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Big CONGRATS to Fat Pants!! You've done such an amazing job and it's totally paid off! I'm so proud of you girls for reaching your goal!! And thanks for the bday wishes!

I just finished my exam (finally!) so I can actually celebrate my bday properly tonight. Woohoo! My weight is back down to 136 from 139, so I'm feeling good and hoping not to overindulge tonight. But there is definitely cause for celebrationg and fun, so I'll let you know how it goes! See you all on Monday for the final weigh in! Exciting! Have great weekends!
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Hi chickies -- I'm kinda down because I don't think I'm going to make my goal for the Labor Day challenge. I had such high hopes, but I have not lost anything at all this week - and maybe even gained a little - I have one of those bad wobbly scales.

Edited (on Labor Day) to say
I didn't make my goal. I'm sad. But I did lose 18 pounds since June 1, so I am trying to look on the bright side!

A big WOO HOO to Fatpants for already making her goal. Wow -- I just checked out your progress pictures and you are awesome. So beautiful!

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Hi all,

Sorry I've been away - I had a hard time getting on line last Monday and then the week just got away from me. So I am still at 211 - have been there since the beginning of July, so it's a two month plateau. Feel like I'm making good decisions so I'm not sure what has changed. BUT grateful that I did make progress in this challenge (yay! I made my 10% with you ladies!) and very happy to see everyone else's progress, too. I echo everyone's congrats to fat pants.

Still have my sights set on onederland...and while the scale hasn't been budging I keep getting positive feedback from people I haven't seen in a while "Wow, have you lost weight?" And overall feeling good, so while I've been at this plateau I'm trying to keep in mind all the positives. My parents are visiting next week and I've lost 25 pounds since we last saw each other.

And I'm definitely game for 'sexier by thanksgiving' since I have a long way to go on my goals and I'd love to continue to do it with you all.
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Hi girls. We made it!! I can't believe it's already the end of our challenge. I've really enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and can't wait to keep it up for our thanksgiving day challenge.

As for me, I decided not to weigh in today after a weekend of immense overindulgences, way too much sodium and sore muscles after a long run. But seeing as my weight hasn't really changed in the past 2 months since I've been maintaining, that's not what really matters for me for the end of this challenge. I remember writing at the very beginning that I wanted to celebrate my birthday being a size 6 and I made it! Actually, my skirt on Friday night was a size 2! But much more importantly than that, I'm really pushing myself with running and can't believe I've come this far in such a short time.

To be honest, I feel like I've gotten a little off track with food and I've crossed the line from a small piece of cake every now and then to big pieces of something every day, which really isn't what my idea of a healthy person is and has led me to feel a little more uncomfortable with my body, so that's my next big issue to tackle. In the meantime, I'm proud that I've come this far and will work my butt off never to return to the person I was before I started!

Anyway, thanks to you all for being here for me through this emotional rollercoaster! Hope you all had fabulous 3 day weekends!

Blueridge - Congrats on the 25 pound loss! Your parents are going to be so shocked and amazed when they see you. Keep up the great work!
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Good morning, girls!

Congrats on all this great news! I'm pleased to report that the scale was headed back south this week after a long stretch of plateau/gaining from vacations/weddings, etc. The first week of school was BRUTAL. Coming off the wedding weekend I had no work done and found myself at the books from 8am-11pm every day. Only one workout. THis week's goal is to squeeze the workouts in; I think things will get easier as I get more into the swing of things.

My "labor day" challenge technically goes until my U2 concert on Sept 20, but I know I'm not going to hit my goal. I'm hoping that with some good focus I can get to 163 -- just 5 pounds shy of my goal.

I'm so inspired by what you've all accomplished this summer that it's definitely spurring me to "do better" in our next challenge.

Whomever logs in first tomorrow (Wed) should start the new "Sexier by Thanksgiving" challenge. I'm already thinking about where to set my goal!

Congrats - and enjoy your successes, whether or not you actually hit the number that you wanted. The number doesn't matter as much as how great you feel and how strong you are!

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Hey everyone! The new thread is here:

See you over there! And congrats to everyone who finished out this challenge, whether goal was made or not... you still lost weight and that's better than doing nothing at all!!!
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Congrats to all the wonderful losers out there!
I lost 20 lbs with your support - looking forward to seeing you in the next challenge!!
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