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Hi everyone! I was able to make my 5 pound goal last month. I weighed in today at 230.6. I'm almost out of the 230's. My goal this month is to be at 225, so 5 pounds I've been doing pretty well with my lifestyle change, so I'm ready for this challenge. Good luck to you all!!

10/01/13 - 232.5 (TOM)
10/02/13 - 230.6 (TOM)
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I am in control.
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I'm feeling discouraged today because my weight shot up 2.4 pounds overnight, but I'm not going to let it get me down. DH and I had yesterday off to clean the house. We ate out twice, but I was mindful of what I ate and tried not to go overboard with calories.

Cracker Barrel has a new menu with lighter options, so my breakfast was around 590 calories (according to their menu), then I had Jimmy John's for lunch which was 640, so with everything else I ate, I had about 2,400 calories yesterday. Not too crazy, since I stay within 1600-1750 calories per day, and it's definitely not enough to bump me up 2.4 pounds.

I am going to go for a run tonight and drink as much water as I can since I had a lot of coffee yesterday.

I know I couldn't have gained that much weight in fat, but it's still hard to see the number sometimes.

10/1: 200.4
10/2: 202.8

Tuscany, that's awesome! Any visit from the whoosh fairy is very welcome!

Jacqui, you are doing so great! 188 is a great number. I can't wait to be there.

Turtle, off to a great start, I see!

Sum38, you're off to a great start, too!

Grover, you are going to do great this month! I just know it!

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Emme - I am sure it is the sodium in the meals that caused the scale to increase so much. Even though you picked lighter menu options (Good job by the way) they still have way more sodium than you would find in a home cooked meal.

GW: 163

4.2 pounds down is awesome although I started counting before October officially started when this thread was made.
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S/C/G: 290/see ticker/150

Height: 5'1


I'll probably bounce back and forth this week due to TOM starting Friday.

10/1 - 280
10/2 - 280
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Thank you for the welcome's Jacqui_D and Tuscany! I have a great feeling about October, there is so much motivational energy on this board! My personal motivation is my 40th birthday party in mid December where I would like to not be overweight and hey, why shouldn't i look like i did when i was 30!


SW: 152.6
GW: 144.6

10/01: 152.6
10/02: 152.2 (-.4)
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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Still at 188 today!

Woohoo, Rhiko, great job!

Nitrus, Onederland! Onederland! Onederland!

Joy, thanks for the list! You always do such a great job!

Hi 183StGB! Welcome! There's no such thing as oversharing here, lol! Good to know you! Weighing daily has its ups and down, pun intended. Don't let the daily fluctuations discourage you. They are all a part of it, so no big deal. It's only the big picture that matters!

Tuscany, great start! And yes, I have my fingers crossed that the 190's are gone forever! That would be exciting!

Turtle, I see that teeny tiny drop. Yay!

Sum, I know whose house the mama whoosh fairy was at last night! Wow! WTG!

Grover, congrats on last month! And you have a great attitude going forward for this month, so I know you'll do it!

Emme, don't be discouraged. You watch, I bet those extra calories are going to shake up your metabolism, and a drop is coming!

Rated, wow! That's fantastic! Even with the early start, I'd say that calls for some dancing things!

Stiletto, it's good you know to anticipate the fluctuations, and hey, usually with TOM comes a drop! Woohoo!

Woodstock, absolutely! There's no reason why you shouldn't look like you did when you were 30! You can do it! (And stick with us, and we'll help you get there!)

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Height: 5'4

Default Day two - insanity!

Right, here's my first update!

Start weight 146
Goal weight 137

Oct 1 147
Oct 2 145

Went up on day one, down two today... Ill take that! I'm approaching TOM so think my weight is fluctuating a bit.

Jacqui - thanks for the welcome. Good suggestion about weighing in in the mornings... Ill give that a try next month

Cincorn - blown away by your big goal - hopefully you'll hit it tomorrow or the day after? That must be so motivating.

Gardener joy - thanks for the goals summary. Great to see it all up there. So hope I make it. I'm a bit daunted by my 9lb target though - its high because sept didn't go so well for me - too many party's (and not enough will power)!

Feeling good about my weekly routine so far, fitting in my insanity workouts but a bit stiff today. Worried about the weekend as I'm eating out three times (lucky me) and find it hard to resist both desert and pizza (my Achilles heel)!
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From Lazy to Light!
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Height: 5'6"


No number goal this month. It'll be tough to stay on track because I have family coming to visit for most of the month. Right now I'm just taking it a day at a time.

10/1 - 159
10/2 - 157.5
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S/C/G: 240/ticker/153

Height: 1,73m


yesterday's weigh-in: 82.2kg (181.2lbs)
yesterday's calories: 1434
yesterday's exercise: reeeeaally slow walking, 2hrs
today's weigh-in: 81.1kg (178.8lbs)
change: - 1.1kg (-2.4lbs)

good morning

Tuscany thanks for the welcome I'm very lucky with my wisdom teeth; I heard a lot of horror stories about 3-week-chipmunk-cheeks, I'm glad it didn't happen to me Or maybe I wasn't lucky, I was able to eat properly 2 hours later

jacqui_D thanks for the welcome

I have only been weighing daily for 3 days but the results are really startling. I am thinking it's because I'm using a digital scale now, but I'm trying to avoid mistakes by weighing at the exactly same time at exactly the same location, hop on 3x and then taking the middle number as today's weight. Total rocket sience

Other than that, today is our national holiday in Germany I will be making savory cheesecake tarts for lunch and then spend time with my family.

Have a great day everyone!
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I *will* reach 160lbs!
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S/C/G: 222.8/213.4/160

Height: 5'5"


Hi, I'm new here and would love to join in for the motivation and accountability

SW: 214.6
CW: 214.2
GW: 205
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Height: 5'4.5"


183StGB - Hallo aus Deutschland und viel Erfolg bei der Challenge

Been doing really well with food + exercise. The weight is coming off slowly but as long as I'm doing it in a healthy way that's all that matters. Will update my weight weekly.

Good luck everyone!
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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S/C/G: 190/151.2/122

Height: 5'3"


Starting weight 155.4
Goal weight 149.4

10/01: 155
10/02: 152.8
10/03: 154.4
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S/C/G: 186/ticker/135

Height: 5' 5.5


SW (Sept 30): 162
GW: 156

Oct 1: 161.6
Oct 2: 161.4
Oct 3: 161.8
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S/C/G: 200/170/130

Height: 5' 5"


No change for me this morning, but at least yesterday’s loss is sticking.

SW: 143.50
GW: 139.00

10/1: 143.50
10/2: 142.75
10/3: 142.75

Turtle: Baby steps, but you’re moving in the right direction...

Jacqui: It looks like your recent losses are sticking!

Emme: Not to worry…the increase is just water weight, most likely from increase sodium (as Rated mentioned). It will disappear soon enough.

Sum: I hope you’re feeling better. On the plus side, a small portion of your loss remained.

Woodstock: You only have 2.6 lbs to go to get to 150, at which point you’ll officially no longer be overweight. We’ll all make sure you’re there in time for your birthday!

183StGB: If your scale tells you different numbers each time you step on it, then it might mean either the scale is on a non-level surface (so you should move it) or the scale needs new batteries. That said, you will see a fair bit of fluctuation in your weight from day to day due mainly to water retention. Those of us who regularly weigh daily have learned to ignore the daily fluctuations and focus on the overall trend instead. Enjoy German Unity Day!

fluffygrover: Great way to start October!

Leah: Enjoy your family, but do what you can to stay on track.

Rated: Nice loss so far…keep up the good work!

stilettolife: Here’s hoping for a nice whoosh once TOM moves along.

Minneey: Great start to October, but repeat after me: “Pizza and deserts taste yucky and I don’t want to eat them”.

DaisyBelle: Welcome and good luck meeting your October goals!

Hoopty: Willkommen! And I hope you also enjoy the national holiday today!
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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Down a lb to 187 today!

DaisyBelle, welcome! Glad you've joined us!

Hoopty, keep up the good work!

183StGB, Yay on the big drop! Happy National Holiday! Have a fun, wonderful time!

Leah, congrats on the 1.5 lbs! May the whoosh fairy keep coming to visit this month!

Minneey, 2 lbs down, that's fantastic!!!

Sum, with the amount of exercise you do (which is incredible), no surprise your body is holding onto water weight.

Turtle, c'mon 150's! 150's! 150's!

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