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Green Tomatoes
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Smile October Weight Loss Challenge

October won't scare us away from our weight loss goals! Join our monthly challenge thread to track your progress.

State your goal for October and join a supportive and encouraging group to help you meet it. We will compile our goals into a list. As each goal is met during the month, it gets turned RED in celebration.

Join us at our sister thread, the October Exercise Challenge, to track your fitness goals.
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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I'm in. Goal is to drop 6 pounds. Should be an easy task, considering I am carrying a LOT of bloat from my indulging travels....

01/10: 148.8/142.8
02/10: 146.2/142.8
03/10: 148.0/142.8
04/10: 148.0/142.8
05/10: 146.0/142.8
06/10: 146.4/142.8
07/10: 146.4/142.8
08/10: 146.0/142.8
No weigh ins
19/10: 152.0/142.8
20/10: 149.0/142.8
21/10: 147.4/142.8
22/10: 149.2/142.8
23/10: No weigh-in
24/10: 150.0/142.8
25/10: 148.0/142.8
26/10: 146.4/142.8
27/10: 144.0/142.8
28/10: 146.2/142.8
31/10: 144.8/142.8

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I'm in 5 lbs
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motivational guru wannabe
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S/C/G: 205/205/190 by spring

Height: 5'4"


I'm ALL THE Way in!!! 6 lbs. Nothing's going to stop me in October.
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I'm in and will post my goal when I weigh in on 10/1. Right now, I'm thinking about 10 pounds.
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I am in and on a roll so I will go for 15 pounds
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Aida ~ Slow but steady ~
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I'm in. I will probably be a little short of my 2# September goal, so I will try 2# again in October. I get one more day in October than in Septemebr, so maybe that will help!

Start 9/30 =
October 3 =
10/10 =
10/17 =
10/24 =
10/31 =
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I'm so in! I want to drop 12 pounds. Yea that's a lot but I think I can do it. Will post weight tomorrow.
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Call me NNS!
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I'm in! Goal is 179 pounds. Gonna be tough!
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Like Imabehot says, "I am so in."

I was purt smug about easily making and exceeding my sept goal of 6 lbs, but it is beginning to look like maybe, there might be a slight chance, that perhaps I will not get another 4 lbs off in the next two days.....

So, my goal will be six lbs plus my deficit from Sept, if there is one.
And in addition, I am going to not eat anymore late night snacks, which I made first months goal and stuck with real good.... easy even. Then.... I let it back

In addition again, I see that my estimations of calories consumed was off (it has to be if I still have the weight and ate (or thought I did) the amount leaving the deficit which would have yielded me a net loss of 7 1/2 lbs and still have 3 or 4 of them (hanging around my belly at that) so, I am going to copy Joy and post my calories consumed daily. Plus I am going to use a more accurate system of figuring the calories this time, such as adding up calories of all ingredients used in cooking then making sure the amount I eat per serving calculates in accurately being as I very often cook up dishes which last me several days. I love hot spicy Mexican or Cajun tasting dishes and have several methods of cooking it, such as some pasta or brown rice and adding the sauce like mixture to it for variety, and sometimes a meat in it.

Sheesh. I need to learn how to make things short, maybe I better go back to posting on my hard to type on droid.

Anyway, six lbs plus Sept's deficit which I will post in a few days, plus no late night snacking and post my daily more accurate calories.

BTW, I am proud of the determination I see here from you wonderful ladies, keep it up


PS, I got my new puter built

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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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BFR I loved reading your post, don't shorten
I'm not making Sept. Goal unless I lost 6 lbs. today...

My Oct goal is 15x.x

Best to all

Thanks for the thread GardenerJoy!

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SW: 135.6
GW: 132.x

Miiiight be a challenge but here's hoping.
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BFR - I agree with kelijpa...love reading your posts.

kelijpa - unless I have a sudden horrifying amputation today, there's no way I am even close to meeting goal. #%$^&*! And it's my own stupid fault.

My big goals for October are to track my WW points daily and come to this thread at least during the week to keep myself accountable. I haven't been checking in like I should because I am too embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I have done absolutely nothing in the past few months to rectify my gain. Somebody please send me some big kicks in the butt, cause I need them. Maybe even a smack upside the head, occasionally.

Will post start weight tomorrow. That's going to suck!

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My goal for October is to get to 275, or 8.2 pounds down.

Start weight: 283.2
Goal weight: 275.0
Pounds to go: 5.2

Sept. 30: 283.2
October 8: 280.2

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Right now my goal is 10# for October.
I'm down 21.4 since Aug 18th. Hoping to hit 50# total lost by the time we leave for vacation on Dec 19th so... yeah. 10 for October it is!
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