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Chuggin' Along
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S/C/G: 239/See Ticker/169

Height: 5' 5"


Well, it was a weekend of celebrating and eating and drinking, but I stayed mostly on track. Here's hoping it doesn't sneak up on me tomorrow.

Start 211.5
2-Dec 211.7
3-Dec 211.7
4-Dec 212.7
5-Dec 211.1 Weekly weigh-in
6-Dec 210.4
7-Dec 209.5
8-Dec 208.9
9-Dec 209.6
10-Dec 208.9
11-Dec 209.6
12-Dec 207.1 Weekly weigh-in, Whoosh!
13-Dec 206.5
14-Dec 208.2
15-Dec 206.4
16-Dec 206.1

Goal: 206.5
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S/C/G: 175/166/135

Height: 5'3


NightAngel - I am doing the South Beach suits my lifestyle really well and my body seems to be responding!!

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S/C/G: 151/137/129

Height: 5'4


Jacqui! You are working hard to keep us all on plan ! Thanks so much for the motivational tips. Green tea and water, low carb... And for me the big challenge this week is avoiding booze! I have my last day at what has been a killer job on Wednesday and am already planning to allow myself a glass of wine to celebrate!

Lyn and 183, baking buddies! I had to stop cooking in the summer as I kept making banana and raisin cake, then eating it all. Very impressed by your willpower ladies! Have recently started experimenting with chocolate making but very very dangerous territory!! ;-)

Samm,you're doing great! Keep it up

NightAngel, I'm on the my fitness pal to count calories but tend to avoid if when I've gone off plan for a few days... A bit like info with here too. Just entering in the damage from the weekend but my weight seems to have been kind to me this Monday.

Sum !! I saw you're check in and want to sebd you lots of motivation!! Tough to be stuck in the same zone for so long. Hang in there!!

So, not sure how or why but I've had a total whoosh today. I can't quite believe it and I'm holding my breath, but if it sticks then I've reached my weightloss goal for 2013!! Actually so excited I jumped up and down and welled up. Yay!

Start weight 138
Goal weight 132

Dec 1 138
Dec 2 138
Dec 3 137
Dec 4 136
Dec 5 DNW
Dec 6 DNW
Dec 7 DNW
Dec 8 139
Dec 9 138
Dec 10 DNW
Dec 11 137
Dec 12 DNW
Dec 13 135
Dec 14 DNW
Dec 15 136
Dec 16 133


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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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S/C/G: 206/145.3/145

Height: 5'3 1/2"


Enjoyed reading everyone's posts today, had a great OP day, feeling a little sleepy, not sure why, maybe the cold, even though I wasn't out in it long, well I forgot about shoveling snow this morning

Best to all
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S/C/G: 266/Ticker/150

Height: 5'5"

Default check in

12/1- 268
12/2- 268
12/3- 268
12/4- 267
12/5- 264
12/6- 266
12/7- 264
12/8-265-not bad for eating a ton of lasagna
12/9-268- eek
12/12- 265
12/16- 264
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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


I am back down to 174.5 today! So, DH and I went out Christmas shopping today for about 9 hours! (We did take an hour out to eat dinner.) We are almost all finished. I just have stocking stuffers still to shop for. How is everyone else doing?!

SW: 177
GW: 171
CW: 174.5

Week 20:
12/14: 174 Cheat Day
12/15: 175.5
12/16: 174.5

BFR, the important thing about your diet detour is that you got back on plan and dropped the weight again! Good job! So many dieters just give up at that point, but you didn't let it derail you, and that's great news!

183, what a fun outcome with your friend! And I'm so proud of you for how well you did while baking cookies!!!

SparklyBunny, "...I'm not at war with food and I'm not at war with myself anymore either. There's a really nice flow to everything right now and I can't describe how wonderful that is to someone who's always had huge internal conflicts." I know exactly how you feel! This is how I feel. Food is no longer my worst enemy or my best friend. I finally feel calm about how I'm doing things, and it's a wonderful feeling!

Kelijpa, 156! 156! 156! I have my fingers crossed for you to reach that 50 lb mark! Wow!!!

Sum, the whoosh fairy is being difficult! C'mon Whoosh Fairy, it's time to get to work!

Boatingmommy, it's a challenging month! I'm glad you had a good time! Be sure to jump back on plan now!

Lyn, wow! Congrats on all the weight you've lost so far! That's fantastic! As for the tea, I have a Mrs. Tea tea-maker, which is like a Mr. Coffee coffee-maker, and I just remove the strings of one or two teabags and put it/them in where the filters and loose tea are supposed to go and it brews it for me. I like it strong, but I always try to buy green tea with lemon ginsing in it, because I don't like that grassy taste, but if I can't get green tea with lemon ginsing included, I try to buy lemon ginsing tea also and I just put one of each bag in the tea-maker. I always make a pot at a time and I add 2 packets of Splenda to the pot. It took me a while to get used to Splenda. I really love sugar in my tea, but I've gotten used to the Splenda now.

Samm, congrats on the continued loss! You are doing great!

Turtle, I had a cheat day a couple of weeks ago when I overdid it on sweets, and I was like you, looking forward to the salad the next day! Funny how our bodies will (also) crave what is good for us!

NightAngel, aw, thanks! I am doing really well! The plan I'm on is very well-suited to me and it's made all the difference! Congrats to you on dropping another lb!

Joy, thanks for the tip! I will look that up! Yogurt is the dairy I miss most, and I'm sure I could use the calcium. You know, I have incorporated your exercise tip of watching a tv program while exercising. I don't know if I ever told you that. I leave the sound on Leslie so I can hear her instructions and I put the tv on closed caption so I can read what's going on, and it does make the exercise go by faster and easier, although sometimes I get distracted and miss when Leslie switches moves on me, lol!

Rsadler, so far, so good! Congrats on the drop!

Minneey, you are welcome! Oh my, look at your whoosh!!! As I've mentioned before, I'm not so sure your cheat weekend doesn't work for you! Lol! Btw, is the plan you're on counting calories? If so, maybe you could figure a glass of wine in. I know on my plan, one glass of wine is allowed each night, so it can't be too bad, right?

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S/C/G: 240/ticker/153

Height: 1,73m


yesterday's weigh-in: 77,7kg (171.3lbs)
yesterday's calories: 1600
yesterday's exercise: 50min run (7k)
today's weigh-in: 78,1kg (172.1lbs)
change: +0,4kg (+0,8lbs)

good morning

I tried to go for a run yesterday, but it was foggy and really cold. I run by myself through a not so frequented area, and I was worried the ground was frozen and I'd slip. So I ran really slow and not very far. I really need to make a plan about cardio in the winter.
My Christmas party last night was fun; I thought I did good but apparently I didn't? I am weighing more now than at the beginning of the month
Anyways, I have a friend stay with me for 2 days; I plan on sticking to my plan today, and only run free at the Christmas fair tomorrow night. I really like her, but she is also chubby and a little spiteful about me losing weight. So, I'll have to see how it goes. Should be fun though

SparklyBunny I absolutely loved what you said about being content about where you are right now. Most people, including myself, beat themselves up over choices they made, so reaching that stage of happiness is definitely something to strive for. thank you for sharing this

kelijpa Yep, I know what you mean - a while back I'd been ecstatic with what I weigh now, but now it's like uuurgh. But now that my one year lifestylechangeaversary is coming closer, I think, one year ago I'd never thought I'd ever make it this far. We're pretty amazing! And Christmas season is just hard.

Lyn77 yay baking! I think I look like a ruminating cow pretty much, because I'm ALWAYS chewing gum. It's not a dieting thing, I just do. I don't really now about what's in gum though, I'm majorly uneducated. But have you tried one of those alternative stores? The healthy ones. Maybe they sell one without sugar alcohol.

NightAngel26 I feel weird about people noticing my weightloss because me being heavy has never been something that was an issue (or topic to talk about), so bringing it up now feels strange. I have a high school class reunion on the 27th, and that will be upsetting!

Minneey yay for the woosh! Hope it sticks!! seriously.

kelijpa great job staying on plan

Jacqui_D nice drop! Also, well done on getting your Christmas shopping done. Sounds like quite the shopping marathon

Have a good Tuesday!
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Always FatGirlVSFitGirl
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S/C/G: 206/145.3/145

Height: 5'3 1/2"


Thanks everyone for the positive vibes and encouragement I really appreciate it!

Happy December!
My goal is to lose 6.8 pounds and get solidly into the 150s!

Dec 1 - 163.8
Dec 2 - 162.6
Dec 3 - 161.6
Dec 4 - 159.8
Dec 5 - 159.1
Dec 6 - 159.0 weekly WI
Dec 7 - 158.8
Dec 8 - 157.6
Dec 9 - 158.1
Dec 10 - 158.5
Dec 11 - 158.7
Dec 12 - 158.6 (TOM)
Dec 13 - 157.6 Weekly WI - getting close again
Dec 14 - 158.7 (Xmas play, cookies, hot chocolate)
Dec 15 - 159.7 (ok, that's my usual TOM 2 )
Dec 16 - 160.5 urg
Dec 17 - 158.8 that's better

Dec 31 - 157

best to all
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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Posts: 6,122

S/C/G: 190/151.2/122

Height: 5'3"


11/30: 155.6
12/01: 155.6
12/02: 155.4
12/03: 155.4
12/04: 155.2
12/05: 155.2
12/06: 155.8
12/07: 156.2
12/08: 155.2
12/09: 155.8
12/10: 155
12/11: 156
12/12: No W/I
12/13: No W/I (TOM)
12/14: 155.4
12/15: 155.4
12/16: 156
12/17: 154.8
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Posts: 64

S/C/G: 175/166/135

Height: 5'3


Thanks for all the encouragement

My goal is to lose 8lbs in the month of December and start 2014 in the 150's!!!

December 10th - 166.8lbs
December 11th - 166.0lbs (-0.8lbs)
December 12th - 166.0lbs (-0.8lbs)
December 13th - 165.6lbs (-1.2lbs)
December 14th- 164.2lbs (-2.6lbs)
December 15th- 163.4lbs (-3.4lbs)
December 16th- 162.8lbs (-4.0lbs)
December 17th- 162.0lbs (-4.8lbs)

December 31st- 158.8lbs (Fingers crossed!! )

Still moving in the right direction!!!

Congrats to everyone on their losses!!! Keep up the great work!!


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Green Tomatoes
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Height: 5'9"


SW: 76 kgs
CW: 75.35 kgs (NC in kgs)
GW: 75 kgs

Jacqui_D: I'm glad the TV and exercise combo is working for you! Fancy gyms put TVs on the exercise machines -- and we get the same benefit for free, at home!
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S/C/G: 295/see ticker/150

Height: 5'9


Hey all! Sorry I have been MIA since Friday, it was a busy weekend and work was crazy yesterday so I couldn't get on. It looks like everyone is doing awesome! I went to a christmas party on Friday and ate mostly OP but did have a couple off plan things as well so my weight went up a little more on Sat but it seems to be working it's way back down as I was only .1 up from my low of the month. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be a new low for Dec.

12/01 - 248.0
12/02 - 246.3
12/03 - 246.3
12/04 - 246.3
12/05 - 245.2
12/09 - 244.7
12/10 - 244.5
12/11 - 245.0
12/12 - 245.5
12/13 - 245.9
12/17 - 244.6
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Posts: 734

S/C/G: 186/ticker/135

Height: 5' 5.5


SW (Nov 30) 150
GW 145

Dec 1: 150.6
Dec 2: 150.4
Dec 3: 151.2
Dec 4: 152.0
Dec 5: 152.8
Dec 6: 151.0
Dec 7: 151.6
Dec 8: 152.0
Dec 9: 150.6
Dec 10: 151.0
Dec 11: 150.8
Dec 12: 149.4
Dec 13: 151.0
Dec 14: 150.4
Dec 15: 151.0
Dec 16: 151.2
Dec 17: 151.2
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Yesterday was another of those long work days for me, have had several last week and this Sunday and yesterday. I am glad to have a day off today at last

We finished an electrical job up yesterday and were headed home, already dark, and both of us tired and hungry. So I stopped at a Mexican fast food place, which we have plenty of out here. The food they make there is very authentic, not the american/mex stuff. As we came in, we realized we were in the middle of some sort of party. Asked if they were still open and it was a yes. Everyone there were Hispanic, mostly Mexican and opening presents, taking pics and all.

We ordered, I got a green chili burrito (pork, green chili/tomitillo and bean filling), my helper had taquitos.

We sat and watched them having a good time. The tables were filled with presents and lushious looking pastries We all exchanged smiles, hellos. It was fun seeing these happy people. It was their "company" party, all employees, with the place still open for business which was at that time all drive through with the exception of myself and helper.

When they were done with the presents they invited us to enjoy some pastries. One strawberry shortcake looked outstanding, I tell ya

They handed over a plate with a very generous slice on it, and were getting us another one. I told them the one was enough, we would share it.

Now, my mother made the worlds best shortcake for strawberry shortcake, bar none. And here on my plate was some just like mom made, I was in heaven. I ate my portion wishing I had of taken the second plate Saying it was fantastic is an understatement! I resisted the temptation of asking for another helping, resisted the temptation of snatching the cake and making a run for the door......... LOL It was a great feeling time, and it reminded me several times of reading the posts yesterday morning, especially that one of Sparkle Bunny in her happy place. Well, what I am saying is I am really glad I made that stop. I think I may have finished the evening off a few hundred calories above what I planned, but, once a gain I say "what da hek "

I don't do cheat days, and when I do "cheat" it is just part of my overall plan, these overages are allowed on occasion with no guilt attached. I do not even want to try a diet plan that is all or nothing.

A few days ago when I bought those Doritos, I did not post all the associated info that went with that (actually, I did write it out but deleted it) because I did not want to make my post too long.

When we finished work, it was after dark once more, and I was tired, hungry and wanted to just rest up. But instead I had to take my helper either home or to the bus stop. He needed bus money and a few bucks, and I had none, so I stopped at the market to use ATM card and get cash back for him. Though I knew the people well, I did not want to go in and get cash without purchasing something. I walked through the little market, almost got a quart of Knudsen Buttermilk, which I love, but a quart is 480 calories I knew I would scarf that right down. I would not be able to resist especially as I was tired and hungry. So I decided to get some chips, and not a small bag, that would not justify using the ATM card, my male ego would not allow such a thing. So I got the Doritos Tapito, I remembered that I did like them. I had not had any chips since I started weight loss back in early July. I planned on opening some and letting the helper take them home with him so I would not have them around, eating maybe two or three hundred calories which would be no biggie.

I already posted the rest, I opened the Doritos and ate some on the way to drop off my helper, they were absolutely delicious. I love corn chips and I love spicy, I love Tapito sauce, and I love lime, those had all. So he forgot to take the bag. It is not my style to waste things, so I did not toss the bag out. And I did not stay out of it. I knew I was going over but had no idea they contained as many calories as they do. There were still 3 1/2 oz of them left when I got home. I took the bag in to see how much it was and was astounded to find I had ate 1/3 more of a days worth of calories in that little excursion than I usually eat in a whole day. I fed the last 3 1/2 oz of them to my two lady friends (two GSP females) who absolutely loved them also. In the matter of a minute they were gone and two doggies had happy faces

My comment of "what da hek anyway right " has to more do with "what is done is done, move on forward" than anything else. It is just a no biggie going "off plan" once in a while to me, several of ya have cheat days to take care of that. Myself, part of my plan is that when I do step outside of my limitations to just go on like normal the next day, to not let it affect my weight loss objective, no guilt attached.

That is just "my way" of doing this. If/when it stops working I will change it then, but 'til it is broken it remains as is.

There are things I quit buying, such as dairy, which I love, especially buttermilk, cottage cheese and cheeses. I found I just could not stay out of them well enough to even have them around, but I did try that.

I quit buying nuts, which are very healthy for a person, but too hard for me to stay out of once I get into them. Same for chocolate. I do not particularly care for apples but try to eat one after each meal which has food with cholestrol in them, such as eggs and different meats. Well, lots more but that is enough out of me, or is it way too much??

And I want to thank all of ya for the tips etc which I pick up in here which help me along the way.


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S/C/G: 151/137/129

Height: 5'4


Yay, this December I am going to be part of the turning red club as I've hit goal!!! Whoooohooooo! Very excited and think that this may be the end of me weighing in for a while (we'll see... Am hooked on this forum...) My goal date is actually Saturday but I'm going out for dinner on thurs and fri so will have a little water weight lying around that clearly doesn't count lol!

Am celebrating my last day at work tomorrow as I'm moving on to new things in January and finishing up there - so also may have a tipple or two (therein lies the problem Jacqui-I'm not good at just one glass of wine ! Hic)!

Start weight 138
Goal weight 132

Dec 1 138
Dec 2 138
Dec 3 137
Dec 4 136
Dec 5 DNW
Dec 6 DNW
Dec 7 DNW
Dec 8 139
Dec 9 138
Dec 10 DNW
Dec 11 137
Dec 12 DNW
Dec 13 135
Dec 14 DNW
Dec 15 136
Dec 16 133
Dec 17 132

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