 2 active things per day, whether it's a work out or walk or cleaning or whatever. I'm also starting a garden (well, the building of a place for a garden in my backyard for next year), and with that I need to figure out how how to compost. I'm pretty excited about it.

momof4 -- it sounds like the day will fly by for you, no need for the fast forward!!

Amarie -- taking a trip on a ship sounds really exciting. Can't wait to here all about the amazing time you had!

sandyfanny -- yeah, I realize that about my friend, it's always been complicated. There are very few things in my life that are unresolved, but this is one. I know I can't control other people, but if I didn't at least try, it would just continue to hang over my head. I'm not going to lose my mind over it or anything! ~=) Your process for organizing sounds very, er, organized. Good ideas, I think I'm going to steal them!

Have a super Saturday, everyone!
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Default Hellooooo Chickies!

Hello my Lovelies!!!

Wow, a bunch of you have a lot going on right now! I have been pretty busy myself the last couple of days...ummm make that the last WEEK! I even had to miss a couple of my exercise classes this week which doesn't make me real happy...ah well... My weigh in this morning is the same... 164...I have been waivering between 163.5 and 164 for what seems like forever, though I have to keep reminding myself that I see physical changes it is still a little difficult not seeing the scale move when I have had such drastic changes in my in..not one binge since June 20th!!! Yeah Baby!!!

Anyway! I really don't have as much time as I would like to chat with all you wonderful people because I have some errands to run and I still need to get my time in on the elliptical before I leave... I just wanted you all to know that I am still around...just busy as ****!!!

luv luv Everybody!!!
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i havent even got to read anyones...but its been a long day... I want to just scream cry smash my head off something punch something just do something to get rid of this. I was out running around all day at that block party and in the sun and all i wanted to do was when it was over is just come home...instead my dh said lets rent a movie and hang at home....well renting a movie also involves soda and snack. I had to pick up flyers he had made and never picked up then i had to find a movie...which they have to be decent well we have a tv gaurd that takes out the language except for universal stuido movies cause they dont used closed caption. Well i found two and got them both then got my son one cause he was bugging me. well the one my husband didnt want to watch cause the girl was half dressed in bed...fine so we put the other one in and bout 30 minutes into it it says the F word and my 5 yr old and 2 yr old is sitting it gets shut off he goes down to watch the movie with my son well it has sorcery and magic and junk in it which i didnt know so he cant watch it and the other movie had swearing when i went to watch i was like out 11 dollars...AAHHHHH....then my son was upset cause i didnt get another movie and then didnt get different candy....My foster daughter and i fought most of the day just stupid crap and like right now I cant even explain in words how i feel but i really just want to run away and hide for a really long time but i cant so i just sit here and cry cause sometimes i feel so freaking trapped sometimes...and unless its another mother most people dont even partially understand what i go thru staying home ALL day every day with 4 toddlers...yes stay at home moms kinda know but with 4 toddlers its completely different...I know this isnt always going to be but sometimes i cant see the light at the end of the tunnel i know its there but it is wayyyyy far off.... Way to stressful day and I know there are people that are dealing with WAY WAY more important things than me but I still feel really bad. i try to tell my self suck it up and get over it but i think I am overly tired, worn out, stressed out, angry, and upset all at once and this is what you get a break down. There is a couple at our church that our pastors and my husband had to leave cause he has cancer and they called and said things are shutting down and dont expect him to make it thru the day...I cant imagine what she is feeling right now.... Ok i am going to just go cause i feel stupid for venting and for even crying over it but what do you do when you cant control your feelings.....I just want to sit and just sob...

Last edited by momof4under5; 08-02-2008 at 11:25 PM. Reason: dh was reading couldnt completely write what i wanted!!
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Momof4 - this is the place to vent, so stop beating yourself up about that, too - it sounds like you're putting an awful lot of pressure on yourself... we all do that, and it's very unhealthy. Try very hard today to stay positive - hang in there!

My stress and anxiety levels are very high, and I am trying VERY hard to stay focused, positive and LET GO of the things that rattle 'round my brain but that I CANNOT control. It's easier said than done, as I am sure you all know.

Unfortunately, nothing of news, though, which makes me sad... hope you are all having a good Sunday and the sun is shining where you are, too.

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Hi All.

I didn't do much at all on my nights off, except for Laundry.....Yippee. lol. Speaking of de-cluttering.......DH scrubbed and cleaned out the fridge, it needed to be done oh so badly. lol. Now its back to work for me.....and its my "Long Week" (46 hrs)

Well that is about it. Sorry nothing too "exciting" going on. lol.

Have a Good one.
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